To hell with the politics….

It’s getting to where someone can’t comment on government waste without a bunch of snowflakes melting down:

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman Were the Victims of an Inside Job ~ Jimmy Traina

This was done before the game, during a rehearsal. That means someone who works at FOX, either in a truck or a broadcast studio, pulled the clip on purpose and then leaked it on purpose to make Buck and Aikman look bad. And the fact that one of their co-workers would leak this clip to make the broadcast duo look bad really sucks.

You can be sure Fox is doing some sort of internal investigation to find the culprit.

Someone on the Fox Sports football crew isn’t a team player or as an old high school coach used to tell the team, “someone is pissing in the drinking water”.

As for Aikman’s opinion that spending big $$$$s doing jet flyovers of nearly empty stadiums is a bad idea, the facts support his read. I have this from the 2019 Heritage Foundation Military Assessment:

The other three services are that marginal, that middle rating and, again, plagued by readiness problems. They just don’t have the funding or the maintainers to repair equipment once it breaks. When you’ve got broken equipment, you have less equipment that’s operational and then as you’re using that more, it wears out faster. So this lack of capacity and lack of adequate money to keep things working really inhibits training and competence and confidence of the force that it knows that it can do what it’s been called upon to do.

Somebody is gonna lose their job over this one and it won’t be Joe Buck or Troy Aikman.

2 thoughts on “To hell with the politics….”

  1. They say they were in fact mocking someone in their crew based on a conversation from the previous night’s dinner with the crew. And whoever edited it definitely took it out of context. I would guess it will not take too much effort to find out who tried to take them down. BTW… Joe Buck on Brockmire is hilarious.

    1. We’ll never know because whatever happened after will stay inside Fox Sports.

      This I do know, Fox Sports has big $$$$$ tied up in Aikman and Buck. Anything that hurts that investment would be dealt with harshly.

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