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  1. Doug, I’m sure you’re following the ongoing Bill and Scott Walker tragi-comedy. Scotty has really been “spittin in the Devil’s eye” quite a bit lately. What do you imagine he’s hoping to accomplish?

  2. Fred, I think Scott and his wife would sell Mr and Mrs Walker into slavery before they they let go of the teat they are pulling on. Hammer he won’t stop until he is locked back up. Sociopaths are like that.

  3. The walking blob of jello has no backbone, no morals and no conscious. Unaware of his lack of empathy he robs from his parents that have long since seen better days. There is a moral in this story for all you young parents reading this. Raise your children to show respect. Raise your children to respect elders. Or else you will raise a Scott. Give them everything and eventually they will take everything. At some point Mr. and Mrs. Walker thought they were being good parents and giving Scott any and everything he wanted. Look upon the monster they created and weep.

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