Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: The Origins of our Political Preferences Part 1

Posted on April 25, 2021

Like most people, my dislikes are bigger drivers of my political preferences than my likes. Hate is a stronger motivator than love. Its a fact. Hate energizes. Love pacifies.

I like and admire Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. They are, and have been, strong figures on the national stage, who have stood the test of time. I’ve made Speaker Pelosi my Person of the Year. And I enjoy reminding Obama haters that Barack Obama is the only President since Eisenhower to win over 51% of the popular vote twice.

I took a flyer in 2020 and gave some money to Tulsi Gabbard. I thought she had potential but the press boycotted her. There is an untold story there. She had called out Netanyahu, by name, for getting us into unnecessary wars. Suddenly, the story changed from Tulsi the hot veteran peacenick to Tulsi the Russian Operative.

What! On what evidence did that charge lie? An off-the-top comment by Hillary Clinton. C’mon, most people need more than that.

I think the Gabbard case may be a case study on how the Israel Lobby handles a public figure whose love for Israel is less than total obeisance (we’re talking Cruz-Pompeo-Cotton-Rubio) levels. They can’t actually say that’s why the person is no good. They didn’t get to be who they are by being stupid. So, they say the person is something other than they purport to be, like a pothead, a wiccan, cult member or a Russian opperative. Whatever works, you get the picture. On line trolls are alerted and any unknowing stooge, like me, who says something good about Gabbard online gets hit with a barrage of nearly identical comments. It cuts off a candidates air and blunts temporary momentum. Continue Reading………

48 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: The Origins of our Political Preferences Part 1”

  1. Sometimes I do enjoy and even agree with you on some issues. Obama and Pelosi are not one of them. If the Public only knew how compromised Obama allowed our National Security to be crippled almost to the point of disaster at times. A lot of back room quick minded people took care of us. Pelosi has so many skeletons that will come to light as she slowly looses control and her power in the house. That is exactly the way they will bring her down. I seldom pay any real attention to what the media is allowed to say

  2. Kerry has always been a two Faced Habitual lying Politician. If the latest is true I wonder what intelligence info he might have leaked to other known enemies of the United State’s.

  3. Former Obama Scientist: No, the Science Isn’t Settled on ‘Climate Change’. Good reading about hysteria being pushed about climate change

  4. Top Israeli official saw Jake Sullivan, our National Security Advisor, at White House Tuesday. Last thing
    Israelis want is US and Iran getting too friendly. At the same time, they have to be careful. An acrimonious split with US would not go over well in Israel.

    Meanwhile Saudis trying to get friendly with Iran. Its musical chairs. Nobody wants to be without a chair when the music stops.

    Two women, Pelosi & Harris, sitting behind Biden tonight in address to Congress. First time ever.

  5. It’s always been musical chairs in the region and will probably be long after you and I are gone. Iran playing chicken on the water again. Access to Petroleum and other minerals along with nuclear power will always be on the table. As for as Israel is concerned I will always go with the Bible. On another matter I have a question for you. Biden said he would be in trouble for answering questions yesterday. He is the President and can’t think for himself. Who is really in control?

  6. Maybe the two women that will be behind him tonight have the control! Glad I have something more important to do tonight other than listening to an apparent Puppet of the extreme Left

  7. “Hate is an Energizer. Love is a Pacifier.”.????

    That’s unfortunately the exact reason why the DEMs always want to play the racism card ( evil) against the conservatives……

    And who drives Hate across the Earth ?

    Times up ole’ Faithful One and for your favorite Catholic One, Puppet on a string , President Biden. ( i.e. “ I can’t answer too many questions or I’ll get into trouble” 🙀🙀🙀😹😹😹……….

    Hate is Satan ,who rules the Earth and who achieves the hateful condition of man based on man’s human fragilities ( the flesh thoughts as opposed to the Spirit mind )…… case example is unfortunately the President’s son , Hunter……..

    Let’s pray for Hunter’s conversion and what a religious Reformation he would have on the Sinners of the world, of which I , like Paul are all sinners…..But the Grace of the Father through His Son’s death on the Cross is Sufficient ! ! ! …..

    Love is Jesus, with the Father of this Earth together with the Holy Spirit….All three together as One has won the War against Satan but the Hate of Satan still roams the Earth like a lion devouring souls daily by the millions……

    I’ll leave Israel up to the Trinity to be criticized and disciplined as it has been done for many millennia……lately Israel has been favored but Power corrupts and Absolute Power above the Trinity is discipled severely as the past biblical history of God’s Chosen People has been previously written…..

    Tom , you express love of Reagan but your love and respect for Rep. Clyburn with all his racism talk respected on both sides of the isle?……… I dont see it…… and your claims of you not liking the race card played in politics ……..but you then deny in your statement that the current DEMs play the racism card every minute of every day ?????

    Rep.Clyburn personifies and is himself “The Race Card “ bearing Dem in D.C. today ! ! !

    He by his on words ( ‘select a woman of color’) and some Oz like election corruption and foolery set up the Biden and Harris ( 2% voting polls) political come back from what seemed certain defeat in the DEMs ‘ weird unfavorable nominations for President and Vice President…….

    How can a ‘woman of color’ with 2% nomination voter polling become the next President of America ! ! Simple , Oz -like back room control by The Deep State ‘s total control of Dem nomination elections …….. Bernie didn’t object too strongly but just keeps buying additional homes across America.

    As Christ said many times during His three year ministry on Earth, ‘ open your eyes ( miracles restoring the blind) and ears ( miracles restoring the deaf ) to receive the Truth as it will ‘set you free’.

    Peace to you always and may you see and hear the Light and Truth soon !

    1. Tight…

      You’ve done your homework. I’ve always said you have potential to be a First Ballot Hall of Fame

      I’ll answer you. Give me some time. I’m trying to hustle a living, right now.

    2. Tight…

      Biden is a non-stop talking machine. He’s been doing it for 50 years. What seems to be coming through
      is that people think he’s “OK”. They’re not jumping up and down like they were for JFK the Sunday
      before Election Day 1960 when 60,000 met him on the Village Green in Waterbury CT at 3AM.

      Trust takes time to build. It took Reagan awhile. But once he solidified the connection he kept it. Picking
      out some half-assed line like “I’ll get in trouble,” that’s Hannity Mickey Mouse. I don’t blame Hannity at all, he’s got a lot of hours to fill every day.

      Go into Goggle Images and insert “Lynching in America” then ask yourself if you would “play the race card” if you were in Jim Clyburn’s shoes. Clyburn is around 80 years old. I think we could agree that things were “sub-optimal” for African Americans in SC when he was a child. And if his family decided
      to take a little car trip over to MS, AL, LA would you agree that might be quite a different experience as compared to the trip a white family took around, say, 1955.

      All things considered, I think Clyburn deserves the respect he gets.

      And, if your rejoinder is, “that was far away and long ago” let me remind you of the sign carved in stone in front of our National Archives where the Originals of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are kept…”WHAT’S PAST IS PROLOGUE”

  8. Nope, my responder is America elected the First black President in 2008 who was re-elected ……

    And a President who constantly created racial division by reacting to several racial tense situations without first getting the facts which when the true facts were revealed showed the police were correct in their actions…..

    Biden big time Congressional buddy was a KKK wizard, namely Senator Byrd; Biden stated that you can’t find a quick stop store without a ‘Indian cashier’;Biden was against segregation in that he was not sending students ‘ to jungles’; Camel Harris actually called Biden a racist on the nomination stage…… so who is the real racist? ?

    Comgressman Clyburn another racist saved Joe Biden’s butt and thereafter Biden started beating Bernie just like Bernie was beating Hillary like a drum then all of a sudden the state races were awarding states to Hillary by the votes of special electors but as long as Bernie was pocketing campaign monies and purchasing additional homes he surrendered to the fraudulent elections .

    Just like Bernie allowed Biden to suddenly win the nomination states one after another via the same rigged elections that were disclosed when the DNC campaign headquarters computers were hacked and their e-mails reflected the truth about the fraudulent nomination elections of Hillary and Biden as suddenly state after state became against Bernie…….

    Address the issues I’ve raised instead of your typical “smoke and mirrors” responses…. please !…….it’s apparent you can’t debate the truth and facts about who really are true racists.

    1. Tight…

      This is not hall of fame material. I say that as someone who wants to see you progress in life.

      Hannity always runs that number about Bob Byrd. I think he signed some Klan paper when he was 19
      or something like that. I used to go to all sorts of meetings when I was that age, United World Federalists. Many had free drinks and lots of women.

      Let me introduce you to a name, Hugo Black. When you get your kids to teach you how to use Google you can look up the pictures of Lynching in America, and then look up Black. I’ll get you started, former
      member of the KKK, former US Senator from Alabama, then a great United States Supreme Court Justice.
      He teamed with William O Douglas to advance civil liberties in the USA over many years.

      So, for your own good, you should discontinue identifying Byrd by what he did when he was a kid. It gives people the impression that your learning has sort of stopped at Hannity Special Ed. level.

      As always, I’m looking out for you. Someday you may get to meet Rep Jim Clyburn. It’s amazing, given
      what he’s seen, how gracious he is.

      Keep calm and carry on.

      1. It’s funny in a way. Most of your comebacks are of old well known and well read scars of this Country in many of the older historical books. Repeating the past over and over does nothing to move this Country forward. Just like bringing up the KKK which was a Democrats creation. Truth always wins eventually and if you open your eyes you will see the lies of the recent past being exposed almost hourly.

      2. So sorry Jimmity Cricket ;

        Even if I was offered a million dollars to meet one of the most racist , Congress POS , namely your hero second only to your first greatest hero Pelosi. ,Clyburn ; I would rather have a root canal then meet Clyburn who was the DEM leader in the rigged DEM nomination elections which stole another DEM Presidential nomination from Communist Bernie Sanders.

        With the current so-called leader on the free world now wanting and advocating making D.C. a state just to gain two more DEM Senators………..together with said leader also wanting to stack the Supreme Court creates two policies that both totally violate the U.S. Constitution.

        No wonder why this current leader of the free world and his administration want the keep 7,000 National Guard Troops and barbed wire fencing around D.C.. ………only to protect such a communist controlling government.

        Jimmity you recently said you liked past U.S. President Ronald Reagan and so I propose that Reagan , if he would be living today,would probably say the following heroic words before a million protesting patriots in D.C. while facing the front of a Communistic WALL and its 7,000 Banana Republic Troops:

        “Mr.Biden ……..please take down that WALL……… ! ! !”

        This current President of the U.S. is a disgrace to all freedom loving people throughout the Free World and lowers the World’s respect of the U.S. like never before.

        His Presidency is the greatest attack on U.S. freedom since Pearl Harbor.

        Open your eyes and ears and admit the Truth or keep your face buried in the sand while America goes down the tubes.

        P.S. Your GOAT Dictator just minutes ago cancelled this years’, outdoor July 4th celebration at Mount Rushmore even if you would wear two patriot masks as he is also advocating.

        Fricking unbelievable.

        1. Tight.

          When I hear you rattle I’m reminded of that old saying, “I didn’t know he drank until I saw him sober.”

  9. Lock ,don’t hold your breathe. Everyday more info comes to light that will slowly sink Biden and his Administration. The Sleeping Giant is slowly but surely awakening and realizing enough is enough. People that have been silent are becoming vocal. From wear I sit it is a great awakening similar to what happened after Pearl Harbor. The American People are seeing the wolf in sheep skin for what he is. Ratings for the cool aid drinking media outlets are slowly dropping overall. NBA,MLB are already taking a financial hit. Good luck with getting an answer 🙏

  10. Biden continuing to wear a mask outside says one of two things. Either his health is more Fragile than known or He doesn’t really believe in the Science. He is full of nothing but excuses. Pathetic

  11. Another Wonderful day of the Biden Administration’s half truths,straight out lies and misinformation. If you go outside and get very still and quiet you hear the laughter and cries from around the world. The Cries of our allies and our Enemies laughing their asses off.

  12. Hey Jimmity Cricket,

    Just heard a testimony of an ex -NYC citizen who found out that his 9 yr old daughter was being taught that she should hate her whiteness according to the “critical race theory”…….

    And this ex-NYC citizen moved his family to Fla and tells there are a lot of other NYC citizens doing the same thing……..

    How about you Jimmity ?…… what will you do if your grand daughter is taught to hate she whiteness?……..

    Will you encourage her to feel bad, will you encourage her to join the BLM which website is tied directing to the DNC website……?

    Will you praise your unifying hero President Biden for cancelling the outdoor July 4th celebration at Mt. Rushmore and supporting these radical, racist school teaching?

    Your southern readers want to know what your true thoughts are on the “cancel culture”, “anti-whiteness” ,” critical race theory “and the “1619 theory” being advocated and encouraged to be taught in schools by the Biden Administration which is under the control of the socialistic, communistic far left…….

    Is it going to be your true feelings expressed to your faithful readers to these radical racist teachings occurring during the Biden Administration ……….or your standard cricket response🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗?

  13. Tight…

    Can you give me, in your own words, a description/definition of Critical Race Theory. And, when you spent a little time on Google Images, reviewing the photos of Lynching in America, did it have any impact on your thinking. You do “think” from time to time I hope. Sometimes I feel you parrot Hannity from the prior evening. Last night, Hannity acted like he had found a new toy in Critical Race Theory.

    You’ll notice in those Lynching photos, some not so long ago, it was a family affair. People brought their
    kids to “enjoy” the spectacle. There was not the least bit of “shame” at “enjoying” the spectacle.

    When I get your report on what, if anything, you learned from your study of that unfortunate period of our history I’m sure we can “reason together” on reparations and other matters as they arise.

    As I’ve pointed out to you many times, you have the potential to be a First Ballot Hall of Fame Commenter.

    This is your moment Tight. You should spend a few hours reviewing lynching photos and tell the world
    how that experience has changed your life.

  14. Crickets back to you Jimmity 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗and……

    and I’ll even throw back some blowfish🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡for your reparations BS that, you not I , should pay and the other progressive DEMS for they did the lynching back in the day of the DEMs supported KKK .

    You, President Biden , Pelosi and all the other far left Catholic politicians should be denied Communion as proposed by certain U.S. Catholic Bishops for your abortion and racist, shite stirring speech and writings……

    As Jesus said , all you ‘Luke warm I will vomit you out’ …. ‘like I never knew you’ “……… think about that next time you swallow a Holy Host in remembering what Christ did for you and ALL on the Cross.

    I have no hate toward you and yours but only pity 😪😪😪 your souls for the hate you and the far left socialists , BLM, Antifa try to create daily ( i.e. calling Republican Senator Tim Scott “ Uncle Tim” for his true statement that America is the least racist country in the world ).


    1. Every time I offer you an opportunity to step up to higher ground, with me, you fall back into
      the nether world.

      As they say in the Church, “we can always hope.”

  15. What higher ground ?. You need to go back and do some research about the beginning of this country and it’s conflicts. I’m sure you believe what you say and write is the truth. That’s sad because you are so misguided.

  16. It’s National Prayer Day and yet our great Unifier hasn’t mentioned it anywhere that I’ve Hearld. What a piece of work he is. He will go down as the most Pathetic President this Country has ever elected

  17. The GOAT President of Disunity visiting Louisiana today and New Orleans..

    I’m sure the gov. of La., Edwards, helped get Hunter Biden the Professorship at liberal Tulane University to teach……. are you all ready for this……wait for it…………

    A course on Fake News……what! …… you mean like the true information on Hunter’s laptop in which he has a woman massaging his 9 inch erect penis with her feet for at least 20 minutes while Hunter smokes crack…….

    and like the information on Hunter’s laptop with Hunter’s e-mails that claim that Hunter has to pay his father a certain per centage of his salary which he is still getting from the one BILLION investment from the Chinese and his salary from his boardmanship position on that Ukraine oil company…………that’s not Fake news………..

    That’s the frickin’ TRUTH Hunter…….. it’s you in person and your own e-mails …………just try to call that Fake News Hunter……I dare you !!

    1. Why would you obsess about Hunter Biden? What useful purpose does that serve? Take us up to higher ground.

      Joe Biden is not an individual who traffics in hate. He’s a passably competent ordinary guy who got elected because his opponent was the only President in the history of the Gallup Polling Organization
      (1935) to never, at any point in his Presidency, achieve a job approval rating of 50% or higher.

      Assembling a support base is one of the Presidents jobs. Lincoln said as much, “public sentiment is everything, with it much can be accomplished, without it nothing can be done.” Trump was an abject failure at instilling confidence in a majority of the Country’s population, so he lost to an admittedly
      mediocre candidate.

      Are you one of those “it was stolen” people? Dominion, Sydney Powell, Rudy…….

      It’s time to find a new gig. Here’s one, Constitutional Amendment to put us on the Gold Standard.

      PS: Hang in there Liz Cheney. If its a secret ballot, she might win again!

  18. “Why would you obsess over Hunter Biden” that’s what you asked me, right Jimmity? ……?

    Are you talking all your vitamins, mind drugs and what ever you have to take to reason out statements of truth? To reason out facts representing gross hypocrisy?

    Well lets see……

    (A.)Hunter is going to teach at Tulane a course entitled “Fake News”. Jimmy you understand that to be true.Right?

    (B.) The media said that Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda just before the election for the benefit of father Joe’s election.You accept that as truth also , right Jimmity?

    (C.) Hunter said he wasn’t sure that was his laptop despite his pornographic genitalia, crack smoking face and e-mails all over his laptop. You remember that Hunter interview by a major media where Hunter denies its his laptop, right JImmity?

    ( D.) Now I’ll just repeat for the sake of your short term memory that Hunter has accepted to be a professor at Tulane teaching a course entitled “Fake News”

    And then you ask me a stupid question as to why I “obsess over Hunter”?

    I’m beginning to think that you are not a stubborn liberal who refuses to debate truth and issues but a liberal with some type of mental illness preventing you from having the reasoning mind and I.Q. of a normal 8 year old person

    Praying for your recovery from your neurological deficiency so we can have a future , normal interchange of issues without stupid questions being asked of each other.

    1. Tight…

      Looks like you hired someone to organize your thoughts (such as they are) and take of the optics of
      your page.

      Tight, I did a damm sight more that you did to confirm Kavanaugh. And, I’ve kept the memory of Reagan
      alive far more than you on his willingness to stand up and oppose the Israelis early in his administration.

      You are a semi-pro gasbag with memory deficiency.

      Dinner is served, more later.

      1. Tight…

        The next time you have a “normal exchange of views” it will be your first and will make the front page of the Times Pickeyoon.

        Which reminds me I taught you that misspelling peoples names was a childish form of insult.

        Suggest you fire your posting ghostwriter. The “Real” tight had entertainment value. “Faux” tight is
        a crashing bore………..(do you owe him money?)

  19. Well now that it has finally been released what the release of COVID-19 by the Chinese was really about I wonder how our Puppet in charge will react. China holds all the cards on the Biden’s so I suspect he will do very little. Maybe a spin of some type.

  20. You wouldn’t because you aren’t privy to some info. You never will be. Just keep hanging in there with the People that want to change Mother’s Day to Birthing People day. I wonder what Father’s Day will be. (Sperm People Day).

  21. ‘Ghost writer for Tight’.? ? …….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂..Jimmity Cricket are you getting enough sleep, taking your vitamins and maybe even a little Prevagen prescription correctly ? ?

    Now you are imaging things along with your rapidly failing mind to understand what far left ‘ hypocrisy’ is and how to recognize it when absolute facts are presented to you.

    More and more journalists are exposing the absolute fact that Fauci and others with him found a loop hole in a law that prohibited “ gain of function research” with Corona virus in China.

    It is now also a fact that American taxes paid for said research in China……

    Jimmity did you lose any friends or relatives to the “China virus”?

    Fauci needs to have his residence raided and all electronic devices seized by the FBI like they did to Stone, Rudy Giuliani, etc. An international trial in Geneva then needs to begin.

    Go ahead and do your chirping now 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗……as we are ready for it as it has now become a chronic neurological pattern in you.

    1. Real Tight Lives! Thank You, Jesus…….
      Faux Tight was hilarious. Welcome back.

      I see you watched Tucker, tonight. Tucker is a decent advocate for his point of view, I’ll give him that.
      I know Rachel Maddow won’t mess with him. She prefers cheap shots at those who can’t fight back.

      But, back to Tucker. Let’s see how good your memory is. Tucker based his entire case against Dr. Fauci,
      a graduate of Holy Cross University in Worcester, MA, on a paper by a certain individual who has a “degree” in Natural Sciences. Not a PhD, MD, MS, or a JD. The “Paper” which I glanced at is findable by
      you, because you ARE REAL TIGHT!

      I’d be honored to hear your summary, REAL TIGHT, of the paper Tucker relied upon to justify his attack on Fauci.

  22. Tom, Your comebacks continue to decline in Substantial information. Are you and the Great Puppet on the same Medication?If so up your dose so your replies will a least be something above third or fourth hand information.

  23. Tom, I just know you have to be so proud of your Idiot President and his Administration today. People abroad and at home are dying and they sit with their fingers up their Ass. Now other people will probably have to make the ultimate sacrifice while an Idiot is in the White House. Do yourself a favor and take a walk through Arlington Cemetery and listen and not speak. You will hear Pride,Sorrow,Honor,Duty and the ultimate Love for this Country. Biden has none of those qualities.

  24. Jimmity………..Im not full of crickets like you and I’ll address your questioning of Tucker’s sources for his attack on Fauci……..

    A journalist from the liberal NY Times actually wrote a story on Fauci’s being head of NIH and permitting a loophole in Obama’s moratorium of the “ weaponization ( also known as “gain of function”) in the U.S. of the bat Corona virus………the research money went through a third party, Eco Group , loophole under the un-watchful eye of NIH head Fauci and the monies ended up being used in Wuhan nevertheless….”just follow the money”….

    There are at least two other female journalists that have also researched the 4 million dollar worth of grants and the research papers these monies generated were mostly written by Chinese scientists in the Wuhan lab working on the bat Corona virus……

    Today Senator Paul embarrassed Fauci at a Senate hearing ( 4 Pinocchio’s at least) as Paul’s staff has the goods on Fauci and soon President Joe is going to have to face the fact that the U.S. tax payers paid for the weaponization of the bat Corona virus at the Wuhan Lab entirely due to Fauci’s failure as head of NIH not stopping the loophole in zobama’s moratorium…… that later killed 600,000 Americans after President Obama shut down such research in The U.S.,,,

    If Trump is to be criticized it would be that he never stopped this loophole in Obama’s moratorium of such research however Trump had his hands full with all the faux Russia, Russia, Russia B.S. by the liberal DEM ‘s lies on the very life of his Presidency.

    Also coming soon to your denying ears will be news that there was major Nov3rd 2020 election fraud in Arizona and a massive Az legislative response for voter election reforms……

    Remember the physics principle “for every action there is a reaction”…… it helped create the nuclear bomb but it will also create a nuclear political reaction in 2022 to the faux 2020 election and just maybe the Dems will be taught a lesson that it doesn’t pay to cheat.

    Then again the far left DEMs like all Marxists never admit to wrong doing !!!👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

      1. Apparently Tom can’t defend this Administration’s Policies any more. I for one applaud him for that. It has become a disgrace and a completely Un American Administration.

  25. Another day of the Biden Administration falling the American People. Everyone has known for years that Cyber attacks will be a Major Player in conflicts Present and Future Biden gives money to Enemies without any conditions and now we watch innocent people pay the price. Small businesses closing because people don’t want to work. All roads lead straight back to the White House and the anti American people running it. P S. How much blood is on their hands from Children at the Boarder. Democrats should be covering their heads in Shame.

  26. Jimmity……Jimmity….come on man…..first it was a “ghost writer” writing for me now you say I have a “team”…..

    To borrow some words from Killery……it takes a “village” team to cover up lies, cheating and corrupted activities but…

    One man listening to truthful journalists on Tucker, Newsmax, OAN and Steve Brannon’s War Room on America’s Real Voice can expose it all ( just as Senator Paul did yesterday before a Senate Committee)….

    Unfortunately the Republican committee members did not put Fauci under oath yesterday but next time I’m sure they will and there will be visual exhibits ( certainly declarations on certain “ gain of function” Wuhan grants declaring monies ultimately came from the NIH ) which Fauci has been the head of for decades…….

    Then it will be “crying time” for Fauci and the liars protecting him ( faux MSM, the Echo Health group , the WHO and other viral scientists who participated in the weaponization of Covid-19 ), better known as the China Virus.

    No doubt there are some DEM senators who being “ lying ,dog – faced pony soldiers”will probably defend the indefensible Fauci but they will be exposed in doing so.

    1. Tight,

      I can’t be here to guide you 24/7. When I’m not available just say to yourself, “what would TC think about this that or the other?”

  27. Hey Jimmity got news for you ……. when I need a question answered or a thought of what I should say or do …..

    Your suggestion for me to think what you would think, you being “TC”,
    is a rather poor suggestion……

    I believe that there is another more intelligent, more knowledgeable who is available not just 24/7 but 365 days a year…….. that being…..

    A name above all names, the alpha and omega and WW JD is more my suggestion which you yourself should consider before you write your “Wednesday Wars” pieces as it may help you write more Truths rather than fiction.

    Just a suggestion as you have free will granted by Him but know and understand He is in the end the Ultimate Judge of us all.👍👍👍

    1. Tight…

      I was employing a bit of light humor with you. Doug puts a lot of my stuff up, but every now and then I go off topic.

      Like maybe a year or so ago I did a piece on Centering Prayer. It grew out of a meeting I had with a Benedictine Monk I met many years, Basil Pennington OSB. The practice is based on a number of passages in the Bible, including Romans 8:11.

      Look up Basil Pennington, now deceased, buy his book on Amazon and it will be a valuable experience.

      Have I ever led you astray?

      Read Romans 8:11 tonight and you’ll be better off tomorrow.

  28. Dear Tom Callaghan,

    This will be a little different post in that I first thank you for Romans 8:11 and reminding me of my testimony of being reborn in the Spirit on April 20- 24, 2000.

    I read Romans 8:11 as you suggested and that scripture tells of the Glory of the gift of being reborn in the Spirit. For just as St. Paul fought with the sins of the flesh we all do everyday that we exist in this world dominated by Satan and yet Our Father told Paul and tells us that His “ grace is sufficient”.

    However, the Father, together with His Son as Our Savior also provides us with the Holy Spirit as our Comforter in our daily fight with the flesh and Satan .

    I read about Lectio Divina or as Father Basil Pennington explained it as “praying the Scriptures”. I realized after reading of his technique that that is generally what I do several times a month as I prepare to read the Holy Scripture before my Parish church at Mass.

    You see Jimmity my whole life I’ve been dyslectic . I feared and was terrified reading before people .Yet after my rebirth I was led by the Holy Spirit to volunteer to read the Holy Scripture before my large congregation , a practice that before my rebirth would have been impossible.

    However ,Phil 4:13 tells us a profound Truth that we ‘can do all things through and with Christ and the Holy Spirit who strengthens us.’

    I read my assigned Scripture many times over at home in order to place myself in the shoes of one , two or more of the main speakers and/ audience in the passage. Basil terms this as “Reading”. I then “Reflect” as to the message that the divine inspired words is sending to my heart by the Holy Spirit. I then “Respond” as to what this could mean to me in my daily life and how I can best read the words in such a way as to make those words come alive and pierce the hearts of those listening in the congregation. Finally, I practice the reading of the words with emphasis and inflection as to make the words as a “ living play” of visual action occurring before the congregation (I’m not sure if my last practice is the same as “Resting” in the Scripture that Father Basil wrote and practiced in his life).

    Anyway, you did bless me with your post. However , answering your last question to me , namely “Have I ever led you astray”, my answer is you have tried to present faux thoughts and ideas to me. But led me astray, No…… no way …….especially when I know a lot of your faux thoughts and words are mostly contrary to facts I know to be true.

    In His Light and Love, Tight

      1. Another week of the Biden Circus. Allies are constantly getting nervous about the ability of the United State’s to project power and Influence around the World. Putin,China,Iran and all other terrorist states are having a field day every day. They know that under Biden they might get their hand slapped nothing more. They see us as being weak. We are in for some serious times at home and abroad if we don’t make immediate changes in Policy.

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