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I’d heard the name, Emmett Till decades ago and knew it was associated with something awful. It was probably ten years ago that I saw the photographs of his grotesquely beaten face. If you see those photos you will never be able to unsee them. Emmett lived in Chicago with his mother. When he was 14, he took a trip to Mississippi to visit relatives. Not understanding “the way things were”, in a place he’d never been, he foolishly whistled at a white woman in a store. That’s all it took. He was abducted and beaten to death. Emmett’s mother insisted on having an open coffin at her son’s funeral “so people would see what they had done to him.”

James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner knew exactly what they were getting into. Chaney was black and grew up in Meridan, MS. When he was 15, in 1958, he started wearing an NAACP button to school. Gutsy. Schwerner and Goodman were Jewish from NewYork. They were in Mississippi as volunteers to help register black voters. That kind of work was viewed as an affront to the existing white power structure of the state. The three were arrested for a traffic violation by Cecil Price, Klan Member and Deputy Sheriff of Neshoba County, MS. The three were held for several hours then released, followed, abducted and killed. The presence of two white victims from the north made it national news and top priority for the FBI. When the bodies were found it was discovered that the white victims had been shot in the heart while James Chaney, the local black man had been chained to a tree chain whipped, castrated and shot. Chaney was 21 years old at the time.

George Floyd was trying to get by. Continue Reading…….

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  1. So you think that the retired black policeman who worked in the gun shop in Chicago deserved to die ( defending the gun shop from looters ) in retribution for George Floyd just passing counterfeit $20 bills?

    One debt deserves another?

    You are one sick liberal puppy my friend.

    I was sickened with the way the police choked George to death. He should have been left face down on the ground after acting up in the police cruiser.

    But if I was black and did a crime I knew was a crime, had a potent pain killer in my veins and had cardiac problems( all health problems that George personally had); I would not be fighting and acting up to create a chance for more force to be used on my body. The fact is George like other blacks who have been involved in crimes they knew they were committing ; all by their lack of respect for a lawful police arrest actually created situations where they become victims of excessive police force.

    I have been arrested myself due to lies told about me and knowing I had not done what was alleged by one lying female attorney I did not fight handcuffs and when riding in the back seat of a police cruiser I told the truth to the arresting officer and when he apologized I told him it was not his fault….. told him I wasn’t blaming him or complaining cause just look at what “ they did to Christ who was without sin”. The officer responded ‘ you’re right’.

    I hope you , your family or your friend’s business is never looted or burned down or their innocent lives taken over this BS black lives matter, Antifa resistance movement crap funded by liberal revolutionary who will be eventually be exposed; cause I think your ‘ one debt deserves another debt’ attitude would change drastically.

    Quit blaming the police 100% when the criminals fight lawful arrest and put themselves voluntarily at the hands of other humans who are imperfect just as you and I are imperfect. If you are a criminal then respect lawful arrest and do your time and your chance to live to see another crime will be preserved.

    1. I don’t think you can point to evidence I am in the habit of “blaming the police.”

      In the Garner case, the cops had about six and Garner was by himself. He had been selling single cigarettes. Not a death penalty offense. He got the choke hold. Left six kids.

      In the Floyd case, the cops had four and Floyd was by himself. He had a fake $20 bill trying to by Menthol
      cigarettes probably to sell on the streets. The cop gave him the knee for nine minutes. Not a death penalty case.

      In both cases you had big guys, not very well educated, close to 50 years old doing what they could to scratch out a living committing a “nuisance” crime in the Garner case and petty crime in the Floyd case.
      The police response in both cases was not “proportional” to the crime and the threat posed by the guys
      who ended up dead.

      BUT, as an astute reader, you know the thrust of my piece was about how African Americans came to America and have been treated since there arrival. That was the reason for the Jefferson quote and the suggestion that we have to help African Americans build a well educated leadership core that hopefully
      will result in fewer middle aged black men reduced to trying to hustle a living committing petty crime.

      So, Tight, can I count you as “all in” on the plan for a dozen very high quality K-12 schools located strategically around the country? Assisted by Federal funding, of course, but at least some financial contribution by the attendees.

    1. Any body that thinks Biden and the Lying Democrats need to control this country are dumb as a fucking stump. Study history or are you to dumb to read

      1. My Post does not refer to “Biden” or “Democrats.” You don’t seem to be able to keep up with the

  2. I believe there is something inherently wrong with chaining people to the holds of ships, transporting them on a two month trip and selling them to people who require them to work for nothing.

    I believe that it is reasonable to redress prior wrongs. I also believe that redressing prior wrongs benefits
    the descendants of those who committed the wrong AND the descendants of those who were wronged.

    I would support redressing the wrong of slavery by a Federal Government support for a dozen high quality K-12 schools primarily of black kids for at least a generation (20 years).

    Its a small step. What’s the problem?

  3. 1. Over 100,000 preventable deaths due mismanagement of the novel coronavirus.
    2. Unemployment rate at levels not seen since Herbert Hoover was POTUS at the start of the great depression.
    3. Our cities in chaos with POTUS fanning the flames of hate and division.

    So much winning. Hate to see what losing is like.

    A reasonable, considered mind would look back over the last 20 years and conclude the Republicans are good for cratering the economy and killing people through sheer incompetence. Of course when the operating premise going in is that Government can’t work organizationally, it is no surprise it doesn’t work well when the GOP is in charge.

    I personally don’t think it’s the fault of Mexican ditch diggers, that is fodder for weak minds.

  4. Noteworthy in all of this is the fact that it is State activity which is practiced by both wings of EinPartei which kills and enslaves everyone. After all, what’s the thrill in having the ability to exercise raw power, Winston, if you don’t?

  5. Tom Terrific:

    You quoted in the last few lines of your racist op – ed ‘whites should thank their lucky stars that they have not yet got their asses beaten’…….

    Really Tom ……. are you getting paid to tout such hateful, inflammatory verbiage on the internet from Soros or the DNC ?

    It’s people like you that fuel the violent protests and riots over one bad apple popo that did something as cruel and stupid as causing cardiac arrest in an individual that had 4 x the average lethal amount of fentanyl in his blood stream (as per toxicology studies along with meth and maybe a little residue of Mary).

    Boy George besides his several felony crimes, several prison tours and putting a revolver up against a pregnant woman’s belly was also a poor, performing porn star for half the time he couldn’t get it up from all the drugs in his system (search web for “The Habib Show featuring George the Landlord”) .

    Only reverse racist activists and the Reverend Jackass gets this criminal three funerals in three states with a final ‘ Presidential ‘ horse drawn carriage ride to his final resting place. All the while a refine, moral retired black police office murdered defending a pawn store in the riots gets one simple , non- national publicized funeral. Is that equal justice and concern about black lives that matter? No wonder the female black conservative Candace Owens is ranting over Floyd not deserving being celebrated as a hero.

    Now let me just say that I , as well as a lot of my other non- racist friends , will never be sympathetic, brainwashed whites that will apologize or kneel for a fascist BLM racial pledge ; all for the past horrors of slavery, hangings or murders of past racists that occurred over the last 150 years which my generation had nothing to do with. I treat all people regardless of race with equal respect and that includes “yes ma’am and no sir”

    Interestingly today the violent prone BLM scheduled a protest and march two blocks from my business and I was forced to assume a legal ,Korean style defense which proved highly effective in L.A. after the Rodney King riots. Wasn’t on my roof but was armed to defend my life and property from any Antifa anarchists . Luckily the Jefferson Parish swat team and canine units happened to also be in the area and only ten brained washed protesters appeared. And let it be known that there were many other armed reserve JP personnel and other male , neighborhood business owners at the corner with all of us ready to protect our neighborhood from these terrorist bullies.

    Maybe you also will be fortunate enough to see a terrorist BLM protest close to your neighborhood and hopefully you will thank the Mighty Manfred for being your lucky star to save your ass from that beating you say you are due?

  6. You gotta cut me some slack, Tight. We go way back. It’s called poetic license and expanding on what
    Thomas Jefferson said way back when. See, quote the day.

    I was in downtown DC the day King was shot. Young black males were helping direct traffic so the whitTomes could get out of town.

    It’s a big world out there.

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