Very little will render us speechless…..(Updated)

But this sure did.

A pretty bold billboard considering this is less than a month old:

Judge removes Scott Walker as manager of dad’s finances over ‘misspending’ ~ Anita Lee

So you have it folks, Scott mismanaged his parent’s finances, got himself out of trouble while putting his Dad on the chopping block for another prison stint and the gang is evidently loud and proud of that fact.

When Bill Walker’s court appointed guardian claws back money from Scott and family the crash and burn should end up as nothing short of spectacular.

Update: After this post was published I noticed Anita Lee had a update of her story from last month:

Bill Walker must pay or go to jail. Scott Walker’s spending ‘out of line,’ judge says ~ Anita Lee

“The finances of the Walker family, Sharon and Bill, have been commingled since 2014,” Starrett said. “I think they have been commingled for two purposes.” The Walkers were trying to obscure any paper trail, and Scott Walker intended to obscure that trail even more, the judge concluded, so the government wouldn’t get its restitution.

“It just incenses me that, with the resources these people have, they are whining and crying for the government to do something, but they won’t do something for themselves.”

It gets worse from there. On to the conservatorship we go…..

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  1. What a sad testament about how Bill Walkers families mines work. Put billboards up praising a convicted criminal for paying back what he was forced to do by the legal system. He damn sure didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. He doesn’t have one. I think maybe the greatest insult to the people was Trinity saying they wanted to put this behind them and move on with life. I would bet my last dollar that the family of Michaela Hill and those close to her will always look at it in a much different light. What a cold hearted insult to that family. I guess trash will always be trash

    1. I guess WLOX is the Walker’s media outlet of choice as Trinity gave them a quote last night:

      When asked why she decided to make such a public declaration about her husband’s actions, Trinity Walker said, “We sincerely wanted to get this debt paid back and worked hard for three years to do so. Scott and I sold three personal homes and paid back all owed restitution in an extremely quick timeframe. You’ll never read this in any newspaper article so I felt this was an effective way to have the truth told. We are so happy this chapter in our life is behind us.”

      The newspaper has reported everything even Trinty’s inability to change a light bulb while wearing her designer shoes. They must have a case of the red ass because the newspaper’s more recent reporting about them milking Bill and Sharon Walker like they were Elsie the Cow and putting Bill back in line to go to prison because of it is less flattering. People capable of being embarrassed would be mortified to have the dirty little family secret out that Scott is in his 40s and useless, still having to depend on Mommy and Daddy to fund his exorbitant lifestyle.

      I still think about the Hill family and the hole that still exists there. And I look into my crystal ball and see the pain that awaits Scott and family, self inflicted as it is. The public hasn’t heard the last of this for certain.

  2. Abominable. Insulting. Degenerate. Despicable. I could go on but only those with both a heart and soul will understand how utterly disgusting the latest Scott stunt is. First, Scottie and Trinity are sticking a middle finger in the face of the legal system. I wonder what’s racing through the mind of Judge Starret when he drives past one of those signs? It’s clear Scottie wanted to send the Judge a clear message. Even as insulting as it is Scotty has stooped to a new all time low. A trip down memory lane. Beats up and assaults a hooker in a DC hotel and mommie and daddy save him. Their reward Scotty takes out 11 loans in their name to support his and Trinity’s extravagant lifestyle. Passes out in a ditch after running over a mailbox on Holcomb in Ocean Springs. Mommie and daddy step in and got the police to misreport so it could get thrown out in court. Their reward Emelda Marcos Trinity pegs their credit cards buying shoes. Scottie crashes a plane in a drug cartel trip to Miami with his “boys”. First says pilot did a great job and then like the Judas he and his family are sue the pilot. Betrays “friends” like Janus and even his own mother and father. Oh and don’t forget that trip to Croatia to get away from it all. All the while crying to the judge that he doesn’t have any money. Well Judge Starret he telling you the truth. HIS money has quietly been transferred to accounts of some of his coconspirators. You know like the transfer of title to the bar on the corner of Government Street to protect his assets from the court. The transfer of the property adjacent to the new OS High School. Lots of secrets with Bills Street buddies. Bill has no one to blame but himself. Really bought the big one when he betrayed Judy and bought Scottie’s property in Gulf Hills. Tina saw the opportunity and bought her parents house in Pascagoula. And now Trinity wants us to believe her and Scott are the victims not the public. Scottie is already bragging on how he is going to outsmart the judge at his next appearance. Already bragging about his next run for mayor. Oh how I wished I could vote in Ocean Springs.

  3. The pain that a waits the walkers is beyond anybody’s belief. It is an eternal pain that nothing can change. When they get to the golden gate of heaven there will be nothing there for them. And they did it to themselves with out in remorse of any type. God help them

  4. Sounds like the Walkers and the Bidens took the same class on how to raise a son who never launches !

    The movie “Failure to Launch” has nothing compared to these families but it must be said that the Bidens are much bigger misfits both in total monies, immorality and degree of international corruption causing national security threats.

    For China Joe to put a son with drug dependency in the middle of international money laundering is the lowest of low life. Hunter I can forgive but China Joe will receive his reward very soon at the hand of the DEMs when Pelosi removes him( if he wins) via her 25th Amendment Removal Committee.

    1. Sounds to me like the Walkers are typical GOP to me Lockie, living in an idiotic fantasy world peddling tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

      This is the news story of the quarter here on the coast and here you come bringing off topic bullshit into the comments. We have all sorts of national political posts going, kindly keep the your 8Chan hallucinations to those.

      1. Doug,I wonder how the people of Ocean Springs or for that matter the entire coast that supported the Walkers feel now. It is beyond belief that the Walkers are so proud of their criminal accomplishments they put it on billboards to say we are better than anyone else including the judge, the people’s lives they ruined or at least tried to and anyone else that have defrauded in business or lied to in personal friendships. Unbelievable

        1. I’m going to leave the Ocean Springs angle alone but add that I’ve had a business located here in Stone County for almost 30 years, mainly due to its central location to the bottom 13 or so Counties. During that time I’ve gotten to know a few folks and as luck would have it I had a succession of High School and Community College interns including contemporaries of Mrs Scott Walker. I’m proud of the entire bunch of young women I had the privilege of mentoring back then as they all turned out to be high quality professionals in a variety of fields. I keep up with them on social media and that gives me a look into what folks that know Trinity Walker are thinking about those bill boards. The reviews are universally bad.

          Here is the thing and why Scott is going end up with the proverbial 2×4 slammed up against his jug head. and that is his sense of self-entitlement. The first time Judge Starrett had to throw Bill back in jail for not paying Anita Lee had a video interview with Scott outside the Courthouse and he was visibly pissed he had to give up his expensive Shucker season tickets (paid for by Bill and Sharon). A former friend of Scott’s described his mentality to me as perpetually child-like aka the Peter Pan Syndrome.

          Doing Slabbed all these years I’ve managed to accumulate a large amount of experience dealing with sociopaths aka narcissists. I recognized Scott very early on and his own actions since that have generated so much publicity just add to the body of evidence. Federal Judges rarely recommend local DAs prosecute anyone yet that is exactly what Judge Starrett recommended happen to Scott at the last Court hearing.

          This could have been handled so much differently with Scott and family still living large although not extravagantly. The fact that did not happen tells the entire story.

          For the record I agree with Judge Starrett. By their own admission Bill and Sharon Walker are not competent to make their own financial decisions. Scott may be their son but he still exploited them to their detriment. Angel Myers McIlrath would be the person to make that call.

          1. I for one am hoping she takes the ball and runs with it as for as legally possible. I think the people deserve to see justice applied to its full extent in this case for a number of reasons

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