Prepare yourselves folks because its fixing to hit the fan again

Judging from the average Facebook comment to the local newspaper stories on the topic of the Covid pandemic, there are a shit ton of dangerously ignorant people out there:

‘Major disaster’ looms as Mississippians ignore COVID-19 rules, top health official says ~ Anita Lee

Other takeways from Dobbs interviews so far:

He told Jackson Free Press reporter Nick Judin that, unless coronavirus spread is brought under control, people could be unable to find hospital beds after car wrecks or ventilators after heart attacks because of COVID-19 care demands.

When the next quarantine comes the stores will again be slammed. The inability to return paper goods may deter toilet paper hoarding at your local big box store. However, the stores here are just now restocking with dried goods like beans so now may be a good time to make sure your pantry is full if you can get them.

Tips derived from my casual observations from our last lock down:

  • Do not stress eat. If you get extra spare time use it to walk outside and try to lose a few pounds. To the extent there is evidence that Covid-19 attacks the vascular system as much or more than it targets the lungs, obesity is a major risk factor for Covid. Losing weight cuts your risk of getting severely ill. Stopping smoking also cuts your risk greatly.
  • Healthy foods did not disappear from Grocery store shelves nearly as much as processed/pre-made frozen foods etc. Eat fresh, you’ll feel better for it.

Stay safe folks, especially those of you in high risk groups.

13 thoughts on “Prepare yourselves folks because its fixing to hit the fan again”

  1. Come on Doug, we need a column on “Defund the DMR”. A place where the backstabbing denial General Jellyfish can be exposed fore the traitor he is. The rumor going around Jackson is that making the CMR an advisory commission is the first step to move them back under the Wildlife department. Jellyfish has no one but himself to blame. He had Hungry Havard appointed. He had reverse odometer Daniels appointed. And he tried to get Can I get a contract Roberts appointed. Cam the ham was to busy remodeling the Bolton Building to accept. There was another Commissioner that was about to get a contract. More secrets. Jellyfishes don’t have brains and General jellyfish can’t remember all the lobbying in Jackson he has done trying to destroy the DMR. Can’t remember a thing. Judas can’t remember.

    1. Mr. Point Park if you can’t use names, or at least something close, it’s only no fun but a major turn off to many MANY many MANY of us here on Slabbed. I used to go back & try to figure out who everybody was but it’s not fun anymore. I don’t know who possesses the secret coder ring but it’s not me so could you you make it easier or cut it out? Peace out xoxo

      1. All you need to know now is Spraggins and his illiterates. All this shit falls squarely on him. His total attempt of a power grab is costing the people that use the Gulf. His appointment was just another shady deal. The Feds that fund a majority of the scientific work are watching what the Governor and legislators do Needless to say the Feds are pissed. They want all the grants they give to be fully controlled by the people that know the GulfFishery and how to protect it. They have made it very clear it’s hands off for political agendas.

  2. And now Jellyfish has his tail firmly between his tail the DMR employees will suffer the inadequate leadership being performed. Keep hearing the rumors that the DMR is going to be disbanded by the Governor and this totally worthless legislature. First step take all the authority away from the commissioners and give it to Jellyfish. The commission was on the down slide when the CCA Coast Communist Association working with Jellyfish got hungry Havard a CCA operative and reverse odometer Daniels appointed. Reverse odometer Daniels drove the family business into bankruptcy and he led the charge against the commercial fishermen and inadvertently led to the downfall of the CMR. Poor choices led to poor outcomes. Now Spraggins is in Jackson attending all these unethical drunken afterhour dinner parties to dismantle the DMR. What would these employees do if they knew what General Jellyfish was actually doing. Well the smart ones have already left. The dumb ones are waiting for the legislature to fund them. Here’s a clue. They ain’t funding anytime soon. Also hearing that Jesus Davis plan to move MP to a statewide law enforcement agency is still in the works. Then the final act of dismantling the DMR will happen. The Judas of the coast.

    1. Well I left the shit hole called Jackson last night. I had to get the hell out because the shit coming from our so called state leaders was covering my boots Ms. point park possibly is on to something Rumor in the shit hole is that some high level official of the DMR and some Senate members are wanting to destroy the agency. People need to understand what that means. No one will be looking after the Gulf fishery. No community involvement. Basically what I’m saying folks is that people need to speak up now or possibly watch the fishing industry die a slow death. Also the Feds are watching closely to see what our Governor does since they fund the majority of the DMR with grants. More to come!!

      1. Thanks Hammer … now I totally & completely understand. I sent an email to Rep Anderson & Sen Moran asking if people were on drugs in Jackson … shaking my head about disbanding DMR. Sweet Baby Jesus Tater can’t even keep track of Covid cases …

  3. Thank you Mr. Hammer for getting my gender right. I’ve never been called a man before and don’t want to start. I’ve just been told the DMR is going back to work. Back to destroying the commercial fisheries. Back to giving all the federal disaster money to the personal favorites of reverse odometer Daniels. Back to giving secret contracts to drunk church members. And oh Moran is one of the key players along with Ladner and dummy Delano. As a matter of fact I’m being told that Jellyfish and Dummy are part of the reason the DMR is being held hostage. Done funded something that pissed the House off. That’s what the DMR employees have for leadership. Half cocked elected officials not representing their constituents but making special backdoor deals to squander public trust. These self entitled bloated officials feel privileged and entitled. They don’t allow for disagreement or dissent. Their constituents are beneath them. Disgusting behavior by elected officials. The accounts of the DMR need to be audited. Where oh where is Shaddy White. That’s right just like his rat predecessor head firmly between his legs. What about those secrete JEA accounts. False personnel reporting to bloat equipment purchases. Keep saying this the DMR needs to go back to Wildlife. Corruption by this xenophobic Alabama expatriate will doom the DMR. My deepest sympathies to the good employees that will suffer because of the bafoon.

    1. I’m sure Hammer is ready to surprise them with a turd in their snicker bar. I would bet he might even get that low life, back stabbing Davis with his warehouse full of skeletons Hammer must have a shit load of people in Jackson and Washington that like to chat

  4. Speaking of Jesus Davis imbed g to,d he is still in the background waiting a better opportunity. Certain commenters are telling me that Jesus is still part of the DMR keeping his law enforcement credentials so that when the MBI job opens he will take MP at DMR with him. Then and only then will Judas Jellyfish and dummy Delano deal the DMR a death blow. The dye is cast DMR is on its last leg. Will the MBI conduct a investigation to find those Mardi Gras guns?

  5. Well well well. WLOX reported that Jesus Davis fans moved from the Secretary of State to the Highway Patrol. Just one tiny step away from the MBI. Then DMR will be striped of MP and it’s off to no more. Krissy Eore is in the background maneuvering his Bulldog buddy. Speaking of justice will the Highway Patrol conduct a criminal investigation of missing Mardi Gras guns? Just a matter of time before some criminal robs or kills someone with those festive guns.

  6. Mario the thief is finally going to pay the piper. I still can’t understand how he legally got to misappropriate grant money from the DMR and they get him on minor charges he will beat in court. Pascagoula is not much better Insane Maxwell cheater us taxpayers and the reward the political legal system handed down? They allowed him to be the southern service commissioner. And what has he done? Wasted tax dollars remodel his luxury office like King. So why does one self untitled mayor get away with this and the other arrested. Well BLM. Just not to the justice system. It should be RLM Republican Live Matter. Hearing more and more rumors about the defund the DMR movement. Rumors suggesting this movement had prior knowledge of the DMR shutdown. Could come from only one Jellyfish in a sea of them. Rumors swirling around that this well funded campaign is funded by a coast politician to try and turn coastal support against the DMR. Jackson soon to have control of the DMR. All this done by the hands of Judas Jellyfish.

    1. Well it’s time for Hammer to call it like it is Spraggins,Reeves ,Danilo,Wiggins and a few others it’s time for you to stick your head up your ass and leave it there. I’m about to turn the Feds loose to check every orifice you have. I have the contacts and the means to see it thru. Some of you might won’t to consider resigning because once I pull the trigger your life will go to shit. I never make a statement that I can’t backup. The committee’s that some of you have been on will be dissected beyond belief. This includes that piece of shit Davis I will get him to. I hope they think this is a joke but they will change their minds when I shove it up their ass. The best thing they can do for now is shit their mouths and get things at DMR straight or face the consequences that will happen

  7. Oh my Mr. Hammer somebody done jerked your chain tight? Doug’s been holding back. I’ve been told he was sent one of these secrete contracts. Nothing illegal. No drunk Gulfport church member anywhere to be found. But for an agency that has no money issuing a contract that large is a stunning revolution. The great garden of Babylon is growing. The chief whore is working from home like the rest of these drunk church members. The IT has an employee that works in Alabama and paid for with Mississippi tax dollars. Oh and if you’re wondering where General Jellyfish is from? Go War Eagles! The Tower employees get special privileges and are exempt from the very rules they enact. Oh Doug dear, you have a copy of one of these? That’s the rumor being whispered. And Mr. Hammer you are correct, after Jellfishes performance in Jackson he has been booted off the Harrison County Republican Guard. Jesus Davis still yanking the chains behind the scene. Timid Tindall should be very concerned. A black mamba is coiled up and ready to bite. With the backing of Miller the Killer, Sherlock Watson, General Jellyfish, Dummy Delaney and the Antichrist Ladner he should be very worried. Nimrod has drawn back his bow and all hell is about to rain down on us all.

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