Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Israel – It’s Always Something

Posted on March 15, 2021
Remember the Saturday Night Live Character, Roseanne Roseannadanna? Her favorite response to any complication or complaint was to tell the source of the problem, “There’s always something. If it isn’t one thing it’s the other.”

Which reminds me of our friends, the Israelis. It’s always something with them. They want money, so we give them money. In Israel’s case we gave them $383.00 per person in 2017, which comes out to about $3.3 Bil cost to us for that year. The next largest comparable recipient was Jordan who received $153.00 per Jordanian per year from us.

The Congo got $6.00 per person for the year. Everybody got a sandwich…one sandwich. There’s no crying in baseball or foreign aid. Where did you get the idea life is fair?

The Israelis don’t just sit back and see how big a check we send them. On the contrary, it’s a “negotiation” with members of Congress who have received contributions from pro-Israel sources pressing whoever happens to be President to give Israel more. That’s the way the game is played with the Israelis. It doesn’t make them loved. Maybe they don’t care.

Netanyahu and Obama had a sit down at the end of the Obama administration. Subject: The Aid Package. Obama suggested ten years at $3.8 Bil per year. A sizable raise from prior years. Ever so charming Netanyahu, told Obama, in so many words, “I don’t need you I’ll deal with whoever replaces you and get more.” Netanyahu eventually came back and accepted the ten-year at $3.8 Bil per year deal. That’s a pretty big number for Israel, a country that has more billionaires than the entire continent of Africa.

Which raises the obvious question, when is Israel going to support itself? Continue Reading……..

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  1. Tom, Tom, Tom …….Israeli, you worried about Israel, really …..?

    I truly believe you are just as bad as all the MSM today….. they write and talk about the least important things to redirect attention to BS stuff and away from very important stuff like a fascist state being set up in D.C..

    I’m worried about the proposed and funded 2 Billion ,with a big B , for a permanent wall around D.C….

    Yea you heard me right a 2 Billion dollar wall permanent around D.C. to keep people from protesting in D.C. funded by the 2 Trillion Covid bill that’s only 9 % of monies directly tied to the Covid pandemic…

    Trump built a 4 Billion dollar wall to stop illegal immigrants from coming into U.S. while Pelosi spends 2 Billion to keep U.S. citizens from visiting D.C..and President Biden via Executive Order opens the border to let in millions of illegals with many thousands infected with Covid shipped to all parts around the U.S..

    But citizens even vaccinated twice have to still wear masks till 2022 ?

    That’s what really important Tom “ Smoke and Mirrors” Callaghan ! ! !

    1. Yo Tight…

      Suggest you check the news on your pal, Sydney Powell. She’s in court about something and seems to be saying she didn’t think anybody’s stupid enough to actually believe her.

      The Lady Got Game!

  2. Tight,

    Great hockey players know that you don’t skate to the puck, you skate to where the puck will be.

    I give you my personal guarantee there is not going to be a wall around Washington. I’ve opened your eyes to Spengler, Toynbee and Kant and you’re giving me gibberish.

    I thought you were going to send me a clip of Joe attacking/being attacked by the steps of Air Force
    One. The way I look at it, it was going to happen sooner or later. I’m glad he got it out of the way.
    If it becomes a regular occurrence…we’ll deal with that then.

      1. Never a bad strategy.

        Two of my favorite passages: 1. The truth will set you free. 2. Pride goeth before the fall.

  3. Hey Tom it’s Breaking News from L.A. Times – a transcript from the first telephone call between Biden and NK Kim:

    Biden🤡: “ Mr.Kim I’m glad you called I wanted to..

    Kim🚀: “ You suck. Bring back Orange Man wit hot wife”

    Biden🤡: “ Listen Fats, we have NUKES. How about we do push-ups”

    Kim🚀: “ We have stairs”🚑🚑🚑 😳😳🤣🤣

  4. Seriously Sara Carter reporter is showing pictures of illegal adolescent children wrapped in thermal foil packed tight to one another looking like crowded baked potatoes…..

    Pictures seem to indicate Pod A-3 designed to hold 80 children is housing 300- 400….Where is the local Fire Marshal

    The over cramped , tent compound with many overcrowded Pods is housing reportedly 4,000 with no windows and no Covid testing with buses coming in and going out 24/7.

    Where is the liberal press that accused Trump of putting children in cages?

    Liberals are hypocrites , non -debating and non- transparent liars, face it!

    Biden has set a record for number of days being president without a Presser- want to bet he is given the questions ahead of time and only take soft ice cream questions from liberal press correspondents.

    Get to studying Joe and get your smart drugs so you can answer your pre- arranged, soft ball questions posed to the true lying , dog face pony soldier 🤡. 🤡. 🤡

    1. Gallup has been in the polling business since 1935. In that period, Trump was the only President to never
      go above 49% in Gallup Job Approval Rating.

      Joe Biden’ s Gallup Job Approval numbers have been between 54-57 since taking office.

      Another fact I like to bring to your attention is that Barack Obama is the only President since Eisenhower
      to win over 51% of the Popular Vote twice.

  5. Ha, Ha, Ha, Biden is more popular than Trump ?..

    Where are the massive crowds showing up to listen to Joe that Trump witnesses where ever he goes ? Where are his loving crowds like JFK and Trump…….show me one picture of crowds following his current appearances.

    Better go to bed Tom or better call Joe and help him study for his First Presser with all his pre- arranged questions by the liberal media.

  6. Tom regarding your false flag Gallup poll ……

    Tom wait don’t turn out your light just yet….

    Just today an Administration memo was leaked that said the term “the Biden Whitehouse” is out and the term “the Biden- Harris Whitehouse “ is to be used from now on..

    Tom as much as I don’t want to depress you Joe is either planning on shacking up with Harris in the Whitehouse ( not going to happen) or Joe is being shown the back door to the Whitehouse.

    If the Gallup poll is right our nation full of 57% Joe lovers will mass on D.C. and protest his removal……and that will also never happen cause people are worried just like Pelosi is worried about Joe’s ability to carry the nuclear football without fumbling.

    All this is common sense …… just follow the factual news and not your preconceived thoughts not based in fact.

    1. The Gallup poll measures the ability to do the job of President not the ability to draw a crowd.

      In certain parts of the country, Trump could draw a crowd (not like JFK or Barack Obama) but, according to the American People, he was not good at doing the job of President. Worst since 1935, as indicated by the fact that his Job Approval rating never reached 50%.

      I was very lukewarm on Joe. I did view him as better than Trump at doing the job of President. The American people agreed.

  7. The strongest argument the Right has against Biden is that he is “confused.”

    Joe just wrapped up his first live Press Conference and gave the Right a little bit to feast on, BUT, all in all, Joe did himself a big favor with that part of the electorate that has the capacity to be confused themselves, BUT, like Joe are decent to the core. In other words, most of us.

    I give Joe a strong B+.

    1. I won’t comment on the man because I respect our elders. I will however say that the Democrats are scum. They used the only candidate that stood a chance and now they are using him as a puppet. I find that disgusting. To me it boarders on elderly abuse. I can only imagine the toll it took on him mentally and physically to try and hold that press conference. He is disposable to the left. That’s how sick they have become

  8. Hey Tom,
    Senator Cruz (and seven other over site Senators in Mc Callen,Texas ) was being blocked from taking a video of the tightly overcrowded adolescents wrapped in space foil blankets but the video was clear and it is clear there is cruel overcrowding of infected Covid -19 kids……

    So the Biden officials then asked Cruz to destroy his pictures and not disseminate the video…….

    Transparency and lies …….?

    No , it’s just Ole Joe being sympathetic for illegal aliens so these children can grow up and vote for his fellow Demorats…..

    Also , Fauci ( now mouthpiece of the lying progressives) now says there is a new variant strain of the Covid-19 virus and all you vaccinated elders better mask up and stay inside….

    Sorry Fauci , the voting laws in Ga. are changing back and no more cheating absentee ballots in 2022 and if you have to show ID for cigars and alcohol and to board a plane then all you cheating, racist Black folk in Ga. are going to have to show your voter ID now…..

    Elections have consequences so say the Progressives……🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

    1. Tight…

      You’ve been away for a while.

      Any observation on politics and/or life that begins with “Senator Cruz…” has to be richly deserving in
      massive dosages of benign neglect. Its a big world out there. Stuff happens. Remember, I’m here for you
      when it gets complicated.

      The good news is that Joe seems to have found somewhat of a groove with the American People. They know his idiosyncrasies (I noticed the likes to touch his face about 43 seconds into a speech) and the
      shortcomings but recognize they are incidental to who he is and, to the core, he is an admirable human
      being. As a man having some familiarity with the Good Book I’m sure you would agree nothing good comes from a rotten source.

      There’s something to be said for the “sens commun”. Felicite de Lemmanais has written extensively on the subject. I think he said something to the effect that the Author of the Universe will not allow the common wisdom to be in error indefinitely. That’s why someone like Joe Biden can win and Ted Cruz will never win…even though Sheldon Adelson’s widow will open her wallet for his use.

      I think the folks in GA. may have overreached a bit. You had to have loved the signing ceremony at the
      Governors Mansion (six old white men surrounding the white Guv in front of a picture of a plantation
      signing a law that makes it a crime to give water to someone standing in line to vote.)

      1. Tom I believe you wrote, “ being familiar with the good Book…. nothing good comes from a rotten source” ; a/k/a a similar saying that I’m familiar with, namely “ the fruit doesn’t fall to far from the tree”

        So are you saying that the gross sexual video porn that Hunter personally recorded on his own laptop with his penis being massaged with oil by the feet of some unknown female for at least 30 minutes , all the wild Hunter also videoed himself smoking crack cocaine from a pipe ; doesn’t fall too far from his dad’s habit of weirdly smelling the hair of females, some very young , and kissing and hugging people like Hillary for far too long a time ?

        So should that young female aide to Senator Joe ,who complained many years ago (25 years ago) to governmental people about how Joe sexually assaulted her while she was Joe’s Senate side , be believed ?

        And believable just like all the Dem Congress women claimed that those women who alleged sexual assault against the most recent Supreme Court male Justice should be believed; yet unlike Joe’s aide those women could never even establish any timely governmental complaint nor could any of those same believable women say where and when they were assaulted.

        Also , Hunter being a immoral prodigy , as evidenced from his own personal sexual videos on his own laptop , of President Joe ( not even considering Hunter’s chronic drug habit) ; then does Hunter’s “ rotten “ character possibly suggest that Joe is not as “admirable” as you say he is ?

        Going a little further , Hunter’s deserted laptop has his personal e- mails to his business friends that say that Joe was being paid a certain per- centage of all the millions that Hunter received from being on the board of a corrupt Ukraine energy company and from the one billion in capital that China placed with Hunter’s investment company; and this per- centage cut to Joe made Hunter mad. !

        Peace and patiently awaiting your 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 non- specific, non – responsive post.

        1. Tight…

          Read your incoming all the way up until Hunter’s Member…(not to be confused with being in the Legislative Branch.)

          You are aware we are in the Easter Triduum., a Season not usually reserved for the discussion of body parts.

          Go in Peace to love and serve……

          1. Easter represents the Truth and the Light that Christ came to tell us He is the Way, the Truth and the Life…….

            The truth is the truth and your cancel culture BS that we can’t talk about political immorality and Hunter Biden’s private parts identified in anatomical terms is pure cancel culture , lies and typical Democrat denial by yourself and all your liberal progressive ways……

            I would suggest you tell President Joe that it is Easter and for Joe to bring his son to church and as a Prodigal Son Hunter should verbalize his sins to the Father and that he repents of his immoral ways and sins this Easter and thank Christ for His sacrifice providing eternal life of all sinners of which Iam one.

            And you Tom my friend in print please repent of your twisted ways and identify what are true facts and quit with all your liberal mind ways of ignoring the political truths present about your Democrat party political friends….

            Cancel culture , denying free speech and race baiting causing unnecessary racial hate tend to destroy the history of a nation and all 100% Marxist strategies and we all know Marxists are anti Christ and anti- religion……

            So covering these truths up ( about Hunter Biden immorality) is anti-Easter and additionally your ridiculous previous post stating my post should be censored during Easter reaches a new height for you as a Marxist ,internet journalist.

            Peace and praying for you this Easter

  9. Implosion is near. Less and less people are listening to the Biden circus. Enemies and Allies are watching the weakness we are returning to. Divide and conquer is the name of the game.

  10. As I travel I’m hearing more and more of something I never thought I would hear. Biden and his Administration are becoming an embarrassment for even some of the most hardcore Democrats in the country. They tell me that they wish he would just shut up. Every time he or someone in his Administration speak it just exposes more of his inability to handle being the President of the United States of America. The Truth always finds a way to surface

  11. I just want to thank Biden and his band of brain dead’s for making this great country more divided and weaker by the day. Our enemies are having a field day as they begin walking all over us again. The Great Unifier is nothing but a Puppet lier and a puppet yes man to the far left.

  12. I am amazed that the Biden Administration isn’t being held criminally liable for massive grotesque child abuse. The polices in place are enabling this brutal treatment of children before and after they reach the boarder. As a Father and a Grandfather this is the most disgusting lack of leadership I’ve ever seen.

  13. Another empty press conference by Biden today. Nothing he said will stop criminal activity. I guess if you hold Gun makers accountable the next thing will be car makers if their product is used for criminal activity or a tool company that makes shovels and hammers or crow bars. All can be used as weapons. Biden and his Administration are pathetic

  14. Another week brings more disgusting Biden Administration leadership. Wake up people. Children are being abused and killed. I hope all Biden supporters are happy. The United State’s respect level by our Allies and even more our Enemies falls further off the cliff every second Biden is in office

  15. Biden has handled Russia well.

    First, he called Putin and told him sanctions were coming.
    Second, he told Putin they should meet.
    Third, he laid the sanctions on against those individuals that took part in the hack and interference.

    That is the businesslike and intelligent way to deal with a country with whom we must maintain an ongoing relationship. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

    1. Headline. US backs off Russia Bounty Hoax. Headline. Biden will not press China. He can’t because he is compromised because they hold all the info on the Biden’s Criminal activity. Sure he will give Americans some lip service about being though on China. The truth is he only says what they allow him to nothing more

  16. April 15, 2021 Pew Research Reports:

    Biden Job Approval 59% at 100 day mark. Trump was 39% at 100 days.

    1. After a strong start in the polls, President Biden’s numbers are looking like former President Trump’s.

      In its first full month rating from 10,000 likely voters, the latest Rasmussen Reports poll has the president at 50% approving his job and 47% disapproving.

      By comparison, Trump at this stage of his presidency had a 51% approval rating, with 49% disapproving in the full Rasmussen one-month evaluation. Rasmussen’s daily Biden approval today is 49%.

      Key groups are also following the Trump model which throughout his presidency struggled to get much above 51% approval among all likely voters. At this stage, Trump had an 81% approval rating among Republicans. Biden, by comparison, has an 83% approval rating among Democrats.

      Why Elon Musk’s Next Project Could…
      Ad The Legacy Report
      Even those with strong views are close. Biden’s strongly approve rating is 34%, his strongly disapprove 39%. For Trump it was 36% strongly approve, 40% strongly disapprove.

      There is a difference in how likely voters view the direction of the country under Biden than under Trump.

      chart, line chart: Rasmussen Reports daily rating.
      © Provided by Washington Examiner Rasmussen Reports daily rating.
      With Trump, there was just a six-point difference between those who viewed the country headed in the right direction, 44%, to wrong direction, 50%. Under Biden the gap is 20 points, 37% right track versus 57% wrong track.

      As part of the overall rating of a president, Rasmussen also compiles an approval index, the difference between strong approvals and strong disapprovals. In his first month, Biden scored a minus-five, slightly worse than Trump in his first full month at a minus-four. Here’s how Rasmussen explained it: “Thirty-four percent (34%) of voters strongly approved of Biden’s job performance in February, while 39% strongly disapproved. This gives him his first full-month Presidential Approval Index rating of -5. When Trump first took office in January 2017, he earned a full-month Approval Index rating of -4 after his first full month. During his final full month in office, his Approval Index rating was -8.”

      Rasmussen, sometimes under fire because Trump often cited their results while president, made a point to note that unlike most media surveys that typically favor Biden, it uses a model nearly identical to the partisan breakdown in 2020 election exit polls.

      The New York Times and CNN 2020 exit polls indicated the vote was composed of Democrats 37%, Republicans 36% and independents 27%. Rasmussen’s model of 10,000 likely voters was weighted 38% Democrats, 36% Republican and 27% independents.

      Most media polls overweight Democrats. In the most recent Biden approval survey, done by Ipsos Reuters, for example, the president had a 57% approval rating. That poll included 45%
      Democrats. Note percentages of Democrats poled

  17. Here boy , here Joe, come Joe, do your business Joe……

    President Joe is just a dog on a short leash under control of AOC and the progressive Marxist squad……

    Earlier today Joe stated he was going to reduce the number of admitted illegal aliens and when AOC found out a few minutes later and raised hell….

    Then Ole “lying ,dog -faced pony soldier” himself, President Joe , immediately recanted his announcement reducing number of illegal aliens admitted to U.S…….

    What you got to say about that Jimmety Cricket🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

    1. Yo, Tight…

      Sounds like you found that old stash of 420 that you almost forgot about. I’m happy for you, at least
      on that.

      The D. Party is a big tent. It takes a big person to hold it all together. Right now that person is Nancy Pelosi, WW Person of the Year. I did WW on her about four posts ago…its in the Archives, check it out.

      Nancy knows how to deal with people like AOC. From time to time they have to be reminded that “you
      can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” There’s a lot of wisdom in that phrase. I think it originated with former Senator and Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell. Mitchell was from Maine
      and one of my all time favorite Senators. Another guy I really liked was the right hand man for both Bushes and Reagan, Jim Baker. Baker has a permanent place in my heart because, when he was Secretary
      of State, he banned a junior official in the Israel Embassy from the State Department Building for badmouthing the USA. The official’s name was, and is, Benjamin Netanyahu. Hang in there Jim Baker!!!!

      Back to where we are, right now. You have no doubt noticed WW has been silent for a while. Believe it or
      not I’ve been hearing from folks who want me to go back to work. The country’s attention is on police and reactions to police action. I don’t think I can add value right now. I’m sure your mother told you many times “if what you have to say doesn’t improve upon silence, don’t say anything.”

      I mentioned Maine, above. My father grew up in Maine. Great place. I was in Maine not long ago in a very small town. It was a foggy rainy day. I’m walking into a General Store and my bath intersects with with
      a grizzled old Maine guy. I say to him “you think it will clear up?” He responds “always has.”

      There’s a lot to be said for “keeping it simple.”

      1. Pelosi is done and all the back channels in Washington know it. They will humor her for about six more months.

  18. Hey Tom listen to this and let it sink deeply into your prejudicial political mind;

    Just the other day the FBI’s CEO , Wray, was on Capital Hill answering questions about the so called January 6th , 2921 “ insurrection” and as termed by the Senator Majority leader from NY the second “ day of infamy” equal to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Congressman Dr. Wenstrup made a statement that blew my mind when he revealed that after the Bernie supporter camped out for weeks by the baseball field where the Republican baseball players practiced for their annual game against the Democrats; and after this gunman sprayed over 132 bullets from an automatic rifle solely at 20 Republicans nearly killing Minority Whip Steve Scalise; and after a through FBI investigation by then FBI CEO , Andrew Mc Cabe, of said attempted massive assassinations intended to give the DEMOCRATS A MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES !!!…….

    The FBI termed the attack on solely the Republicans as quote , attempted “suicide by cop”…….

    Now contrast that with the January 6th intrusion into the Capital that resulted in NOT ONE SHOT fired at any Congressional member that has resulted in miles of high , barbed wired fencing and defended by 7,000 National Guard troops and you will have to conclude ……

    The Democrats are in control of a false narrative propaganda plan that is designed and intended to make Trump and 75 million of his voters appear to be the deplorables and violent insurrectionists . Yet a Bernie socialist , assassination nut does not reflect the characters and INTENSE HATRED of MSM, Big Tech social sites,BLM, Antifa and the globalist CEOs of major corporations in solidarity with the radial , leftist Congressional Dems toward Trump and his supporters..

    Think about that hypocritical , double standard and understand the longer that illegal fence stays up in D.C. protected by 7,000 American troops the greater becomes the average American voter determination to vote out the DEMs Banana Republic government created by President Joe whose pledge was to bring “ unity” to America.

    There is certain to be a non- violent ,voter insurrection coming to the polls of the 2022 Congressional elections which will reflect America’s disgust with the likes of this socialist Banana Republic displayed by the current government inspired militarization of Washington, D.C..; more similar to the likes of the recent dictatorship inspired militarized nation of Venezuela .then that of the totally open and free country created by the founders and authors of the U.S. Constitution.

    Peace and wishing you Divine inspired thoughts always

    1. Tight,

      I hesitate reading your observations because I, for some strange reason, can’t resist replying.

      When I hear you refer to my “mind” it brings back memories of a gentleman I knew in Las Vegas when
      I was deeply immersed in the Poker World. The gentleman, Dr. Earle, of the Texan persuasion would
      periodically announce to the entire poker room, “of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”

      Now I think we can agree that a person can be crazy and still be a D., R.,or Socialist. Some of the finest
      people I know, Jesuit Priests, live as Communists as do Buddhist Monks and others devoted to living in community. There is nothing immoral or crazy about a group of people living together and agreeing
      they will share resources. Isn’t that what JC and His original followers did?

      Moving right along, the shooting involving Rep. Scalise was ugly and no way forgivable. My guess is that his fellow Italian, Nancy Pelosi, was amongst the first to offer comfort. You can say or think what
      you want about her politics…she is beloved by people who know her well. Yesterday, I was reading
      excerpts from former Speaker John Boehner’s book. He knew her well and respected her totally.

      Speaking of the Constitution, have you ever read it? Not meaning to trap you, most people haven’t from
      beginning to end. I hadn’t read it until I got to Law School. I had a great Constitutional Law Teacher
      who would tell stories about a humorist, sort of in the mold of Will Rogers. The man was Finely Peter
      Dunne. He had a mythical character that he would use to make a point. The character was “Mr. Dooley.”
      One of Mr. Dooley’s favorite sayings was about the Supreme Court. It went like this, “The Supreme Court
      may not follow the Law, but they sure do follow the election returns.”

      Reflect on the implications of that statement and you can’t help but conclude, that, regarding what goes on in the USA, its on us. One either does or does not do their part, and they either are or aren’t an effective advocate for a point of view.


  19. Tom , a/k/a Jimmity Cricket , you are full of 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗…….

    As usual……………….you don’t address the issues…….. but go to smoke and mirrors…..

    Peace to you and try to grow a brain to debate the presented issues

    1. Tight…

      I’ve taught you like a child. When I met you you were still misspelling peoples names as an insult. I’ve brought you up to higher ground, with me, and now you are commenting on an article I wrote and telling
      me to stick to the issues you present.

      I’ve introduced you to the wisdom of Finely Peter Dunne and you want talk about what you read on the wall of the restroom at the Petro Truckstop up on the Interstate.

      Speaking of Truckstops, NATSO, the association of Truck Stop Operators, had me as their Speaker three years in a row. The President of the Organization at that time was Ronald Zeigler, formerly Press Secretary, to Richard Milhous Nixon.

      Ziegler was a piece of work. He had spent so much time with Nixon he talked just like him. I think I told you I was the warm up speaker at a rally to impeach Nixon in 1973. I introduced I. F. (Izzy) Stone.

      Do some homework of Finely Peter Dunne and Izzy Stone and we’ll talk.


      T. C.

      PS: Tell your pal that people who do not have what it takes to comment under their own name should never disparage the character of public figures, like Nancy Pelosi, who have lived their life openly, in
      public and on the record.

  20. Pelosi has more Skeletons in her closet than a haunted house on Halloween. First hand knowledge can’t be argued.

  21. Anybody that can still stand behind Biden,Harris,Pelosi and Waters after their actions of using the Race card in straight out Murder case is nothing short of complete Ignorance. They have assured an Appeal. They continue to use Race to keep this Country Divided. No doubt it was the right verdict but they have tainted it by not keeping their mouths shut and letting the Justice system do it’s job on a Murder case. The Democrats know if they ever lose the minority vote they will not have a base of voters to lean on. Biden admitted it when he said “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”. That was a disgrace on so many levels. Now Waters is being given a pass by Pelosi. That is another disgusting disgrace from a supposably Democratic leader. They are doing one hell of a job uniting this country. They must mean China because they are laughing and moving forward to reduce our status as a World Leader

    1. It is not, and never has been, in the American tradition to be “united.” Were were momentarily united during WW ll and after 9-11. We are a contentious people, thankfully.

      All murder cases are appealed. The Judge made a far bigger deal about what Maxine Waters said. It was
      insignificant, and he wanted “to get in the act.”

      You want “united” try N. Korea.

      1. Only using your beloved Presidents own words of uniting this country. Take time and learn the Justice system. Not all Murder convictions are appealed. You continue to try and defend the indefensible. Take a lesson from Ken Starr.

  22. Another day of Biden’s circus. He doesn’t address China emissions because he can’t. He continues to destroy America and hand our enemies gift after gift. He is a disgrace to the hard working people of America and even worse a disgrace to the families of those that served and paid the ultimate price to keep us Strong and Free

  23. Mr. Smoke and Mirrors gettin’ hammered by Da’ Hammer……🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

    What do you expect when you support Pelosi and Waters with their threats of more protests and violence if the Floyd jury doesn’t do the right thing ….

    I’m sick of the legislative Dems playin the race card in elections, on juries of the Judicial system and today AOC even blamed climate change now on racism…. causing Rep. Greene from Ga.to challenge AOC to prove such a stupid statement….

    Racism, Racism, Racism, Racism, Racism …… that word is used so much by the DEMs it’s like the little boy crying wolf…….🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻

    Where is middle of the road President Joe uniting America …….instead he wants to make D.C. a state and to stack the Supreme Court proving ole Joe is definitely under the control of the radical, socialistic, fascist Squad led by ex- bartender , AOC, A-hole Outta Control🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩

    1. Tight…

      I never thought I’d say the following….”a pleasure to hear from you.”

      Before I get started, and before I forget, you can look through WEDNESDAYSWARS, which we both know and love, and I don’t believe you will see the words “racist” or “racism.” That’s not my cup of tea.

      Also, it may surprise you to know that I have found it more enjoyable watching Tucker Carlson than
      Rachel Maddow…at least most of the time. I will hand it to Tucker, he’s got guts. Maddow takes absolutely no risk whatsoever. She loves to attack people who are already down and have no way to fight back. She’d soil her bib overalls before she’d take a shot at Hannity or Carlson…they’d come right back at
      her and send her on a two week rest period.

      I don’t spend a lot of time on AOC or Maxine Waters. They reflect their districts. Maxine Waters has one of the poorest districts and most heavily African American in the County. As Tip O’Neill said, “all politics
      is local.”

      You’re expecting Joe to unite the country? He is running around 54% on Job Approval…not bad. Trump
      never touched 50% on Gallup, Obama left at 59%.

      Suggest you follow my example and look for opportunities to give credit to the other side. I’ve mentioned Reagan maybe four time in WW, ALWAYS, positive.

      I’m an old fashioned guy. I think you should put your actual name on your work. That’s why I was for
      Kavanaugh. The major witness against him was the woman who stayed anonymous up to the last minute.

      Keep Calm and Carry On.

      T. C.

      1. Try not to pick and choose poll results if you can. It’s better to look at the overall trends which are constantly headed in a negative direction among likely voters. It takes a little digging but the truth is there. Russia,China and Iran officials are dancing in the streets because they know Biden is making us weaker by the hour.
        As soon as we leave Afghanistan they know they will once again have control of the region. Iran must not have any sanctions lifted under any circumstances. If they offer the moon it shouldn’t matter because it’s only lip service. China knows they won’t be touched by the United State’s about anything substantial. They have all the info on the Biden’s and will use it to Control Biden behind the scene. Fact is Fact and trying to Argue it is futile

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