Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: A War if Trump Wants One

Posted on September 24, 2020

Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson have a war all teed up for President Trump if he thinks he needs a war to win re-election. Timing is elegant. Iran is available. Use the Debate Sept 29 to take command of the stage. Remind us of your love for Israel. Commence hostilities first or second week of October.

Bye Bye Biden. Everybody knows a President gets a bump in the polls when our troops are at risk. Whether its a legitimate use of force, well now you’re being technical. Our President has an election to win. Nobody likes Iran anyway so its a win, win, win. Do you think Adelson came in $35 Mil strong in the last week of 2016, and gave five times more than the next largest giver to the Trump Inaugural Committee because he’s a flower child and, like Rodney King, just wants us “all to get along.” C’mon, man, you don’t go into the Casino business because you want to give someone a fair shot.

Netanyahu has experience sending the USA to war. Here he is, as a private Israeli citizen, between his first and second term as Israeli Prime Minister lecturing a compliant committee of our Congress on the duty of the United States to go to war with Iraq because in Netanyahu’s words “there was absolutely no doubt” that Saddam had weapons that, as it turned out, he didn’t have. Continue Reading……

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  1. Hey “Anointed”;

    You wrote, ‘Bye, bye Biden…everyone knows a President gets a bump from a war’….

    That is usually a very true statement except sorry not in this election “Anointed”.

    Instead, China Joe will go” bye, bye” from his basement hugging, well known senile, dementia activities and not due to a war Trump starts.

    Now the world’s oily globalists ( i.e”Rockafellas”,Saudis) might decide that the price of oil is too cheap and they are going broke ( Exon, Shell,etc losing 50% of net stock worth) due to the China Corona virus release , unrestricted spread and resultant global depression…….. . Maybe a blockade of the Straits?

    This depression was caused solely by the globalists’ used- to- be friend China ( wrongly admitted into the WTO, who now controls the WHO and has just about every politician in the world in their pocket- and by no means just China Joe and Hunter Biden in America).

    Now if the world’s best virologists could just bio-genetically engineer a virus which would instead of attacking human ACE receptor sites only attack the human gene of “greed”………. which will one day definitely happen…… wiping out all greed in the world…. but not by human hands though……

    but it already does exist, is predetermined to strike and has already been named ……

    “God’s Judgment Day Virus”. Hallelujah ! Glory be to God !

    1. Been a while Tight. You saved the day. I thought I might have to open bidding on my own article!
      While not generating a ton of interest here, you will be pleased to know it is being well received

      I’m sure you would join me in opposing an unnecessary war. I’m also sure that you know that there are those hither and yon that always seem to have another war for the good old USA to fight.

      Being a gentleman of leisure, I have time on my hands to find things out and pass them on to you. I will
      admit that I am often disappointed at your unwillingness to comprehend what is going on or express proper gratitude to my own self for my labors in ferreting out the truth of our existence on the planet.

      Be that as it may, it is entirely possible that your candidate wins and my candidate loses. I would say the vice versa is more likely, but, we’ll see.

      In the final analysis, nobody knows for sure why people vote as they do. The people want a lot of things in a campaign, not the least of which is a Good Show. Biden hasn’t figured that out yet. JFK had it figured out big time.

      Election Evening the song I’ll play when the truth becomes known will be Ray Charles and the Jubilation
      Singers, Oh Happy Day.

      Peace Be With You.

    2. I strongly believe that the incident with the military votes being discarded is a problem. The main problem being that the person got caught.
      Take a few minutes and read about the issues that have plagued the process used for sending and receiving votes for members of the military that are overseas at the time of the elections. I don’t care who they vote for only that of all members of society active duty military votes should be a priority in any election.
      Look how California allows vote harvesting. That is some serious bullshit and if they didn’t allow all of the mail in voting it couldn’t happen.
      Everybody should vote period. There needs to be a system of checking these ballots that is as close to 100% effective as possible. Comparing signatures is too subjective. Maybe governments should meet with each person that wants to vote by mail to ensure they are who they are suppose to be. Maybe, similar to the early voting procedures here on the coast. I have voted early in the past due to health reasons and experienced a method that I thought was secure.
      Now, you I’m going to hear that fraudulent voting is rare etc. but even if it has never changed an outcome (we know that it has, at least in local elections) it doesn’t really matter.
      Perception is reality and if a fraction of the population believes that mail in voting is not secure or accurate then doubt has been casted and then people won’t trust the outcomes.
      Everybody I know wants fair elections and win or loose they want to believe that the outcome is true and accurate.
      On a side note, if you are able bodied and just too damn lazy to take a little time out of your day to go to your local precent and vote screw em. They probably don’t even know what or who they are voting for or against.

      Have a good day and ask your state legislators how they feel about Proposition 65 and remember their view and decide if they deserve your vote in their next election. You can probably just look at their campaign finance reports and see how much money they pocketed from big Pharma.

  2. CF, take a deep breath and relax. The Dumpster is gonna lose by 20 to 25% so there is no need to worry about “vote harvesting” in California, just as I don’t worry about “vote harvesting” in North Carolina or Mississippi, for that matter. This is the United States of America, for God’s sake…we count ballots, not manufacture them, like in Russia (whose dictator is The Dumpster’s mentor). The only question is how big of a majority must Biden win by to keep The Dumpster from attempting a coup d’etat?

    In related news, it was revealed today that The Dumpster pays $750 a year in income taxes, and owes up to $490 million which is coming due soon. Makes me feel kinda good that I pay over $5K a year and don’t owe anybody anything. And all this time I thought he was a “successful businessman”.

    Here’s a factoid for you to chew on: most of the same people who voted for The Dumpster in 2016 will vote for him again in 2020. After all, they didn’t grow any new brain cells. However, a lot of them have seen the light and will vote for Biden. On the other hand, nobody, and I mean nobody, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 are going to vote for The Dumpster in 2020; instead, a lot of people who voted for The Dumpster before are fed up with him and will vote for Biden. Plus most of the people who did not vote in 2016 are going to vote in 2020, and most of them will vote for Biden out of pure disgust for The Dumpster.

    1. Today’s typical republican thinks paying taxes is for losers, like serving in the military. They have scores of idiots that react like dogs with firecrackers being thrown behind them for supporters. It’s hysterically funny and alarming, all at the same time.

      1. Well if paying taxes and serving in the military makes one a loser, that means I’m a double loser. Funny thing is, I don’t feel that way.

        1. I appreciate your service Fred, as does every patriot that values their country over a sleazy political party. Then again my own Dad was a ‘sucker’ that served in Vietnam (2 tours) so I have unique perspective here.

  3. The “A War If Trump Wants It.” Has been improved since it went up two days ago. Minor tweaks for clarity. The edition on Slabbed IS current.

  4. Fred I have not referred to either candidate by derogative names as I prefer a more mature conversation.
    Evidently the current president has got in your head.
    If the Dems want the support of level headed individuals like myself they need to put forward a candidate that we can actually believe. Putting up another retread that is allowing himself to be pushed as far left as Biden has gone just won’t cut it.
    Hell, you can’t trust anything he says either as one thing is for sure, it will change.
    Anybody that believes he would have any input towards his own policies are delusional.
    I have never and will never let any individual drive me crazy like Trump has apparently done to you.
    Maybe you need professional help.

    1. Charlie Foxtrot (you’d probably have to have served to understand what that means), I feel really chagrined being admonished by you for being so immature as resorting to name-calling.

      Oops I did it again.

      On the other hand, I’m just following the precedent set by your cult leader the Fat Fraud himself.

      Also thanks for the free advice but if I were looking for a medical diagnosis the last place I would seek it would be from a brain-damaged MAGAt like you.

      1. Real mature. How do you know that I’m a “Deplorable “ as your cult leader put it?
        You really have issues so please seek professional help because if you were to need hospitalization they would probably count it as a another case of the China Virus. If that were to happen to too many people around hear the coast would be put back on lockdown again.
        Alpha Sierra Sierra Hotel Alpha Tango

        1. Actually your cult leader referred to you and your ilk as “Disgusting” which in my book is worse than deplorable. And there you go again with the medical advice. I’ve a good mind to report you for practicing without a license. Oh, and Foxtrot Yankee Alpha Tango Hotel Yankee Romeo India Oscar.

  5. The News today is all about Trump’s taxes. The Times has the documents. For years, Trump paid nothing or less than $1,000.

    Taxes were the beginning of the end for Nixon

    Trump claims “fake news.” Still being “audited.”

    Diversionary tactics will be full bore. War with Iran, more likely. Got to get TAXES out of the news.
    For Biden, we’ll see Tuesday if “he got game.”

  6. The main point of the Post on the possibility of war with Iran is as follows:


  7. Hey Kudz and Anointed;

    Biden topped ALL his past gaffes Saturday when he clearly said he had been in the Senate” 180 years”……… what and where the hell could that and did that come from?

    Ok, if it could possibly be true then maybe China Joe could be a Salem witch burned at the stake who has come back to tell lies and turn the government that burned him into another Venezuela? I’m not ruling anything out with these possessed evil people.

    I acknowledge that I did not like Hussein’s 8 year reign but I was never so crazy that I would have voted for a Republican if I thought he was demented , delusional and/ or not capable of running the government, handling the nuclear football and most importantly ready to install a socialist administration pledging to eliminate the combustion engine (AOC) and take away all auto weapons of Americans (Beto) , exactly like what recently happened in Australia.

    And with the recent and widespread defunding of the police citizens will need more then ever automatic weapons to defend their lives and businesses against roaming gangs of BLM and Antifa rioters ,looters and arsonists ; especially them roaming without police opposition into residential areas which they have been doing repeatedly throughout all hours of the night.

    No sane American can be crazy enough to vote for such a candidate so I agree with CF that there are a lot of Biden voters that need to seriously sit down and honestly reconsider what they are voting for when pulling the lever for China Joe.

    1. My advocacy for Barack Hussein Obama so vastly outclassed your advocacy against him that President Obama became the first President since Eisenhower to win over 51% of the popular vote twice.

      I remember, very well, counseling you and a Mr. Ashton O’Dwyer, that it was bad form to attack your opponent in debate by misspelling his/her name and worse yet to attack the President of the United States by calling him “O’Dumbler.”

      I take great pride in helping you hon your skills as a commenter that I must confess I considered you a
      First Ballot Hall of Fame Commenter….but then you slipped a bit… But I have largess of heart and your day may indeed come.

      I will watch the debate and we will see who has game and who hasn’t.

  8. T O N I T E: Championship Rumble in Rock/Roll Hall of Fame City

    O P P O N E N T S :

    Trump 74 yrs runs on Entergizer batteries VS Biden 77 yrs sleeps on Beauty Queen mattress

    Trump in white shorts, red & blue stripes. VS. Biden red shorts, yellow China stars on butt

    Max international sanctions against Iran VS. 1.5 Billion in cash , Kerry breaks leg on bike

    Israel/ Arab treaty/N. Peace nomination VS. Peaceful sleeping 18hrs/day in basement;

    Resolving China’s 500 Mill trade imbalance VS Hunter B pocketing 1.5 Billion in China deal

    Blames China for releasing Corona virus. VS. Blames Trump for killing “200 Mil citizens”

    Prison Reform, economic zones for Blacks VS. Supported KKK Senator Byrd’s racism;

    “What do you have to lose” to Black voters. VS. “You ain’t Black if you don’t vote for me”

    Freedom from D.C. strangling regulations VS. “You didn’t build that the gov’t built that”;

    Greatest Economy women, Blacks, Latinos VS. ” I’m going to raise your taxes”;

    U.S. No.1 oil producer free from Arabs VS. Destroy combustion engine/ cars & planes;

    Enforce Law and Order & respect police VS. Defund Police /Supports BLM rioters,
    looters, arsonists and shooting police;

    Border wall/ legal selective immigration VS. Borderless with free health care to illegals;

    V.P. pick is ex-governor, led virus fight VS. V.P. pick most liberal senator, accused Biden
    of racism, told protestors ‘to keep protesting
    before, during and after election’;

    Trump will campaign and answer questions VS. Biden to isolate, gaffe less in basement;

    Trump’s accomplishments in 47 months. VS. Biden’s gravy reign of 47 years in D.C.;

    PEOPLE WHO KNOW…………………………………………………………KNOW BDO (Biden Did O )

    DING……… DING………..DING
    Referee “Hatchet Man” Wallace brings the two combatants to center ring, warns them about low blows; both are staring each other down as Kamela Harris, fresh from plastic surgery, wearing her black mask ,walks liberally around ring with Round 1 sign, as Biden suddenly shouts to Trump ” I want to take you behind school and beat the crap out of you”. Trump smiles and takes out comb , combs his Elvis Presley’s locks back over his ears so he can’t hear Biden’s babblings…..

    DING…………. DING…………..DING


    1. Surprised you’re not nursing your wounds from LSU and Saints going down.

      That Trump Hairdo cost the taxpayers a lot of money…he deducted 70K for the Do. Taxes, were Nixon’s
      undoing. When the crooks decide to pay a little they pick a number around $750…I think that was Nixon’s number also.

  9. NOTE: “Orangeman “ earlier oks ear inspection WHILE China Joe declines to have his ears examined for electronic devices. What’s up with that Joe?

    ROUND # 1 – Supreme Court
    Trump -9 ; Biden – 5 Biden won’t answer about packing the Supreme Court
    Round # 2- Health Care Trump – 6; Biden- 8
    Round # 3 – Corona Virus
    Trump – 10; Biden- 2; Biden says Trump “needs to get out of bunker” to deal with virus. What a joke, Joe
    Round # 4 – Vaccine
    Trump – 8; Biden – 3
    Round # 5 – Economy
    Trump- 7; Biden – 2: people like Trump have made “300 Billion dollars” Really Joe ?
    Round # 7 – Taxes
    Trump – 8 ; Biden- 5; Biden needs to show Trump’s taxes cause the NY Times haven’t done so
    Round # 8 – Who will help the races the most
    Trump – 7; Biden- 2
    Round # 9 – Law and Order
    Trump -9; Biden- 1; Biden can’t name one police association backing Biden
    Round #10 -Climate
    Trump -6; Biden- 0; Joe’s 100 Trillion Green plan which will stop hurricanes- ha, ha
    Round # 11 – Coming Election Reliability
    Trump – 10; Biden 0; Joe says there has been no recent past fraud and no future fraud with millions of unsolicited ballots which some DEM states say can be counted up to a week after Nov 3rd.

    Ring judges on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and Fox News will be counting the final tallies.

    Have a Blessed Peaceful night if you can.

  10. It wasn’t pretty. Trump is bigger than truth so he can do rapid-fire give and take better than Joe.
    So, if we were measuring the performances by who dominated who I’d give the night to Trump.

    BUT, how do voters look at things? Many women will see Trump as an ill-mannered boor, and see Biden
    as often confused but admirable in the way he said his “son had a drug problem.”

    Making decisions in the Oval Office is a more of a deliberative process. I don’t think Biden was hurt on the question of whether he has the right stuff to chart a wise course and attract and keep good people.

    It will take a few days to determine whether the debate changed minds. My guess is, very little, if at all.

  11. I think Drudge Report says it best this morning:

    “GOODWIN: Bad plan by Trump…
    Wolf Blitzer: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If This Was The Last One…
    Insult to circus workers, say circus workers…
    Undecided voters describe President as a ‘crackhead’, ‘arrogant’ in focus group…
    READY TO RUMBLE: Trump tells Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by’…
    ‘Ruined Biggest Layup in History’…
    BUMP: Baffling debate strategy was to tweet out loud for 90 minutes!
    WOODWARD: Assassinating the Presidency…
    Joe faces down raging Don…
    Review: Chris Wallace Lost ALL Control!
    Worried World Reacts: Dangerous Weeks Ahead…
    Stock markets mostly lower…
    Campaign raises biggest hourly sum…
    Early surge of Dem mail voting sparks worry inside GOP…”

    Since Trump obviously came into this event intending to ignore all the rules of decent debate, he should have taken the opportunity to try to win over the demographic he needs to win the election…women, Blacks, Hispanics, and the elderly (these groups make up about 65 to 70% of the voting population). Instead, he continued to focus on his base: angry white supremacist men (like a lot of the pro-Trump commenters here on Slabbed). Good luck with that strategy!

    On a related note, I found this quote from the New Yorker piece on James Baker the other day quite revealing:

    “Don’t say that I will vote for Biden,” Baker cautioned. “I will vote for the Republican—I really will. I won’t leave my party. You can say my party has left me, because the head of it has. But I think it’s important, the big picture.” What was the big picture? Republican control of the levers of power. Even if it means another four years of Trump in the White House.

    I wonder how many other registered Republicans feel this same way, that allegiance to a political party is more important than principle, more important than the good of the country? It’s a sad reflection on the state of our nation right now.

    1. Drudge still doesn’t get that Trump is a sociopath. He is incapable of addressing anyone beyond his racist base. Based on what I’m seeing on social media they all think he did fantastic.

      I also got a look into the South Florida Cuban community and the Trump show didn’t do nearly as well there, especially amongst the women that were moved to comment.

      For the sake of the collective sanity of the Country the rest of the debates need to be canceled after the VP candidates have their turn. I know I won’t be watching any more of the Trump show.

  12. Joe reminds me of Reagan in his second term. Both have lost a bit on their fastball but both still had their dignity and their nobility.

  13. Give me a break. All people use the tax codes and loopholes put in place by Congress years ago and Biden was right in the middle of it. Only a foolish person wouldn’t use what is legal in the Tax codes as written. Look, Biden has pushed a lot of the codes while in his 47 years of bad decisions and now he wants to complain because people use them. Pitiful

  14. “Anointed One”;

    You said Trump was looked upon as “an ill-mannered boor”?

    Really, ? China Joe called Trump “a clown”, a “liar” and then “ to shut up”. Review the transcripts.

    Maybe you can find some rude names Trump called China Joe other then he was lying about not claiming the far lefts Green Deal which is actually on China Joe’s website . And him saying there was no illegal , unethical nature to Hunter ‘s many tours on AirForce One through Ukraine and China collecting BILLIONS of $$$$ which actually concerned the ethics people in Hussein’s State Department.

    However , the funniest words China Joe used last night not once but TWICE was when he told Trump “ to get out of the bunker”. Holy moly Honest Joe you have been in your basement for months allowing the far left media to campaign for you and not answering any original questions that weren’t already given to a few reporters and you then reading the canned answers off teleprompters.

    China Joe will not go back for another debate cause he refuses to answer important questions like will he as President end the filibuster and stack the Supreme Court with 6 or more liberal justices as mentioned by threatening, radical DEMs.

    Also, the theory is if he is still in the lead in most polls he will claim one of his aides is positive for Corona and he will have to quarantine for 14 days.

    Where will he quarantine ? In China Joe’s basement “bunker” naturally.😳

  15. As is your custom you have left me a veritable buffet of morsels upon which to feast. I am, of course,
    touched that you have taken to addressing me as “Anointed” which brings me back to our discussion of the teachings of Reinhold Niebuhr.

    Actually, I was introduced to Niebuhr by David Brooks, columnist of the New York Times. He spoke about
    interviewing Barack Obama shortly after he got elected to the US Senate (Oh Happy Day). Brooks said
    he was having a difficult time getting anywhere with Obama and, he took a chance, and asked our future
    President if he was aware of Reinhold Niebuhr, and if so, did he have any thoughts on his Philosophy and Theology.

    Mr Brooks said that Obama launched into a 30 minute summary of Niebuhr’s life and teachings that was breathtaking in its scope and content. I bring this to your attention as a way of encouraging you to refer to him as “Former President Barack Obama.”

    You’ll feel so much better when you take this giant step in your inexorable march towards adulthood.

    Peace Be With You.

  16. “Anointed One”;

    As usual you don’t response to my counter bargument that it was China Joe that was rude and in your words “ an ill-mannered boor”.

    And instead you want me to entertain me calling “ Former President Barrack Obama” instead of “Hussein”.

    In reality Hussein is lucky I don’t call him a treasonous, scoundrel for weaponing the DOJ and FBI for trying to remove President Trump and his administration ( starting with Flynn who knows where all the skeletons are).

    My hero is DNI Rogers who early on told Trump in Trump Tower that Hussein was spying on him and others in his administration through illegal FISAs.

  17. To all China Joe fans:

    As I earlier commented China Joe refused to have his ear canals examined before the debate. And Joe, as a smart ass he is, stated and cited a picture of a wire set he could be wearing.

    So James Woods, the Hollywood actor who detected an 9/11 Arab group practicing on an airline flight, has detected a wire on China Joe last night.

    3.4 millions views already so see for yourself @ The Real James Woods Twitter account.

    On tigerdropping .com there is another picture of his left wrist with what looks like an antenna taped to ventral side of his wrist.

    I’ll be looking on internet for the wire unit China Joe cited and as I recall the antenna wire was long and evidently to be worn on an arm.

    1. I have some recollection of counseling you on rabbit holes. Former President Barack Obama advised Joe
      Biden, right before Joe debated Sarah Palin as follows: “when she goes down a rabbit hole, that doesn’t mean you have to go down there with her.” The fever swamps of the right have no shortage of rabbit holes. There are no rewards for going down every one. You should know that by now.

      It distresses me to hear that you are keeping company and inspecting orifices with James Woods. I will keep my thoughts on where you might find some of Vladimir Putin’s DNA to my self. Clue: Surprisingly close to Black Lives Matter Plaza, in Washington D.C. I believe Abraham Lincoln once said that “every man over 25 is responsible for his own face.” Assuming that is correct, Mr.Woods has got some explaining to do.

  18. “Anointed”;

    The definition of a rabbit hole to Hussein and you is “ the truth”.

    Hussein and you fear truth much like a witch runs from water.

    So what’s new “Anointed”, afraid to see the wire? Crickets🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🕷🕷🕷🕷🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  19. Tight, I think you have a higher calling than mucking about in various and sundry orifices.

    However, if orifices are indeed your calling, I encourage you to go for the top (or in this case the bottom).
    Namely, Trump’s Bottom. Is there or is there not evidence of foreign interference in that area?

    Your Country is depending on you.

  20. “Anointed One”;
    I believe you are mistaking me for Killery’s conspiracy which recent declassified documents reveal that in summer of 2016 Killery formulated the entire Russian hoax upon Trump and though plan was exposed to the FBI the FBI Director Comey failed to expose this conspiracy to Trump but actually went along with the BS dossier and started to spy on his campaign through the illegal FISA on Carter Page.

    Yes, you are correct Killery was up Trump’s orifice since Trump and First Lady came down escalator.

    Proud of you “Anointed” I see you are gradually sensing the true interference of Trump’s orifice by the Deep State.

    Now exactly when did you join the Deep State ? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  21. Sometimes, when I read your observations, I’m reminded of that old saw,
    “I didn’t know he drank until I saw him sober.”

    I hope you’re deep into the sauce. You’re forgiven, its Friday.

  22. “Anointed One”:

    Well congratulations as the WSJ/ NBC poll has the Harris administration up by 14 with Bernie now campaigning with his 100% ,“All is Free” Venezuela socialism policy ( we know who will set the policy in the coming four years, stacking the Supreme Court , removing the filibuster to admit all U.S. Territories and D.C. as states thereby upsetting the Electoral College count formulated by the wise Founders of our Constitution)

    As St. Paul in his Letter to the Philippians: 4 famously said , “ Have no anxiety at all , but with thanksgiving make your petitions known to God and His Peace beyond all understanding will be with you”.

    To hell with the DEMs , their hand controlled, Pravda MSM media (i.e.False polls,wanting to know how much oxygen consumption by Trump, M R I results, their hope for long term effects) …….

    The Word of God as expressed through St.Paul is all I need and I will …’focus like Paul on what is True, on what is Good, on what is Lovingly, on what is Graciously and receive and enjoy the Peace of God beyond all understanding.’

    And with all Thanksgivings of God’s past and future Blessings upon this Nation may the Peace of God be with my Brothers in Christ Jesus.


  23. As The Book of Isaiah tells us, and LBJ after him…”come, let us reason together.”

    Why would the MSM be Pravda (Communist) oriented? If one were to summarize Communist Doctrine
    in a sentence it would go something like this: “From each according to their ability to each according to
    their needs.”

    In other words, INCOME REDISTRIBUTION.

    It is not in the interest of Media Owners (all of whom are billionaires) to make themselves poor by
    income redistribution.

  24. “Anointed One”:

    You said that MSM media is not Pravda ( as I previously commented they are) because Pravda’s communist message is income distribution and “…..it is not in the interest of media owners( billionaires) to make themselves poor by income distribution”

    That is the poorest , most ridiculous argument I have ever heard from an acclaimed attorney who claims he helped Nixon step down.

    If you have ever studied communism you would know that the Russian upper hierarchy of the party are not susceptible to income redistribution but instead steal and accumulate money while the lowly workers remain equal in wages and rewards despite individualistic achievements ( some working harder and /or smarter).

    With the MSM being part and parcel of the Democrat Party they would be immune to income distribution in a communist society ( i.e. in other words they would be in the upper hierarchy of a communist party society).

    Are you sure you didn’t graduate with Biden ( when he lies and states he graduated from Delaware State in the upper portion of his class) ?

    1. “The poorest most ridiculous” thing an individual could do in this or any other individual lifetime is limit themselves to questions you pose.

      As French Philosopher, Gilles Deleuze said “do something incomprehensible.”

  25. “Anointed One”;

    Are you asking someone to …” do the incomprehensible” by quoting a famous French philosopher?

    How about what NBC did on it’s recent “Monday’s Night Town Hall Meeting with Joe Biden “ which I allege was certainly “ incomprehensible .

    NBC alleged during its Townhall meeting that they presented several participants who claimed to be independent , “undecided voters “ to ask Joe questions.

    Well it just so happens that four of said such undecided voters had previously appeared on MSNBC and actually criticized Trump and was voting for Joe.

    “Anointed One” you can see for yourself the video proof of my above said statement at a “ rabbit hole” ( that is in reality a “truth hole” ) if you dare to face the truth? See the October 6,2020 video tweet on the twitter account of Alex Salvi at @ alexsalvinews

    And did you not just allege in a previous comment that the MSM could not possibly be America’s new Pravda News Agency?😳

  26. I saw a bit of Joe’s Town Hall. I think he took the advice I gave him in the article I wrote on which you are continuing to comment. I’m pleased I have been able to bring us together for these moments, and, I take pride in finally getting you off the subject of Orifices where you seemed to have found a Happy Home.

    In the Addendum to my last I noticed that Joe tended to start speaking in a mumble. Secondly, I advised
    that he stop talking about the various tragedies in his like and to act more like a “happy warrior” like
    John Kennedy. (You probably remember the Original Happy Warrior…Al Smith, first Catholic to be the
    Nominee of one of the two major parties.)

    So, I take credit for getting Joe going a bit. I also told a friend of Joe’s that he should bark into a pillow
    like a dog before he goes out to speak. It will get his voice down deeper from the Diaphragm. I can advise
    you right this moment that JFK used that technique and your pal (that would be me) used that technique
    when I, a Chairman of the Committee to Impeach the President (Nixon), addressed an Impeach Nixon
    Rally on the Ellipse behind the White House October 28, 1973. Nixon was gone within several months.
    And, after he was gone, I had no problem whatsoever that Ford pardoned him.

    Finally, you seem troubled by the advice to “do something incomprehensible.” Think of anything extraordinary that ever was, is or will be. At one time, it was “incomprehensible.”

  27. “Anointed One”;

    Since you constantly brag about being the hero in getting rid of Nixon and you are now bragging how you can influence China Joe to become a successful candidate how about…………………..

    Getting China Joe /Camel to answer some important constitutional and energy questions that reporters can’t get China Joe or Camel to answer like:

    1) Are you, Camel and the Dems gong to pack the Supreme Court with 6 or more socialistic justices to illegally change the Court into a liberal Court?;

    2) Are you, Camel and the Dems going to put and end to fracking?; and

    3) Are you, Camel and Dems going to vote to make D.C and Puerto Rico new states of the Union just to get 4 more Dem Senators?

    The reason why these questions are important is both China Joe and Camel have both pledged vehemently in previous debates to end fracking and Pelosi has recently vehemently threatened to pack the Supreme Court and admit D.C. and Puerto Rico as States.

    But you won’t help China Joe and Camel answer those questions cause everyone knows what the answers are but China Joe and Camel will lie and play both sides of the question to fool voters in battle ground states to still vote for their socialistic, communistic political platforms and still try to get radical Bernie voters to vote for them also.

    Always crickets from you “Anointed “ but now America is also getting crickets from China Joe and Camel🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗😂🦗🦗😂

    Did you convince China Joe/Camel not to go down any “rabbit holes” ( i.e.Truth holes)?

    What an unAmerican joke of a political ticket the Dems have here and you, being the All-American hero of politics, are endorsing them. They are 100X worse than Nixon was or could ever have been, but the worse of the worse still remains the Hussein /China Joe Spygate scandal.

    1. Biden and Harris keep touting their COVID-19 plan. What is it? I believe they are members of Congress but have yet to use that platform to say what it would be. The answer is they are full of shit as usual. Scientific minds new that people would pass even as fast as therapies have been developed. If the Democrats would have been in charge the CDC would still be fighting their own red tape.

  28. “Constantly brag…” I absolutely do not constantly brag about single-handedly running Tricky Dick Nixon out of Washington. Here in Maine, where I am right this moment, its close to 11AM and I haven’t
    mentioned my starring role in the Drama of the Century to a single soul…yet. Now, by noon, that will be another matter.

    If truth be known, my involvement in that activity was a result of attending a meeting where I was the only participant who owned a necktie. A motion to make me the Chairman carried unanimously for that reason. But, I gave a dynamite speech at the rally, now that you bring it up.

    Moving right along, after Nixon resigned, the people who did nothing to force him out were hot to trot
    to have him go to Jail. Taking the higher road, I was happy he was gone but had no interest in seeing him
    in jail.

    There’s a life lesson there, so listen up. Those who stew in the darkness, and contribute nothing to bringing light, are the most vicious.

    Always a pleasure to brighten your day.

  29. “Anointed One”;

    Just like I predicted you are still crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗just like China Joe and Camel on those important constitutional and energy questions………..

    Have you read the NEW ‘Peoples’ Charter’ on China Joe’s website formulated by the far left Dem radicals? It reads like a true communism document👺👺👺👺👺

    Wonder if a reporter is going to ask comrades China Joe and Camel if they have signed on to and pledge to implement such a Document of Doom ?

  30. What really puzzles me, is that people like LocTite and Hammer and CF continue to support a dufus who thinks so little of them as this:


    I mean, it’s one thing for someone like me to think they are simple-minded uneducated morons, but when the dumbass they worship as the second coming of Christ even admits that these unwashed trailer trash are “disgusting”, you gotta wonder about what they are smoking.

    1. Hey Kudzu or Chinese Tallow, (whatever your name is) evidently you have never actually read my previous posts.
      Maybe you should take a few moments and read and even try to comprehend all of my previous posts regarding the upcoming election instead of constantly regurgitating the Dem talking points as sent out by the majority of the media that you evidently regard in such high esteem.
      If you want Harris to be your president that’s fine with me as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and views.
      The best thing for this country is to have the political powers divided amongst more than one party as it seems to keep the country close to the middle of the road.
      I am frankly more concerned about the Senate staying in Republican control. If somehow the Dems were to control all branches of the federal government this country would step backwards so far that I don’t know if it could ever return to its correct place in the world.
      I’m sure that you actually believe that the recent meeting in the House regarding the 25th amendment was about Trump’s health after being treated for the Chinese Virus and not about plans if Biden wins the election.
      That’s the scary part.
      Certain people want to decide what’s best for the country and not respect the will of the people.
      As Yogi said, “it’s deja vu all over again”.

      1. If Fred’s comment wasn’t so sad I would be laughing. He supports someone that says the public doesn’t have the right to know his stance on the Supreme Court. Just think about that. What else is the public not capable of making decisions on.Fred wake up the Democrats want to control your life because they think you and I are to stupid to live our lives. Keep drinking the poison they are trying to feed the American people

    2. Kudz you are truly invasive into fake news……

      Unlike Anointed I tried to go down your “rabbit hole” and read the NYTimes’ article so if you can publish some direct Trump quotes I would appreciate it.

      But let’s assume that the NYTimes story appears and Trump has called me ‘ stupid, ignorant or whatever ‘.

      I would still vote for him because like Cubans and Venezuelas I will humble myself and vote for him because I seriously do not trust Biden and ever more so Harris who are so arrogant that Biden has stated Americans are not entitled to answers concerning if he will stack the Supreme Court or will add D.C. and Puerto Rico as U.s. states to add 4 more Dem Senators.

      1. If my memory serves me correct it requires 2/3’s of the House and Senate along with the President’s signature to add a new state to the union.
        If people in this country ever elect that many Dems we are doomed anyway.

      2. Well LocTite, ask and ye shall receive. The reference to you and your ilk being “disgusting” is from Mikey Pence’s own former top coronavirus top aide:
        And just for you, In honor of Veterans Day, here are a few of Trump’s choicest quotes:
        Also, for the record, I did not claim that Trump said you were “stupid, ignorant or whatever”. I claimed he said you were disgusting. Since I have never seen or smelled you, I could not make that allegation. Since he obviously has, I will defer to his judgment. I leave it to you to dispute it.

        1. Kudzu you are truly an invasive weed of fake news…..

          but even if true I will just be a “ disgusting” American voter to keep America great as a Republic and not become a communism dictatorship like Cuba and/ or Venezuela under the Harris administration😀

  31. I was in Maine in 2016 in the lead up up to Trump-Hillary Election. Huge Trump signs were all over the
    place. Just got back from a short visit. In the same areas, no Trump signs.

    Trump has given up trying to win. Its all about maxim chaos now. Barr wants a life after Trump. He will
    not indict Obama, Biden, Hillary,McCabe. The Durham Report will be a total non-event and it wouldn’t
    be out before the election.

    If the Rs can meet to jam the lady from Indiana through onto the SC it won’t bother me in the least. When Biden wins and increases the SC by two that won’t bother me in the least either. Whining is for losers and losing is for whiners.

    Last thought on Trump, when you’re wheezing and hooked up to a ventilator its hard to lead a revolution.

  32. Holy Moly “Anointed One” ….. you stated ….’ I just got back from Maine and as opposed to 2016 I saw NO TRUMP SIGNS ‘

    You should have learned from 2016 there exists the ‘ silent majority’…or did you and Killery not learn that?

    Hey Anointed go over to the the http://www.thegatewaypundit.com and the story that the Miami PD claimed that 30,000 Latino autos /trucks with Trump flags flowing had participated in a Trump Parade yesterday and Trump wasn’t even present and won’t be till Tuesday in Orlando (.ie. the Cubans and other Latino immigrants know very well when political candidates represent radical socialism/communism).

    But that’s another “rabbit hole”(i.e. a TRUTH HOLE) that you refuse as a Dem to go down and will remain crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗😂

  33. Yo Tight…

    What’s up with Barr and Durham?

    I might have ended up on your side with the Court Nominee, like I did with Kavanaugh, but everybody
    played nice with her, so I decided to stay out of it.

    Go Patriots!

  34. Friday October 16, 2020 12:04 AM

    NPR, Politico report that Mr. and Mrs Sheldon Adelson just gave $75 MIL to Pro Trump Super PAC.
    Chances of unnecessary “preemptive” war with Iran have just gone up. Way up.

    Trump strategy will be non-stop rallies in the last 10 days. He won it that way in 2016. Adelson has shown he’ll have gas money for Air Force One. There’s more where the $75 MIL came from.

  35. “Anointed One”….. I love you bro… I really do…..you are ‘Priceless’ !!

    If you would not be you and not post the things you think I would have no need to post here on Slabbed.0rg.

    Know what, I’m going ddddddooooowwwwwwnnnnn, your dark rabbit hole bro right now so give me some time to respond to your stated fact that “Adelson just gave $75 MIL to ProTrump Super Pac”……. and that means that …. ‘we are going to war for Israel’.

    It’s really dark and cold down here in your rabbit hole bro…….. what was that that passed me so fast ?….. Looked like Bugs Bunny bro!…… but here I am getting the information ……. and now I’m coming back up to bring you the Truth and Light !!!!!!!

    The Truth “Anointed One” is that one of Hussein’s buddies and yours too, a Mister Soros out of Hungary, first gave China Joe $70 million making China Joe receiving approximately $380 million intake for September while Trump had only received approximately $238 million for same period.

    So with Mister Adelson giving Trump the $75 MIL that upsets you…….. that brings Trump up to $313MIL and still $70 Mil short of China Joe.

    However, Trump has more neurons firing per second then all the neurons in Hussein, Clapper, Brennen, Comey, McCabe, the Clintons and Ole’ China Joe / Camel combined…….so being down $70 Mil is no problem for the busy, work-a-holic Orangeman.

    Talk at you during the next Liberal, Socialist/ Commie biased debate between “Pinky and the Brain”.

    1. Tight…

      Soros is so yesterday. He gives to a collection of left wing causes. On the Open Secrets website he ranks
      25th. Adelson, third BEFORE his just announced $75 Mil, which will make him No. 1. (Sorry for no link,
      without my helper I’m toast.)

      Adelson is a highly “targeted” giver. He’s really a Dem. on most issues EXCEPT Israel and Iran. Since marrying his Israeli born wife he is all in to destroy Iran. The video of him speaking at Yeshiva University
      has him speaking candidly on how to “negotiate” with Iran…”you nuke them in the desert and tell them
      the next one is in downtown Tehran.”

      That video is a part of my post upon which you are commenting.

      It’s easy to make things up about Iran. They have absolutely no advocacy presence in the US. Trump has
      correctly restrained himself on Iran…so far. Although the sanctions, if done against us, we would consider an act of war.

      As a man who appreciates history and scripture you know the Iranians (Persians) go way back. Google a map of the Persian Empire at its height.

      The fact that Adelson came in with $75 Mil. is a sign that he’s reached an “understanding” of sorts and
      that all the money necessary will be available to Trump if he “behaves appropriately.”

      The only thing that can adversely impact Adelson’s power and influence is publicity. He’s winning that
      battle so far. You will NEVER see or hear his name mentioned on FOX, CNN, or MSNBC or in the New
      York Times. The one exception is Chris Matthews…he mentioned Adelson once and is now gone.

  36. Hey “AnointedOne”;

    You want to talk about the real Fascist , corrupt powers in this 2020 Presidential election?

    MSM debate moderators like NBC ‘s Susannah Guthrie, whose husband is big buddies with Gore , are biased as voters observed her unethical attacks on Trump for at least 20 minutes even before the first Townhall Debate even STARTED;

    Then there is the Presidential Debate Commission appointed moderator Mr. Steve Scully ,who actually did an internship under China Joe and was recently suspended indefinitely by C-SPAN for lying that his tweeter account was hacked; but lucky for Trump Mr. Scully didn’t get a chance to unethically attack Trump in the nixed Second Presidential Commission debate;

    Then the third appointed Presidential Debate’s moderator, a Ms. Kristian Walker of ABC , also has a Democratic Party biased past in favored of China Joe , so we will certainly see her biased attitude at the Third PD debate on Thursday night;

    Then also understand that not only are all the MSM media refusing to ask questions and investigate the recent hot topic of China Joe / Hunter , Hunter’s incriminating e-mails and their Ukraine/ China scandals……..

    BUT NOW GET THIS…………..

    The Facebook executive in charge of “ …..2020 election integrity of political platforms “ is non-resident Anna Makanyu, who just happened to work under China Joe in the corrupt Hussein Administration and was specifically in charge of Europe and Eurasia affairs , which means she personally actually witnessed China Joe’ s appointed duties and Hunter Biden ‘s scandals in Ukraine and China……

    SO NOW WE KNOW WHY ………… Big Tech including Facebook has suspended the NY Post site for their recent published / circulated story on Hunter Biden ‘s incriminating e- mails exposing the fact that Hunter was kicking back $$$$$$ Millions he made in Ukraine and China to be distributed to the Biden Crime Family and even kicked-backed millions to the Family’s boss, Mr.China Joe himself…….WOW.

    THIS GROSS CORRUPTION THAT IS BEING HIDDEN FROM VOTERS in violation of the First Amendment will not be tolerated and the true Fascist , socialistic infested media and Big Tech powers need to be defeated November 3rd , so help us God. !!!!!!!

  37. “Thus says the Lord to his Anointed, Cyrus…” Opening of the First Reading Oct 18, 2020.

    Now, to your concerns. Susanne Guthrie was a PERFECT questioner for Trump. She was annoying screechy and hostile. Exactly what you want to get the “base” in a hot pout. I’m sure talk radio has been working hard. Its a good thing I’m here to tell you you’ve received a gift.

    Now the other thing about the computer left in the repair shop that will show exactly what? If the goal is to show that Joe Biden is a crook…that’s a tough sell. During most of his long career in the Senate he was one of the least wealthy Senators. The public perception of Joe is “he’s a decent guy” whose had some bad breaks with his family and conducted himself reasonably well. If you think you can repeal that perception between now and the election…go for it.

    Kristen Welker will play things right down the middle. Like Chris Wallace of FOX. YOU SHOULD HOPE SHE IS BIASED AGAINST TRUMP. THE PUBLIC WOULD BE OUTRAGED AND IT WOULD HELP TRUMP.
    A word class political practitioner, like John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama knows how
    to handle a hostile biased questioner…gentle self effacing wit and charm work wonders. Getting all red-faced and hot is for losers.

    The media owners are Billionaires. What evidence do you have that they harbor secret desires to be poor?

  38. Hey “Anointed One”, my Catholic Brother;

    You must have heard me loudly read from my Catholic parish ambo that exact passage from the Book Of Isaiah, Chapter 45 ,verses 1-5 this past Sunday….. our loudspeakers are great but how did you hear me thousands of miles away?

    Many Rabbis and evangelists have opined that Trump is the modern day Cyrus, a Persian leader who freed and saved the Jews from the Babylonians, for the protection of America.

    And I’m not just talking about Trump moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and identifying the city as the capital of Israel; but instead for Trump’s, lacking major principles of Christianity ( i.e. Isaiah saying Cyrus never knew God) , leadership saving America from the serious socialistic/ communistic threat now posed by China buying thousands of U.S./ world politicians, buying the WHO, U.N. officials , major world media and most world globalists.

    China is evil and with its vast money bag has virtually bought the World powers that be today. It is a fact that God will use some individuals, even evil people, to perform tasks for the good of his chosen peoples.

    I’m glad you heard the passage about Cyrus and just maybe what you heard on Sunday directly from divine inspiration has convinced you that China Joe is not just a’ poor candidate’, but because of his treasonous China connections poses grave national security and blackmail threats to the U.S..

    The DEMs through Pelosi have set up the 25th Amendment committee not to remove Trump but instead to remove China Joe immediately if he wins in order to counter China. So China has no blackmail material on the U.S. Presidency. The DEMs know all about the Hunter/ China Joe scandals and China plans on using them to their benefit to shape future U.S./ China relations and trade war.

    If Trump wins then that Cyrus passage will resonate in your Spiritual soul on November 3rd and maybe, just maybe, you will see God’s light and mercy on America and the WORLD through the election of President Trump for the next 4 years.

  39. Moving right along on Persia and other matters. Without introducing material that will cause the great harmony that is on the verge of breaking loose to collapse in acrimony allow me to quote from Memory
    the words a gentleman of the Jewish persuasion speaking on the rationale for the Iran Deal back in 2015.

    “Do the Iran Deal. Iran is a youthful hopeful society. Embrace the hope do not imprison it.”

    That was written by Roger Cohen in the NewYork Times around March 2015. Cohen is/was one of the few
    American Journalists capable of being a grown up on issues involving Israel and Iran.

    Peace Be With You.

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