Other Voices Tom Callaghan: Biden Can Lose

Posted on October 14, 2020

I can’t get John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama out of my mind. They are my idea of Candidates for President of the United States. Happy Warriors. Cut from the same cloth as the original Happy Warrior, Al Smith, four-time Governor of New York State, and the first Catholic nominated by one of the two major parties for President of the United States.

So, Joe isn’t in that category. And, we’re in a different time, Covid Time. But for Pete’s sake, take the mask off when you speak and they’re eight people in the room and the nearest one is 37 feet away.

I read the polls daily, so I know that Joe is the favorite. But I don’t like the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach where all true wisdom abides. I don’t like the fact that Joe hasn’t put Pennsylvania away. C’mon man, it’s almost your home state. Obama won it twice, easy. He even picked up votes from folks who “knew” he was a Muslim born in Kenya but had “a nice family” so they threw him a few votes anyway.

There’s a piece up in the New York Times today by Thomas B Edsall, a serious guy who puts some meat on the bones of my paranoia. (Remember, paranoid people can have enemies.) Below are the comments I filed on Edsall‘s piece: Continue Reading……

22 thoughts on “Other Voices Tom Callaghan: Biden Can Lose”

  1. Hammer;

    Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, just orated a great narrative illustrating the great contrast between candidates Trump and China Joe…….

    ‘Trump sacrificed his Presidential salary/money to charity to make his country great whereas China Joe sacrificed his country to China to make great money’.

    Hey “Anointed One” when have you heard China Joe mention the world -wide pandemic virus was China’s fault, that China is stealing U.S. business secrets and / or China is the most threatening country ?

    Hammer here comes the “ Anointed One” with nothing but crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  2. I’m not sure what you said, but let me help clear the fog.

    We have 17 Intelligence Agencies. We have “eyes on” everywhere. When it became apparent that there
    were no cars or pedestrians on the streets of Wuhan, a city of 10Mil somebody should have done something.

    Likewise, when the Houthis in Yemen knocked out the refinery in Saudi Arabia we, no doubt, had photo imagery showing that is exactly where the attack came from. HOWEVER, it was in OUR INTEREST to blame it on IRAN. I hope, after patient instruction, you are getting some inkling of how things work vis a
    vis Israel-Iran-USA-Sheldon Adelson.

    Did you notice that within roughly five days of Adelson’s $75 MIL contribution Trump informed the Debate people that he wanted the last debate to be solely on Foreign Policy.


    This AM a reporter on Bloomberg TV mentioned Sheldon Adelson’s Name. That person is only the second person that I have ever heard do so. The secret to Adelson’s power in anonymity. The average man on the street has never heard of him.

    Reread my prior post, especially the two clips by Adelson in his own words. In the first, speaking to an audience in Israel, he says “I served in the military. Unfortunately it was the American Army, not the Israeli Defense Forces.” In the second clip he says, before an audience, at Yeshiva University in New
    York City “there’s nothing to negotiate with Iran. You drop an atomic bomb in their desert and tell them
    the next one is in downtown Tehran.”

    Our hands are not clean with IRAN. We helped IRAQ use chemical weapons against IRAN in the IRAN-
    Iraq war.

    Adelson is 87 years old. This may be his last chance to get Iran severely crippled in his life time. The US
    has never been the type of country that attacks another country “because they sometime may cause us a problem.” If the Israelis want to do business that way let them do the dirty work themselves.

    One of the reasons I do this Wednesdayswars Thing is that the American Press, left and right, will not touch this subject. They are petrified at being called out as “anti Israel” or worse yet “antisemitic.”

    There is absolutely no point whatsoever in calling yourself a writer if you are not willing to put your name on your work and say what needs to be said.

    On the question of USA-ISRAEL-IRAN-ADELSON-WAR the press is full or cowards.

  3. “Anointed One”;

    You said , ‘I don’t know what you said but let me clear the fog’.

    You know exactly what I said and you again went crickets as usual…🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

    Now I say I don’t know why or what you said about Adelson, Israel, Iran, and War ….. but I wish you would pick up your irreverent BS💩💩💩💩cause your post topic is ‘ Biden might lose’ . You post said comment and when someone posts a related response you change the subject matter…….

    You must have worked in grocery or car sales when you were young cause you just love the principle of ‘bait and switch’.

    Your claim that the MSM are a bunch of cowards is not true. In truth , the MSM, Google, Facebook and Twitter all know that they are intentionally biased against Trump by their BS Russia, Russia , Russia to everything related to Killery and/ or China Joe despite the proven fact that the DEMs have been calling Russia, Russia, Russia falsely for four years and its all been proven to be all BS every time.

    The public no longer believes the DEMs and Shifty Schiff “ calling wolf” of Russia, Russia,Russia. The DNI Director who monitors all 17 Intel agencies stated there is no Russia, Russia , Russia connected to the censored NY Post story . China Joe hasn’t even disputed the fact that Joe Jr’s abandoned laptop was Joe Jr’s or Joe Jr’s laptop , hard drive e-mails were not Joe Jr’s.

    The censored NY Post story clearly reveals Joe Jr. stating in his emails that China Joe’ s Crime Family including China Joe (i.e. “Pop”) received a % of whatever Joe Jr. received as China Joe’s bag man from his shady international deals with Russia, Ukraine and China. ( More specifically Joe Jr. received $3.5 Million from a corrupt Russian mayor trying to invest hundreds of corrupt millions in America which was barred by U.S. financials sanctions; Joe Jr. was hired by corrupt Ukraine energy oligarchs for tens of millions and Joe Jr. received 1.5 Billion for his investment firm from China.)

    So don’t change your post topic to Adelson,Israel, Iraq, Iran, and other 💩💩💩 away from your topic post of ‘China Joe could lose ‘. Cause if the MSM and Internet oligarchs were not censoring, protecting and hiding corrupt China Joe’s international activities as Vice- President (i.e. used Joe Jr. as a bag man to receive monies from Russia, Ukraine and China) China Joe ‘s candidacy would be hopeless.

    China Joe was a true “Vice”-President and if elected will not be President, but will only be a “VicePresident” again.

    1. Tight,

      You put a lot of things on the table when you comment on what I have written. Some of them have nothing to do with the original post. Now, I gather, you are counseling me to stick to your topics.
      As Church Lady would say…”isn’t that special!”

      I think your information gathering and nomenclature takes you deep into the fever swamps of the
      “Beyond Right” so that I literally have no idea what you are talking about. When you would rattle on about Antifa, I asked you for their phone number and you let me down.

      So, like in the old days when you would refer to “snowflakes” on to present time when you refer to “China Joe” I have no idea what you are talking about on either.

      I have to correct you on what I said about “cowards” in the Press. I limited that statement to coverage of
      Israel, Iran the Mideast. On other issues I do not apply the “coward” charge.

      Speaking of Iran (Persia) I’m pleased to have brought to you attention that, in the Iran Deal, no new money from the USA was involved. We returned money that we had seized from Iran after the takeover
      of our Embassy.

      So, having contributed to your understanding of the Iran Deal, and Isaiah 45.1 and the concept of
      “Anionted” let me predict that when you turn on Hannity in 50 minutes he will be beating the “war drums” against Iran, making straight the path for Trump to go hyper aggressive on Iran at the debate.

      So, its coming. Trump’s last bet shot to change the trajectory. I put you on noice. I’ve given you pure gold. And you want me to go down YOUR rabbit holes!

      The Mind Boggles!

  4. If anyone doesn’t see how childish the Democrats are they should have watched the Judicial vote this morning. They are so gutless they put pictures in their seats. They are not fit to make any decisions for the American people. They are children throwing a temper tantrum for almost 4 years now under the leadership of Ice cream Pelosi and Chucky brain dead .

        1. It is a great country thanks to the people who go into the political arena and offer themselves for public
          service. There names are known. People know where they live. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose.

          Then there are others who want to be heard but not known. I’m thinking of Dr. Christine Blassey Ford.
          You no doubt recall how she tried to smear Kavanaugh and keep her identity secret until the last minute.

          You have not yet risen to the level of Christine Blassey Ford. At the moment of truth she came public and testified. She was fully known and her life impacted. So, she deserves a measure of respect. I’m glad I supported Kavanaugh, even though his legal philosophy is far different than mine.

          Your way of doing things is, apparently, standard procedure on line. So, that’s that.

  5. Hey “Anointed”;

    The latest information is out- so please call China Joe in his basement and tell him Hunter’s ex- partner , Bevan Cooney currently serving time in a low security prison, has offered to turn over all his e-mails with Hunter’s computer and Bevan states that the words ” Big Man” in Hunter’s e-mails was/is in fact a nickname for China Joe. Hunter in his e-mails said ” Big man” got 10% cuts in illegal monies laundered from foreign countries like Ukraine, China and a mayor of a Russian city ; all as “VICE” president of the United States. As well as other monies distributed to other China Biden family members.

    But the “Big Man” has stated for several years that he knew nothing about Hunter’s foreign deals.WOW not enough Pinnochios in the world to describe China Joe lies regarding Hunter’s foreign deals on “Big Man’s” foreign duties assigned to him by President Hussein, namely China and Ukraine.

    Shortly after Bevan Cooney pledged his cooperation he was moved to solitary confinement and is now in position not to be interviewed and he is concerned about his life ( i.e. kinda like Epstein before the security cameras were cut off strangely and Epstein hung himself.)

    The NYPost story who broke this Hunter Biden e-mail scandal is the oldest newspaper in the U.S. and goes back to the Alexander Hamilton time. We’re not talking about a new internet site like Daily Caller but the oldest newspaper whose tweeter account is still shut down !

    Marxism is in full play among the MSM and internet giants and the first amendment is under big time attack. May God protect us and our Constitution.

    Waiting for all your crickets “Anointed”……………………………………….

    1. I commend for your edification my remarks to Mr. Hammer on anonymous posters. I generally have not
      lectured you on this subject (partly because I believe that if I sat at the bar in Antoine’s long enough
      you’d appear and have that “around the bend, James Woods” look) that would shout…”TIGHT.”

      Be that as it may, I’d like you to send me your address so I can send you a a bill for educating you on American Life, Politics, Literature, History and Scripture lo these many years.

      For now, I’m late for Happy Hour. I will be watching the Debate tonight and if you hear any talk on Iran,
      you will be intellectually equipped to know what’s what. Did I ever tell you that there’s a great joke that
      has a punchline, “If I knew what’s what I’d be in college.” That’s the punchline, unfortunately I don’t
      remember the joke.”

      Got to go. Remember, when they debate tonight, if you have been a serious student of WW, you will be better equipped to understand what’s what than most viewers and both participants.

      Last thought, to use your time wisely between now and the start of the debate go into Google Videos and
      insert the name Javad Zarif. The guy’s to cool for school. He happens to be the Foreign Minister of Iran.
      There are a lot of clips of him being interviewed by different folks. Speaks perfect English and, even
      has a sense of humor.

      You’re on your own.

      1. That’s Funny. No one would be willing to pay for a bad education which is exactly what you offer. Ninety nine percent of your writing is slanted away from the truth just like a lot of Professors teaching in our liberal universities. Hopefully today’s students are starting to question that line of crap. That could account for the reason so many young people are signing up as Republicans. Tight tells it like it is. You on the other hand tell what you have been fed. Me I just like to piss people off with the truth when they put blinders to the truth on and put out Loads OF B.S.

  6. Hey “Anointed”;

    Trump is bringing a special guest, Lt. Bo Bobulinski, to the debate who was at one time a close partner to Hunter and he will before the debate also say that in reference to the famous NYPost May 17,2017 Hunter e-mail that Hunter referred to China Joe in hie e-mails as the “ Big Guy” or “Chairman”.

    Lt. Bobulinski will also state he split with Hunter when he sensed Hunter’s Chinese business dealings were not what they appeared to be but more China buying influence into America.

    Anointed you can watch Lt . Bobulinski on Fox News coming up around 5 PM but I patiently await your crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  7. Good morning “Anointed One”;

    “I never had sexual relations with that woman” – The most famous political lie, that of Ex-Pres. Slick Willy.

    ‘ I never took one cent, not one cent from any of those countries’- An on air statement by “China” Joe Biden during the October 22, 2020 Presidential Debate which will become more famous than Slick Willy’s famous lie.

    Here’s what we know so far:

    1.) The Computer repair person, who obtained Hunter’s abandoned laptop, upon finding pictures of pornographic nature with minors, pictures of crack use and e-mails involving the son of Ex- Vice President Biden, namely Hunter Biden; called the FBI over a year ago turning over Hunter’s laptop and stating he was concerned about his life and the FBI just told him , ‘Just keep your mouth shut and you will be alright’ ( FBI never called back);

    2.)Neither Hunter Biden nor China Joe Biden, AKA “Big Guy” and “Chairman” in Hunter’s e-mails, have denied that Hunter’s abandoned laptop was not Hunter’s laptop;

    3.) Neither Hunter nor China Joe Biden has denied that the e-mails on Hunter’s laptop are not genuine;

    4.) The Director of National Intelligence, who monitors all 17 Intel agencies of the U.S., has stated there is no Russia misinformation with said laptop or e-mails thereon, as immediately and falsely claimed by DEM’s chronic, RUSSIA, RUSSIA lying, Congressman Adam “Shifty” Schiff;

    5.) A Federally incarcerated, Mr. Cooney, ex- business partner of Hunter, has offered his personal e-mail records and connections with Hunter to verify the e-mails on Hunter’s laptop are valid and subsequently declaring to be in fear of his life Cooney has been moved to solitary confinement;

    6.) Last night 30 minutes before the Presidential debate another ex- business partner of Hunter and a 36 year Marine veteran and registered democrat, Lt. Bobulinski, despite threats personally presented his (3) cell phones to the press and stated he met with China Joe about a China deal with Hunter and stated China Joe’s claim that he knew nothing about Hunter’s China deals is a LIE…. and Lt. Bobulinski stated he will turn over his cellphones to the FBI as evidence of his testimony;

    7.) At the October 22, 2020 presidential debate when President Trump asked China Joe about the 3.5 Million his Joe Biden Crime Family received from the mayor of Moscow through China Joe’s bagman, Hunter Biden, China Joe denied that he received any of those monies; China Joe also emphatically later denied neither he nor his Crime Family received any monies from Hunter’s 1.5 BILLION dollar deal with China and/or never received any of the MILLIONS Hunter collected from sitting on the Board of the Ukraine energy company , Burisma.

    8.) Curiously there is also another ex-business partner of Hunter who is awaiting Federal sentencing who is probably wondering with the rest of America why Hunter Biden’s international business deals have not been investigated as to the part Hunter played and why only Hunter’s ex-business partners end up get convicted ?.

    P.S. { If anyone wants to know more specific facts about Hunter’s international deals under suspicion but not touched or investigated by the MSM you can read a story by WSJ investigative reporter, Kimberly Strassel , published October 22,2020 under title of ” The Biden ‘Family Legacy'”.}

    1. I noticed the length of your post, went into a state of overwhelm, and decided to correct your first mistake. Thankfully, it was the first thing you said. It requires some nodding familiarity with a piece of writing known as The Bible.

      As a good ol boy from Arkansas, Bill Clinton knew his bible. Bill also knew how to deceive and mislead without telling a lie. For instance, when asked if he ever smoked marijuana he replied that “he never inhaled.” (When our friend Barack Obama was told about Clinton’s answer Barack said “I thought that was the point!”) What Clinton, no doubt did was have marijuna baked into some brownies. I can advise
      from personal experience, that maijuana baked into brownies is a powerful delivery system.

      Moving right along, into the delicate subject of sex. Let’s go back to the Bible. In biblical terms Bill Clinton did not have “sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky” in the biblical sense. And,
      Monica Lewinsky agrees. Please don’t ask me to be more graphic.

      So, words matter. Bill Clinton was a deceiver but not a liar. He had a peculiar form of ethics, possibly picked up from the Jesuits at Georgetown University, that he could always say to himself that he told
      the technical truth.

      I make this “defense” of Bill Clinton as someone who never particularily cared for him and definitely did
      not like Hillary. Now, Barack Hussein Obama I liked, and still do admire him. And, Ronald Reagan, early
      in his first term when he told the Israel Lobby to stick it up where the sun doesn’t shine, twice, I’m
      cool with “The Gipper” too.

      Peace Be With You.

  8. Correction:
    Just read transcript of Lt. Bobulinski from October 22,2020 presser……

    Lt. Bobulinski is the grandson of a 37 year military intelligence officer but served in the Naval military for 4 yrs with a high security clearance involving nuclear duties and subsequently retired into a international investment career.

  9. “Anointed”;

    Doug says I need to keep …..” my 8 Chan hallucinations “ to your blog. So typical of DEMs with their standard coverup accusations of GOP of false conspiracy when it’s the DEMs committing the real conspiracy scandals.

    So here I am and all you naive DEMs need to listen to whistleblower Lt. Bobulinski tomorrow night on Tucker ‘s show on FoxNews as he will expose the Biden Crime Family as reality and not as another BS Russia, Russia lie fostered typically and constantly by Adam “shifty” Schiff and his kind of lying DEMs.

    It’s a honest to God China and Ukraine treason case and sell 💰out of America.

    You guys hate Trump so much you are really Blind , but not the typical retina macular degeneration type , but real BLINDNESS – as having eyes but refusing to see.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.

    Gotta go watch Amy get sworn in so she can sit next week on the SC and rule on the unconstitutional Pennsylvania law 👺that allows counting votes received after the Presidential election .

  10. “Anointed One”;

    Ex-Navy Veteran ,Lt. Tony Bobulinski , was a very believable witness on Hannity claiming to have met China Joe on at least two occasions in California at a named hotel which was also the site where China Joe gave a speech. Both meetings concerned Hunter’s international illegal sale of his father’s international influence . The Lt. has testified before the FBI.

    A person would be crazy to testify to the FBI if that person was presenting Russian disinformation as “Shiffy” Schiff has claimed for the last 3.5 years.

    Bobulinski is pissed because of his heritage of military service in his family tree and gave the Biden rep time for Adam “shifty “Schiff and the Biden Family to take back the unpatriotic, false claim that Russia, Russia was involved in Hunter’s computer e-mail story.

    Hunters laptop e-mails supports the e-mails found on Lt. Bobulinski’s three cellphones and vice -versa all of which supports the fact that China Joe and the entire Biden Family shared in huge monetary profits in play -for – pay deals with Ukraine, Russia and China totaling billions of dollars which was all laundered through offshore shell corporations and LLC’s.

    The fact that the NY Post’s Twitter account has been permanently shut down because the paper refuses to take down their Hunter story is proof that the paper continues to stand by their story , as well as the Director of National Intelligence stands by his claim that all these e=mails did not come from Russian.

    China Joe continues to lie about not being involved in Hunter’s shady international sale of China Joe ‘s influence in China, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia because Joe knows he will be immediately removed by Pelosi’s 25th Amendment committee if he should win election.

    This suppression of news by Big Tech and the MSM from America represents Marxism and Fascism not seen in the world since Hitler and Mussolini. Pravda is even a more responsible , honest newspaper to the Russian people then the MSM and Big Tech indefensible censorship of news in America.

    If Trump wins we need a special prosecutor appointed to investigate and criminally punish many political, treasonous scum bag, monsters swimming proudly in the D.C. swamp.

    May God protect America from these evil , Fascist politicos and their Big Tech/ media co- conspirators.

    1. Tight,

      When you use the term “treasonous scumbag monsters” you should always follow it with “Strong letter
      to follow.”

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