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  1. The good old DMR never fails to draw the worst out of some people. You have Spraggins running his on version of family and friends supposedly. You have commissioners that think they know more than a building full of scientists. The science means nothing to some of them when it comes to protecting the gulf waters or pushing their own agenda. The science loses which also means the people that enjoy and make a living in the gulf waters lose. What a scam. You know that building was the old Biloxi Hospital makes you wonder if spirits walk the halls and shove some elected and appointed officials so for up their ass they forget what they are there for

  2. Dictator. A tyrannical ruler that has total power over a country. Typically one who has taken control by force. Despot, tyranny, fascism, oppression, suppression, repression, subjugation, and domination. Example: Julius Caesar, Mussolini, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Chiangmai Kai Shek, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khamenei, Mao Zedong, PolPot, General Kim Jong Un and our local version General Joe Amoeba Spraggins.
    Let’s examine the facts surrounding his dictatorship.

  3. 1. First thing a tyrant does is control the information. First thing Jellyfish Spraggins did was do away with the ethics hotline. Rumor was that employees complained all the time about him working for other groups while drawing full state DMR salary. Many commercials with General Jellyfish at the Airport Board meetings, Rotary Club meetings and political rallies. Then creates several internal policies to suppress employee rights. A good example of one is the no recording policy. General Jellyfish waked all nigh fearful Employees might record his unethical conduct. General Jellyfish used the State Attorney Generals attorneys to suppresses all opposition to his majesty. The notorious MP Republican Guard monitors all. They even tried to hack this site desperately trying to find out the names of the commentators. Is it illegal to one party record someone in Mississippi? Never mind that pesky Constitution. Typical tyrant behavior.

    1. Oh you’re so right. His behavior has always taken that route in every position he has held. Very seldom have I heard over the years anything positive about the way he conducts business except for those who drink his cool aid. History tells us what happens when the human spirit takes issue with this type of behavior.

  4. 2. Surround yourself with trusted friends and family. If you don’t like what the employees are telling you hire your church family. The inside rumor is the DMR employees refer to themselves as the First Baptist Church of Marine Resources because of all the staff hired from the pews adjacent to Jellyfish Spraggins. Most recent hire P. Philistine. Fellow church member and golfing buddy. Bonus he is also ex military. His background is in casino HR. Jellyfish Spraggins plans to get rid of the Cake Eater assoon as she teaches the Philistine her job. Don’t let the irony jump on a horse and gallop away. Oh and did I mention the Philistine’s son works at the DMR with a criminal record and a bad military discharge. Don’t forget the drunk church member that was fire for drinking on the job. Oh the rumors of a video still dance around. The Snack Secretary comes from senator Tinsel previous political office. The Snack Secretary started a new job but those pesky rumors followed her to the DMR. Let’s not forget BJ flunking Polazzos pecan sandy parties that ultimately led to divorce. Rumors abound of new elevators that will accommodate increased headspace for the Tower of Babylon employees.

  5. Jesus has left the DMR but not the building. Rumor is that the SOS now has offices in the Bolton Building. Jesus still roams the halls looking for those Mardi Gras guns. But oh the legacy he left.

    1. Qualification Gate. Miller Light and Jellyfish Spraggins got the legislature to eliminate the requirements of Marine Chief so that Jesus Davis could qualify. Prior to these changes the best Jesus Davis could qualify for was a bicycle cop in Gulfport.
    2. Golf Gate. Jesus Davis had little else to do for most of the day but holler and scream like little boy Fontenot he played golf and drank beer with his college roommate and buddies at Sun Kist. Then required DMR employees to clean the trashed state vehicle. DMR staff actually had to remove golf clubs and golf balls from a state vehicle.
    3. Turkey Gate. Jesus began cooking up political favors. Used the state compound to cook free turkeys for politically connected, local elected officials and the Marine Commission. He originally denied it, but then the pictures appeared. Oh my.
    4. Bridge Gate. After a female Marine Patrol Officer was pulled over in a State Law Enforcement vehicle by Ocean Springs police, no records of any such event could be found. But a couple of ladies from east Biloxi witnessed the DUI. The Marine Patrol vehicle was parked overnight at the foot of the Ocean Springs bridge and mysteriously disappeared.
    5. Sex Gate. A male Marine Patrol Officer has sex with a female Marine Patrol Officer on state time on state property and in a state Law Enforcement vehicle. Male patrol officer brags about it. The male officer’s wife is confronted by female officer at an Ocean Springs hairdresser. Leaves the wife a note bragging about the affair. Eventually Jesus Davis finds out about the affair and firing the female officer.
    6. Contract Gate. Oh, and the lavish contract he gave to a fellow officer from Pascagoula for three days of work a week. Now works in HR criminally investigating DMR employees. Jellyfish Spraggins has spies in all the offices. Jesus Davis brought several Pascagoula friends with him. Then he left and left his loser buddies behind.
    7. Trump Gate. Davis attended the Republican Convention under the pretext of providing protection for then candidate Trump. One wonders where all the secrete service agents were? Where were all the local, city, state, law enforcement were ? So many law enforcement officials abandoned their duties the taxpayers of Mississippi paid for.
    8. Investigate Gate. Jesus established a criminal investigation unit who’s purpose is to investigate the commercial fishery. This group of Republican Guard Just harasses the commercial fishermen. Pulls them over to harass, threaten and intimidate. Let’s not forget Jesus Davis got Louisiana to help raid a Division Street Seafood processor. No raid for the processor just down the road that donates free seafood Jesus Davis cooked with his staff to bribe local elected officials.
    9. Gun Gate. Jesus Davis Parks a state vehicle after hours in Woolmarket and criminals steal a gun and parts of another from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Waits over a month before filing a stolen police report. Guns never recovered. Oh, and let snot forget the blessing ceremony. Even going so far as getting his officers and their guns blessed at the First Baptist Church of Gulfport. Guns on the alter. Now the Gulfport First Baptist’s are hosting a conceal carry gun training for selected gun tooting DMR employees.
    11. Cash on Hand Gate. Those that forget the past are destined to repeat it. Just like Walkers secret checking account and Schumate’s secret checking account, Jesus Davis created a secret checking account. Calls it the cash on hand account. Buying all sorts of items outside of state procurement rules.

    1. The buck always stops at the top. So along that line where the hell was Spraggins Was he covering or part of it or had his head up his ass. A thought just came to me he must have a copy of the Bill Walker play book. Could it be? He must be trying to balance that and have his church buddies and family around to offset the evil. What a dumb ass. Good always wins in the end. All he has to do is ask the original Family and Friends gang

  6. A great agency with good people laid to waste by General Jellyfish. Politicians running the DMR by proxy. Anything these self serving ignorant dolts want Jellyfish bends over steel the staff and the science out the back door. Hiring his church members and most are DUI convicted drunks. One was fired for drinking on the job and now a father and son at the helm. Why are there not background checks for public employees? These drunks would be forced back to the pews they came from. And oh the head priestess whore of Babylon has been promoted to chief consultant. Sleep with enough politicians and anything is possible with a Jellyfish in charge. Makes one wonder what incentive was provided? These thug commissioners doing everything they can to serve themselves. The reverse odometer commissioner can’t decide how much he can self benefit. One minute one way and oops there goes that dang wind a blowin. Oh and angry Hanks backstabbed his constituents. Wait to you see the way I vote now. Class real white trash class. 1,000 IQs between them all and Penelope still comes out on top. Instead of selling cars, used cars, now selling favors and fish. General Jellyfish has nothing and no one to hold fault but his own false self. Yet he will find someone to blame. Generals always do.

  7. Well it’s Sunday so Spraggins should be happy his congregation is with him today I wonder if the real congregation where he attends know what a piece of work he and some of his Pugh members are. Point Park I believe you have to much IQ credit to some of the commissioners. I believe some are below zero. Anyone that doesn’t understand marine science has no business even being considered to sit on such an important body that makes decisions that affect so many people that depend on the gulf for fun or to put food on the table. I’m glad I’m hearing from more and more people about the disrespect for the science and the push of personal agendas that will take a toll on the waters we all enjoy.

  8. Traitor. The coast resident should fell betrayed by General Jellyfish. The Corps just announced a successful flood fight. Under the leadership of General Spraggins the citizens of the coast have become second class backwater residents. Jellyfish has allowed the Corps to make us lesser at the expense of Louisiana residents. Their lives are more important than ours. Their businesses are better than ours. Their communities are worth more than ours. This under the leadership of a man that won’t lift a finger to help us. When he walks in a room at a Corps meeting it’s prostrate and with his rear end first. General Jellyfish has made us all second class citizens. We have become the toilet the upper class citizens of Louisiana flush their soiled waste to. General Jellyfish sphincter speaks to the commercial fishermen while conspiring with the two car salesman commissioners. Hungry Havard and reverse odometer Daniels have destroyed the commercial industry and now have backstabbed the recreational fishermen. All at the bloody hands of the Coast Communist Association CCA. How do you like me now? That’s what you recreational fishermen should be asking yourselves now. These two thugs in collusion with General Jellyfish have given your group a anal douche. Let me guess how long your greedy self serving fish season will be this year. And the MP Republic Guard is allowing the pillaging of the reefs by your elected officials greedily fishing the season early and no law enforcement in sight. That’s the reddest cobia I have even seen.

    1. I’m so happy to see that our elected state officials,Head up the ass Spraggins and our wonderful knowledgeable Marine Commission did a hell of job protecting Louisiana fishermen and New Orleans with the the spillway. The Feds say dump the shit on Mississippi and our officials say glade to have it. Meanwhile our scientists and others at the DMR are working their asses off to bring the Gulf back for our people that play in or depend on it Tourism,Restaurants,Bars,Retailers all are negatively hit in the face by these idiots especially in the times we are enduring right now. Their personal agendas must have their eyes,ears and brains clogged with shit

    2. Point Park—you are on target. The people of LA have always appeared to me that they are treated like upper class citizens. It’s a total shit hole but it seems like they get away with so much and are catered to. It’s the same way where I work. If you were from LA the rules don’t apply. You don’t have to meet any requirements and they line your pockets and promote you. They’ve got some kind of hold but I’m not sure what it is.

  9. I wonder just how much Spraggins is getting from LA to allow the Mississippi Gulf waters to be used as a septic tank. I’m sure the people here that depend on the Gulf for a living and those that use it for fun and recreation highly appreciate the toxic shit allowed to come this way over and over. Spraggins and some of the commissioners along with some State leaders either forgot who they work for or don’t have a clue on keeping our waters clean. Their half hearted objections at times can’t help but make you wonder what if any priorities they have for our Gulf waters

  10. Oh my Mr. Hammer. Careful or those thugs will investigate. Not much they can do except get some really really bad press and maybe the long thought out legal action. Have you ever watched General Jellyfish give interviews. The few that are job oriented suggests gratification of being acknowledged by real generals that have real responsibilities is payment enough. Jellyfish is to busy handing out political favors to the local elected officials to bother himself with the coast community. Remember Jellyfish is from Alabama not Mississppi. He has sold us out to Louisiana. New Orleans is greater and more important than Gulfport. Baton Rouge is more prestigious and has more wealth than Biloxi. Louisiana is being saved at the expense of the coast. Louisiana’s tourism is more important than the coasts. Louisiana marine resources are more important than Mississppi. He is even trying to suppress the one group that is trying to defend us. Jellyfish will say anything to get what he can never have from the Corps generals. Respect.

  11. Well well well. The bonnet carre money is here. 21 million dollars. WLOX said a state agency was going to manage the money. Good lord let’s all pray it’s not the DMR. It took almost 10 years to distribute the 2011 money. And when they did distribute they took all kinds of money to hire drunken felon church members. Went on extravagant field trips all over the country where they drove in lemo busses and ate catered food. All this while our seafood industry suffered and were denied the money that was meant for them. Then this criminal commission passed all kinds of rules to destroy the commercial fishery. Oh don’t worry Mr. Hammer I have all kinds of time to read the commission reports. I do see what you are saying. These reports are ripe with the actions of these deplorable commissioners. More comments later.

    But let’s see if this criminal General Jellyfish is in charge and which church members get special contracts and how many more drunk convicts are hired with money meant for the commercial fishermen. How many special charter fishermen get money. Yes Mr. Hammer I can read and oh my what these self serving commissioners say in these reports. How many drunken field catered field trips will be taken. How many millions will be taken from the commercial fishermen like the first time. Only thing could make it worse is if DEQ manages this money along with the Governors consulting henchmen Covington. Still no press on the millions that are being stolen from the citizens of the coast for these BP projects. Million being pocketed with management fees. Consultant fees. Engineering fees. Contracting fees. When all said and done maybe 10 percent goes to the actual project. So now then where is the free press. Where is the fifth estate. So far no where to be found. IMHO. They are as criminally responsible as DEQ and DMR.

    1. Just got back in town and was reading some post on DMR site from meeting this passed week. As I read some of the new fish records some last names seemed familiar or am I wrong. Also I read about the money coming in to help with lost profits. I am very curious as to how it will be handled

      1. I have read some of the commission reports. Mr. Hammer I think you are correct. Reverse odometer Daniels and Hungry Havard changed the state fishing records rules so that their family and friends could get state records for catching baby minnows. Almost all the records since 2018 are from their family and friends. Shamefully benefitting themselves. Did you watch this self serving meeting this morning Mr. Hammer ? Once again reverse odometer Daniels benefitting himself and his hand selected buddies. Now that the relief money is finally here for the commercial fishermen the only question is how much will General jellyfish and this self serving commission give to the recreational charter fishermen. The last meeting all this was discussed was the charter fishers not the commercial fishermen. Let’s see what the depth of the payback is to these two self serving commissioners for their support of the CCA the coast communist association. They certainly have done significant damage to our commercial fishermen. And now General jellyfish is supporting the this idiotic legislators in destroying the commercial fishermen. Shameful. Disgusting. And traitorous acts by these CCA supporters. Why is not Shaggy White doing an investigation. Where is the FBI. And where oh where is the press.

  12. I thought I was right about those names. If it wasn’t such a sad statement on the mind set of some people it would be funny. It gives you a sense of pathetic desire to be noticed by warped minds. You are right maybe it is time for some of my Colleagues to take a look see. You never know what’s hiding under a jellyfish

  13. Oh my Mr. Hammer. Say it ain’t so. The DMR and the sleazy commission back to its old tricks. The Tower of Babylon is now ripe with ill gotten fruit. All the whore paid with tax payers money are political appointees Gulfport church members drunks felons. Where is Shaddy White. Where is Anita Lee? Where oh where could they be. And more rumors are circulating. I have no proof yet and will not comment until then. But if true the federal authorities will be forced to do their jobs. Forced to do the right thing. Forced to do the tax payers justice. But this time will be different. Because these self serving politicians appointed General Jellyfish and the wimpy Tator Tot they will be forced to put the DMR back under the wildlife department. Forced to do the right thing. Then and only then will they all be held accountable. Let’s hope the right thing will be do. I do indeed doubt it.

    1. Well,Well as I travel the state the amount of political bullshit I continue to see and hear rumors about. It is especially sad in Mississippi’s own swamp in Jackson. The rumors run rampant. I even heard one that jellyfish Spraggins of the DMR and Mr. Thompson along with a few others might be trying to change the commercial fishing industry in the Gulf. I don’t know what changes would possibly be made but it seems like there is always something coming from the top Leadership of the DMR

  14. Oh my Mr. Hammer. Once again you are correct. A quick look at the legislation and you see Thompson is sponsoring a bill along with Delusional Delano that would destroy the commercial net fishing. Guess where they are getting all the inside information? Yep. General Jellyfish is actively colluding with these corrupt politicians to remove all commercial fishing from the inside water in MS. The coast communist association CCA is sponsoring all this. Wants to turn Cat Island into an exclusive fishing zone for the rich and elected. And those commission reports. Truly truly amazing. I finally found what you were referencing. It appears the reverse odometer Daniels sponsored law to increase the commercial quota so that the charters could participate in the quota to pay for their tackle and fuel. And now in 2020 proclaims that the charters are 100 percent recreational. Guess why? Well so General Jellyfish can give him and his crew of thugs all the federal commercial fishermen’s money. The only question is when will the commercial fishermen finally wake up and file that long rumored lawsuit.

    1. It is amazing to me the things you get wind of in the swamp of Mississippi. AKA State Capital. Now I hear talk of the commission on marine resources being changed to an advisory board. Does that mean no decision making authority except through Spraggins. Is he trying to be a dictator? This should be a very disturbing idea to anyone that works for the DMR and anyone that uses the Gulf and it’s resources for their livelihood or recreational use. There is also talk in the swamp of possible questionable activity by Spraggins and his former head of Marine Patrol. More to come. Stay tuned.

  15. Oh my Mr. Hammer how right on you are. It took me a little while to find out what’s dastardly thing General jellyfish has been up to and my has he been busy. You are right Jellyfish and his group of unethical thugs have been busy in Jackson. Timmy Ladner, Scott Delano and Robert Bennett and crew have passed legislation that would take away all authority of this self serving Coast Communist Association CCA Commission. It would be renamed the Advisory Board. So it seems that this self serving commission that serves the CCA has finally done itself in. So let’s see reverse odometer Daniels with the help of Jellyfish and the Attorney wanted to get a piece of the commercial fisherman’s quota to pay for gas and gear. Now he is conspiring with Jellyfish to steal a chunk of the commercial fisherman’s disaster money. Gets even worst. Jellyfish is going to pay a “contractor” to oversee these funds. My top three choices are Covington that is currently pilfering the coast BP money, or Joe no morales Cloyd. You might remember him he got several secrete contracts from Miller Light. Did little to nothing and when he screwed up the Coast conference the DMR never held it again. Then the newcomer at the trough Scott Leave way. His fame was pillaging the Harrison County Board coffers. Famous public trashing of female supervisor. Fired and then works for the DMR. Sound familiar. Well Russell Weather vein worker at the Board and also got fired. Guess where he’s at. Yep the DMR but he had help. His brother-in-law is Robert Bennett. The Tower of Babylon is full of concubines and succubuses. There is no boundaries for these thieves of the truth. These whores of Babylon.

  16. So let’s carve the stone. Hammer the iron. Burn the straw. First up is the Executive Snack Secretary. You remember her. When Tyndall’s law firm went bankrupt she had to crawl out from under the Executive desk and join the whores of Babylon. Then there is BJ Moron. Cast off from the pecan sandy parties thrown by Pizza Palazzo that ultimately cost him his marriage. Let not forget the high priestess of the whores. Jezzelbel. She and Hancock County Moran have made many sacrifices. Many sacrifices. They don’t call it the carnal house for nothing. Promoted to chief advisor to Jellyfish. PT the philistine. Few low and under the pew church member with Jellyfish. Fired from the Scarlet Pearl. He and his son now work at the DMR. The son of Sam has quite a criminal record. Redacted military form and criminal record. Marine Patrol did no background check. These thugs were too busy investigating the rank and file DMR employees including prominent Fisheries biologist to keep out criminals. And son of Sam is a daddy’s boy. Anytime he doesn’t like something up to the Tower of Babylon to tattle to daddy. And oh my the record the Philistine has. No background check for him either. And now my favorite the Cake Eater. Comatose as usual. Already fired and clueless as ever. Speaking of firing and quitters. The grass eater is gone. The number two grasseater is gone. The papereater is quitting. Rumor is a secret contract is being developed for the secrete CCA operative Commissioner and the papereater finally spontaneously developed a backbone and quit. Oh and tiny rumors of the Fisheater quitting. Never a big fan but at least the fisheater had a backbone and suffered the marine resources. Never good attributes when a dictator is in charge. Keep saying this the DMR needs to go back to Wildlife. Never had any of this when they were BMR.

    1. Well after another week of traveling and listening Some thoughts come to mind. What was the original intent and mission of the DMR. It seems that has long left the building. Now it seems to be a place for self serving officials to congregate. I believe that possibility agency long established guidelines have been burned and new what’s in it for me or what can I get away with guidelines or in place. The possible abuse of employees that are scientists being harassed. The possible abuse of rank and file quality employees being treated like trash. Spraggins bringing in unqualified friends to hold high level positions. I wonder what state and federal laws might be in question as things move forward. I am reminded of the illegal activity not to many years ago that resulted in tragedy. The State and Federal authorities step in as I remember and uncovered mountains of violations. I have it on good authority that they may be watching closely once again

  17. Utterly the worst director the DMR has ever had. Even Walker wasn’t this bad. The worst thing will happen is the loss of the DMR. But I have been stating this for years. This will drain the DMR of its scientist which are already leaving. They will be replaced with criminal church members. From all I’m hearing the First Baptist Church of Gulfport in more like a rehab facility than a real church. Think of all the drunks and criminals General Jellyfish has hired. None of these church members have any qualifications. Part of the reason the Cake Eater is gone. The Philistine has no problem getting rid of valuable employees. Then more church members can be hired. Rumors that the pastor is even sucking from the trough. And don’t forget this self serving Commission. Giving themselves perks and contracts. It appears that they have finally done themselves in. General Jellyfish is going to turn them into an Advisory Board. I’m hearing that General Jellyfish threw one of the commercial commissioners under the bus in Jackson to get his way. Told the legislators that the commissioner was richer than they were and didn’t have to do what they said. All lies from the director of lies. Jellyfish is a manipulating self serving pig in sheep’s clothing. Doug, dear can you please be a sweetie and look this bill up and publish it.

    1. Well I for one am glad to see that the SunHerald has finally picked up on the Bullshit trying to be pulled at the DMR Spraggins and the Governor don’t know a damn thing about the Gulf and how to preserve it yet they want what amounts to full control. Any elected officials that think would be a good idea need pull their heads out of their ass. Even more control should be given to the Scientists that have degrees in marine biology or water quality. I a strong suspicion that other parties are at work in this legislation. I understand that Slabbed has been covering this so I would hope the SunHerald will coordinate with Slabbed and possibly bring to light for the public to see what certain people are up to

  18. The Sun Herald reports on news after the fact. They are under the thumb of General Jellyfish and the Governor. So Jellyfish is conspiring with the Governor to remove the authority of the DMR Commission. This while a new Coast Communist Association CCA commissioner is about to be appointed. General Jellyfish has already had secret meetings and luncheons with this self serving Communist. Already received promises to continue the attacks on the commercial industry. Just remember when Jellyfish is successful in destroying the commercial fishermen you were warned. The new CCA commissioner is a thief stealing the resources for himself just as reverse odometer Daniels. And remember this new Communist commissioner has his share of preferred contracts. So what would you say if it were found out this new Communist commissioner has received special contracts to remodel the Bolton Building. You know the building where the DMR is located. Coincidence? And remember that fake Communist conservationist commissioner is about to receive a secrete contract. No reporting because this is being suppressed. Oh and speaking of special contracts the DMR is about to hire a Corps employee for almost 200,000 a year. Don’t you wish a qualified person would be hired and not another drunk desperate church member.

    1. I’m home early this week for once. I did see the want to be supreme commander of the DMR in Jackson. I should say I think it was him because it was from a distance. I guess maybe he was pushing for the bill to take power from the commissioners and give it solely to him. I don’t know but I’m sure the public would like to know

      1. Well that just can’t be Mr. Hammer. General Jellyfish has been running his mouth all over the coast saying he doesn’t know anything about this. Saying he has never heard of such a thing. He is hurt and offended that anyone would think he had anything to do with this legislation. Fast forward to reality. General Jellyfish has been working overtime to make this happen. And as you report Mr. Hammer Jellyfish has been spending a lot of time in Jackson attending those after hour dinner parties. Has a drinking habit that the Philistine supports. Buy’em another round Paul. Yes they think the public can’t find out about these secret parties paid for with public money used to destroy the commercial fishermen. Used to consolidate power to Jellyfish. I’m going to start calling Jellyfish the Coast Cesar. And just like Cesar just a matter of time before someone does unto him as he has done to the taxpayers.

        1. I think I saw the supreme commander want to be in Jackson today. Has he turned into a beggar or what. It seems as though his quest for power has distorted his mind. I wonder if he even remembers what the Gulf waters and it’s unique characters really are. It seems it must be all about him and nothing else

          1. Thanks for keeping us updated of this traitor. Jellyfish is too busy in Jackson selling out the marine resources and the rank and file of the DMR. Still hearing the rumors that once Jellyfish and Tator the Traitor get all the power they intend to clean house. That is after they misappropriate all the tidelands and gomexico funds. Why ain’t the feds looking into those accounts. Why ain’t Shaddy White looking into the secret marine patrol account. Why ain’t the clothing funds being investigated. That’s simple the republicans are in charge. They can do what ever this corrupt political system allows. And Dummy Delano with his side kick Judas Ladner are the kingpins.

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