Dat ol Denial River Rolls On

First comes the revelation that Trump thinks our soldiers are chumps and then Bob Woodward reveals that the disaster in chief knew how bad the ‘rona was for a long time and chose instead to lie about it.

There are some profound implications here, especially Trump’s decision to hold that campaign rally in Tulsa this past summer knowing beforehand it would kill some of his own supporters, such as Herman Cain. To endanger your most fervent supporters reveals the special kind of contempt Donald harbors for his own people.

The GOPers down here love to wrap themselves up in the flag and it makes them such easy marks for a sociopath that thinks our war dead are losers. The ironies are so 2020 (and delicious).

I’d look for more damning revelations to come.

2 thoughts on “Dat ol Denial River Rolls On”

  1. The Democrats were telling people to travel ,go to China town that it wasn’t a big deal. They condemned Trump for stopping traveling to and from China. The entire world could see what this virus was capable of. Yes Trump made mistakes just like every top Scientific mind in the world with this virus. Trump new it was bad and was doing everything possible while trying to keep some hope and a positive attitude in front of the public. He knew people were going to die And so did everyone else. I relate it back to war times. Would I want a Commander and Chief preaching doom and gloom or one giving encouragement to try and ease the panicking public. It has been a bad virus but look how for we have come so fast. Fingers could be pointed everywhere but that offers nothing positive. The actions taken so fast resulting in treatments and a possible vaccine in record time show to me why Trump made a lot of the right decisions. I acknowledge he made questionable calls too. The Democrats can’t get the smallest of things done. I cringe to think where we would be and how many more people might have passed. Suicides,Heart Attacks,Strokes,Domestic Violence just to name a few if all people heard Was nothing but doom and gloom daily

  2. So last week, it appears that two other Hancock County deputies were out at good ole H&L in Clermont, got into an argument and one left, driving drunk. So drunk, he passed out behind the wheel and surprisingly, he too wasn’t arrested. Got a good ole fashioned ticket.

    How many times will Sheriff Adam allow this to happen? Do we continue to turn a blind eye to this? Does Ian not have to suffer a consequence? This is bull.

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