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  1. How the state legislature is screwing us again.
    With over 80% of Mississippi residents supporting medical marijuana, inaction by the legislature has forced the citizens to vote on a constitutional amendment to get what they/we want. Now this is where the true bullshit begins as state leaders claim that a constitutional amendment is not the right way to do it. When the elected officials failed to act on the request what other choices were left. None!
    So Gunn decides that to get what he wants, confusing the constituents is the way to go by splitting the yes vote in two. Another example of the people in Jackson telling us that we are not smart enough to make up our own minds and must be protected by their infinite wisdom.
    For those interested in voting yes please do your homework. You must first vote yes then choose Constitutional amendment 65, not 65A.
    When you hear the ruling class tell you to vote no, ask them why they put you in this position. It’s time for a change in this state and I thought we had a chance last election cycle when Waller ran against the little shit in the mansion but big money and the entitlement attitude in Mississippi prevailed. As much as many, including myself, decided to vote against Hillary because of the thinking that it was her turn somehow made it ok for Reeves to do the same.
    If this amendment fails, ask your legislators to do it the right way or just vote someone else that respects your views. They can’t keep screwing up this state without our help.

    1. You are dead on. Based on the money flow from such initiatives in other states it is safe to assume big pharma is funding the 65A/No campaign.

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