Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Trump’s Convention and the War Solution

Donald Trump lives in Washington, DC., but it’s not his town. His Party will meet there this week, but the town belongs to Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of the District of Columbia. She left her calling card on Black Lives Matter Plaza right on Trump’s Front Door. Take a look. This is what Trump sees as he gets up every morning in time to watch FOX and Friends.

The Mayor is tough. She outfoxed Trump, and boxed him in. If their confrontation ever got physical I have her as a prohibitive favorite.

The Trump Convention will be a celebration of Trump Is Tough. We’ll see clips of the Trump Strut, the slow walk, waving the clenched fist. Meeting with other so-called tough guys like Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. What a sick joke. President Bone Spurs meets with Prince Bone Saws.

When you see Trump’s slow walk strut, think of a real tough guy, a Mench, Robert Mueller. When Mueller got out of college, he went down to the Marine Corps Recruiting Office and was turned down because of bad knees. Nine out of ten would have breathed a sigh of relief. No Viet Nam. Bob Mueller rehabbed, went down to see the Marines a year later and made it in on the second try. Viet Nam. Highly decorated, absolutely. Followed by 12 years as FBI Director, appointed by Bush extended by Obama, confirmed unanimously by the US Senate, twice.

When asked what he was most proud of in his illustrious career Bob Mueller replied “the Marine Corps deemed me worthy to lead other Marines.” Now there’s a guy who could wear a Make America Great Again Hat legitimately. Not like the other stiff.

So, as you watch the Republican Convention, every time you see Trump, think Mueller. Trump is what can happen to a country, a society, a people if they don’t pay attention in the fullest sense of the word “attention”. Attention is what Benjamin Franklin was talking about when he responded to a question about what the Constitutional Convention had produced. His answer, for the ages, “A Republic if you can keep it.”

It’s on everybody. We didn’t keep it. But we can get it back. Our wonderful Republic. What else have you got to do that’s more important?


Mr. Big, may not be at the Convention. He’s 87 years old and, with the threat of Covid, he may not want to risk travel. He can afford the trip. He’s got $35 Billion in his wallet and access to 18 planes that he and his company own. He is the single most powerful private citizen in the US and Israel but he can’t get his name in the paper or mentioned on TV in the USA. People who are reasonably informed on public affairs have never heard of him. Continue Reading…….

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  1. “Anointed One”;

    I don’t think of Robert Mueller when I see The President but I do think of Mueller when I sit on the crapper as he is the biggest POS to ever be FBI Director but Comey comes in a very close second .

    They are two prominent Swamp Rats who will do any and all illegal stuff for the benefit of the Swamp.

    Why would Trump want a war? Where do you get these ideas? Trump has constantly criticized the Bushes and Obama/Killery for stupid wars. Why would he contradict that ideal and his past political criticisms?

    Trump’s got this election cause the DEMs promoted racial unrest and Antifa and BLM got over stimulated by Soros and got out of control /violence in liberal states/ cities and this karma is going to bring more blacks to vote for law and order and Trump.

    And even independents/women in the suburbs who do not want to get woke up at night by BLM/ Antifa gangs marching and shining lasers into their houses telling them to ‘get out’.

    Just today Pelosi says Biden should not debate cause she now knows Trump is soaring 📈and Biden, who 3 .5 months after the Floyd overdosage of fentenyl which induced his cardiac death and the insuing violence and burnings of cities , has finally stated the ‘protesters’ violence is too much.’

    A little late China Joe, karma is kicking yo’ arse. Ha, Ha. Careful what you pray for China Joe.

    What happen to yo’ Pelosi’s greatest quote , ‘ Don’t give up a grain of sand. Stand your ground’ ? Now she wants China Joe to stay in his basement and wave his flag and surrender 🏳️, says Pelosi .

    Anointed One, I know you are an expert card counter in Vegas but Manfred’s advice that you should not place any bets on China Joe is very wise and you should listen to your best friend and give him a big hung and cookie treat.

    1. You have to search far and wide to find anyone in either party who thinks poorly of Bob Mueller.
      His mental acuity is slipping as he demonstrated when he testified over a year ago. But, he’s the best of the best. Trump was fortunate to have someone like him looking into his affairs….Mueller would never go outside the narrow focus he was given. He is the exact opposite of a grandstander.

    1. What I wrote has nothing to do with the FBI and everything to do with honor and character.

      It is my position that Bob Mueller was an exemplar of honor and character. And, that Trump lacks those qualities.

      1. Apparently there are those in the know who disagree with you about the “honor and character” of Mueller:
        One better not even suggest the Boston Herald or Judge Gertner are moving parts of Hilary’s right-wing conspiracy.
        Mueller is just another reason why we do not need internal security police IF we’re allegedly a free nation. You want types such as Yagoda, Heydrich, Beria – or Mueller – if you want something else.

        1. You seem to be throwing a lot against the wall looking for something to stick.

          Bob Mueller started his term with the FBI four days before 9/11. So, he had a lot to do right away.
          Couple of things he did do was prohibit FBI agents from participating in “enhanced interrogation
          techniques” and, along with Jim Comey (then number 2 at Justice), go to then President George Bush and let him know that if Bush went ahead with certain proposals that, in their opinion, were
          Un Constitutional invasions of privacy, they would resign. Bush backed off and accommodated
          their concerns.

          Maybe Mr. Carr is still smarting from Mueller’s display of commonsense and patriotism.

          I haven’t been fully briefed on Hillary’s right wing conspiracy. Let’s block out some time after the election and you can fill me in.

          PS: Hillary and me almost crossed paths. She was on the Staff of the House Judiciary Committee
          during the Impeachment of Richard Nixon. I was the Chair of a rag tag group, The Committee to
          Impeach the President. We had a rally behind the White House right after Nixon fired Cox, the
          special prosecutor. I introduced I F (Izzy) Stone…very well known, way back when.

  2. After the DEMs convention in which not one speaker condemned the violence in DEM run/ controlled cities………

    When they polled after the RNC convention that the violence was kicking China Joe’s arse all of a sudden all the violence is now because of Trump..

    Poor Slow Joe and the hypocritical DEMs somehow forget the BLM and their hatred of the police all started during the Obamanation Administration…

    Remember the marches , assault on police and the chats “…pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon” and other hateful BS stirred up by the baddest racist President of all time ?

    Why I am I asking you “Anointed One ” ?………..you will deny everything I just wrote won’t you , all as per your famous, adored Pelosi quote on your website, namely, ‘ Don’t give up a grain of sand’.

    Just read where Vegas odds on China Joe just recently changed…..not to late to change your bet, Ha, ha

    1. Tight…

      You’re a master of “Whataboutism.”

      I’m well aware that Joe is a mediocre candidate. In fact, I’ve said to some folks that it’s very difficult to point to a Presidential Campaign in which the least energetic candidate won. Joe has locked up the
      “least energetic” spot hands down.

      I haven’t given up on him but I recognize his shortcomings. The excitement level for Joe is below sea level.

      When you go off flapping your gums on Obama, you hurt your cause. Follow my example and throw a bone to the other side now and then. I’ve always stood up for Reagan on specific matters and sent a check to Poppy Bush and stood tall for Kavanaugh, much to my daughter’s chagrin. By the way, my daughter was Baptized in the Church that is connected to the School where Kavanaugh’s wife

      It’s early to count Joe out. If he slips into an underdog role that might light a spark. I say that trying, but not necessarily succeeding, in being optimistic. We’re about 70 days out. Suppose your guy goes up,
      a lot, in the next 15 days. Suppose he’s up big with 40 days to go.

      Joe goes “nothing to lose mode” and your boy’s backside starts to pucker….being careful, trying not to make a mistake…..don’t get nervous Tight. Keep the Prep H handy.

      Believe it or not, sometimes you win by losing and lose by winning.

  3. “mediocre candidate” says the “Anointed One”,

    😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊 underestimated!!!

    The DEMs need a new app to interpret what O’Biden just said today in his Pa speech …………….total, detached CNS confusion…

    Slow, China Joe need him some Prevagen ………..at 5x the normal dose just to know who is now the President of the U.S.A..

    10.8 millions views today of his Pa. speech have evaluated that Joe is lost and it would be elder abuse for him to debate Trump…..Seriously Sad 😔

    1. First time I’ve seen you mention Trump in a long time. Do you find Trump to be honest and inspiring?

      You mention China and Biden. What are you talking about?

  4. “Anointed One”…..

    Can’t write this AM……

    On heavy meds after I saw Nancy Peelosi in a Ca. hair salon without mask and really scary without make up….. suffering from PTSD …. can’t erase that face from my mind….

    THAT ffffffaaaaacccceeee….Such horror …aaaahhhhh

    1. It’s obvious that Democrats care nothing about the public safety. Words that they are finally using about violent crimes are just that. If they were serious they would have backed law enforcement from the beginning and voted for reform action instead of turning their backs and calling it all peaceful. Wake up people and stop listening to leftist bullshit. I want to live in a safe America and not have my life controlled more and more by Democrats. Unless you are blind and in denial you have to understand that is exactly where they want to take us No rights or ability to live free

  5. Sung to the Superman theme /rhythm :

    Able to lie through his crooked smile, to put billions in Hunter’s pocket,
    to speak weird words not known to mankind, to escape equal justice before the law………

    It’s a sleeping , dog faced pony soldier ?, it’s an animated , wax figure?, it’s a Trojan , political condom?…….NO..

    It’s a Conivin’, Lyin’ , China sympathizin’, Joseph O’Biden and the BLM/ Antifa Communist Way.

    1. Just tried to watch a little of Biden on TV. Knowing his long standing stances in congress and what he is trying to say now is so disgusting I turned it off. It is truly a disgrace to listen to him lie knowing is congressional voting record

  6. I miss Keith Oberman. He did great imitations of Lou Dobbs. He kidded Dobbs about getting his dentures
    at a thrift store.

    1. I’m startin to worry bout you ‘Anointed One”……Manfred must be worrying too

      Hammer and I talking bout China Joe and you are talking about Keith Oberman and Lou Dobbs?

      You lost your bottle of Prevagen? Call Hidin’ Biden and he will lend you a few pills so you can get back to serving your DEM blog and sound at least half sensible…..?

      1. Tight…

        I’ve ben doing some work on that Gravitational Wave Observatory over in Livingston. Manfred’s all in with the project.

        Remember what Wayne Gretzky taught us. Don’t skate to the puck, skate to where the puck will be.
        That’s all I can tell you right now.

        1. Glad to see Pelosi showing true face of Democratic Party. Seems I remember her saying that no one is above the law. I guess even her memory is fading too. Sad but Funny

        2. I got the message “Anointed One”: ( wink, wink )

          Act like you are dumb like China 🇨🇳Joe and don’t answer any questions or engage in a debate but just confuse the audience so they can think ‘what is he talking about’ ?

          China 🇨🇳Joe’s policy is clearly ssocialism/ communism but he ‘s covering it up with confusing BS just like you do in your responses to your honest commenters here at slabbed.

          What a weak, cop out “Anointed One”. Especially coming from a person who is acclaimed to be a card counter and supposedly smart person.

          You are a true embarrassment to journalism. Just like China 🇨🇳Joe is an embarrassment as a Presidential candidate.☹️

          But your actions don’t frustrate me in the least and I will continue to point out China Joe for what he represents to the greatest country in the World.

  7. Trump trashes Marines buried at Belleau Wood. World War I, 1800 killed in historic battle. Bone Spurs
    call them “Losers.” Check it out. Current Atlantic Magazine, Jeffrey Goldberg, Author.

    Bone Spurs would’t visit Cemetery. Raining. Worried about hair.

    Very credible source. Consistent with Bone Spurs trashing McCain “I like soldiers that did’t get captured.”

    Biden doing much better. Speaking, not perfect, but solid.

    Bone Spurs should have followed Mueller’s example. After failing physical for Marines, he waited a year,
    and passed on second try.

    1. Trump has also previously trashed Gold Star fanilies. He was too much of a coward to serve.

      Once upon a time and like my own USMC retired Dad, Lockie would have exhibited the behavior of a squared away Marine and had no use for blowhard fortunate son that is afraid to get his combover wet. That Lockie died several years ago.

      1. I think a little fact checking needed here. When someone’s sources are unknown and actual people are saying it never happened always raises an eyebrow

  8. Trump, when asked which foot he had the bone spurs replied “I forgot.”

    General McCaffrey, Four Star son of a Three Star, refers to Trump “this guy, his character, his patriotism
    is lacking.” 12:20AM Today

  9. Trump speaks about what “he’s done for the military.”

    He has done nothing for the Military. American tax payers have done everything for the military.
    They have done what they’ve done by means of Appropriations Bills by the Congress under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in the House and Sen. McConnell in the Senate.

    Trump’s denigration of the Military increases the chance that he will invent a reason to strike Iran around October 1. He has to get this story off the front pages.

    People must die to protect Trump’s image. The slow strut, with the clenched fist.

    Remember, the next time he crosses the Park to go to Church, he’ll be walking on Black Lives Matter
    Plaza. In fact he can see it from the Residential Quarters of the White House. The DC Mayor painted it
    right under his nose. He’s afraid of her.

    1. Listening to Biden right now and I can’t believe the lies and half truths he is trying to get the American people to buy into. His record speaks for itself. He is a fraud and will destroy this country in record time. He talks about the Democratic process and he does not even understand what it is. He wants to constantly bring his family tragedies into this political race. That is a disgrace to me because to me it’s asking for sympathy in a Political campaign. Joe tell the damn truth for a change

        1. I’m never afraid for me but I am for my family especially from the Democrats secretly funded thugs that read all of these sites

  10. Ha, Ha, Ha,….

    You can’t make this up folks……

    China Joe just read from the teleprompter “end of quote”… They must tell him to read everything on the teleprompter and nothing else!

    Then Joe was asked 45 minutes ago about” QAnon” and he said he was always ‘in favor of mental health’.

    Holy Smokes the debates are going to be cruel.

    P.S: Today’s poll in NY state has China Joe only up by two over Trump. If Trump takes NY state its lights out for Joe and Killery who doesn’t want Joe to concede even if he loses… ?

    1. Tight…

      It sounds like you’ve brought out the drugs early….remember Bagdhad Bob…if you think trump is 2
      points down in NY. I cautioned you about your information sources. Stick to Tiger Droppings .

      I had you under consideration for First Ballot Hall of Fame Commentator. Now, no way Jose.

    1. Good article but I wonder how many are Trump haters or are disgruntled ex employees or are Democrats. I to would like to hear from Gen. Kelly on the truth of what was said and in what context

  11. The DEMs need to come up with fake news that is more believable……

    Disparaging the military by sources who don’t come forward is BS just like the sources/whistleblowers that Schiffless never exposed their names and never came forward for fake impeachment……

    The DEMs now know the Afro-Americans are going to finally wakeup and vote GOP and will try desperate lies, riots and anything to stop Trump….

    And we will get more nut jobs like those that came out for the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings……

    Desperate people do desperate things in desperate times.

  12. What will happen if/when Trump wins re-election by an indisputable amount?
    Will Biden concede or follow Hillary’s advice?
    Curious minds want to know.

  13. CF;

    That’s simple Killery as the Queen of the DEMs and O’Biden will not concede his election loss but lawsuits upon lawsuits will be filed while late mailed ballots keep coming in and violent riots and burnings continue in all major cities. Just as VP candidate Harris in a recent major interview emphasized in her words that the protests and riots” SHOULD continue” after the election.

    Yet these same POS in gross hypocrisy always ask Trump will he accept his election loss and when he says yes, if the election is fair and not corrupted; they brand him a fascist”dictator”. Yet he neither proposed or encourages current protest /riots now or after the election as the seditious DEMs openly profess and promise.

    Once AG Barr has enough proof that BLM/ Antifa and other Marxist groups are acting together with the DEMs and others ( i.e.Soros, the national liberal media) federal arrests for sedition and treason to overthrow the elected government will issue.

    Its past time the U.S. intel issue FISAs on these actors which are long overdue as the DEMs have been conspiring in a coup far too long to not be spied on for intel on their ongoing , illegal coup attempts and treasonous riots to overthrow our local and national governments.

    Especially since the evil, dark Obama weaponized administration spied illegally and tried illegally to overthrow the Trump Presidency and Administration for 4 years. The initial coup was based on foreign (British, Italian, Australian) spies through direction of Obama, Brennen and Clapp, the CIA and FBI trying to set up Trump officials (i.e. Page Carter who was a CIA operative was falsely branded not a CIA operative by a FBI agent who has pleaded guilty in changing an Affidavit affirming Carter’s correct CIA status to a FISA Court) ; all so Carter, Popoudopolous, Flynn and other Trump officials communicating with them could all be illegally spied on for years.

    This is no longer conjecture but there are now government documents finally declassified to prove the above evil coup carried out through the Patriot Act. An Act passed by Bushie Jr. after 9/11 which Act still needs Congressional changes to prevent future corrupt U.S. Presidents and their civil holdons, unelected Administration bureaucrats from dictating national elections and shaping the future of our country.

    To all you O’Biden fans who pull the lever for these Marxist MF’s, and if he wins; I sincerely hope and pray that you, all your children and grandchildren enjoy these last days of freedom in this rapidly decaying, fading country !

    May the Lord Almighty protect His Chosen Country, the United States of America, from the evil agents acting within it from bringing down the greatest, free government in World today. AMEN

  14. Well Tight, I believe the majority of what you proposed will in fact come true.
    I believe that this election will end up being the biggest clusterfuck to date.
    Even if Trump were to win by the largest electoral margin in the history of this country there will be many that will not accept the victory. There will be more calls to protest, riot and generally disrupt the country in ways we have never seen before.
    And guess what, nobody will be able to blame the Jews for such behavior.

    I truly enjoy this website more when there is more focus on the crimes and misdemeanors committed by the pieces of shit that get elected in this state. It seems to have more friendly conversations then.
    It’s not my website therefore I will not complain about it but rather try to help support such conversations when they do unfold.
    It seems that whenever there is a conversation about national politics it gets uncivil very quickly.
    Many people have forgotten how to converse without being civil and I wish it would end. I can almost hear the noise from the keyboard as some people mash their fingers on it when replying now days.
    I am a pretty conservative person in many ways but have always been able to talk to people with opposing views in the past without someone getting irate. In the past there have been many elected officials that I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire but I never harped about it daily to friends/family with opposing views.
    I’m not that old but I learned a long time ago that no matter who gets elected the sun will come up tomorrow and only a small fraction if any of what the politicians say or do will affect my daily life thanks to the gentlemen of the 18th century.
    The founding fathers were much smarter than I will ever be. When they set up the framework of this great country they tried to ensure that no person will be able to do too much damage. Now people in congress were not suppose to be lifers and if they sacrificed to serve as they all did 200 years ago they would only serve a couple of terms. Over time they got greedy and passed legislation that allows them to victimize the rest of us with their bullshit.
    When the lines that separates the 3 different powers get blurred is when we get in trouble as a nation. Executive orders and judicial activism will end up stifling this country till it dies a slow death. Even more yet, when congress doesn’t do their job it emboldens the other branches to feel the need to overstep their authority.
    If people would actually read the documents that are founding fathers composed they they would have a better understanding of our framework and hopefully respect it rather than think the constitution is no longer relevant.
    The most baffling thing I’ve seen was when one president overstepped their authority by enacting an executive order and the next president couldn’t amend or reverse such an action. There is no explanation that could ever convince me of that being correct. Hell I think all executive orders should become null and void.

    Sorry I got on the soapbox.
    One day I hope to expound on the vote for legalizing medical marijuana. Our elected officials have fucked this up too by both inaction and incorrect action.
    Enjoy your Labor Day.

    1. Just wanted to go back to an earlier statement by Tom. Yes it’s true the tax payers have paid for the up grades to our military to make it the best in the world. Look what the Democrats had allowed it to become. As someone with close ties to the military we had become a joke to many foreign enemies. They were laughing at how weak we had become. Now that is being corrected. So even though it is tax payers money it takes a Commander and Chief to know where to spend it to keep America safe. Biden would have us as a suburb of China or maybe Iran

      1. Just listened to Harris trying to spread fear about taking a vaccine for the China virus. She doesn’t even realize how vast the scientific capabilities are today. Luckily a Doctor came on and corrected her comments. This goes back to the Democrats condemning Trump for closing off China in January. They thought it was un called for. Now they say he handled the virus wrong. The best scientific minds worldwide struggled with this virus. Now our economy is coming back much faster than other countries but the Democrats or the news will talk about that. From Pelosi crying setup to the millions of taxpayers dollars spent on disgracefully hearings show a constant pattern of what would happen to this country under Democratic /China circus

  15. Oh, “Anointed One”:

    Just found out from the internet the wife of Jeffery Goldberg ,who is the female author of The Atlantic faux story on Trump not going to WWI celebration near Paris allegedly because of ‘his hair and/ or calling them “ losers”’; is the same female aide to Killery when she was Hussein’s Sec of State and she also contributed many thousands to Killery’s 2016 Presidential campaign, you know the one with the glass ceiling failure to launch.

    Also, a FIOA report on the incidence of Trump not attending the WWI celebration in 2018 reveals in fact his non- appearance was due to ‘ a low ceiling causing helicopters to stay grounded ‘ and the S.S telling Trump it was too dangerous for Trump to suddenly travel by road to same celebration.

    The MSM networks will never research nor publish the above factual information. Additionally, General Kelly’s (Trump’s Chief of Staff) aide back in 2018 has also stated the above facts and states he never heard the alleged words from Trump calling US soldiers “losers”.

    O’Biden’s propaganda campaign dump via The Atlantic story gets many ‘loser’ Pinocchios . 🎤DROP

    1. Right-It appears to me that whenever you make an argument that he can’t defend he tries to question your question to him and redirect you so he can add to your frustration.

      I have seen this tactic in recent history. Let me think from who………

      1. It has nothing to do with whether I can defend a position. It has everything to do with the finite
        quality of human life and my unwillingness to go down every rabbit hole hole that is presented for examination.

  16. Oh “Anointed One”;

    I must admit your last statement was 100% true concerning your classic BS responses on your blog and actually characteristic of many DEM liberals…….namely your statement, “ ……my unwillingness to go down every rabbit hole that is presented for my examination”.

    You refuse to search and possibly accept the truth especially if you see the “rabbit hole” may prove yourself to be wrong …….which makes you no journalist but instead a true propagandist .

    You share a lot of characteristics of your hero Hussein which too many people prematurely claimed was the “Anointed One “for the DEMs…….

    However, Hussein was wrongly Anointed by the liberal media and world globalists before he ever did anything to deserve such acclaim….

    He received the Nobel Peace prize within his first few months yet through his world apology tour he created no world peace /peace treaty……… he created no home peace either between the races in the U.S. , in fact every black vs. white incidence which arose he claimed the victim ,black person was like “his son” ……only later for the racial incidence , when the true facts became known, favored /supported the actions of the police….. it was his totally wrong , racist prejudice reactions which led to the initial creation of the B L M and infamous , marching chorus of “ pigs in a blanket fry em’ like bacon”.

    “Anointed One” sir, prove to me that you are a journalist and not a political touting propagandist . And that is not a “rabbit hole “ to go down , but a Mountain of Truth to acknowledge and respond to.

    1. Name or link one apology that President Obama made or uttered. Cite place and quote.

      You’ve made a career of slandering President Obama. Time to grow up and find a new gig.

      1. Obama told Biden to shut up on a live mike when Biden said this Is A Big Fucking Deal talking about Obama care. Obama later apologized for the language. I believe Obama also apologized to China. I will have to look it up as soon as I have time.

        1. Biden is capable of cringe worthy moments. I’ve never said otherwise. Whether a leader admits error in a given situation depends upon the situation. During WW II the US disallowed a ship, I believe, The St Louis, from docking carrying Jewish refugees. I believe apologies were made and rightfully so. There is nothing inherently wrong with admitting error if errors are made. When
          Israel spied on us in the Jonathan Pollard affair, I believe appropriate apologies were ultimately

  17. “Anointed One”;

    Are you kiddin ‘ me ?…… You want me to give you proof of Hussein’s Apology Tour where he traveled the world and apologized to world nations for America’s past dominance?

    You can simply Google his “Apology Tour” which theme was asking the world to forgive America’s dominating past foreign policy i.e. Hillery’s Reset Button to Russian.

    As far as me slandering Hussein everything I have written I have proved through sources and the proof found by the Obamagate investigation by the U.S. Inspector General , U.S. AG Bob Barr and soon to be released Durham Report. It was Hussein himself who slandered America and himself by spying on the Trump candidacy and the Trump Administration.

    How about you turning off the MSM ( CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC) and listening to the truth on Fox Business( Lou Dobbs) and Fox News.

    As far as me getting a “ new gig” how about you being an honest journalist and addressing the truths that commenters present to you rather than you ‘refusing to go down rabbit holes’, refusing to acknowledge the truths presented and running away from true debate.

    Whoever is paying you to tout your political blog needs to think their investment as you are more a liability then a benefit to the DEMs causes.

  18. First, strange as it may seem , its a pleasure to hear from you.

    Second, as to who pays me, I was hoping you’d send me a check now and then.

    Third, I started WW in 2012 with two thoughts in mind. Oppose Rick Santorum for the R. Nomination
    and support Barack Obama for reelection. After Obama won, I decided to keep it going. It has always been an expense item, not an income item.

    Fourth, apologizing for a country’s behavior. There are somethings that the US as done over the years that were wrong and should be apologized for. Doing so, does not mean thinking less of the US its means we have enough confidence in who we are that we can admit we’re not perfect. In my next WW
    I will draw attention to a particularly grievous piece of malfeasance that is not particularily well known,
    but indisputably factual.

    Fifth, my obligation to explain this that or the other is the same as your obligation to read what I say.
    Nada and nada.

  19. “Anointed One”;

    To convince me you are not a paid political touter……..

    How about you clearly stating that you do not receive any monetary or any other form of consideration from any person/s or organization in publishing your Wednesday Wars (WW) blog site……

    If you can do that one simple thing I will thank you for your open transparent honesty and have more respect for your own personal political views on your WW site.

    If you can’t or refuse to make such a clear , defining declaration then you are still and will remain the DEMs’ “Anointed One” in my mind.

      1. “ My mind” has clearly illustrated the fact that if you can’t plainly answer such a simple question then it must be logically assumed you are indeed a DEM paid touter for sure and by no means a journalist.

        Would love to know who pays you but irregardless you are not independently expressing your personal political views.

        The GOP voters down south here do not respect the MSM and you are a prime example of the same. So sad to know this. The DEMs are wasting money on you trying to convince the gulf states’ voters of Biden’s mental and political lies. He is a empty Trojan horse hiding Marxist and Socialist revolutionary fascists inside.

        So you can tout your paid lies about Trump on WW but I and others will point them out until the election and beyond.

        In America unfortunately you only get to vote for extreme Socialism and Communism once. Voters realize this and even with all the Tens of thousands of revolutionary communist college professors and their brainwashed students it’s not going to happen this time, especially not after Hussein’s reign of terror.

        1. You think you can call me to account while you remain unknown. You give me more credit than I’m entitled to by suggesting that someone would payoff for what goes up under my name.
          I am not going to comply with your demands because I don’t want to. Don’t be such a bore.

  20. So, it’s kiddy time huh ?….and ‘I don’t want to’……..’I don’t want to’……please,…..’ No, I don’t want to”…. and ‘you can’t make me’……

    Don’t cry “Anointed One” your mama will be home soon to feed and play some games with you…….

    So juvenile…… so sensitive, especially when just asked to admit or deny a simple question.

    So be it for the man who brags about helping get Nixon out of office(Watergate) but can’t and won’t acknowledge how Hussein weaponized his administration to spy/prosecute Republicans through the DOJ, FBI and intel officers ; all to disrupt and bring down a Republican Presidential candidate and after same candidate was duly elected conspired through DEM holdovers in same agencies to spy and setup false premises all in order to bring down same duly elected President(Obamagate).

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside, if we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” Abraham Lincoln

    If kiddy doesn’t understand the above facts kiddy will suffer the Karma (i.e. I don’t believe in Karma but I do believe in the Judgment of Our Lord) some receive when they soon regret what they prayed for.

    1. You remind me of Dr. Christine Blassey Ford. She hid out of sight and savaged Judge Kavanaugh without
      revealing who she was until the damage was done. Then she came out of the closet.

      That’s you. Own it. You hide and savage those who are known. Come out of the closet. People are starting to talk.

  21. You would love to exercise your “ cancel culture” on me wouldn’t you?

    That’s what Marxists do and have done in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela , China…

    Liberals won’t debate they just try to destroy / burn/ loot their opposition …… such arrogance…….such hate……all for Trump and any voters who favor his political policies and when he points out the proven corrupt of Hussein and his political holdovers …..

  22. Here comes the DEM partisan fraud………it’s starting to be exposed !

    The PA Supreme Court in a 5-2 vote dominated by DEMs voted that ballots received as late as 3 days after Nov 3rd will be counted ,even ballots having no mail date stamp………………….and

    Then just a minor error in MI………

    Jocelyn Benson the Sec of State of Michigan , who spoke at the Democratic Convention, made an error when ballots where mailed out to MI troops bearing in error Trumps Vice President nominee as being a Mr. Cohen, who is the Vice President nominee of the Libertarian Presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen. And then another error not listing the true vice presidential nominee under Jorgensen’s name.

    Just like a dishonest lawyer in Court who doesn’t have the facts, doesn’t have the law then gotta go cheat( bribe the judge, intimidate witnesses, intimidate the opposing attorney, etc.)

    P.S. Didn’t get this info from Fox News but from http://www.tigerdroppings.com which sites sources and is a bastion for political truths throughout the U.S..

    1. OMG I spit out my morning coffee when I read your last sentence. You consider tigerdroppings.com a “bastion for political truths throughout the US”????? Buddy you need to either stop drinking or lay off the crack cocaine entirely. That’s a sports site, where people occasionally rant about their weird political obsessions. This is best exemplified by the thread entitled “Mask Hate Support Group”…read some of that garbage from MAGAts and tell me about “political truths.” It’s just more of the right-wing anti-science Trump propaganda. Not so much a bastion for political truths.

  23. Fred Kudzu;

    Ha, ha , ha …… you funny, invasive but wrong Kudz…… I don’t drink or do drugs but will probably buy some champagne for election night.

    And if Trump loses at least I live in La. and not in NOLA …..I’ll be safe as a bug in a rug with a laser enhanced rifle, shotgun with OO and handguns.

    Hey, tigerdroppings.com at least reveals truths you can’t learn from the many DEM propagandist, MSM Tv stations by far………

    Where do you get your news truths from Kudz? Maybe from the “Invasive Weed Press🌿”

    P.S. Read on internet with the climate change and increased CO2 levels you are growing like the wildfires in California. Good for you and thank you for all the O2 you produce at night for me and other Trumpers.

    1. Loctite, did you know that for the first time in its 175 year history Scientific American is endorsing a presidential candidate?


      OK, that rag may be a tad deep for you and your hero the Orange Mussolini, who has the attention span, intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, mental acuity, social skills and vocabulary of a preschooler. You two may better understand this book:


      Page 26 is a pretty good summary of Don the Con.

  24. I was at first open minded regarding what I thought should happen with the new opening on the Supreme Court but I think my mind has been made up now.
    After listening to the vile threats made about burning the town down, stacking the courts, changing the rules in the future, etc…. by many Democrats, I realize that such behavior should not be tolerated and the Senate should at least try to approve the next member of SCOTUS as soon as possible.
    I’m not quite sure who is going to win the presidential election but I have never responded well to threats and wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.
    My opinion means very little in this world but I decided to share it on this dreary day.

  25. One more comment.
    If the Democrats held the white house and majority of the Senate what would they do?
    I think everyone that is honest with themselves knows what the answer would be.

    1. Both sides are acting predictably.

      People that have power want to use it. People that don’t have power say they should wait. If Ds win
      White House and Senate they can raise membership of Court by Act of Congress, doesn’t take a Constitutional Amendment.

      People change once they go on the Court. The Court is well aware that they have no power to enforce their decisions. That tends to make their decisions within the mainstream of public opinion.
      Brown v Board of Education could never have happened in 1934. In 1954, it became possible.

      Roe v Wade will never be reversed, in my opinion. It may get chipped away at. Abortions may become more difficult if the Court is conservative and easier if the Court is liberal.

      John McCain’s instructions for Republicans running for President was: “Say you’re pro life and stop talking about it.”

      1. Correct on court expansion Tom. All rushing through another justice does is guarantee the three weakest GOP senators lose in November, which is why Susan Collins for one doesn’t want such a vote before the election.

        Regarding abortion, never before in the history of our republic have do gooders done so much harm and sewn so much discord as the forced birth crowd. They have no end game because making abortion illegal will not get rid of it, the opposite is actually true. The same crowd creates the problem with their misguided religious objections to family planning, driven in part by an organization of pedophiles that have predated upon unwanted children for centuries.

  26. To “Anointed One”, Kudz and those thinking like them;

    I’m posting from the old Civil Defense bunker on Pontchatrain Blvd in New Orleans. Why ?………because 12 hrs ago China Joe in a speech in Philly said that possibly before he finished his speech that ‘ 200 Million Americans could die of Corona’.

    When I heard that , knowing only 200 thousand Americans had died so far ,that I couldn’t continue to be so lucky so I grabbed all my canned goods in my house , chopped the Kudzu vines away ( sorry Kudz I may have killed some of your progeny) and pried the old steel door open.

    I’ll be staying until further notice from the China controlled WHO its Ok to come out or until China Joe is committed to Bellevue Hospital.

    1. I wonder if there has ever been this much hatred in the country and the world.
      We need to seriously start worrying what type of world we are going to leave for Keith Richards.

      1. I’d start right here CF. I understood how Facebook in particular profited from fake news and how that tied into the work done by Cambridge Analytica a few years back. It is social media users playing lab rat to AI that tied it all together. It is another version of the opoid epidemic, brought to you by unbridled greed that is the product of an unregulated market.

        1. You get a lot out of a day, Doug.

          Scripture tells us “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I’ve never heard a good homily or read a good article amplifying that unequivocal statement. I do, however, believe it to be true. Money, in super rich
          amounts, gives one the power to separate from others and exploit them if they so chose.

          For what its worth…

          1. I hope all you Biden lovers have been listening to the amount of lies he is telling. If you look at his voting records and statements over his long pitiful career it’s laughable to listen to him now. I listened to him speak a couple of days ago and the only truth he told was that he was Joe Biden. After that it was the biggest pack of lies I’ve heard a politician tell that I can remember. They all stretch the truth but it was embarrassing to listen to him make a complete fool of himself thinking the public was going to buy that bullshit.

              1. It’s called free speech. I’m pretty sure it’s in the constitution but Democrats don’t care what it says or they are incapable of understanding it. Biden is on Tv right now and the lies continue. He won’t even admit to Hunter’s and his illegal activity even though the world knows the truth.

  27. Meanwhile, the Party of Stupid is nominating to the Supreme Jesters a candidate who belongs more in the Party of Evil. Amy has sided with the government on almost every civil rights case, every big employer case, every criminal case, while also siding with the government on the lockdowns, on uncompensated takings, on excusing First Amendment infringements & Fourth Amendment violations.
    Guess Trump may pull out the Eisenhower crocodile tears routine about Earl Warren.

    1. There is probably no website better positioned to examine Amy than this one right on down to her Metry roots.

      I would imagine her connection to Scalia comes via Martin Feldman but do not know that for a fact as much as it is informed conjecture. There is intense interest in the subject so any background is much appreciated.

      1. I don’t know much about the Nominee.

        I read an article in the NY Times yesterday in their on-line edition. The 1,000 or so comments were full of contempt for all things Catholic. As you know, I’m not for Trump but if I was, I’d copy those comments and give them wide distribution in heavily Catholic parts of PA, FL, AZ, WI.

  28. It doesn’t matter who Trump nominated as they would be treated the same. Maybe she is expected to handle the lies and personal attacks better than his other options.
    Kavanaugh hearings around 2.
    Ding, Ding

  29. On another note, if Garland would have been brought up for a vote in the Senate he would not have been approved nor any other selection during the tail end of Obama’s administration.
    People can argue whether or not that would have been fair but it’s the truth.
    I believe that Reagan had the same problem getting his nominees through a Democratic controlled Senate.

  30. Doug here is some Amy insight:

    Her father Coney is a long time deacon at St Catherine Sena Church in Old Metairie where Amy went to elementary school. Said Church is actively involved in Prison Ministries, Alpha evangelistic outreach, etc…….. its one of the most sincere, socially active Catholic Churches in NOLA area. Catholic parents from all over Metairie’s parishes try to pull strings to get their kids into said school.

    She then went to the most discipled, highest academic Catholic high school in NOLA, Dominican.

    Can the DEMs find a male/s or even a female/s to falsely allege sexual promiscuous activities?……..

    You can bet their corrupt, China lovin’, sweet Russian election interference , false flag asses will not think twice about it…….

    You talkin’ about pure Satanic evil, monetary driven world globalists who don’t want trade tariffs which they feel is bad for One World Order business and ole’ Trump has upset their little economic party from the very day Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower.

    One thing I do know is Amy will staunchly protect and defend the constitution of our democratic republic under God especially after the election which will bring this country to the closest it has come to a civil war and/or socialist Marxist revolution in 160 years.

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