Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: War and Dick Lebeau

Posted on October 20, 2020
Trump needs a war. And, Joe Biden needs Dick LeBeau.

Let’s go to War first. Sheldon Adelson would prefer it that way. He’s 87 years old and Trump is his last best chance to destroy Iran.

I’ve played the clip of Sheldon at Yeshiva University twice. Take another look. According to Adelson, the way to “negotiate” with Iran is devoid of niceties, “you drop an Atomic Bomb in their desert and you tell them the next one is in downtown Tehran.”

You should have seen that clip many times on the so-called “progressive channel”, MSNBC. Progressives are for peace, right? I mean if they’re not that would mean the Right is correct in saying “they’re hypocrites.”

Back to Adelson. Sheldon plays a number of roles. He is the single most powerful private citizen in both Israel and the USA. He was Trump’s largest financial contributor in 2016 and the largest contributor to the Trump Inaugural Committee. He gave $75 Mil to Trump last week, and coincidentally, Trump has asked for the next debate to be limited to Foreign Policy. In other words, Iran.

Are you telling me that Sheldon Adelson did not have a conversation with Mr. Donald Trump before releasing that $75 MIL? Take it from me, they had a few. And, they talked about Iran. And, Sheldon wants what he’s always wanted. The sole remaining questions are how much of a beating will satisfy the blood lust of the Right Wing of the Israel Lobby and how much of a beating will Trump agree to administer. Continue Reading……..

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  1. I admit to over estimating the likelihood that Trump would get hyper aggressive on Iran. He didn’t.

    Who won the debate? I think Trump needed to have a great night and Biden needed to show he could compete. I think Trump was effective but not great. I think Biden survived which means he beat expectations.

    I don’t think Trump changed the trajectory of the race by the debate. Biden made a mistake by looking at his watch.

    Bottom Line: Biden is leading, and neither gained nor lost ground in the debate.

      1. I saw the Times piece that you linked. I’m not completely convinced that a hit on Iran is completely
        off the table. Iran has been around a long time…maybe 4000 years…they’re not stupid or scared. The Israelis and the Saudis want us to bust them up. Adelson will be in Trump’s ear right up to the last moment …”hit them and you will be a hero for the ages.”

      2. Further on Iran:

        Netanyahu has just, for the first time, referred to Joe Biden, in writing, as President-Elect. Trump
        may view that as a “betrayal.” Who knows?

  2. Oh “Anointed One”;

    You seemed to have published you monthly “Wednesday’s Wars” blog
    a little prematurely and on a Monday? Your last blog “Biden Can Lose” was just posted on October 14th?

    Wouldn’t be by chance because my last post to your “Biden Can Lose” blog exposed the Biden Crime Family and the political bomb that Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, Lt. Bobulinski, dropped 30 minutes before the October 22, 2020 Presidential Debate, huh?

    You had your usual cricket response to my last post to “Biden Can Lose”concerning Lt. Bobulinski’s testimony and 3 cell phones that reinforced the truths previously exposed on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and e-mails concerning these undisputed (neither by Hunter or China Joe) FACTS :

    that all the monies secured by Hunter, namely the 1.5 Billion from China, the Millions from Ukraine’s Burisma energy oligarchs and 3.5 Million from the wife of the mayor of MOSCOW were all actually divided among the Biden Family members, including the “Big Guy”, AKA by Lt. Bobulinski as China Joe Biden.

    None of the MSM or tech giants want to acknowledge these FACTS established first in Hunter’s laptop e-mails and then by Lt. Bobulinski.

    Now you seem to realize that China Joe by lying , about his many primary election statements about ending fracking and the oil industry , during last night’s debate may cause him to lose Pennsylvania in the election .

    Now advising your hero Hussein to ride in with an ex- Pittsburg Steeler hero, Dick LeBeau, and save China Joe’s , AKA the“Big Guy’s “, buns seems a little late. Especially after China Joe threw Hussein under the bus during the debate last night with China Joe admitting to several errors under the Obama Administration.

    Better check what type oil you’re vaping “Anointed One”? Without your blog life would be very boring and I would be much like CNN without having Trump as President to joust about.

    Peace and Love to you as I hit the ball back into your Cricket’s Court🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗.

    1. As is your custom, you give me a lot to work with.

      I hope you reviewed my answer to you opus on incorrect statements. You start off with an incorrect statement of your own on “Slick Willie” Clinton. I gave a lengthy defense that was both accurate and amusing. Its pretty difficult to catch Bill Clinton in a lie…deception, of course, but actual lie, not so easy.

      Let me say this about the whole Biden/BOBO thing that FOX and Trump are moving all in on. Trump did
      not make the case last night. The Wall Street Journal (owned by the same people who employ Hannity)
      treated the subject with benign skepticism this AM. I don’t think it will change votes as its being presented so far.

      I just saw Trump in Pensacola, FL on TV. I’ll hand it to him, he has no quit in him. Meanwhile Joe is probably resting somewhere. So, just those facts mean Trump still has “a shot.”

      Even though my site says I post first Wednesday of the month, in reality I post when I have something to say. I expect I’ll have one more before Nov. 3.

      1. Tight,

        In view of the finite quality of human life, I like to concentrate on your first inaccurate statement which I am chagrined to say is often in your first sentence. The NY Post is a Murdoch publication. Murdoch also publishes the WSJ and owns FOX.

        The story about which you speak was treated with “benign neglect” by Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal and they’ve kept hands off as near as I can tell. You have brought to my attention a number of horror stories involving democrats, that, on closer examination, have proved to be illusionary.

        So, if the NYPost story catches fire in the next 72 hrs, I’ll be on it. So far, I have to say, in candor, your advocacy has not caused the story to “catch fire.”

        So, I can focus my attention on continuing to pray for the salvation of your soul and suggest that you employ Jesuitical discernment in the selection of reading material.

  3. Hey ” Anointed One”;

    Seems like the FBI after one year of having Hunter’s laptop from Computer Shop owner, public pressure from a reliable NY Post story and after interrogating Lt. Tony Bobulinski ( ex- veteran and not a Russia, Russia BS misinformation) ; the FBI has acknowledged that Hunter Biden and his associates representing the Biden Crime Family are under investigation for money laundering……….. an active FBI coverup was going on before the MSM/Big Tech hit the censor/ ignore fan.

    And after Lt. Bobulinski appeared 30 minutes before the last debate giving his public testimony and (3) telephones and subsequently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Show for a hour , Twitter has decided to lift its blackout of NYPost’s Twitter account……. The compromised, prejudiced Twitter people finally realized they made a mistake but it’s too late cause they censored for 2 weeks valid , election information concerning a DEM Presidential candidate from the America’s electorate while active voting was occurring.

    But Twitter had no problem publishing comments about alleged Trump’s stolen tax filing which is a felony to steal and expose one’s tax filing…….

    Also, information just released from newly analyzed Hunter e-mails is that Hunter and his business associates received Secret Service protection while they were in Moscow, Ukraine and China even when China Joe was not in their presence.

    Popcorn time with “Jolly Pop” of course with lots of salt. !!! Care for a serving ?

    But now of course it’s Cricket time for you “Anointed One “.

  4. Hey AlCalhoun;

    What are you a full blown Marxist. You think it’s funny to become another Venezuela or become a puppet country of China?

    I hope if Biden wins you realize you voted him in and you enjoy your mistake.

    1. Locke, you obviously have no clue as what satire encompasses.
      It took a long time before the Right in this country quit worshipping the False God the State and started to question authority. After all, the Thomas Jeffersons, Tom Paines and Patrick Henrys of this world as classic liberals were against State power. The Left which “traditionally” opined against state power have revealed their organic worldview which is one of oppression and violence, which is consistent with the fact that they allied early on with the Ancien Regime in fighting against those who wanted to eliminate State power. Thus you see fulfillment of the statement “war is the health of the State” as an example
      Your reaction indicates that in site of the transgressions by the State, you still maintain the primacy of the State – if it is in your favor. That makes you intellectually equivalent to your Left Statist peers – a dubious honor if one ever exited. A good portion of the Right has abandoned your position, so why don’t you join with the rest and fight the fight against Statism?

  5. Tuesday, November 3, 2020 10:53PM (EST)

    If my Math is correct, and if Biden flips AZ, WI and MI and everything else remains like 2016,
    Result: Trump 271 Biden 269.

    PA becomes super important and will be decided by the Supreme Court.

    1. Mistake. If AZ, WI and MI flip from Trump to Biden, and everything else remains the same as 2016,
      the result is 269-269.

  6. Q. Why are the majority of mail-in ballots Democrats?

    A. Democrats were more inclined to be cautious about going to public places because of the pandemic.
    Given the option of mailing their vote in they took advantage of that option. Republicans, following
    the example of their leader, were less concerned by the pandemic and continued to vote in person as
    has been their tradition.

    1. I’m in a less combative mood now that our every four year mud wrestling match is mostly
      behind us.

      There’s an old saw about lawyers and lying that goes something like this, “never lie in writing.” I’ve been doing this exercise since February 2012. I started the process for two reasons: 1. Make sure Rick
      Santorum did not become the Republican Nominee; 2. Support the Re-Elect of Barack Obama.

      I was late to the party on Joe in this cycle. But, when it became clear he was the nominee I was all in.
      Plus, I’m happy to report my daughter was working volunteer for Joe in PA right before the election. She’s fluent in Spanish so she was doing some work with that community.

      If you think I misrepresented the facts about tendencies of democrats to avail themselves more than republicans of the mail ballot option, maybe you should take your argument to the streets like I did when Nixon fired the Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. I used my actual name then as I do now.

      Usually, someone lies when there’s something in it for them. There’s nothing in it for me making the obvious observation that one side ridiculed the mail ballot process and the other side didn’t. Use your powers of observation. Rural areas are historically R. People come in from some distance to vote. It is a civic and social occasion. Ds, in the cities, were more concerned about covid (I’m in NYC right now and mask wearing is 100%) therefore more inclined to avail themselves of a mail in voting option than in,
      in Opp, AL or Tuckerman, AR.

      Incidentally, my reputation for truth and veracity is well established in one or more of those little towns.

      1. I go all the way back to JFK and what his on party pulled. Look at the South it’s red. The reason for that Is the south doesn’t drink the swamps cool aid. As I have traveled the south you might want to reconsider your boasting of your reputation. Not all might be what it seems especially sense you pushed for the worst President ever Barack Obama

        1. JFK….one of my favorites. I actually saw him election eve, 1960 as his limo pulled up the back ramp
          of the old Boston Garden. The night before, at 3AM, 60,000 were waiting for him on the Village Green,
          in Waterbury, CT. Read more about it, its the last post on my site.

          According to the news, its getting near the end of the line for the Trump Campaign. The math is close to impossible and the Candidate is getting a bit of a reality check on what his lawyers can do given the fact they have no case.

          Trump was able to get a lot of people to follow him, like the pied piper. Their loyalty to him was total.
          His loyalty….who knows?

          There comes a time that the most intelligent thing a person who has basked in the bright light can do, is
          ….hit the road, Jack.

          Hang around much longer and people will start to talk……..

  7. DEMs Pa, Mi, Wis and Ga. election corruption has nothing to fear from the DOJ or FBI but they are shaking in their boots when a certain gentleman spoke today that he was going to investigate the voter fraud in his home state of Georgia to “his last breath”……..

    That man’s name is lawyer Linwood and you know without a doubt he finds the truth……..

    May the Lord guide Linwood to the truth and may that truth set our republic free from the corruption of a candidate whose corruption was revealed through the testimony of Lt. Bobulinski and candidate’s son own laptop …..

    yet the MSM, Big Tech ‘s social media and liberal pollsters have censored and suppressed the truth of this candidate’s international corruption……

    And we know the name of that candidate, its China Beijing Joe Binden.

    1. Lin couldn’t keep that Illinois wingnut vigilante from being extradited to Wisconsin. Not saying he isn’t a good civil litigator but he isn’t a miracle worker.

      Like Hillary before him Trump got his ass kicked the old fashioned way, he earned it.

      1. What happened to the China Beijing Joe and Camela victory speech tonight?

        Could the SCOTUS Justice Alito’s Order to segregate all post 8PM November 3rd ballots in Pa taken the steam out of their victory posture and they put a “lid” on it?

        It seems like all the counties in Pa have not followed his federal Order.

        Sure glad Trump pushed and had his third SCOTUS confirmed to rule on this election.

        1. There is a report by http://www.mooresvilletrib.com that the Dominium Voting system (Systematic) is not only affiliated with the Killery Clinton Foundation but is owned by a person who serves on George Soros’s Board.

          I’m sure the software failures ( described as hacks or glitches) resulting in taking votes away from Trump in this election will be throughly investigated in all other counties in the U.S. while we wait for China Beijing Joe to state that ‘all legal election votes should be counted and all illegal votes not counted’.

          China Joe won’t say it though just as he won’t say Covid-19 on China instead of Trump.

          Welcome to the China Communist Party to the U.S. if China Joe wins cause they have more information on Hunter and China Joe than Lt.Bobulinski and/or Hunter’s laptop !

            1. Well, well here’s the proof for CNN, NBC, CBC, and all the doubting libitards that after all five battleground states all together shut down election vote counting exacting at the same time for 5 hours; vote changing suddenly occurred and a cyber expert explains in detail how China Joe suddenly gained over 10o,000 votes and Trump not a one !

              The cyber expert first explains how electronic voting machines tie into the internet and eventually voting collecting stations , then international multiple servers and how voting data can be changed remotely. He then explains and gives clear evidence how fraud was detected years ago in Dallas, Texas and in a Kentucky Governor’s race then explains what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election night.

              Time for China Joe to be indicted, charged and prosecuted not just for voter fraud but for all the other crimes that he and the Biden Family have committed internationally.

              “Interview With Cyber Source With Hard Evidence of Vote Changing- Election Fraud”


  8. Former PA Republican Senator, Rick Santorum just pointed out on CNN (7:55PM EST) that Trump improved his numbers in Philadelphia as compared to 2016.

    According to Santorum, “if the object of the Ds was to win PA by cheating in Philadelphia, they did a
    lousy job.”

    1. When I look at the voting map and see part of the southwest most all the Southeast and a large portion of the center of the country all the way to Canada as Red states concerns me as to what is going on. Most of the Blue are either on the far West or East. The majority of these states have financial problems from even before COVID. According to moving company websites these are the states people are leaving by the hundreds. If Democratic political policies are in place in these States why are people leaving them?

  9. When the facts of truth and evidence are considered by the SCOTUS the Pa race will be throw out as Pa Supreme Court can’t write the election laws of Pa over the Pa legislature………

    When the facts of fraud are revealed and proven by real facts in other states( i.e. like there were hundreds of thousands of ballots fabricated where only the name of China Joe was checked off, affidavits of US Postal clerks testifying they were told to back date official postal stamps, massive numbers of votes of non -registered voters, votes from people in a household where they don’t live and of course the old computer programs like Dominion “glitches”); the rioting will begin by the Marxists like BLM and Antifa…….then the militias will answer then and God help this nation !

    Then we can all sing , “Hit the road Joe and don’t you come back no “(after 47 years)………………….” you now , you know the thing”, ( as Joe famously has said in the past in his demented state). 💋💋💋💋😷😷😷😷😷😷😷👎👎

  10. C’mon Loctite, go listen to the Flying Spaghetti Monster songs, they will open your mind, make everything clear to you. Don the Con is one and done. You and your ilk can pack your bags and move to Moscow with the Trump crime family, or maybe Pyongyang…both of those dictators have refused to congratulate Joe for his victory. No surprise there. Both those guys lost a big wad in Lost Wages and are obviously licking their wounds. Like you.

    1. Hey Kuzie you are an out of control weed as usual,

      I have not lost anything but the GOAT President ever who did what he promised he would do and that has caused a record number of Afro-American and Latinos voting for a Republican President…….

      That is what scares the fascist, Marxists like Camela and AOC……..

      America will start to burn by the leftists’ BLM and Antifa co-conspirators once the Supreme Court starts to reverse the PA. votes and other state elections and such threats of blackmail of destruction will cause the SCOTUS to further slap the DEMs for their total corruption such as the simple lack of allowing the Republican election watchers to observe the vote counting……..

      After all the illegal spying on the Trump campaign and presidency ,impeachment and fake BS Russia, Russia special counsel crap for four years the DEMs want to be uniturds 💩……… that is the biggest hypocrisy of all time !

      What freakin’ jokes the libiturds 💩 are 😂😂😂😂.

      1. When and if all those in the Red states and others that have been quiet thru all the unrest and rioting, etc Decide they have had enough of the bullshit that’s when I’m afraid it might get real bad. Old saying that when a quiet person or group gets enough of something They bare watching might be closer than we think. I hope not but nothing would surprise me

  11. Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn’s attorney who helped reveal the false FBI persecution of Flynn, is now on Trump’s legal Team, announced today that Dominion voting machines were rejected by Texas since 2012 as not being secure enough and Dominion was used in Venezuela corruptively as well as all over the world to change elections for political purposes.

    She claims she will expose what governors and their SOS bought into the Dominion voting system and were rewarded with graft payments.

    You can’t hide fraud and corruption from lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell far long.

    The question is will the SCOTUS get to weigh in as to the facts that the DEMs in their fifth coup again tried to fraudulently remove Trump as President by fraudulent elections in Democratic cities such as Detroit, Philly and Atlanta using a easily corruptive Dominion voting system.

    Maybe the massive Trump rally in D.C. tomorrow might send a message that the Republic is in jeopardy to have a President , China Joe , that can easily be blackmailed because of the corruptive deals of Hunter Biden / China Joe with China, Ukraine, etc..

    The MSM won’t cover the Trump rally but if China Joe is inaugurated you will see resistance much like Obama swore upon Trump’s Presidency. You can’t massively cheat your way to the Presidency without political backlash.

    The Russia, Russia fake BS of Obama libiturds was all fake but the Dominion systemic theft of the Presidency is real and the truth will come out.

  12. I’m waiting to see how long it takes Biden to try to take credit for the vaccines that are coming out as promised by Trump. Biden repeatedly said he wouldn’t trust them. Maybe he should keep his word for once and not take it or give credit where it’s due.

    1. What are you talking about Hammer. Trump said clearly the pandemic was a hoax that would magically go away, especially after the election. Now you’re worried he won’t get credit for a vaccine to the hoax? You Retardkins sure like to bitch and moan about much of nothing.

      1. Are the vaccines coming out or not. Bottom line yes. Under whose administration. Fact. Trump. Promise made promise kept. Biden takes over in January 2021. I agree with you on a lot of Trumps views on it but I also remember Biden’s statements all the way into March. Now Biden talks about a complete shutdown and advisors wanting to give it to other countries first.

        1. Since credit is what you’re after you can also take it for the 250000 plus cadavers Trump created by his incompetence dealing with his self created “hoax”. If Trump and the Repubtards created the vaccine I won’t be taking it. I’ll wait for a reputable company to roll one out scientifically per Dr Fauci.

          1. Just this morning he was praising the ones coming out so that argument won’t fly. The companies making them are some of the most respected Medical research companies in the world.Go to your states with Democrats in charge and look at death rates. New York,Washington,Illinois,California I could go on but what’s the point. I hope the vaccines work as the Dr. was confident about this morning. Maybe one day the Democrats of today’s party will admit how destructive their policies have been

  13. Yo, Tight…

    Watching Tucker tonight. “No evidence on Dominion…” wrongdoing as of right now. Sydney Powell
    seems to be all hat and no cattle as of right now. She still hasn’t gotten the Court hearing the Flynn Matter to dismiss the criminal convictions against him. Unimpressive.

    Candace Owens on to try, unsuccessfully, to besmirch my homey, Barack Obama. By the way, want to commend you for correctly spelling his name in a recent comment.


  14. Libitards this is not rocket science………

    Bush and Chaney did their water boarding of terrorists in foreign countries to escape prosecution if said water boarding would have been discovered done in America….

    And again Killery and the DEM machine had Australian, British and Italian spies try to set up Trump campaign people like Carter and Popadopulous in foreign countries with Russia, Russia BS ; again doing their crimes out of the U.S. to escape any prosecution in U.S…….

    And finally again we have the Presidential election in all battleground states using a voting system with Dominion ‘s servers in Spain and Germany possibly changing votes exactly like said system did for Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela to keep said dictators in power……

    And this will soon too be revealed as DEM kingpin NY Schumer once prophesied to Trump, ‘If you screw around with the CIA they will screw you around six times tomorrow .’

    Trump after sending military liberal Esper parachuting ( who once declared he objected to a photo op to a D.C burned church) has appointed Cohen as a civil Special Ops organizer bypassing the military chain of command ,who Trump no longer trusts much like the Obama Intel team of lying , conspirators Clapper and Brennan……

    The Swamp is deep and wide as D.C.( District of Corruptibles) voted 94% for a senile, lying 47 year old political dinosaur who is compromised by China and many other of the other 27 nations his pornographic , addicted son Hunter met with as the bagman for the Biden Crime Family during his dear father’s 8 year stint as V.P…..

    But I’m not counting Trump Out yet as there are still patriots like Admiral Mike Rogers , who told Trump the AG and treasonous FBI and DOJ bad actors were spying on him; and luckily the U.S. still has many holding areas throughout the country for unhappy Antifa/ BLM Marxist, communists who hate America ,its origin , its Constitution, its institutions , its history and last but not least its police and civil law and order……

    We are going to resist just like Obama and Killery pledged to resist Trump and other well known liberals told crowds to seek out GOP people and harass them in restaurants, on the street and everywhere…

    It’s gonna be Karma 101 baby

    1. RE: Waterboarding and Karma.

      When Bob Mueller was Director of the FBI (he took office a few days before 9-11) he ordered FBI Agents
      to NOT engage in Waterboarding. Bush and Cheney were smart enough to not force the issue with Mueller.

      Karma. There’s plenty washing around out there needing to be worked out. Maybe some all the way back
      to 1619.

  15. I hope all you vaccine doubters were listening to the Good doctor moments ago about promise made promise kept with high quality scientific vaccines coming on line. It’s Hard to argue truth but some try. The same goes for those that doubted how big techs actions have them trying to answer questions that they can’t. Sometimes facts are facts and nothing else

  16. Yo Tight,

    Tucker Carlson calls out Trump lawyer, Sydney Powell, for not producing evidence to support her claims
    of “vote switching” by Dominion voting machines.

    Bad Karma.

  17. Watching Tucker Carlson. He has put the ball squarely in Sydney Powell’s Court to come up with actual
    evidence that Dominion Voting machines switched votes and stole the election.

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