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  1. Good morning Doug. How do you think the fallout from the issues big tech is facing will turn out. Will 230 be changed or tightened in any way? Will it cause any changes in other sites that offer a place to have healthy debates?Just wondering what your thoughts are.

    1. I think the Supreme Court got it right a long time ago when it noted the answer to problems with Free Speech lies in more speech rather than trying to control it.

      Section 230 provides interactive service providers immunity for what I call second and third party content, like the comments y’all leave here. Without it, there would be no such thing as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’m not sure what messing with it would accomplish except for letting trial lawyers get rich looking for deep pockets in libel suits. If section 230 were repealed, I would immediately disable commenting here which would reduce speech. Sites that still allow likely have to moderate every comment, which is also a reduction of speech.

      Your question is a separate from the question of whether Alphabet is a monopoly or Facebook as it is currently constructed runs afoul of anti-trust laws. That day of reckoning is at hand IMO.

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