A Quick Programming Note

I’ve been away from my office for all practical purposes the last 6 weeks. To say that we’ve been blessed would be an understatement. Physically, what was “half way to home” bit over a year ago has become all the way home. We took a day off from our daily 10K this morning but I still managed to snag my steps on the treadmill while listening to the Chili Peppers. Life is good folks.

Judging from site traffic more than few of you understand the significance of yesterday’s news, which I’m not going into right now. I’ve also been teasing an update to this post and that too is going to happen shortly as I wanted to see what, if anything developed on the docket in advance of the scheduled hearing.

2021 marks Slabbed’s 14th year in continuous publication. The internet hasn’t yet seen the best of us. 🙂

…..that was a long time and no matter how I try
The years just flow by like a broken down dam.

Angel from Montgomery ~ John Prine

3 thoughts on “A Quick Programming Note”

  1. Hi Doug…

    I see you’ve been at it for 14 years. That’s great.

    I looked at Wiggins on the map to get a better fix on where you’re at. Not far from the Big Easy, or
    Panama City in FL (I remember the 2000 Election when there was a confusing ballot in FL, the saying up in the panhandle was “the people who voted for Buchanan, really wanted to vote for him”). Go west and
    you’re not that far from Waco, where I uttered the first words of my life as a lawyer, “your Honor, its a fishing exhibition..” And go North up to Memphis, where I was introduced to the Ford Machine who
    helped me, and others, bring 53 foot truck trailers to TN. Over in Jackson County Arkansas I worked on a
    Bank matter that, in a small way, involved the late Fanny Fox a stripper at the Silver Slipper in DC who
    was hanging out with Wilbur Mills powerful Chairman of Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Fanny died a few days ago. For some strange reason I ended up doing a fair amount of work
    in AR, MS, and LA. So, as far as I’m concerned you are in one of the most interesting parts of the USA.

    Good luck, thanks and keep on keeping on!

    1. Wiggins is the most centrally located town in the lower 13 counties of any size. Its claim to fame is as the place where former baseball great Dizzy Dean retired. “Diz” as the old timers called him, married a local girl. The post office here is named after him. More recently the town had Stevon Moore in the NFL back in the 1990s. The High School marching band has marched at the Macy’s parade a time or two and is a point of pride with the locals.

      For me it is the gateway to the place I travel to work as it is no more than an hour away from all of South Mississippi. We’ve taken the 90 minute trip to NOLA or Mobile many times.

      1. Cool, Doug…

        My father was a teacher and coach. He loved the Cardinals especially because of the Dean boys and
        Enos Slaughter. I don’t know if you remember the Ford Machine up in Memphis. Harold Ford was the
        man. I think there’s nothing left of it now. I knew a State Rep named Alvin King in Memphis, great guy…
        very helpful to me once.

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