I’ll make this short and sweet because the politicians are super busy

Watching the Biden Administration essentially negotiate itself out of a minimum wage hike reminds me of all the times during the Obama years when Biden would help the Democrats negotiate itself out of all sorts of things that would benefit ordinary Americans in favor of big business bailouts with no accountability for the Super Wealthy criminals that cratered the economy. Some things never change folks. It was exactly why a criminal was elected President in 2016.

If the Democrats aren’t careful, the next GOP criminal running under the guise of being a disruptor could easily make the Trump years seem like child’s play. Put another way, sold out ordinary Americans have no incentive to preserve a system that only benefits the Super Wealthy and Big Business. There is no shortage of lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Paul Gosar or malignant sociopaths like Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley ready to step into that breech.

The days when the American taxpayers subsidize Walmart and McDonalds via the food stamp program because they pay their workers starvation wages needs to end now. And if that means the price of a Big Mac or cheap Chinese trinkets reflects their true cost to produce/sell at checkout, so be it.

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  1. Doug I agree with your last paragraph that the Jeff Bezos , Waltons,Googles and big corporations like Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s and others need to pay their workers better without relying on taxpayer subsidies or food stamps.

    I feel the same way about consumer things ( drugs, washing machines, refrigerators, textiles) we buy from Mexico , China or other nations that have taken our factories. Let’s bring those outsourced jobs back even if we have to pay more for them being produced in the U.S..

    The U.S. has loss so much of our past economy that we can again start to produce by giving tax credits and more favorable corporate tax breaks to globalists to come back home. If Joe raises corporate tax rates all will be lost again.

  2. Great post Doug.

    The Walton family as we know it today is notorious for creating welfare. I only wish more big businesses would take on the COSTCO model in the retail industry.

    I believe better pay should also go to construction workers and trades. I’ve been involved with trade type labor and construction since I was 13 years old. Over 30 years. Over that time I have seen construction wages and benefits drop. It’s no wonder why teens and young adults don’t want to work in craft trades and construction trades. Why bust your ass in a non union job with no benefits making 12 dollars an hour when you can go to Lowe’s or Target and make the same or more working in an environmentally controlled warehouse?

    To make matters worse, our young folks have to compete with the addiction of cheap immigrant labor which compounds this problem further.

    The root cause of these problems is business, corporate and consumer greed.

  3. Meanwhile
    showing that at least one Repuke Party member in Louisiana is shaking off Statism in part, state representative Bagley in Louisiana is partially redressing the issue of when a political entity acts as an enforcement agent (read: thug) for a regulated crony socialist industry:
    HLS 21RS-69ORIGINAL2021 Regular Session HOUSE BILL NO. 89BY REPRESENTATIVE BAGLEYTAX/INCOME TAX: Establishes an individual income tax deduction for certain insurance cost

    In short Bagley is stating that if the State extorts money from you, you should get (some) of it back through a tax credit.

    Ironic is the fact that Bagley lists his profession as All(snake) insurance agent.

    Who knew a repuke statist acknowledges anti-socialist philosophy.

    Not surprising that his fellow extortionists aren’t signing on to the bill.

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