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  1. Once again the Democrats are showing their true colors. Controlling all we do or say. Thankfully the American people are slowly waking up to the Enabling party

  2. Can anyone out there catch me up on how for back and under what circumstances Ted Cain and Joe Spraggins are connected

  3. I hear a lot of things going on down there. Everything from Scott Walker selling house to Gulfport council woman/cemetery owner showing what a dumpster she and her husband are.

    1. My understanding is Scott and Trinity are under a great deal of financial pressure. Something about them milking his Maw and Paw like they were Elsie the Cow.

      What’s going on in Gulfport?

      1. I hear that the ward 7 council woman that also owns Floral Hills and Southern Cemetery on the beach in Biloxi had cars towed from a charity event at the new restaurant on Cowan Rd. I’ve heard some of them were State affiliated vehicles. Don’t know the whole story yet. I know she allows parking on the Beach Southern Memorial Cemetery during cruising the coast for a substantial fee. Maybe she wanted money this time also. More to come

  4. Is this the same Ted Cain that is accused of falsifying medical records? It wouldn’t surprise me if connected to Spineless Spraggins. Most of the Spraggins entourage is from north Alabama but since his military career brought him to the coast. He is firmly entrenched with the local political leadership all the way to the capital. Engaging in those late night booze meetings where the real decisions are made. But he has made enemies. Can no longer confirm his nefarious dealings at the DRM. All the contacts have left or forced out. Lord knows he ain’t changed his ways. Who knows what he’s up to. So let’s here it Hammer.

  5. I’m hearing that Machu Picchu is not happy about the parking and less impressed with the Jackson riff raft from Jackson using her property. Would not want to be the state employees trying to get those vehicles out of the towing compound. Meanwhile Scott is selling off more property to afford his and Walker wife’s extravagant lifestyle. Bleeding those reserve bank accounts dry. No need for Starret to try for that money almost gone. But papa dock got lots of money left. The trolls under the bridge about to have some company.

  6. I believe I heard that the same Restaurant is holding a Saint Jude Charity fishing tournament in a few weeks. I wonder how parking will play out for that. Should be interesting.

  7. Doug let me get this right Spineless Spraggins was on another company board while duel state salary at the DMR? There was always rumors that he covered up his role at the Biloxi. Gulfport airport while at DMR. The rumor relayed to me was he was reported on the ethics hotline that Miller Light installed. It was covered up and nothing was done. Meanwhile he was drawing two salaries. Just a matter of time before someone grows a spine and holds the great Spineless one accountable for his corrupt actions.

    1. I hope some never give up people take an interest and push the truth out down there. Funny how rumors cause nervousness which then leads to the truth in many cases. Enquiring minds bring truth in the end!!

  8. So if I’m hearing this right this could be a likely scenario. Spraggins went to work under little Jamie’s leadership at the DMR. Then he was given full control when Jamie left. While Spraggins was and is there at some point he was on other boards of which some are now known to be less than above board. Is that about right? Now I have a couple more questions. Does or did the DMR have an ethics line that’s taken seriously?The next one is that Spraggins was appointed and know one on the State level looked into any of these boards for possible activity or ethics issues?

  9. The news is reporting Spineless Spraggins making it rain for the recreational fishermen. Spineless and Jesus Davis did their jobs did what they were hired to do. Destroy the commercial fishermen. Job well done. And now a new Coast Communist Association CCA member has joined this ruthless Advisors. The Gang of three. Ghost Havard has disappeared once again with no fake promises of returning. Camshaft is ready and able to do the backdoor deals required by the Communist Fish overlords. He is getting his just rewards for remodeling the Bolton Building where the Tower of Babylon sits on top. Now he can ride the shaft to the top of the Tower. Reverse odometer Daniel is pulling the strings with those political lunches and an occasional dinner. Got to keep those concubines satisfied.

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