Are We Having Fun Yet????

I have a unique perspective on the past year in MAGA Land, as someone who has fought a goatherder or two (or three) and prevailed. When it comes to the Goatherder named Donald Trump I operated on three assumptions:

  1. The Kaiser knew exactly what he was doing when he threw the Trump family out of Germany way back in 1905.
  2. That like all goatherders, Trump was at heart, a flaming wussy and coward.
  3. Hang on his former lawyer’s every word because he knew Donald the best.

With that out of the way I’ll also admit to enjoying seeing the GOP in civil war. When you court right wingnut extremists as your base voter, essentially capitalizing on the ignorance associated with such low information voters, thinking you can control the resulting mob is pretty stupid when your caucus includes so many flame throwers who are as sociopathic as the current disaster-in-chief. Now we have a disaster and aftermath to deal with.

There is only one way to deal with the Trump family as they are a cancer to society. There are literally thousands of crimes the man has self-admitted such as his serial pussy grabbing. His kids have defrauded public charities and it strongly appears they’ve all have exposures in income tax fraud and money laundering. Unlike the Kaiser, for national security reasons we can’t simply just ship them off to Russia so they can be with their BFF Vladimir Putin. One of our SuperMax prisons would work just fine for the whole bunch IMHO.

Finally, as for Nancy Pelosi having some stupid redneck rub his balls all over her desk yesterday, I can only add none of them in DC aren’t stained in some sort of way. The past 30 years have been a case study in politicians of both parties selling out average folks for their own personal enrichment. Maybe what happened yesterday will serve as a wake up call.

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the jackassery from the GOP far right, not with two weeks left to cause trouble attempting to stay in power.

20 thoughts on “Are We Having Fun Yet????”

  1. Way past time for the 25th amendment. And those who voted for this monster a second time need to be ashamed of themselves. The second time they knew exactly who he is and what he stands for.

      1. All need to sit back and be honest. Some of this started in the last year of the Obama Administration. Then came four years of Trump. We have had about six years of different groups getting pissed more everyday. We have had Russia, Impeachment, BLM and Antifa riots with no punishment. The people we elected have failed us miserably. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or Democrat we all have been lied to by both sides over and over again. Now we the people are sitting on a pile of powder that is very unstable.We have 70 to 80 million people highly charged right now. I wish Biden would have been more positive in his speech today instead of pointing more fingers which probably heightened some tensions again. I’m afraid if it doesn’t settle down quickly yesterday will be just a warm up for what might be a head Just an observation

        1. “Today’s violent assault on our Capitol, an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule, was fomented by Mr. Trump…use of the Presidency to destroy trust in our election and to poison our respect for fellow citizens has been enabled by pseudo political leaders whose names will live in infamy as profiles in cowardice.” – General (Ret.) James Mattis

          What this means, Little Hamster, is that Trump, his enablers and all his moronic supporters, including you, are traitors. That attack was not just on a building. It was an attack on Congress, the Constitution and all of our sacred democratic institutions. It was the ultimate statement of anti-government sentiment. Not just anti-government, though…it was anti-American.

          The Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans and, God forbid, even the mullahs are all laughing their ass off now. These entire past four years have been a stain on our national reputation, but with this incident we have now sunk to the status of a near failed state. God alone knows if we can recover from it.

          But you screwed up. You began but could not complete your objective. You may have trashed the seat of our government, but you did not bring it down, and you did not finish your dirty deed. On January 20 we will once again have an honorable American leading our country, and he will persevere in returning our great country to its once proud status as leader of the free world.

          And for the record, you are wrong (again, no surprise) about when this thing started. It was not “the last year of the Obama Administration.” It began with birtherism, a wingnut conspiracy theory movement championed by Dirty Don Trump himself. Look it up.

          Also for the record, yes I enjoy replying to your comments. Why not? They are such low hanging fruit.

          1. The more you respond the stupider you sound. Keep it up I love to laugh. As for calling me a traitor be very careful when using that. Just a word to the wise. Oh never mind I forgot what an idiot you are

            1. I’ve decided you are no longer Hamster. You are now Ham Turd. What are you going to do, sue me? Bring it on. I call your bluff. Besides, you’re “to stupid” (your phrase) to know how to do it. You couldn’t even figure out how to insert an image.

          2. I have to make it low hanging fruit. You’re to stupid to get a ladder for anything higher. 🪜This is what one looks like moron. Well enough morning comics.

            1. Wow, you ended two consecutive sentences with a period…how impressive! Listen asswipe, let me state this very simply and very, very carefully, so no worries about that: I am calling you a cowardly traitor and un-American. There is little or no difference between you and the domestic terrorists who stormed, ransacked, burglarized and defaced the Capitol while Congress was in session doing the work specified by the Constitution of the United States of America, and on their way out murdered an officer of the Capitol Police who was simply doing his job. The only difference between you and them is that you are too cowardly to join them. Of course now you will only compound your cowardice by denying it. So let’s hear what your witty response will be. I’ve called your bluff…what you gonna do about it?

              1. Keep pulling your strings and laughing at your responses. I Love watching a want to be badass lose it. That’s the true sign of a punk coward. When you have faced the enemy and it comes down to you or him for this country then you might gain some respect. Do yourself a favor a go to the most sacred place in the Country. It’s called Arlington cemetery. You will find Americans that gave all. It’s called Honor, Sacrifice knowing you might not make it back home just so you would have the right to speak your bullshit Until then Cowardly punks like yourself would be better served by keeping your mouth shut and your head up your ass. I know you aren’t that smart so I will continue to laugh at your ungrateful comments.

  2. As to the GOP civil war, here is how it breaks down according to Newsweek:

    45 percent of Republican voters support storming of Capitol building: poll

    The numbers vary somewhat but if we use thirds to divide the public up between GOP, Democrats and Independents that means right at 15% of the populace supports the attempted Coup d’etat.

    It’d be hard to win an election with that level of support outside of the South, which has a history of traitorous behavior and which also happens to be the region with the largest number of seditionists, such as Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith her band of idiots such as Steven Palazzo.

    The irony of the very people that have spent the last 3 years blowing vapor about Professional Athletes expressing their opinions while wrapping themselves up in the flag being the same ones to defile the US Capitol are rich and delicious.

    Early indications are law enforcement colluded with the White House and White Supremacists to help make this disaster happen. There will no doubt be a full accounting, which will be extremely painful for the weaker-minded souls among us to endure.

    1. You are absolutely correct. You have to have the ability to take the good with the bad and keep your cool. None of this is going to be easy especially with all the distrust that’s out there. People have forgotten how to disagree without it becoming violent and insulting. The constitution gives us all certain rights. Violence is not one of them. I read that gun sales this year were up 91 percent in 2020 over 2019. That should concern everyone and make you wonder if calmer heads will prevail or will the kettle explode. Any thoughts?

  3. This is for Ham Turd, since WordPress won’t allow me to respond to his last comment.

    You say “When you have faced the enemy and it comes down to you or him for this country then you might gain some respect.”

    Tell us about your military experience, since this is obviously what you are referring to. Tell us about what a brave American soldier/marine you are.

    I’m waiting.

    For my part, I will readily admit that I never served in combat. I did, however, serve 20 years in the US Army from Vietnam through Desert Storm. And I am not ashamed of my service. I am proud of it. I’ve documented my service previously on this website.

    So tell us about your service. I’m waiting.

    And then, I will tell you that I still consider you a cowardly traitor for supporting and enabling Dirty Don Trump and his domestic terrorists who attempted to bring down the government of these United States. You are a cowardly traitor.

    1. There, I’ve said it three times now. You are a traitor. That’s four times.

      You still have not answered the question: what are you going to do about it?

      Cat got your tongue?

  4. I’m glad you do. Now I know all I need to about you. Your mind is weak as well as your soul. I never boasted about my service and I never will. You see in like you I have nothing to prove. As Doug said the weak minded will struggle. My friend that is you. The way you throw words like traitor and coward around show your true character. You’re sick and your attitude is one that only tries to cause conflict. Good luck with that. Keep bragging about your service cause I never will.

    1. What service have you done? You disparage people like me who served their country…tell us what you have done?

      Still have not answered the question: what you gonna do, you coward?

      How long are you going to run and hide?

      That’s five times.

  5. I think you are funny. I love to hear you plead. You sound so desperate. It’s really Sad. I have to go now. I hope you can make it through the night. If not you can always suck your thumb

  6. Oops, you’re back to ejaculating prematurely. Better take some more Ritalin. Or better yet, just shut the hell up and stop embarrassing yourself every time you comment.

    I’m not boasting about my service. Just stating a fact. You, on the other hand, continue to avoid answering simple questions. You disparage my service but refuse to describe yours. When I call you a traitor you threaten me but refuse to state what you intend to do about it. Nor do you deny being a traitor. That’s all I need to know about you. I claim you are a coward but you respond by calling me a cowardly punk. I guess you think you won that one, huh?

    I’m through trading insults with you. You are not worth the effort. I don’t know you or anything about you, but I know this: the only thing different about you and the domestic terrorists who assaulted the Capitol is that they had the courage of their convictions. You on the other hand just continue to spew the poisonous vitriol of the racist, misogynist, traitorous Coward In Chief (for the next 12 days), safely ensconced behind your keyboard. If you had a scintilla of integrity, you would admit, here and now, that you are one of the despicable Republicans who fully support what the mob did this week in Washington.

    This time, I’m not waiting. Kudzu out.

  7. Impeach-Try-Convict-Remove absolutely possible at warp speed thanks to Lynn Cheney and
    Mitch McConell. Good for them.

    Buckle Up.

    1. The public has only seen the tip of this iceberg. Lynn Cheney and Mitch McConnell no doubt have a better view.

      There is a good chance Trump will be impeached and convicted. I imagine we will seen 2 to 3 senators and lord knows how many Reps expelled from Congress for aiding and abetting an attempted coup.

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