There is someone here at this website that has experience fighting back against being de-platformed that also happens to know a thing or two or three about the First Amendment. Heck it was just over a year ago we covered this topic.

There is also someone here at this website that has been warning the GOP about the dangers of being taken over by ignorant, right wingnuts, most of whom are nothing more than closet racists.

So when those freaks stormed the capitol last week carrying Blue Lives Matter flags looking to kill our elected officials and successfully killing law enforcement, to expect there would be no blowback or that the enablers of these far right anarchists would simply walk away is expecting a bit much. Accountability is inherent to the healing process and there is going to be lots of accountability as there is lots to heal.

What appear to be numbered are the days of fact free politics, where people repeat the same lie enough to where they actually begin to believe it. There is nothing good that can come from electing people based on lies as the last 4 years have taught us. Real world problems such as a deadly pandemic can’t be solved with lies, in fact the lies are the reason we have so many bodies stacking up here in the US.

The GOP meltdown is long overdue. Before it can again be a political party able to carry a plurality in a national election, something it has accomplished but once since Ronald Reagan was president 40 years ago, it has to expel the dead enders, Right Wingnuts and racial flamethrowers that have flourished there since David Duke was elected to the Louisiana Legislature.

Pop your popcorn folks, its gonna be one hell of a fight as the world largest collection of sociopaths draw steel.

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