Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Trump – Talking to Himself

Posted on June 22, 2020

Kennedy drew 60,000 at 3AM in Waterbury; Obama, 150,00 in Denver; Trump 6,200 in Tulsa, including staff, secret service, assorted flunkies, wannabees, and, supernumeraries. That’s about right. The universe is starting to make sense.

The Trump Act is getting stale and tired. The “cover story” of shaking things up does’t wash. Deep state, Antifa (anyone have their phone number?) fake news. It’s all bull and boring to boot. A cover for incompetence that knows no bounds. And, drama. Always drama and lies, the two constants in Trump World.

There’s a New Base in town. The old base, Trump’s, is getting smaller by the day. They showed what they have in Tulsa. Dozens and dozens of them. The New Base is united by their contempt for Trump. They started to coalesce around Trump incompetence on Covid. It took a giant leap forward with the nine minute slow motion execution of George Floyd, under the knee of former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin. It continues to grow as we speak.

There is a tremendous hunger out there in the country for simple virtues: honesty, empathy, fairness, competence. Enough with the slow motion walk across the Park for the picture with the Bible. He got his picture, but the Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, seized the moment and more by painting in huge block letters BLACK LIVES MATTER, on 16th St, visible from space, and, most importantly, from the Residential Quarters of the White House.

People are angry, motivated and paying attention. A matter that, in normal circumstances, would get medium level press attention, the replacement of a prosecuting attorney in one of the 90 federal districts in the country, had the full attention of the Country. Continue Reading……

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  1. The irony of the so called pro life crowd being responsible for the deaths of over 120,000 real life people, as opposed to the imaginary unborn they pretend to care so much about is rich indeed. Trump and his hate filled ilk lost the nation when they put Mimi and Pipaws’ lives at risk lying about and mismanaging a pandemic.

    1. On Covid, the city where it originated, Wuhan, has a population larger than New York. We have
      16 intelligence agencies overseen by a Director of National Intelligence. We have satellites looking at China constantly and people on the ground. Someday we will find out what was being reported out of
      Wuhan and what decision makers in our government were doing with the information that was available to them.

      Was the US leadership reading everything and demanding more and better information back in late November and December? That will be known in time.

  2. Florida did great with Mimi and Pipaws’s lives cause they followed CDC guidelines. NY was a disaster cause Cuomo did not follow guidelines and sent Covid patients back to nursing homes despite the availability of thousands of ICU units provided by Trump in the Javits Center and additional hundreds of beds on the Hope boat. Cuomo will be sued in his home state by Mimi and Pipaw’s survivors.

    CNN intentionally likes to get the facts wrong and twisted to make Trump look bad even when Trump stopped all flights from China on January 31st and for that smart move he was called all kinds of names by the Dem liberals and even Biden.

    There will be no safe vaccine ( see http://www.mercola.com)so everyone better pray that Trump is re-elected or there will be many more viruses from China with sleepy Joe at the wheel.

    1. Lockie you’re a true blue Trump believer so I gotta ask. What was it like, you know, injecting yourself with bleach and shoving a UV light up your ass? Did it just make you wanna go out and own a lib or did it just fry the frontal lobe of your brain?

      1. Ha, ha …😹😹. Doug you made my morning and put smiles to my face……

        But only a ignorant person would swallow pool chemicals containing hydrochloroquine related chemicals which the liberal news media hyped that such person did do…..all to belittle the real drug being used by President Trump prophylactically.

        But I will tell you with frank honesty that it has been revealed that up to 90% of the scientists on the USA’s very own NIH administration and receiving your tax dollars are also receiving payments from China( so it’s not only the WHO that has be bought out by China which should open some eyes). It’s little wonder why Dr. Fauci , head of NIH for far too long, will not admit the effectiveness of hydrochloroquine taken early in the disease process and instead touts a RNA vaccine that has little chance of success.

        But to address your pertinent question as to what I think as a health professional about what drug I will take if I contract the Wahun virus?…..

        I have read enough independent studies of renown scientists and practicing doctors( who themselves have done even more independent studies) that if taken early on in the disease process ( before the immense inflammatory cascade in the pulmonary tissue and before the ferritin bonds are broken in the hemoglobin in red blood cells ) that hydrochloroquine taken with 50 mg of quality ionic Zinc will impair and retard replication of the RNA strands of the virus in the human cells specifically targeted through the ACE receptor sites of lung epithelial cells, the endothelial cells inside blood vessels, etc..

        As a result I have personally secured enough hydrochloroquine to treat 2 human cases for anyone in my immediate family to have access to …….

        In fact, a very intelligent , well read internist I know in St. Tammany Parish also in the dangerous target age of over 60 is taking hydrochloroquine prophylactically while treating his virus patients.

        I know you have a health professional in your family tree and I’d be interested in his opinion as to what treatment he would suggest if he fell victim to the virus ?

        1. Glad to make your morning Lockie. Be careful with Dr Trump approved drugs that don;’ help with the coronavirus. I understand the US distributor of Hydrochloroquine is a major donor of Dr Trump’s , which in turn explains his zeal to pump it.

  3. Opps , I forgot to address UV light which a company is using and has now received a NYC contract to treat the NYC subway system ; and UV is also being used systemically today in the reopening of Saks 5th Ave store in NYC

    1. I for one am enjoying sitting back and watching the Media and Democrats lies slowly but surely be exposed. Flint,New York,Covid 19 etc

    2. Used externally and with sufficient energy, UV does kill airborne germs and viruses.

    3. Hooooly ,talk about horse shitz hitting the fan.. you actually said,‘Dr. Trump receives donations from the u.s. distributor of hydrochloroquine ‘……

      Site a Link quick before I pee my elder, Trump designed , super bad, tampon briefs with Melania’s signature from laughing non -stop.😂😂

      Doug, you gotta’ stop………… your’re making my mornings and nights.😭

        1. Hey Doug how would you like your “crow”, baked, broiled or on the ‘Barbie’……..?

          I’ve been called a Trumpaneze, a person missing a cerebral lobe whose has UV light up my anus. You can read it above in your own hate filled speech, but I won’t put any retro hate back on you as it is you and the unfortunate Trump haters who will allege anything including mistruths, make up stories in the NYT or blame everything and anything on Trump despite the opposite being the truth.

          You and the typical hate filled Dems/MSM blame mismanagement of the Wahun virus on Trump when he actually cut off all flights from China on January 30th ( was criticized for same by Sleepy Biden and MSM which flights on a daily basis stopped approximately 20,000 potential Chinese disease traveling people coming into US.)

          So please goggle the recent medical findings four days ago from the Henry Ford Medical System which just concluded a medical study of 2,500 patients and found that hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate by 50%.

          Now multiply 50% by the tens of thousands of deaths in the country and the Trump hating media has blood on its hands including Dr. Fauci.He has dropped the ball too because of his monetary interests in developing a Corona virus just like he was involved for years in trying to profit from a HIV virus, another RNA virus, which has yet to be successfully produced ( you can also google those allegations against Dr. Fauci by many other immunologists)

          There is another previous hydroxychloroquine study finding hydroxychloroquine chloroquine not being that helpful (the original Lancet medical report which has been totally debunked… you know the one the MSM and you made so much over yet the medical report was later retracted by Lancet writers).

          Could it be Big Phama and Dr. Fauci want to only advocate the $3,000 a bottle Resdesovir rather than a $1 pill of hydroxychloroquine?

          Finally, in the coming weeks another medical study will report concerning hydroxychloroquine if used early saves more lives and I will report on that study as well as another study involving giving hydroxychloroquine to hospital workers as a prophylactic protocol to prevent Wahun virus infection ( i.e. in the exact way Trump was/ is using it)

          I wonder if the Trump hating MSM and you personally with your own biased , erroneous hate speech will apologize to Trump for making him look like a fool when in fact he was only trying to save lives?

          Forget about apologizing to me for you are already forgiven. In fact I’d like to think and hope you and your readers would consider taking hydroxychloroquine with 50 mg of Ionic zinc if you or a loved one over 60 years of age ever came down with the virus and start protocol specifically on the first day of fever/aches together with a positive test result,

  4. Amerikans desiring “simple virtues” won’t get it from either wing of Einpartei. Empirically writing, the democraps are simply more honest in telling you that you need stock up on that nightmare of a boot stomping in the face of mankind forever. Repukes will say that it won’t be as hard for the same period of time, or the boot will have softer material. But in the end, the afflictions continue until morale improves and of course, gotta luv that Big Brother..
    Meanwhile, Big Business keeps funneling money to the sturmabteilungen. Can’t even get a bit of originality from the One Percenters who manage to stay on top regardless of which regime is in power.

    1. There is no better time than now for people to practice some self reliance given the national political climate and propagandist that claim dying for dollars is somehow a good thing.

      One thing I can’t stress enough though is that people dumb enough to take their medical advice from a politician are doing a public service by dying from their stupidity.

      1. You’re doing a lot of heavy lifting for me, Doug. Thanks.

        In the piece I wrote I gave a tip of the hat to Warren for VP. On second thought I think she would give
        Trump an inviting target to turn the election into a culture war which may be his only shot. A good
        number two would be Rep. Val Jennings of Florida. She was Police Chief in Orlando and has a non-radical image and manner about her.

        Obama carried Florida twice but Hillary lost it. Biden with Jennings on the ticket would win Florida.

        1. I hear Demming can hold an audience with her charisma and oratory abilities but her law enforcement background is double edged. Stacey Abrams would be my choice, she is a homer to Mississippi and puts Georgia in play.

          1. President’s,Governors have term limits which I think is a good thing. Now as I watch our country going through hell it seems that all you hear out of Congress is personal agendas. Just look at the wasted money from all the failed investigations. It seems like the people’s business gets less And less important to these morons the longer they serve How can you watch what is going on and still believe that they give a damn about the people that put them in office. I am beginning to think that term limits might need to be a serious honest discussion at some point soon. Just a thought

            1. One recalls the State is merely the entity with a perceived legitimated monopoly on the use of force and extortion. Term limits merely gives added figleaf cover over the underlying affliction.

          2. When you mention Mississippi you push me a little deeper into my interest into the good old days there. I didn’t know Stacy Abrams grew up in Gulfport…that has to mean she’s no shrinking violet. I know a little (very little) about Gulfport. A lawyer I rented offices from represented Hancock Bank on some matters and I helped him with some of the work. We’re talking way back.

            I remember requesting some public information from a government office on all the banks in MS including the Bank of Ruleville, home of Fannie Lou Hamer and James O Eastland. The phone rang strait away from somebody, well known, who was close to Eastland…”what do you want to know about our little bank…”

            But, I think the most interesting person to come out of Ruleville, by far, was Fannie Lou Hammer. When she spoke of her life experiences at the 1964 Democrat Convention she had
            the audience completely captivated. LBJ was watching her speech on TV from the White House. Johnson was petrified that she was going to light up the Convention and threaten Johnson’s total control. He HAD to get her off TV. He called a PRESS conference to recognize the the “nine month anniversary” of the death of someone nobody had heard of. Crazy.

            It worked. The networks cut away from the Fannie Lou Hammer speech to cover Johnson on
            his ruse to deny her TV coverage.

            Too bad. Fannie Lou Hammer had the power of truth, which, we know, “will set you free.”

          3. Boy I sure hope Abrams is his Vice President choice cause the current polls would reverse within 1-2 weeks with the ongoing chaos in Ga. which will not stop till election time.

            Doug I read your corona, non- medical site of ‘Dark Money’ and what I as well as other professional medical people have done upon which to base our opinion is to read only ‘medical research’ articles from all over the world which you need to have a medical subscription to read same. You are not doing that but reading non-medical opinions which are more political in nature. Not smart.

            Finally, the hatred of anything that Trump says will in the end cost the Dems the election as despite Trump’s disadvantage of being egotistical and having OCD, he has an analytical , common sense mind and is a problem solver.

            Sleepy Joe on the other hand or ‘lobe’ has no mind at all as he has recently gaffed that he’s ‘running for the Senate’ and just the other night said there were ‘120 million deaths in U.S. from the coronavirus’. The Dems want to keep him in his basement and away from current media questions cause he has also recently lied on ABC interview about not knowing or participating in prosecution of Gen. Flynn ( however it is FACT that Joe unmasked Flynn for intel ease dropping and a recently released Strzok memo of Jan 4th ,2020 WH meeting proves Joe mentions the “Logan Act” as being the two hundred year law no one has ever been prosecuted under for simply talking to other national leaders- especially permissible for incoming administrations).

            1. Tight…

              Remind me again of the legal criteria for unmasking and who has done more unmasking
              Trump or Obama.

              Also, do you support declassifying the president’s briefings on Covid from Christmas 2019
              to Jan.22, 2020 when he was in Davos telling Joe Kernen of CNBC that “everything was
              under control, we have one case in Washington.” As a seeker after truth let’s find out what
              our 16 intelligence agencies were telling Trump during that crucial period of time and see if he was reporting truthfully to the American people.

    1. With violence of all types running rampant in States and Cities under the control of Democrats that continues to move more to the left i cannot understand how anyone would want to trust that party with control of this great country

      1. “under the control of Democrats”

        What, if anything, is under the control of Trump?

        1. Democrat led state’s are the ones in deep shit. Also can you even imagine Biden talking with other countries with any resemblance of strength for America. What a joke. Remember his on party put a gag on him for his stupidity

  5. The MSM think Putin has Trump in his pocket……. ha, ha

    The Chinese have sleepy Joe and his son Hunter by their scrotums (i.e. family “hunts “ illegal nepotistic monies……… Hunter took 480 international trips on U.S. planes with his VP dad, sleepy Joe, all over the world…… those are facts!

    Defend that Tom Terrific !

    1. When I see your name in the comments box I think “ah this may be the time that Tight steps up to
      higher ground, with me.”

      Oh well, hope springs eternal.

      As a WW reader you know I’ve always been willing to come over to your side when the time and issue was right. We confirmed Kavanaugh (I think I wrote four pieces and started watching Tucker Carlson). I
      defended Steve Bannon when nobody else would. Finally, whenever I’ve mentioned Ronald Reagan its been in a complimentary way for his ability to tell the Israelis to go shit in their collective hats when their behavior so warranted.

      You remember those days Tight don’t you. You, and a Mr. Ashton O’Dwyer, would malign my good name
      but I persevered hoping that, eventually, you would come up to higher ground. I thought my mention of
      Fannie Lou Hamer, late of Ruleville, MS, would warm your heart. I’m sure you have, many times, played
      the unforgettable speech she gave to the 1964 Democrat Convention in Atlantic City. Possibly, you and Mr. O’Dwyer were in the audience. It was so powerful that President Johnson who was watching from the Oval Office, immediately called a Press Conference to get the TV Networks to cut away from her speech.

      All this is prologue to the fact that yes, I’m for Biden. In candor, I think he’s a poor candidate. But a good man with good instincts. Setting an example for you, I will not characterize the other (your) side.

      Now, if we were talking about My Main Man, Barack Hussein Obama, I could go on at length. Allow me this little vignette from the 2008 Campaign. After McCain put Palin on the Ticket with him, McCain took
      a brief lead in the polls. Obama started to get the deer in the headlights look. I ran into a good friend of
      Obama’s , Sen Tom Dachle, and said to him “you gotta tell Obama he’s in a knife fight and he’s using a wiffleball bat.” He told him. The rest is history.

  6. You always play wiffle ball with my statements of fact ( i.e. Hunter took over 480 internaTional trips with his VP father ,Sleepy Biden , on USA airplanes and as a result came away will a $83,000 month salary in Ukraine with no energy experience and a 1.5 Billion contribution from China for his investment firm). These are only the deals the public knows about…….how much do we not know?

    I guess you think that looks OK and Biden should be considered a honorable public servant and his son Hunter a admirable person……….. well the fruit does not fall too far from the tree and that’s why I could never step up with you with such a weak candidate because it would be a giant leap downward in public ethics ……

    All this not withstanding the fact that ole Joe unmasked General Flynn and when questioned in an ABC interview denied he knew anything about the persecution of Flynn and when asked again if he was at the WH on that memorable day he remembered he was at the WH but didn’t know anymore despite the newly released notes of Strzok that showed Biden mentioned the “Logan Act “under which to prosecute Flynn . What a convenient memory ole Sleepy has.

    Obamagate is real just as Watergate was real and in the coming months there will be indictments where it will be shown that Obama knew of and approved of the illegal surveillance of a political campaign and “ by the book” ( Susan Rice memo to herself) participant in an “ insurance policy “ ( as per Strzok texts) coup to remove the administration of a duly elected President and attempts through resistance ( Mueller report) to remove President Tump himself .

    As I stated before they better drive each pilings for Barry’s library for the extra weight of papers which will show Barry weaponized the IRS, the DOJ ,the FBI , the 17 intel agencies ( Brennan and Clapper) and no telling what the hell else we don’t know about.

    Other then that Barry had a scandal free Presidency as he has said many times.

    1. Tight, I’ve always considered you a promising commenter. That’s why I introduced new material to you
      like the life and times of Ms Fannie Lou Hamer, late of Ruleville, MS. I was sure that topic would touch your heart and we could bask in the warm glow of agreement.

      Unfortunately you have chosen to bring up matters from far away and long ago like Barack Obama weaponizing the IRS. I remember clearing up that matter way back when. It involved a provision of the Internal Revenue Code that granted tax exempt status to organizations that “exclusively engage in social welfare activities.” Of course liberal organizations are more likely to qualify under that particular provision…what did you expect? Similarily conservatives are more likely to benefit under provisions granting tax exempt status to “chambers of commerce.”

      As to Hunter Biden, a sad and pathetic figure…I’m not going down that rabbit hole with you.

      In closing, did I ever tell you that Barack Obama is the only president since Eisenhower to get over 51%
      of the popular vote twice. Let us rejoice and be Glad!

  7. Tried to listen to Biden yesterday. The man can’t speak. He can’t remember what he is even talking about and yet some people think he can guide this country. Get a grip people every foreign leader would chew him up. He was part of giving billions to Iran. He is on record saying China is not our enemy. Then there’s the Rocket man that would laugh his ass off at what he would be able to get away with

  8. Tom Terrific ;
    You say you think I’m a “ promising commentator” then you say that my last comments about Obama weaponing the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ and 17 Intel agencies is characterized by you as me …” bringing up matters from far away and long ago like Barack weaponing the IRS…..”.

    Then you explain his weaponizing the IRS but not so much his weaponizing the FBI, the DOJ and the 17 intel agencies from 2016 thru his last days in the WH in January ; especially the WH meetings on January 5th where he met with Comey, Sleepy Joe, Strzok , Susan Rice and Sally Yates.

    I think you are a great commenter / judge on political corruption ( i.e. Nixon’ s Warergate) but instead of celebrating Barry’s 51% popular vote let’s call a spade a spade when there is political corruption in the Executive Branch of America.

    Get some Apaquil for Manfred for the loud fireworks this 4th and consider breathing it in when you read my comments to prevent you from hiding under your table from the thunder of the Truth.

    1. Tight, I didn’t address ALL of your concerns because of the finite quality of human life.

      Now, if you’re coming for me with the truth…bring it. It’ll set us free.

      Have a Great Fourth,

      T. C.

  9. I misspelled the name of that drug aerosol you plug into an electric socket to emit calming pheromones to calm Manfred from fear of fireworks…….it is called Adaptil……..

    And Tom, I would try to take a couple of deep breaths yourself and you may try to crawl out from under your kitchen table and answer the Obamagate truths I mentioned in my prior post.

    Whats good for Nixon is good for Obama too……. equal justice with no one above the law.

    1. I think Barack Obama’s reputation is solid, not perfect. You once called him “my hero”. I like him.
      Actually, I was probably more of a JFK guy…I saw him the day after he drew 60,000 fans at 3AM in the
      morning in Waterbury, CT…thats a few more folks than your hero drew after two weeks of advertising in
      Tulsa. I believe the actual number for your hero was 6,200.

      Here’s one for your memory book. Remember when they asked Clinton about marijuana and he said “he
      didn’t inhale.” When they asked Obama if he inhaled when he smoked marijuana his response was…
      “I thought that was the point.” As the guy on ESPN used to say…”cool as the other side of the pillow.”

      I understand Trump is taking names for a garden of American heros. Write him a letter and see if you can
      get Fannie Lou Hamer included.

  10. Tom,

    Did you read the recent results of the Henry Ford Health System study where they studied 2,500 patients and found at its conclusion that hydroxychloroquine reduced the death rate by 50 %? Multiply the US death toll by 50% and that is the number of lives that could have be saved had the Dems, MSM and Big Pharma not run hydroxychloroquine in the ground as being a worthless drug.

    Yep, that exact same drug that ‘Stupid Trump ‘ was using as a prophylactic drug and advocating and same drug the media railed against trying to make Trump look insane . It’s been proven not to be dangerous and really does have a saving potential especially when used with ionic zinc.In fact, another study is under way to see if the drug prevents hospital personnel from catching the Wahun virus (I refuse to call it coved-19 cause it fails to identify where the virus was released from to infect and kill millions throughout the world).

    I just read your post about Obama being as ‘cool as the underside of a pillow’. Thats funny cause just a few minutes after reading your post I watched a December 16, 2019 video of Obama on Fox Business channel where he bragged that’s he “ doesn’t get involved in DOJ prosecutions”. Obama didn’t have any idea that the notes of Obama’s January 5, 2020 meeting ( hand written by FBI Strzok) would be recently released by Grenell that showed Obama at that meeting actually stated that he wanted the ‘best people put on the prosecution of Gen.Flynn’.

    Yep, he’s cool at lies and his biggest Whopper and most outrageous , infamous one was ‘there were no scandals ‘ during his 8 years in the WH. If he was Catholic I’d pray for his one million years in pergatory ( I don’t really believe in pergatory), but he’s a Muslim so I’ll just pray he will soon have a come to Jesus moment before he closes those “lying eyes”.

    Hope Manfred made it through the fireworks and till we debate again.


  11. You’ve got admirable stamina, Tight. You have work to do on your accuracy. Lose the Obama Muslim
    gig and you’ll be a Hall of Fame Commenter.

    When Barack was 8-10 years old he attended the St. Francis of Assisi school in Indonesia. I’m sure you know well the motto of the Franciscan Order…”We preach the Gospel all the Time, sometimes we
    use words.”

  12. Tom;

    Are you saying Obama was/is a Christian evangelist when he was President?

    Tell me how that could be when he and Killery stirred up revolution and war in Libya and allowed Isis in Middle East to drive millions of Muslims into Europe ( ten of thousands dying in refugee boats crossing the Mediterranean ).

    During his 8 years he and Killery were responsible for the greatest migration of Muslims all over the world then in any previous 8 year period in world history. In other words he helped spread Islam worldwide not Christianity.

    On the other hand he refused to admit into the U.S. many Christian refugees from the same war torn area preferring Muslim immigrants instead .

    That’s the Truth …. but you can’t handle it though. Not good to have more than one God to adore Tom.

    1. We’re ploughing old ground here. You stated Obama was a Muslim. I countered by saying he went to a Catholic school in Indonesia.

      By the way, I can name two individuals who visited the large Mosque in Washington, DC in the days
      right after 9-11 to offer a helpful word: President George W. Bush and your buddy Tom Terrific. I did not bring Manfred.

      Barack Obama is a relaxed individual. His life is an open book. By the way, I have a copy of the Koran around here somewhere, if you believe that Mickey Mouse about 72 virgins please cite to me the exact
      language and section in the Koran in which that promise is made.

      Why don’t you set up something with Jimmy Swaggert and Barack Obama. I like them both. They can sing Amazing Grace and talk some church stuff.

  13. So Tom I try to set forth the Truth that Obama and Killery by killing Kadafi set into motion civil war in Libya and by allowing Isis to plunder Iraq/ Syria more civil war and as such they caused the greatest migration of Muslims in the history of the World into Europe and world wide .

    Can we debate this Truth? Or is it more crickets?

    i’m tired hearing Obama is cool……… that ‘s probably true but that doesn’t describe his religious tendencies and intentions to spread a certain religion.

  14. Hey Tight,

    Surprised you’re up and about on the Sabbath. I don’t believe the story you are commenting on mentioned Libya or Kadafi (next thing you’re going to be
    blaming Obama for traffic accidents in Katmandu) but, seeing its you, I’m here for you.

    I subscribe to Washington’s (George) general rule of foreign policy: we should mind our own business.

    Also, I don’t think we should tear down Washington’s or Jefferson’s or Franklin’s or Fanny Lou Hamer’s statues.

    By the way, did you hear Tucker Carlson got his knickers in a knot?

  15. So you need me to find a news story/ies supporting the fact that the US Intel arranged the murder of Kadafi and caused a civil war in Libya including the Benghazi debacle? And a news story that under Obama that he allowed what he called “the JV” of terrorists, namely Isis, to ravage and torture hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq, Syria and Libya for years causing millions of Muslims to migrate to Europe and thousands of children migrating to drown in the Mediterranean Sea?

    You are kidding me……..trying to get my goat……not going to work liar. You are a well read political operative who keeps up with current events and you know damn well what I have stated is true yet your God , Hussein Barack Obama, is perfect and in your mind I guess those millions of Muslims who stormed the borders of Europe during Obama’s last term where just migrating due to global warming …huh?

    You are like some of those BS liberals who won’t debate truths but hide their minds in the sand , lie , deny truths and want to deny history especially when said history puts a bad light on their political heroes.

    However, I will look for news stories not from Fox but from independent news media like BBC and challenge your lies. And I thought you were a person open to debate as you didn’t just attend a liberal college dominated by a 30 to 1 liberal professorships to conservative professorships; but you graduated from the old colleges 40 years ago when the ratio of liberal professors to conservative professors was still 2 to 1.

    Stay tune and get ready to dig your liberal head out of your Obamamian sand dune and your body out from under your kitchen table cause some independent news and truths are coming your way and going to blast yo arse into reality.

    P.S. I’ve never taken a psychology course but me thinks you are suffering from BSS…Barack Separation Syndrome..

  16. Here you go Tom Terrific:

    In the periodical “moderndiplomacy”, June25,2018 in an essay written by Eric Zuesse entitled “ How the U.S. Under Obama created Europe’s Refugee Crisis” he writes:

    “In fact, Obama had started by no later than 2011, to plan these regime change operations in Libya,Syria and Ukraine.But, in any case, none of these regime change operations that caused the current unprecedented flood of refugees into Europe started because of what European leaders did ( other than their cooperating with the US regime.”

    Reading the entire essay it is evident that author Eric Zuesse is no fan of Trump as he opines that Trump is also wrong to blame Europe’s.acceptance of the refugees as the problem but places the blame on the US regime Middle East foreign policy driven by US corporations and globalists.

    Gaddafi , which I spell “Kadafi” like “Killery” , was responsible for the downing of the Pan Am Lockabie jet and had been a quiet dictator guy after losing a child after a US bombing strike in 1986. Kadafi was not murdered by a spontaneous rebel uprising but by a well planed US Intel coup operation under the guidance of Sec. of State, Killery. But you probably still believe Susan Rice’s six, Sunday media appearances touting the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi was due to a Muslim hate video instead of a terrorist backlash against the US regime intervention into Libya.

  17. Tight…

    I read your two presentations and even checked out Modern Diplomacy.

    I think you called me a liar a few times. I have to advise you that I was taught in law school to never lie in writing. Modern Diplomacy has that Newsmax look about it. I saw one of there stories referred to the
    “Deep State.” I knew, if I lived long enough, I’d find another person who believed in that august entity.

    Was in six appearances on the talk shows or five. I remember back in the old days that if you went on
    four of the morning talk shows in one morning it was known as a “Full Goldberg.” Goldberg was Monica
    Lewinsky’s lawyer until she got sick of seeming him on TV.

    Actually MS Rice was speaking the truth. As a student of history you know that crowds can be emotional and there are certain things you do not say in certain places at certain times. For example, one would not apply for a Parade permit in Philadelphia MS for Black Lives Matter back in 1962. The video in question, which I guarantee you have not seen, was inflammatory and guaranteed to provoke violence. That was its purpose. (Worthy of your investigatory energies is finding out who produced and distributed that video).

    You might get a Nobel for that work.

    1. Doctor Locktight would probably prefer the Noble Prize, which is highly regarded by his intellectual peer Doctor Trump.

        1. Tom , so you read the “modern diplomacy” article by an author who criticizing Trump also but you poo poo the article just because it referred to the “deep State” which you also poo……

          and you say that Susan Rice told the truth 6x’s on Sunday talk shows that the Bengazi deaths of several Americans was due to a hate video…. what a joke you are my friend.

          Well, all I have to say is you are one sick, lost puppy who has no honest virtual of truth as a journalist and you are a pitiful , poor paid touter for the Dems and I hope Manfred your faithful dog finds you soon on the street of reality …….. and hopefully

          before you melt when President Trump wins his second term , finishes reversing all the socialistic executive orders/laws of your hero and hopefully Trump’s AG puts several people of the Obama politicalized DOJ, FBI administration in jail for spying on the Trump campaign and trying to use an “insurance policy” to coup him/ remove him from office.

          I’ll be following your coming touts on Sleepy Joe and be contrasting him with Trump till election day and can assure you that I won’t be getting paid to comment on the Truth.

          May God Bless you and grant you his unending Grace.

      1. Hey Fred , it seems you are one of the Trump haters who may not believe in Hydrocholoroquine?

        I hope you never catch the corona virus but if you do I hope you continue to refuse receiving a medicine that the latest study out of the Henry Ford Medical System showed a 50% reduction in death rate.

        Be true to your hatred and foolish beliefs and you may be pushing up Kudzu fertilized by the Wahun virus.

        God Bless.

        1. I’m not surprised you’d take medical advice from a guy who doesn’t know the difference between Lou Saban and Nick Saban. He’s also suggested that UV light could be effective against Covid. Hey, wait a minute, isn’t that called “UV Curing”, you know, the stuff from Loctite…not to be confused with Lockemuptight…or not? And don’t worry about me catching it, I’m following the advice of the real doctors and scientists. By the way, what is the “Wahun” virus, anyway? First it was the China Virus, then the Wuhan Virus, now this. Sounds a lot like the “Wahoo virus” which is what the governor of Oklahoma has now, after hobnobbing with your stable genius at the Tulsa rally last month. Not wearing a mask or social distancing. Those are the people you need to worry about, and maybe start prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for. That is the medication you were referring to, isn’t it? Unlike you, I’m not a doctor so I’m unfamiliar with Hydrocholoroquine. Are they similar?

          1. Fred,

            What disturbs me is Americans pay taxes to support the CDC and the NHI( which ole Dr.Fauci has controlled for too many years and has made too much money from Big Pharma which only want to push the drugs that cost $4,000 . 10,000 per bottle).

            Yet there is wide spread evidence on the internet that low blood levels of Vitamin D results in 75-80 % greater Corona virus death rates.

            The darker the pigment in a humans’ skin the less they are able to produce Vit D from sun exposure. Black Americans and Latinos are dying at a greater rate than their white counter part Americans. Now liberals would instantly say this is certainly due to poor economic conditions of said stated races.

            However, international studies have showed countries World wide reflect this same findings regarding Vitamin D and its effect on Corona death rates.

            So if you want to increase your survival from Corona virus either join a nudist colony if you are white or grab a bottle of Vit D and take 2-5000 units a day to get your blood levels to around the protective value of 70 units. If you are a Black American or dark skinned Latino a nudist colony won’t help so make sure you start taking oral Vit D as soon as possible because IV Vit D in ICU won’t help you and taking 5,000 units of Vit D per day will take several months to get a low Vit D blood value of say 20 up to the protective value of 70.

            The medical effect of Vit D is that it not only boosters your immune system but also reduces the cytokines inflammatory storm throughout the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems which is what causes a human to die from the virus. It’s the same reason why dexamethasone , a powerful corticosteroid , is the latest wonder drug in treating the virus’s inflammatory storm.

            Don’t take my word but do your research on the internet and you too will agree that a $7 bottle of Vit D ( 2-5,000 units per tablet taken daily) every couple of months may help keep you out of the ICU.

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