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  1. Biden the divider continues to try and convince Americans how Racist we are. More to come.

  2. Biden is absolutely the worst. The Boarder is a mess because of his actions. The streets of American Cities have blood all over them. He Constantly lies about voting issues. Our Enemies are having a picnic doing what ever they decide. Biden wants to talk to them. That’s a joke. You Punish them till it hurts their economic existence. Now all the COVID-19 information is coming out as well as Hunter’s activities that included our Sitting Vice President. These things can’t be defended or spun anymore. The Truth is coming out and can’t be stopped

  3. Here we go again. Another week of the failed Biden project. It’s funny to watch all the Liberals in the News and Social Media become so quiet

  4. AOL,BLM silence on shootings tell volumes. Harris trying to defend not going to boarder and making cookies of her face to handout. Pitiful excuse of governing. Most Conspiracy theories looking to be true. Biden can’t do anything with China,Russia and other bad actors because he is compromised and weak.

  5. Americans are waking up and are disgusted with the Democratic agenda. Democrats look like rats running to hide when the lights come on.

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