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Posted on January 10, 2021

When I’m lost for words, I try and consult the wisdom of the Ages: The Bible, Our Founding Fathers, Philosophers, Yogi Berra. Let’s do Yogi first. “Hey Yogi, what time is it?” Yogi: “You mean right now?”

There, I feel better. At least for 30 seconds.

I have to tell you a story. I’m in New York City a lot. When I go out to get stuff, I can go one way and probably encounter two or three homeless people asking for money. I can go another way and not encounter any. On a cold rainy night about two weeks ago, I went out to get some stuff and my path intersected with a black man, about 70, distinguished looking, but tattered clothing. As our paths crossed, he said “nasty night.” I stopped to chat for a minute. As I started to leave, he looked at me and said “thank you for talking to me.”

That took my breath away. I’ve thought about that interaction every day. It reminded me of a magnificent piece of wisdom from an ancient source, Philo of Alexandria, a Jewish Philosopher, 25 BC, “be kind to everyone you meet, they are fighting a mighty battle.” Isn’t that the truth? Aren’t we all “fighting a mighty battle.” Sometimes it’s up close and personal and other times it’s a little further off. Life is an anxiety producing activity. As an Irish friend reminds me, “nobody gets out alive.”

I like to philosophize a bit from time to time, somewhat of an acquired taste. (Interestingly, I had zero interest in the subject when Jesuit priests, at the three Jesuit Colleges I attended were trying, unsuccessfully, to force feed me Aristotle, Descartes, Aquinas at my father’s expense). Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

Like one of the reasons I started this website was because I was fascinated with the subject of how the Conventional Wisdom becomes the Conventional Wisdom in American Political Life. I’ve solved that problem…those who refuse to be defeated, win. Those staring off into space drooling on themselves lose. Pick the group you’re comfortable with. It’s your destiny. Continue Reading…….

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  1. THE LYNCHING OF DONALD J. TRUMP , 45th President of America

    Probably wondering why I wrote “ President of America” instead of “ United States of America”. After the Democrats lead proudly by Peelousy and 10 turn coat , Elephants in the Room impeached Donald Trump in 7 hours , which will go down in history as the new “Snap Impeachment” ; all without discussion , entry of evidence and right of trial with representation ,you should wonder no more.

    Even Tom Terrific is lost for words and finally is calling for America to follow the divine inspired Word of the Bible, “…. to love your neighbor as you love yourself”. That’s the first quality post Tom Terrific has made for as long as I have read his blog.

    China Joe states he wants to heal the country and bring Americans together yet he does nothing to shut down the political circus of this new “Snap Impeachment” . This “Snap Impeachment “ has set a new record time for impeachment with second place being the first 21 day , House failed impeachment of Trump earlier.

    After conspiring with all other major internet giants to cancel Trump old Jack CEO of Twitter now says he was wrong to cancel Donald. What happened Jack ? Hey Jack, you see your stock losing billions on the stock market as a majority of the 75 million Trump voters are cancelling their accounts and Parler is suing Amazon’s Bezos’ ass off?

    A new female Republican stated today she will be filing papers to impeach China Joe over his illegal , quid pro quo connections with Ukraine and China. Now that will not be a 7 hr record impeachment but it will be rich with evidence from Hunter’s laptop. You know the laptop the NY Post wrote a story on and whose internet story was taken down by old Jack of Twitter right before the election.

    Finally, I’d like to add to Tom Terriffic’s wise bibical words with the words Jesus told Peter after Peter amputated the soldier’s ear, “ those who live by the sword will die by the sword”.

    Looks like Mike Tyson , Peelousy, Twittering Jack and Mark Suck – a – burger all have something in common. I’ll put some jiffy pop on and Tom Terrific can bring the drinks so let’s Parteee 😂😂😂

    1. Tight…

      Assuming I don’t read your comments too frequently, every know and then I get the feeling that there may be a decent person hidden behind your nom de plume.

      Now, I have a special place in my heart for Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know if you missed my post, I made her
      my person of the year. First, she’s a Baltimore girl. My daughter lives there now. Its a special place. Still has Greek neighborhoods, Italian. If you’re ever there go to Le Petit Louis for Sunday brunch.

      Why would you seek to diminish a woman who took care of her five kids until she was 47, then asked her youngest for “permission” to run for Congress. Won and kept on winning and became Speaker. Why would you call her by a name that is not hers?

      I’ve always thought the most childish form of on-line insult is misspelling someone’s name.

      So, somehow or other your brain wiring got you to conclude that Donald Trump is admirable and Nancy
      Pelosi is not. And to demonstrate your decision making you misspell Pelosi’s name.

      Well, I’m just going to have to come to grips with the fact that some things are not knowable this side of
      The Great Divide.

  2. Oh Tom, O’the poor souls who refuse to see and hear the Truth as Jesus referred to in His many rants against His Jewish hypocritics.

    Your woman of the year and probably of all time ,GOAT, Pee- lousy is probably involved in or in full knowledge of the Capital “set up “ using Antifa/BLM “ agent provocateurs” to work up and frame the majority, non- violent Trump supporters to do what that poor 35yr old ex-Veteran , Ashli Babbit, did. The agent provocateurs broke out windows while police ( or provocateurs dressed in police uniforms) just stood by watching these provocateurs break out windows through which the deceased woman attempted to jump just before she is shot dead.

    Is this why Pee- lousy pushed for her aggressive immediate 7 hr , infamous “ Snap Impeachment” against President Trump before the full truth can be revealed ?

    There are 3-4 videos showing the action right before the ex- Veteran is shot and there is one video in particular showing these agent provocateurs working up the crowd and breaking out a window through which the female ex-Vet attempted to jump through.

    A young Japanese journalist studied these videos and reports to Epoch Times what she clearly sees as I have just commented on above.

    Only an intentional blind and deaf person such as you, Tom Terrific, will refuse to see this truth , the “ false flag” actions and the “set up “clearly shown by these videos and commented on by this young Japanese journalist :
    “Analysis of Ashli Babbit Video Suggest Coordinated Actions”

    You can clearly see in the above Epoch interview a particular video showing how police or police imposters stand by and allow “agent provocateurs” to break out a window through which Ashli Babbit stood up through and get shot . Then you see the provocateurs change their clothes and quickly disappear to the rear as the female Veteran bleeds to death.

    Just a note……. one of these agent provocateurs, John Sullivan, on parole out of Utah for unlawful political activism , clearly an anti-Trumper and founder of Insurgence USA is dressed in black is seen in this video and videoing the action has just been charged by the DOJ. If you google his name you can read what the indictment accuses him of in several counts of participating in the riot.

    I will bet that you Tom will not even use “ plausible deniabilty” made famous by the Biden Crime Family ; but I bet you will again undergo metamorphism into your alter, namely Jimmity Cricket, and not even comment on what this Japanese journalist clearly sees and comments on 😩🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

    1. Breaking News: Russian media are now agreeing with Loctite that left-wing antifa terrorists are behind the attempted insurrection. They cite irrefutable evidence that the Trump supporters were entirely peaceful, anti-violence and only stormed, assaulted, looted, threatened to kill, killed, defecated upon, urinated upon, desecrated and generally rejected the Constitution of the United States of America and its elected officials the Congress of the United States of America as a result of provocation by Democrats, not by Trump and his sycophants like Donny Junior and Alabama’s Mo Brooks. Loctite cites as his evidence a single solitary skinny sad African American from Tooele, Utah…the leader of at most 10 like-minded left wing extremists. (There are only 15 African Americans in Utah, so who knows, like Sean Hammity has already said, maybe he will be appointed to Biden’s cabinet?)

      So who ya gonna believe, Izvestia or CNN?

  3. Tom, I don’t know you but you are obviously well educated. I have followed your site mostly because I am a native Mississippian and previously lived on the Gulf Coast in my military years and will always have a fondness for it. I miss the days when y’all seemed on the same side in removing a seemingly corrupt local administration. I consider myself conservative and I really don’t want or need political lecturing(not believing anyone would). I have my beliefs and I am comfortable with them as I hope most people are. Now to the point of my comment – I really liked the “Rodney King” statement (then & now). There used to be a day when we could disagree without dissolving into name calling, anger or even violence. I would seriously hope that we can get past that, but only time will tell. I can’t agree with your stance on Nancy Pelosi but that is political not personal. I don’t know her as a person – just her political stances. I am on the other end of the political spectrum of you (I think) but again that is just a political statement not personal. I have enjoyed reading the blog from time to time and I wish you well. Just a question? Why in the world “New York”? unless it is home – then I understand.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I’m not a total stranger to the South. I’ve worked on legal matters involving MS, AR, LA. Generally, I get on well with country boys. I love truck stops (I represented Truckers). And , I’ve said many times that
      if Hillary Clinton had watched the Hank Williams Jr video “A Country Boy Will Survive” a couple of dozen times BEFORE declaring her candidacy she’d have won.

      I think the glue holding the Trump base together is “respect.” Rural whites feel disrespected by know it all liberals.

      I don’t identify left all the time. I supported Kavanaugh for Confirmation. Wrote four pieces supporting him. If truth be known, my motivation was mostly tribal…he is Irish Catholic, so am I. I had no problem
      with Amy Coney Barrett.

      I liked Obama for a number of reasons. For one, he couldn’t stand Netanyahu, neither can I. He was willing to reach out to Iran, the Rev Hagee Right hated that.

      I don’t support Reparations BUT I don’t think the debt of slavery has been completely atoned for or paid.

      If there is any one thing that keeps me writing its probably my belief that we have outsourced too much of our foreign policy to Israel. I expect on that question Biden will be more like Obama on the Mideast.

      Last, your being from MS, I used to play a lot of poker with a good ol boy who was as close to Jim Eastland as you could be. That was way back in the 60’s when I was on the U. S. Capitol Police.

      NYC is great, as long as you’re able to het the hell out of it frequently.

  4. Jinnity Cricket a/k/a Tom Terrriffic a/k/a Tom Callahan;

    Just as I expected I heard your crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 thru the air even before I read your smart ass reply post, ‘I have discovered the code of Dominion, blah, blah, blah’

    That’s the thing about libitards a conservative can post truths ( John Sullivan a BLM, Antifa person head of Insurgence USA,was arrested and has been indicted for his activities inside the Capital, and now on the internet his brother, a patriot, has commented that he thinks his brother John led the D.C. riot and Actually posts comments of John Sullivan telling the place and time for his organization to show at the Capital at 11:00 A.M.)

    Today is National Religious Freedom Day and I encourage all American of all faiths to pray for peace throughout all of America.

    In accordance with Christian principles although you and I are political adversaries I must say I love you Tom Callahan as you were created by God to do God’s will and bring Glory to God. Let God be the judge and give you and I the grace and mercy in our struggle to bring peace to America.. Amen

    Note: This reminds me of WW I when the Americans and Germans during Christmas stop fighting and drank , ate and embraced each other then resumed their fight to their deaths after Christmas.

    Bless you Tom Callahan.

  5. I apologize for the typo in dropping the “g” Tom there was intent meant.

    You have a strong Irish name and I like people of the Irish decent so much so I married one.

    Have a Blessed night Tom for tomorrow , like the Germans and Allied troops in WW I, the battle must go on.

    1. OK.

      I have a good WW in the works right now. It will give you an opportunity to practice your spelling of the name of one of my favorite people, Nancy Pelosi.

      Peace Be With You.

  6. All the taunting needs to stop. Some of you must not realize the cliff this country is hanging on There are nut cases out there just itching to prove a point and all the taunting takes them that much closer. Use your head and show restraint right now before we get to a place none of us want to be. Just a thought!

  7. Hey Hammer Time;

    What do you mean when you say; “……….show your restraint before we get to a place none of us want to be”.

    Where have you been?

    There were coup after coup built on false facts to remove a duly elected President, then ‘cancel culture’, police assassinated nation wide and major crime on the rise, people killed and fired from their jobs and professions for professing their political party, the MSM is now part and parcel of the Democratic Party, cities and private businesses burned nationwide by Antifa and BLM terrorists, all of the BigTech social media companies have now censored people and removed from them ( 75 million voters for Trump) social platforms who only express their political conservative views including the President and anyone supporting him, China run schools in the U.S, China buying college administrations and political figures in U.S. and worldwide, ex- Senators like Barbara Boxer signing on as a China lobbyist for a China photographic company, the destruction of statues of past Presidents as a result of a new an unAmerican , 1619 history theory ; the “ white privilege “ theory while there are several BET channels and Black beauty contests, Trump supporters clearly invited into Congressional buildings by Capital police and allowed to take pictures of themselves in the Senate and House chambers while Capital police looked on with even certain Capital police in their selfies but then later indicted for insurrection ( guy with the horns “Chewbacca” prosecutors wanting him to receive 20 years; CNN wanting Newsmax to be removed……… and on and on…….don’t know about you but all this is NOT where I want to be !!!

    The next step after lost of free press is total loss of freedom of speech as individuals are to be picked out of society , questioned ,persecuted and removed from society and sent to propaganda camps; DEMs suggesting Republicans need to be de- programmed and “ debathed” like Hussein did in Iraq…………….and THAT is where we CAN NOT afford to go !!!

    Peaceful protests showing signs of resistance to loss of independent press and freedom of speech by the hundreds of thousands just like MLK and making sure Antifa terrorists posing as Trump supporters ( like indicted John Sullivan in the Capital buildings) are not used to stain our movement for the return of our Bill of Rights.

    1. You’re making my point. Now we know that extreme leftists groups were part of storming the White House. Republicans and others are getting tired of the games. The American people are tired of the games. People that constantly play with fire usually have a negative outcome. There is a reason gun sales are up 91%. People are fed up with all the things you mentioned. It’s not a pretty picture

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