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Posted on July 27, 2020

Football fans will recognize the title from Al Davis, longtime owner of the Oakland Raiders. Joe Biden should have that phrase painted in bold letters on the ceiling in his bedroom so its the first thing he sees when he wakes up in the morning…which damm well better be before Six AM.

You got work to do, Joe. Politics ain’t beanbag. The other side is coming for you. You’ve said you’re a fighter. Show us.

Here’s the 2016 Map. It’s Hillary’s loser’s map but, I’m sure you can see a win hidden inside. You should know you won twice with Obama.


Joe, you hold what Hillary won and you need to pick up 38 Electoral Votes to win the Election. Are you telling me you can’t win PA? You grew up in Scranton, you got Ed Rendell, two term Governor helping you and you can drive to PA from Wilmington in 15 minutes. I booked it for you. Don’t worry about it. PA has 20, now you need 18.

Next door is Ohio, 18 electoral votes. Isn’t that special. You and Obama won it twice. Hillary lost it by 8 points. That’s ridiculous, absurd and insane. There may have been a worse candidate than Hillary, but I doubt it. Let’s look elsewhere for our 270 Plus No Matter What Block.

Michigan should always be Democrat. You and Obama won it twice. Hillary lost it by less than half a point. I know you’ll go and fight for it. You’re their kind of guy and you got a great Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and former Governor, Jennifer Granholm, pushing you over the top. They have 16 electoral votes leaving you two short in your 270 Plus No Matter What Block.

Let’s go South. You and Obama carried Florida twice. Hilary lost it by a little more than 1%. You gotta have it. It’s 29 electoral votes. Its non negotiable… “Just win Florida, Baby.” You should. I have it on good authority that a big block that traditionally goes Republican in Florida, Cuban Americans, have had a bellyful with the other guy. You have to have a running mate that helps in Florida. I’m writing it down. Biden wins Florida. Its in your 270 Plus No Matter What Block. You’re over the top, by 27 electoral votes. Continue Reading…….

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  1. If I was going to make a bet, right now, I’d bet that Rep.Karen Bass will be Joe Biden’s pick for V. P.

    She’s calm, cool and collected. Served briefly as Speaker of the CA State Assembly. Will be attacked for
    being “soft” on Castro. She travelled there way back.

    She is not a “drama queen” as some think of Sen Harris. She is African American and very close with Nancy Pelosi. She is a team player which is hugely important to Biden and his wife Jill.

      1. She made a trip to Cuba in the seventies. I recognize the Cuban committee in Florida is very sensitive.
        I think she can survive any flack on that. If Biden wins PA and FL and holds everything Hillary won…

  2. Why not, Tom, what’s another statist thug in government to make things any different?
    Guess I’ve seen too much sausage and legislation in the making. Welfare/warfare candidate versus the warfare/welfare candidate, a hopped up mix of Brave New World and 1984, and a whitebread version of the SA dancing in the streets to scare the neurotic sucker moms and soyboys to give up the shred of freedom they have for the Glory of the God the State!
    In a way makes one pine for the bad old days of the Politburo types on Lenin’s tomb or at the KarlMarxAllee for at least you had some boundaries, none of the all against all routine, and if you got the daily memo and shut up, you still could engage in doubleplus ungood think and essentially get left alone.

    1. I detect a bit of nihilism in your comment…”no matter what people do we’re trapped.”

      I’m going to take my lesson on government from Benjamin Franklin. His response, as he exited
      Constitution Hall on the last day of the Constitutional Convention to the person who asked what the delegates had produced was to the point and on the money: “A Republic if you can keep it.”

      Everybody has a chance to make a difference.

      1. I am beginning to think you might be the most ignorant so called historian I’ve heard. You seem to be like the old plow mule with the side blinders on so it would only see what the handler wanted it to see

      2. Your use of the word nihilism is incorrect. Unlike the fools who ingest the daily MinTruth, I never did conflate the State and Society. That argument was settled in the 1700s but unfortunately now denied.

      3. Terrific,
        You said,
        “Everybody has a chance to make a difference”

        Man I think you are a prophet with that one remark as it seems the primaries in several states like NY, NJ, and NV recently have clearly proved that mail in votes ,without signatures verifying that a person is still alive and a citizen in a proper precinct , is an open invitation for voter fraud and results with be in courts for many months .

        And so the DIMS clearly want chaos and mail in voting and don’t want a fair , honest national election but want a system where “ everyone will have a chance (to cheat) and make a difference”.

        Cause if the DIMS wanted an honest election they would want a regular show up and vote , one person one vote or absentee election.

        Sometimes people who press for illegal, immoral things later think they wish they hadn’t done so. ( What if this national election ends up in the courts and before the Supreme Court where by that time the Supreme Court may no longer have on the bench the ‘determined to live till Trump is gone’,Justice RPG, and the Court would have a more conservative bench?)

        I can assure you if there if fraud proven Trump will not go down easy nor will the millions of honest voters who voted for him.

  3. Tight, you started so beautifully. Quoting me back to me. And pointing out my skills at prophecy.

    But, alas, you have taken us into areas rife with agitation and angst. You have made the mistake of assuming the present leader is an individual who speaks truthfully. Not the case.

    It’s getting on near nightcap time so I will be brief. The present leader is a one trick pony. When things don’t go well he blames others. Instead of recognizing his complete bungle of the Trump Virus he blames China. And, when things look bad for the future election he says “its fixed.” All powerful/no responsibility.

    It’s a tiresome method of operation whose time has come and, most importantly, gone.

    Manfred has been wagging his tail since he saw me put a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream on the table with two glasses. Peace be with you.

  4. Terrific,

    There you go again bringing up the BS “ Trump Virus” departing from the debate fact that the DIMS want unverifiable ballots which will bring more national chaos and lawsuits. With a killer virus and Marxist riots and crime on the rise in major cities does America need a legal battle over a national election?

    That’s the reason why Trump will win Terrific because blaming Trump for the virus will not float unless you think Obama is a god which you naively believe . Obamagate is coming to your flat screen soon so better get a case of Bailey Irish Cream and a big crying towel.

    I feel for you but America especially the African – American are sick of DIMS’ lies every national election that the GOP candidate is a racist. When you lie like the DIMS you can’t keep going to the well over and over again…….. can’t cry wolf over and over …. nobody believes that BS anymore especially the black ghettos where babies are getting killed more and more everyday in Chicago.

    To blame the deaths on the Trump virus instead of the China military who control the Wahun Lab, who also paid the WHO to lie that the virus was not a human to human threat, will not only not float but when Clinton aids tell Biden not to debate Trump that becomes the fatal blow to the DIMS’ stupid dream that China Joe could measure up to what Trump has accomplished in just 3 1/2 years ( i.e. Trump just pressured Pharma to even the table of international drug costs where before foreign countries like Canada and others bought drugs for 1/4 – 1/2 the cost that Americans paid. He has therefore changed the evil policy that Pharma lobbyists will no longer dictate drug costs world wide which allowed Americans to unfairly pay higher drug costs in order to subsidize the world’s drug costs.)

    Tell Manfred his veterinary drug costs will go down for the first time in history and that he needs to pull the lever for DJT ….. as he toasts you with some warm Baileys Cream.

    1. I got as far as the first half sentence.

      It is the Trump Virus. It originated in Wuhan and went around the world. Some countries handled it and some didn’t. Nobody was more derelict than Trump. He thought he didn’t look good in a mask and it went downhill from there.

      Look up Taiwan. Its a long golf shot from China. They have responsible leadership and ended up with almost no deaths.

      When the Presidential Daily Briefs are declassified we will find out what Trump was being told by our intelligence agencies and how badly he bungled everything. Incidentally, Wuhan is much bigger than New York City. We have 16 intelligence agencies. We had “eyes on” Wuhan and Trump did nothing.

      So yes, as Harry Truman said about the job of being President, “the buck stops” at the President’s Desk.
      Trump is “all-powerful and never responsible.” He struts and Tweets and says “people are saying.”
      There is more to the job than that.

      Study the Presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. What each of these men had in common is they were patriots and they were always responsible. They attracted quality people who stayed with them.

      Compare their presidencies with our present leader. Compare, contrast and decide.

  5. I am never ever going to call you “Terrific” again……… for your last stubborn post to not recognize the China virus as the cause of American deaths brands you as an unethical political puppet indeed.

    After you persisted in your last post in calling the Wuhan Virus the “Trump Virus”…. By calling it the Trump Virus you like all the pathetic DIMs actually want thousands of more Americans to die JUST TO hatefully blame all those lives on the “Trump Virus “. You as well as all the other DIMs also don’t want the economy to recover or kids to go back to school so families can go to work to reduce unemployment.

    You may think of yourself to be an American ,who played a vital role in getting Nixon to leave, but you unfortunately think Nancy Pelosi is great enough to follow her exact quotable words.

    But now I fully understand why you will not acknowledge that China is and should always be held fully responsible for all American Wuhan Virus deaths……

    The explanation for your ignorant, stubbornness to accept simple truths can easily be explained from what you have cited on your main blog page from a quote you think is a great admiral quote in your eyes by a great American, namely , Nancy Pelosi ; and I quote her famous words which you think is so great that you typed them on your blog page in dark print , all as follows:

    “Own the ground.Don’t give up one grain of sand. Get everybody out”

    Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of House

    I rest my case that you are indeed following the DIM’s 1st Commandment of denying all truths , as unethically authored by your hero (second only to your God Barrack), namely Nancy Pelosi.

    God rest your soul and I hope you receive mercy for your untruthful words and false testimony are not just unAmerican, but highly unGodly.

    1. As an American, I look to our President to lead us when we face peril. When we were hit at Pearl Harbor
      Roosevelt and later Truman rallied the American people to victory. They did not make silly nonsensical
      ramblings about how awful our circumstances were. They built the military (we had the 17th largest military when we hit at Pearl Harbor) and won. No whining. Just winning. No blaming predecessors
      for not being better prepared. Winning!

      When the virus manifested itself in Wuhan, Trump’s job was to get the best information as quickly as possible and act. Wuhan has 10-12 million people. Get in the car and go to the CIA and demand action and information. Trump went to Davos and told Joe Kernen “there’s one case, we have it under control.”
      That was around January 17, 2020.

      An actual President would have picked up the phone, shortly after Christmas 2019, when Intelligence was telling him there was something “very wrong” in Wuhan and asked the leader of China that he wanted a full briefing on what’s going on in China. An actual President would have said “I want to meet with you and your top people in the next week.”

      He would have said, as Reagan once did to a well known ally, “how this matter is resolved will effect our relationship on all matters.” Check it out. Reagan’s Autobiography, P.416-419.

      Trump, who walks around waving the clenched fist, choked like a dog at the moment of truth. He froze.
      He didn’t know how to rally the country. He has spent his life scamming and lying. His comfort zone required that he divert attention with “China, China,China.” Blame, blame, blame.

      Poor baby.

  6. Ha,ha, you are going to melt on November 3rd with all your made up, insane talking points ………

    You will have time to acclimate to your November 3rd total , final melt when you witness the debates which will be inhuman contests after which I would not be surprised if the DIMs don’t throw in the towel and commit China 🇨🇳Joe to an inactive participant and plug in Killery.

    Then again Killery has Epstein’s girl friend to worry about but we know she can hand such threats with ease very quickly.👺⚰️

    1. You got no quit in you, Tight.

      The expectations for Joe in a debate are so low, if he doesn’t throw up on himself he will be considered a winner. By the way, the quote on Nancy, “Own the ground…” is not sinister at all. It refers to the honorable practice of retail politics: know the block; know the neighborhood; know the city. Know who and where your voters are and make sure they vote. She learned all about that in Baltimore where her father was five times mayor and five terms a congressman. His name was Tommy D’Alessandro…
      known by one and all in Baltimore as “Tommy.” He was a confidant of FDR. When Nancy talks about him she refers to him as “Tommy.” Next time we’ll talk about “Tip.” They don’t get any better than “Tip.”
      Ask anyone who worked for Reagan.

  7. Concerning your allegations that Trump should have pressed China to get inside China to investigate the Wuhan lab and investigate origin of virus that is exactly what Biden in a speech on March 27th alleged . And on April 3rd the PolitiFact.com site run by the Washington Post ( not Fox News but a liberal medium ) stated and I quote:

    “ In both instances Biden leans a little too hard on his skis”

    They gave him three (3) Pinocchio’s on Biden’s allegations that Trump did not try to pressure to get into China and investigate ; more specifically Trump on January 27 stated he tried to get scientists into China .

    Better fact check Biden’s words before you declare you got 4 Aces 🖤when you actually are holding Jack💩

  8. Oh Tom, by the way the DEMs and media are always calling Trump a racist when in fact Biden is the biggest racist of all.

    Biden was a big friend of Senator “KKK Wizard” Robert Byrd who filibustered and voted against integration and JBJ’s Great Society package and it was actually the Republicans that carried a majority of the vote for LBJ’s historic legislation………

    Biden has verbally and loudly in the past declared that his home state of Delaware was a ‘slave state’…..

    Then several weeks ago in taking a question from a Black call -in from his basement Biden said ‘you ain’t Black if you don’t vote Democrat in the election’…. unforgivable arrogance of the DEM’s expected classic Black bloc vote every election by branding the republican candidate a racist……

    Then China Joe followed that a few days later in answer to a question from a media Black reporter’s question if he had taken any mental acuity tests, he screamed ‘ No, why would I do that ( after days before he stated he takes those tests constantly) and snapped back ‘did you take a drug test for cocaine’…… then followed with the fact he can’t wait to debate the president and prove his ‘mental fiiiitmess, fiiitmess’ by stuttering to get that tongue twisting, big word of ‘fitness’ out his mouth……

    Finally, just yesterday he let it all out in stating ‘ African -Americans are not diverse ( in political views)
    like the Latinos are ‘ and had to later immediately apologize and walk that statement back……

    Tom, for China Joe this is the Chinese New year of The Enlightened African-American Voter who has seen the Evil Darkness of the hypocritical, Democrat Party which plays the race card and demands Black Bloc vote in every election, but then post election never does anything legislatively to help the African-American plight in society.

  9. Two States:

    Its hard to imagine BIDEN winning if he doesn’t win PENNSYLVANIA.

    It’s hard to imagine TRUMP winning if he doesn’t win FLORIDA.

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