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  1. Well well well. We now know it was the antichrist Ladner that castrated the CMR. And on the senate side it was Nimrod Delano. Judas Jellyfish himself blustered it out himself. And then corrected himself after the Antichrist called and denied his corruption. But it’s all on public record for all to read to even listen to. It’s hidden. It’s hard to find. But it you go through the Facebook section on the DMR webpage it can be found. And don’t forget those written notes for these meeting. The two faced lawyer Shellnuts lost her temper when one of the fake neutered commissioners asked a silly question about what the hell they were doing. Shellnuts lost her temper and cry about all the hard work she was doing destroying the commercial fishermen. Cried about how she has so much to do she ain’t go no time to worry herself with the new state law stripping this hateful commission of all their authority. She be to busy giving Judas Jellyfish all the power. Meanwhile Judas is all about sharing power and keeping things the same. IMHO that violates the new state law. This idiots behavior is getting even worse. Better stop drinking from those lead lined cups. Your brain capacity limited as it is is quickly diminishing. I wonder if any of these things this new advisory commission voted on is legal. The new law the antichrist and nimrod passed took all that away. I wonder if these two abominations are worried about their constituents. We will have to see at election time. Wonder how long it’s going to be before Jesus Davis forces Tindall out. Surly Tindall beards that clock ticking. Tick tock. Tick tock. Meanwhile the search for the Mardi Gras guns continues.

    1. Well before I hit the road this week just a few thoughts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hard honest working people at the DMR get furloughed again. The idiots in Jackson and on the sixth floor of the DMR still have their heads up each other’s ass. It’s about time for that one call and believe me it will just take one at this point to start looking harder at every skeleton that certain people both elected and appointed have hidden away. One Call That’s All

  2. Mr. Hammer I have been hearing the same to. I think the regular employees of the DMR are doing The best they can under some extreme political conditions. I don’t have many good things to say about the political leaches in the Tower of Babylon. These self serving aristocrats are destroying everything around them including the DMR. Making political capitol at their expense. So you employees that are about to have your careers and lives yanked out from under you deserve to know who did this to you. First the biggest betrayer of all Judas Jellyfish. Sold his soul to Tater Tot Reeves. Both conspired together to try to dominate the House. The very House led by the antichrist Ladner. He is the emotional little twit that used his position to benefit his crab buddy. Pinched his ass with federal money. Another investigation Shaddy White turned his back on. Let Judas sweet talk him. What about the Sun Herald? Public request those documents. The antichrist then conspired with Machine gun Thompson and Dummy Delano. We know Thompson is another drunken church member but does the dummies constituents realize he is part of the conspiracy to destroy the commercial Fishermen? Wonder how they will vote next time when the truth comes out. And drunken Machinegun Mike is the leader of privatizing the public oyster reefs. Another stab at the commercial fishermen. Read his Facebook page. This madman is going to legislate the reefs away permanently. And don’t forget Amoral Moran. The lunatic that closed the senate with no budget for you DMR employees. You should remember him and his lavicioun activities with the chief whore of Babylon. And do give up on the hope that one, just one (please reference Lott in the Bible) of your coastal legislators tried to help you. It was a unanimous vote to castrate the CMR a unanimous vote to put Judas in 100% power a unanimous vote to leave you furloughed without pay. Remember that when you vote next time.

    1. Well now that a few calls have been made some people shouldn’t sleep very well for quite a while. Spraggins and his cast of fools are probably being watched from high places. There are some people that will stand up and protect our coastal waters no matter how hard they try to destroy it. Spraggins you are on a dead in road with know turn around. The hard working people at the agency will be protected. You and your elected and appointed fools are probably on a very short list of dead weight in the state government. You will be held 100 percent accountable. Trust me. Sleep well

      1. On the road again meeting some interesting people talking about Tate(I don’t know what I’m doing) Reeves and the official’s aligned under is umbrella. One problem is the umbrella leaks. Spraggins,Davis and others might find themselves all wet

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