It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool: Drew Brees saves the season his remarks endangered

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. ~ This quote has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and Samuel Johnson, among others.

There is a new day coming to the opinion pages of your favorite newspaper but before I get to that:

Drew Brees: It breaks my heart to know the pain I caused ~ Josh Alper

Here in Saints land this has been big news since word of Brees remarks to Yahoo Sports broke and once again people are again demonstrating the sheer capacity to not get a damn thing. The first commenter to the above piece illustrates what I’m saying:

Flash1211 says:
June 4, 2020 at 8:40 am
Shouldn’t have to apologize for your opinion

The ignorance Flash displays is common in not knowing the difference between a fact and an opinion. I’ll spell it slow for everyone:


a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

“I like blue more than yellow” would be an example of an opinion.


Learn to pronounce
a thing that is known or proved to be true.

“Ronald Reagan was president from 1981 to 1989” would be a fact.

When your opinion is based on willful ignorance, it is liable to be hurtful and that is exactly what happened here. You see, it was never a secret the players knelt to protest police brutality of minorities, George Floyd being the latest example. It was never about the flag, the troops or disrespecting the flag until our divider in Chief built that straw man and like a Labrador Retriever chasing the tennis ball down, people that wanted to ignore the very real problem of police brutality got their out and closed their minds and ears. Ignoring problems is the lazy way out in life and it is certainly costly as we are finding out today yet there are dividers for profit that would continue to build straw men to racially pit people against one another. Dan Fagan at the Advocate is one such person:

Dan Fagan: Drew Brees should not have to apologize for respecting the flag

This is what one of the sports reporters at the Advocate/T-P had to say:

Opinions based on fantasy are also known as propaganda, something Fox News normalized long ago. I prefer to think that Brees was sincere in his apology and plan on giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. Make no mistake, had he doubled down Trump style a team many expect to contend for the NFC championship in Brees’ last year likely would have flopped because the leader of the team would have lost his teammates, who couldn’t have been more clear why they knelt. I imagine, with the help of other team leaders like Demario Davis, Brees will make good on his remarks to Yahoo and emerge a better person on the other side.

And folks if you want to be lazy and tune someone out Fagan over at the Advocate would be an excellent candidate.

14 thoughts on “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool: Drew Brees saves the season his remarks endangered”

  1. What I find sad, is while everyone wants to focus on the national level, we have these same instances of police brutality and abuse of power happening here in Hancock County.

    Everyone saw and laughed at the naked man running down Highway 603. What if that had a been a black man? Would people find it humorous that these officers saw fit to parade a naked black man, who was high and mentally off, down the highway for the world to see? Would be question why they wouldn’t just put him in a car? Why wouldn’t they cover him? Why would they add to the mocking and public indecency?

    Later that night, I got a text message from a friend who had another picture of this guy. This one was the front angle, all his glory for the world to see, and the officers pompously posing by giving a thumbs up. This wasn’t a candid photo, it was staged. They took the time to make fun of and embarrass this man. They ‘aided and abetted’ his indecent exposure. I understand, he did it to himself. But he was under the influence of drugs. Why aren’t those officers called to protect his rights and his privacy?

  2. Good morning Doug. I don’t know what might be going on but I made a comment about Democrats under the Lincoln project. When I was reading this morning I couldn’t find it there. I did find it under a Tom Callaghan post plus the date of comment was changed

    1. Hammer you left this comment a few days ago. I haven’t seen any others. I do appreciate your kind words on the section 230 post.

      I checked the spam que and managed to rescue ScaredofPopo. Not sure why that comment ended up there. Sometimes spam will eat an otherwise good comment. It varies but when we get slammed with spam I may miss a good comment dumping the que into trash.

  3. While much ado is made of Bees trying to get on the right side of history as perceived, the best thing that we could see with the NFL is the elimination of State sponsored subsidies to yet another cartel, the NFL, which one guesses provides some diversion to the sheeple akin to Brave New World.

    1. As all this unrest continues I am beginning to think very little positive change will come. Politics take horrible events and make political footballs out of them. America is a melting pot of people from all over the world. Even people from countries we were at war with live and thrive he. This is a fairly young country and if all these liberal professors would teach the birth and the issues that we have made progress on I think a lot of young Americans would understand some issues better. Yes we still have plenty of work to do with equality for all. Police,criminals and our elected leaders have to step up and not divide. I personally think Biden going to the funeral of Mr.Floyd takes away from his memory and makes it a political event which to me is horrible. All people are equal and all lives matter. Until we are willing to change our minds and hearts this will be a on going issue. It has to be a personal change, government will never accomplish it

      1. In reality those are NOT “liberals.” The classic liberal was one who sought to diminish the power of the State and was for freedom of speech and thought. No, what you are seeing is nothing more than the priestly caste for the psychopaths in positions of political power.

  4. Wow
    Brees has nothing to apologize for.
    His wife needs to shut the f——— up
    Whites the problem
    F——— her
    I have done nothing to apologize for.

    All the spoiled $m athletes want to stand up every few years when shit happens and want change.
    No they don’t
    If they did they would do their part every day
    They would push for change every day

    Capernick didn’t give 2 cents about black lives till no body wanted him
    Than he wants to draw attention to himself and kneels
    Where the f——— was he when he was A starting quarterback
    Now he’s a deprived black blaming the white because he wasn’t worth the money he wanted so nobody wanted him they couldn’t trade him so he takes a knee
    Not for someone as he says but to draw attention to himself
    Remember he never done jacks hit for the cause before

    White cop kills black man Racist
    Black can kill Black ok
    Black can kill White ok
    White cop can kill White ok
    Just don’t let a piece of 💩💩💩💩 get killed by a cop

    Yes in this case the cop was dead wrong
    Yes wrong and should be punished

    But what does 90% Plus of these cases have in common ?

    A crime was committed
    They were on drugs
    They resisted arrest
    White mans fault?

    Don’t do crimes
    Don’t do drugs
    Don’t resist
    And guess what
    They would be alive today

    Again these cops were wrong but
    Gets you in trouble
    White mans fault??

    F——— Brees
    The saints
    The nfl
    And the rest that gets trapped into this BS

    You want change
    Be there every day!!!!!!
    Not just when baited

  5. Hammer
    You are correct
    Everyone must be held accountable for their actions
    You don’t make a martyr out of a piece of 💩💩💩💩
    And society as a whole is not responsible for ones actions.
    Again the cops were wrong

  6. To all those who thought Brees should have kept his mouth shut and/ or his apology:

    Brees stated no harmful racist words but only stated his respect for Our Flag and for his relatives who fought in many wars to defend our liberty and was viciously attacked by BLM and branded a racist even by his own players; all despite the millions of dollars he has donated to charitable work ;

    Commissioner “Gotohell” seeing what happened to Brees now wants to kneel with ex -NFL player ,Colin Krappernick , who wears Castro tee shirts to convene his political ideas;

    Head Coach Grundy of OSU Cowboys football team wears an OAN news network tee shirt on a fishing trip and players , including Chubb Hubbard favored to win the Heisman Trophy, threatened to not participate in any recruiting, etc,;

    Some black players on the Texas football team are demanding among other things that the song “The Eyes of Texas are Upon Us” be scrapped;

    Folks what we have here is “White Guilt” invented by the radical left, the BLM and Antifa just to name a few……..

    Neutralizing first the most powerful people in a Society to force less important others to become sheeple is a Marxist revolutionary strategy for sure.

    But whites need to listen instead to the educated African Americans such as Professors Stowell and Steele of the Hoover Institute of Stanford on the internet who say whites can’t solve the fake news “racism” nor black on black plight/murder but it has to be the black population ,one black at a time , taking individual responsibility for themselves and their families……

    Then there is the informal educated blacks such as Bevelyn Beatty with 5.2 million views on u-Tube telling whites that they need to ‘ speak their mind’ and tell the truth to blacks ; and then telling blacks and liberals the TRUTH with her even traveling from NJ to Seattle to educate people and protest against the murderous Planned Parenthood and explaining why she is voting for Trump…..

    Wake up white America and throw off this fake white guilt fantasy trip you are smoking and do your part to fight any real racism anywhere but fight the more dangerous “reverse racism “ of the Dems politicos this election year , as well as their paid power players the BLM and Antifa.

    1. “Brees should have kept his mouth shut and/ or his apology”

      That’s quite the rambling comment there Lockie. I think what is important here isn’t what anyone in the peanut gallery thinks, rather it is what Drew Brees thinks. It isn’t whether or not Brees has the right to his own opinions because he does. Same with his Mrs. It isn’t whether I thought he should have apologized or whether you think he shouldn’t have apologized. That decision belongs solely to Captain Drew as well.

      He expressed his thoughts on the anthem protests. His team mates expressed their opinion on his opinion as is their right. Just like the old Johnny Cash song after the scrap Drew came away with a different point of view and apologized. Thin skinned white snowflakes across the country got their fee-fees hurt that Drew did exactly what Christians are supposed to do by making things right.

      This isn’t about Marxism or any of the other unrelated bullshit you threw against the wall in your comment. I’m personally enjoying seeing the Trumpanzees melt down over doing the right thing. It is quite the reveal of their true character.

      2020 will be remembered for a lot of things including the crash and burn of the evangelical hypocrite/racist takeover of the GOP. What ever emerges from the ashes this November has got to be better than what the mental midget tea partiers brought to the tent back in 2010.

  7. First Happy Father’s Day to you Doug and on this day we need to give all praise and Glory to Our Father and Creator who allowed His Son to endure a tortuous death to become a Savior , not for the righteous for there are none worthy, but for sinners like you and I. Certainly there are no human fathers among us today who knows such love as to sacrifice a son for the lost sheeple who fall to the lies of Satan.

    In a way you espouse in your reply to me the Christian life as Christ said if your brother asks for your shirt give him your coat too. However , He said those words to brothers who were believers not non – believers. Christ’s believers were believers in His Truths, His Way and His life. And not in the false lies of Satan .

    You stated that Brees ‘ … did the Christian thing and made things right’.That is to assume that ‘ things ‘ are really wrong and there is so-called systemic racism by white privileged people. That I opine is the central issue of our differences in opinion.

    Maybe you can tell me why after the 1960’s Great Society of Democrat LBJ and trillions of dollars in welfare, housing and increased minority rights (reverse discrimination) for increased admission to some of the greatest colleges in America ; and after Black Miss America beauty contests , the BET network, the Black Caucus in Congress; we still seem to have allegations of systemic racism , not by the average peaceful African -American (a term which is racist on its face), but by politico racists such a the Rev. Sharptons, the Rev. Jacksons and hundreds of politico, Dem racist whores who right before every national election play the infamous race card upon which the liberal MSM news fan the flames of race agitation.

    I see this recent alleged systemic racism propaganda a red herring for a clear socialistic, Marist revolt against American capitalism starting with Christopher Columbus , George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and on down thru John Mc Donough who built hundreds of schools in New Orleans and Baltimore ; some of which schools I attended , as well as millions of Blacks thereafter. Yet ole John was recently thrown into the Mississippi River and had to be retrieved therefrom by appreciative, white Mc Donough alumni.

    Cuban and Vietnamese refugees have in one generation prospered in a totally strange country and language yet some revolutionary African – Americans are still claiming they are still being discriminated against by a white privileged society.

    Such self serving reverse racist allegations are not Christian truths, not the Christian way nor representative of Christian life. Christ even told His disciples that they had to work and not just live off of the community charity of other Christians. The early Christians could easily have claimed social persecution but instead they sort to evangelize their oppressors.

    There are thousands of other Christian Americans that may in Truth need a shirt and I would be willing to also give them my coat but not to BLM , Antifa revolutionaries and other evident non- believers.

    Loretta King and many prominent Black Christian leaders are also seeing thru this racist propaganda and I guess you think they are also Trumpanzees
    and that is certainly your protected right of free speech. And call me a ‘Christian hypocrite ‘ and I will consider it and proudly wear it as a prosecuted crown as instructed by Christ.

    Thanking you for your continued fight against political corruption and your willingness to offer a forum for counter political views which many of our liberal universities used to encourage and entertain and yet sadly do not allow today.

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