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  1. It is amazing the unsuspected things that come our way. Friday as I gassed my truck I was approached by a well dressed elderly black man The first thing he said was I know you probably don’t like black right now. I immediately corrected him that was not correct. He needed some help and I was glad to help. As we talked he spoke of the events going on. I listened as he spoke that the ignorance of today was heart breaking. He spoke of the far right and the far radical left and their refusal to except true historical facts. He spoke of what the Democratic Party had done over the years to damage the Black community by giving handouts and not giving them insentives to become successful. He spoke of the movements going on were just a scare tactic to cause City’s and States to be afraid to hold law breakers accountable. He said these thugs want to Rape,rob,lute and destroy communities with out consequences. His last words to me were that the majority in the middle needed to put a stop to this. Oh by the way he was an avid historian and a Reverend that said we had to return to the only true book. The Bible

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