Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Rachael Maddow Should Resign

Posted on May 16, 2021
Rachel Maddow is a “Company Girl.”

The “Company” is Comcast. Its controlling shareholder and CEO is Brian Roberts. Comcast owns MSNBC and decides who, and what goes on their television stations.

Mr. Roberts is Jewish. He is a frequent traveler to Israel and friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr. Roberts does not want to see or hear “unnecessary” criticism of Israel on the channels he owns or from the employees he pays.

As a “Company Girl”, Maddow doesn’t need to be told what Mr. Roberts wants twice. Just like back in school when she took out the trash and cleaned the blackboards for her teachers, Maddow makes sure Mr. Roberts does not see or hear any criticism of Israel at any time, from her own self. Ever.

Teachers pet always gets an A.

Maddow has gone far in life being careful. She specializes in kicking people when they are down and not liked by Management. People who are up, tough and can fight back she avoids, completely. She might get her feelings hurt.

Last week was GAZA WEEK, in World News. It’s difficult to speak about the war between Israel and Hamas without having something to say about the difference in size and power of the belligerents, Hamas fighters and the Israeli Military.

Israel has a magnificently equipped military, bought and paid for by American Taxpayers. They can kill as many residents of Gaza as they choose without putting a significant number of their own soldiers in harms way. Hamas rockets aimed at Israel are generally destroyed by Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System also courtesy of American Taxpayers. The last time they fought, in 2014, Israel lost 73 dead, including 67 soldiers killed in one face-to-face encounter. The citizens of Gaza suffered 2,200 deaths, including hundreds of children under nine years old. Gaza is one-tenth the size of Rhode Island.

“Company Girl” Maddow solved the possible problem of incurring the displeasure of Mr. Roberts by not mentioning the word “GAZA” once during the entire week just past. Continue Reading…….

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  1. To hear our President, Joe Biden, refer to Benjamin Netanyahu as “Bibi” while the killing of kids
    trapped in the open air prison of Gaza is sickening, obsequious, and pathetic. Stop kissing up to the Creep who will desert the US in 10 minutes when another protector becomes available.

    It took the “star” of the so called liberal channel Rachel Maddow a week to even say the word “Gaza.”
    There’s one guy with guts at MSNBC, Ayman Mohyeldin. He was in Gaza in 2014, playing soccer with
    some young kids on the beach. After he left two Israeli missiles vaporized the two kids. He’d go back
    if MSNBC would send him.

    He conducted a hard tough interview with Mark Regev, aide to Netanyahu, about five days ago. Haven’t seen much of Ayman since. He has no fear.

      1. My post was more a commentary on journalism. What constitutes courage and ethics amongst
        the Cable TV host community. I expressed my opinion on Maddow.

        Concerning your advice to read the Bible, never a bad idea.

  2. Kudos to you T.C. about your criticizing Mad- doe she is a horrible person but she knows not to cross the line and where her bread is buttered.

    But T.C. please explain to me why your hero ,Xiden, cancels a major pipeline ( 11,000 jobs canceled) in the U.S. while Colonial Pipeline is hacked and the Southeast and East coast suffers…..

    While he lifts the sanctions on Russia’s pipeline to Germany…. sanctions which a bipartisan Congress put in place years ago ?

    Could it be Xiden made a deal with Putin not to invade Ukraine in exchange?

    Who is really soft on Putin…. Trump wanted Germany not to buy oil from Russia but from America. Xiden wants Russia to sell its oil but for America to become dependent on Middle East oil again.

    What will Xiden give to China not to invade Taiwan and corner the world market on microchips which is needed in all electronic , automotive and household appliance ?

    1. Thank you, Sir.

      I’m pleased to report that last night, Wednesday May 19, 2021, Rachel Maddow sounded like an actual human being criticizing Biden for not being strong enough with Netanyahu on killing kids from afar in

      I voted for Joe and I urged others to vote for Joe because I thought he was the better candidate. I was not
      gang ho for Biden, like I was for Barack Hussein Obama or, way back, when I was 18 in the Summer of
      1960, selling magazines in Virgina and NC, telling everybody at every door I knocked on to vote for JFK.
      And, as JFK’s limo pulled up the back ramp of the Boston Garden, Election Eve, 1960, I was there to wish him well and cheer him on.

      I can’t remember ever seeing Reagan but I know I cheered him on when he told Israeli Prime Minister
      Begin to stop the murderous bombing of civilians in August of 1982 in Beirut, Lebanon. He told Begin “if the bombing does not stop it will change our relationship on everything.” It stopped.

  3. There you go Jimmity Cricket back to your ole liberal avoid the discussion….

    I asked you to tell me what the hell Xiden is doing cutting U.S. oil supply while helping to sell Russia oil ….?……?

    And you go smoke and mirrors and crickets🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

    You and Xiden are two peas in a pod ……… Xiden lies, you miss direct …….Xiden anti-American activities and you are not about to raise any questions…

    You have convinced me that you and your BS, Wednesday’s Wars touting are paid for by someone or some power that you will not disclose nor write anything averse to what you are expected to write……

    And you have the nerve to criticize Mad-doe for being a chicken not to cross her boss……. you make her look brave with your two large yellow , racing stripes running up and down your back 🐔💩………….🐔💩

    What a waste of a blog site ! !

    1. You want to know if I’m paid to write WW. Good.

      Post your correct name, address and phone number on this page, swear to God that information is true
      and I will give you an answer immediately including amounts paid per year.

      Until that happy day, stop being such a whiny asshole.

      1. This offer expires May 22, 2021 at 1:14 am. In other words 24 hours after it was made.

    2. “You have a nerve…”

      You bet your ass I have a nerve. I created this site. You’ve spent hundreds of hours putting up comments.
      You mention “yellow stripes down my back.”

      What king of a complete jerk are you?

      You are a person without honor or courage.

      With the exception of two “guest columns” I’ve created every word that went up on this site in the last
      nine and on half years. I could easily answer your question about whether I’m paid to post, but I refuse
      to be put to the proof, by a piece of dreck like you.

      I don’t like to make pronouncements about what I will or will not due in the future. So, I won’t.

  4. Another day of Biden the Puppet and the world gets a little more Dangerous. I won’t go into details at this time but the proof is everywhere.

  5. It is my hope that People are beginning to realize just how compromised we are as long as Biden and his Administration are in power. More and more countries that have the dirt on the Biden’s will increasingly be calling in their markers to remain silent

  6. News Flash: Many conspiracy theories are coming true. Who would have thought the truth would eventually start coming out. Biden’s mouth piece has to feel foolish everyday dodging questions.
    The Boarder
    Supporting our Allies
    I could go on but the picture is clear of just how low the U.S. is becoming and how Biden’s policies are failing our Allies and rewarding our Enemies

    1. Speaking of conspiracy theories I personally never trust “unnamed national security sources” in anything reported by the Mainstream media (and most of the rest too). It doesn’t matter who is POTUS because it is just a good rule.

      In this case there are a myriad of explanations for Chinese scientists going to the hospital with the Corona that do not involve conspiracy theories. The virus simply didn’t metastasize out of thin air. IT just needed time and people in close proximity to spread and it will take time for the authorities to notice, especially in a large country like China.

      Satellite images and online searches indicate China had coronavirus in the fall, Harvard study finds.

      Notably the only people dispute the Harvard study are the same folks that have never been completely transparent on this.

      China dismisses as ‘ridiculous’ a Harvard study suggesting virus was spreading in Wuhan in August

      The delicious part of the whole deal is CDC had people in Wuhan but Trump eliminated the project as part of his America First Agenda.

      Exclusive: U.S. slashed CDC staff inside China prior to coronavirus outbreak

      This of course is exactly the kind of jackassery that got President Pussygrabber voted out of office by a margin not since since Herbert Hoover got his ass kicked in 1932.

      1. Good to see you commenting. I don’t think 81 million to 74 million is considered an ass kicking and that number will remain in doubt for generations to come. As for as ass grabbing go back and look if you can get to them of Biden’s earlier years. You might be shocked. I agree Trump was his own worst enemy. The American People where lied to by the Biden campaign. All of my Democrat friends feel betrayed. The Democrats pulled one over on those that wanted change. I like you don’t put faith in any news or social media outlet. I do know that when the phrase unknown source is a technique to protect people and their families. The sad fact is that the U.S. is steadily losing face with our Allies. Our Enemies are having a party and talking with each other on what they will do next because they have Biden so compromised.This is not hearsay it’s factual and verified

  7. China tells Biden to stop State Department Investigation Into Lab and he does as he is told. What a shock. Biden the communist Puppet

  8. Another day to watch China toy with Biden like a cat does with a mouse before it destroys it. The majority of polling signals Biden’s Policies are falling a part daily.Hard core Democrats are starting to see the shift in the way the People are starting to realize that they were used. Some Democrats still try to spin it but more and more people aren’t buying it. By the end of the Summer Biden’s numbers could be the lowest of all time unless some major policy changes take place quickly

  9. If you know anything about financial issues then you have to admit Biden’s Budget proposal wii weaken our Military and Destroy the Middle Class.

  10. Another week begins and the United State’s is still without a President that can make any decision or have a discussion until approved by his caregivers and handlers..

  11. I give Joe Biden a solid B+ for his first speech out of the country…at our Air Base in the England. Speech went about 30 minutes.

  12. When I saw the reference to “company girl” I was anticipating someone finally wising up to fact that the “Company” for the corporate media is the CIA and the rest of the Deep State.

    1. Al NBC is close enough my man. WLOX is a Mississippi State TV proxy. Most sold out long ago.

    2. PS. ABC’s treatment of the Britney Spears case is testament to what a bunch good looking but ignorant fools populates what passes for media in this country.

  13. Applying principles of reverse engineering, I have to assume that the ratings leader at FOX, Tucker Carlson, and the ratings leader at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, have a “non aggression” pact. They treat each other with benign neglect.

    I guess that serves their individual needs.

    I’ll say this for Carlson, I was on his side confirming Kavanaugh and giving some coverage to Tulsi Gabbard. He can be a useful ally. Maddow takes no risk and is basically useless.

    1. Shocking!

      A “Tight” Imposter, and one unable to execute an outgoing e-mail.

      Moving right along, use reverse engineering and its apparent who my “paymasters” are: people and
      entities that I’ve always defended, like: Brent Kavanaugh, Ronald Reagan, Tulsi Gabbard, Steve Bannon,
      Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Immanuel Kant, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, Hank Williams, Jr, Reinhold Niebuhr, Fanny Lou Hammer and Dorothy Parker.

    1. I test drove the e-mail you’re having trouble with, its working like the thing of beauty it is. Have you considered changing the oil on that Commodore Computer you’re using?

      Give Peas a Chance.

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