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Posted on January 14, 2021
Ten Republicans voting to Impeach is better than it looks. When you serve a two year term, an election is always around the corner and your base is essential. Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming deserves credit for voting to Impeach. Her state went for Trump by over 40 points and she is No. 3 in the Republican Leadership. Her vote took guts.

Nancy Pelosi responded to and unified the Democratic Caucus around a lean and mean one count charge that can be proved out of Trump’s mouth…the speech he gave to the mob before they descended on the Capitol killing a Capitol Policeman and four others.

Mitch McConnell has let it be known that he’s done with Trump. He has announced that he will not call the Senate back into emergency session and that he will follow the evidence to determine his vote. McConnell’s wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigned from the Cabinet, the day after the invasion, assault and murdering at the Capitol. McConnell is a master survivor. Trump is a negative in his life. He will act accordingly.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) has a role to play in the next week. She has reported seeing individuals receiving “tours” of the Capitol on January 5, the day before the assault and murder binge on the Capitol. She has reported her observations through channels. The clear implication is that Trump-Friendly Members of Congress were using their “privileges” to give rioters a detailed preview of the very complex physical layout of the Capitol. Rep. Sherrill is not to be trifled with…Lawyer, Military Helicopter Pilot. She will insist that any Member of Congress aiding riot participants on the day before the riot be expelled from the Congress. Continue Reading……

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  1. “Convict and Remove”……..?

    Hey Tom , by the way Biden’s pick for Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin , just promised Tuesday to reverse President Trump’s policy of no transgenders in the U.S. military.

    I don’t hate any individual for their life as immoral and screwed up as they want it but don’t invade my living space.

    It is Insanity not to think once this policy is announced there will be very few true gender Americans enlisting to share a bunk or a tight fox hole with such individuals.

    If I was in a foxhole with such an individual I would be on a 24/7 watch of such individual…….screw the enemy adversary across enemy lines.

    Can’t wait for our new and improved transgender military……..as per China Joe….🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. as the CCP is laughing their asses off.

    Also how about China Joe’s Asst. Secretary of Health,Rachel Levine, another transgender who in May was advocating in her role as her state’s health wizard putting Covid patients back in her state’s nursing homes , like Crazy Cueball Como governor of NY , but she moved her own mother out of same contaminated nursing homes.

    Last call out is Killery Hillary wanting Trump e-mails and all phone records prior to and during January 6th riot for ties to Putin …….. you talk about arrogant hypocrisy ?

    Four years of stupidity leading to 2022 Republican control of Senate and House.

    1. Joe and Mitch will attend Mass this AM at St. Matthews Cathedral. Plus, I understand Bannon (who I wrote several posts defending) got a Pardon.

      Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad.

  2. Hey Tom;

    I am undergoing deprogramming as a person as I never thought I had white privilege……… but I have indeed profited from white privilege.

    I watched the lights of truth along the D.C. mall tonight and when President Biden said his light would drive out the darkness I thought you know he’s right……

    And look I just read where China President Xi stated ‘ we were pulling for you Joe and this is great for China’. Then they shot fireworks and wrote Joe in fireworks in the sky. There were CEO’s of Disney, Goggle and other China friendly globalists celebrating…… that’s got to be good for the U.S.economy.

    If we don’t stay friendly with China’s we won’t have great prices at WalMart any more. I’m in semi retirement and that will be important to me for the next few years.

    Peace to you Tom as I’m too realizing America must come together now or we will be invaded in our weakness by Russia or the like.

  3. Hey Tom ,

    As I’m undergoing “ deprogramming” and examining my conscience of “ white privilege” and excepting certain changes under the cancellation of Trump’s “1776 Commission “ ,in which there are many patriot Blacks with five degrees,………..funny things are happening in Congress………

    Senator Schumer just stated today that “………..senators are going to have to vote whether Donald J. Trump did incite an erection..ah insurrection “ in a trial for impeachment”.

    Although I have accepted President Biden as our President I am worried that Biden ‘s mental disease of confusion and misspeaking common words might be spreading to Senator Schumer.

    Then again Schumer make have just talked and visited with Pelosi and was having an erection ( Freudian slip ?) 🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂😂

    Peace to you my Brother

  4. Hey Tom;

    I have fully accepted President Biden but since you have greater confidence in him being a fair person………

    Can you explain to me and to all the white, black and Latino girl sports participants why President Joe just pasted an Executive Order allowing transgender boys and men to participate and dominate female athletes in female competitions ?

    I wish for you to explain how this is fair?

    Peace to you Brother

  5. Oh shucks Tom I forgot one thing ……

    Are these permitted transgender male to female athletes going to use the female restroom and shower facilities when the compete either in inter – scholastic and/ or intra- scholastic competitions?

    I have grand daughters who would like to know this?

    Thanks again cause I know you know things the average political interested person is not privy to.

  6. Tight…

    On Race matters, suggest you continue your study on Fanny Lou Hammer. On all other matters,
    consult Will Rogers, Rodney King and most of all, Philo of Alexandria, 25BC who famously said,
    “be kind to everyone you meet, they are fighting a mighty battle.”

  7. Hey Tom ;

    Trying to get your opinion on whether transgender males should be allowed to compete in girls’ sports……..

    You said Biden would be fair ? Major women’s rights groups are condemning Biden’s EO setting forth such policy saying it’s unfair.

    Do you have a granddaughter like I do and if you did or do what would be your reaction to such policy and use of girls restrooms and showers with transgender males stating they are really feminine in thought and mind?

    Peace to you Brother.

    1. Affirmative to granddaughters (2).

      The whole matter of Trans Rights, I’m going to leave to those who feel compelled to concentrate on that area. Or, to use the words of a young lady of the Greek persuasion with whom I had some acquaintance, when she didn’t want to deal with something she’d say “I’m going to leave that where Jesus flung it.”

  8. “ where Jesus flung it”? really……? Sounds like a rabbit hole you and your friend doesn’t want to go down.

    I’m surprised you as a Catholic and your friend feel such words are appropriate ( your friend must must not be an Orthodox Greek believer that’s for sure.)

    That’s the most unchristian statement I’ve heard in years……”flung it”.

    So we know Jesus creates life and individuals in an imperfect way….. I can understand that not all people are created equal physically or mentally but they are all loved equally by God and should be loved equally by all according to the two main tenets of the Bible…. love God and love your neighbor as your self…

    God never expected that a mental sickness instigated by Satan would be accepted by so many secular. people who would then purposely pass a theory that all creation could and should change there sexuality (now done successfully by hormone and/ or surgery) ; just because they feel better in doing so.

    This country is Spiritual sick and dead and for such blasphemy of creation God should make America suffer judgment.

    But let’s just say that such transgenders only affected their lives but caused no problems, pain or anguish to anyone else. That would be their civil right regardless of their blasphemy of God’s creation.

    But now comes our socialist government wanting to entitle those transgenders to affect the lives of others by EO……..men with male genitalia who transgender (with or without hormones and/ or surgery) into physical sports competition with true female genitalia contestants and even into female restrooms and showers……..?

    There will be lawsuits and I hope those female contestants are handsomely rewarded for their anguish and pain due to such transgenders and the Federal EOs that entitle such forced , unnatural contests.

    Peace to you Brother.

  9. Hey Tom Our President Biden just signed his 40th Executive Order ………..

    It’s unprecedented in the history of Executive Orders and quickly reverses the hatred and civil division of Trump and his polluting policies……. I can’t wait till he gets to his bipartisan plans.

    Canada is mad about the cancelled pipeline too bad…… we only have 10 -15 years to reverse the methane monster that is causing oceans to rise flooding cities like Tampa on certain roads just on high tide days alone.

    Just bought an electric car and I’m seriously planning to move to higher ground in about 2 years . How about you and the Mighty Manfred ?

    New Orleans has died cause it depended on tourism just like New York and the virus is mutating in London and South Africa just like the Chinese scientists planned it to do……

    President Biden was right …….it’s been a dark winter and is getting darker and the CCP influence is world wide. It’s up to Biden to hold China responsible for the world’s deaths.

    Get you Covid virus shots and Peace to you Brother.

  10. Oh no , I can’t believe our President Biden did that……….

    Tom is it true after swearing to many people on his shorten campaign trail that he would not band fracking………. he verbally swore three times before one crowd of people on tape he would not band fracking…..

    Tom , did he among his 40 Executive Orders just sign one that just band fracking ?

    It’s not as bad as when daddy President Bush said three times, “ Read my lips , no more taxes” but it is still a bad look.

    Tom tell me it isn’t true that he would lie like that publicly. Tell me it is just fake news.

    Get you flu shot and peace to you my Brother.

  11. “ come on man” ………..”can’t the press submit questions ahead of a press conference so my President Biden can answer some questions…. “ What a dog face pony soldier this is……..

    That way press secretary Pataki won’t have to say, “ I’ll circle back to you with an answer to that”…….

    “I’ll circle back, I’ll circle back, I”ll circle back” is so
    Damn boring………..

    I’m going back to fishing for Bass on my Mississippi farm pond as it’s more exciting. ! ! !

    Peace to you Brother Tom

  12. Tight…

    I hope you scrubbed all your messages on Dominion, et al.

    I put a comment up on the Times a couple of days ago summing up Joe, so far. It goes sort of like this.

    “Joe has taken a lot of heat for making stumbling presentations. What comes through, over time,
    is that he has a heart and a brain. Plus, he is very determined and has actual values.”

    The comment was surprisingly well received and nobody told me to pound sand.


    T. C.

  13. Tom, don’t waste a lot of time waiting for loctite to come out of his bunker outside Lakefront Airport to respond to this. He and his ilk are too busy writing checks to jumpstart MTG as the new fav GOP canditate for prez in 2024. She is, after all, the hands-down closest incarnation of #DiaperDon, who won’t even bother to attempt to make a comeback, due to (1) all the money he is going to make off the MAGA suckers who will contine to send him money, (2) the convenience of being able to walk outside the back door and golf on a daily basis at Mar A Lago, without even having to drive 45 minutes to his nearest golf course, and (3) the lack of Twitter or a similar social media outlet that enables him to communicate to his supporters in 280 characters or less, which is about the attention span of both the sender and the receiver.

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