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Posted on April 28, 2020

I’m not jumping up and down about Biden. He doesn’t do that for many people. I’m not looking to send him a check. I sent a couple to Tulsi, but that’s another story. If Joe was speaking to a group across the street (and mass meetings were allowed) I wouldn’t go. I’m afraid if I went I’d get exasperated and yell “spit it out Joe you’re driving us freaking crazy!”

You see, Joe can’t talk worth squat. I hate to say that but any other word is worse. The single most impressive thing I heard Joe say in the 483 Democratic Debates was “I see I’m out of time.” Which he said at least three times. To which the very secular politically correct audience responded “if there was a god we’d express gratitude but not in a way that would offend anyone.”

But, I gotta go with Joe because….because of the other guy…..the Drink the Lysol Guy (boy did that stock get a bounce) with his Prayer Breakfast Buddy Mike Pence. I wonder how many times a day Mike Pence says “I’m just proud as punch.” I bet its part of his phone message.

The other guy changes everything. We’re on notice. We can’t pretend we don’t know what he’s capable of. This is one of those moments Benjamin Franklin foretold when he walked out of Constitutional Hall, Philadelphia, 1787 and a woman shouted out to him “Dr.Franklin, what have you given us?” His response, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

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22 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Gotta Go With Joe”

  1. Reality check: the Republic died a long time ago. We’re just witnessing the vultures strive with each other over the carcass.

    1. It’s difficult to prove the negative “no, the Republic has not died” so I won’t try.

      What I will assert is that the people who exert the most energy, effort and money into the political process will have the most impact on the results achieved. Stated another way, a highly motivated and
      intense minority will usually prevail over a passive majority.

      1. True, as wits have observed, the scum rises to the top.
        After all, isn’t the classic definition of the State that of a gang of thieves writ large — the most immoral, grasping and unscrupulous individuals in any society?

        1. Nothing wrong with having money BUT, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10

  2. Gotta go with “Obamagate” now and Joe was at that WH meeting with others on January 5th 2017 with Obama as described by Asst.Attorney General Sally Yates……..

    It’s all being exposed by the new NSI person in charge and Wray is being forced to release all the protected documents he and his predecessors hid for years…….

    Shit is just now hitting the fan and I can’t wait till Flynn gives an interview and starts to talk about where the buried bodies are…..

    And then there is the evidence that there is actually information on Seth Rich’s computer that is evidencing he shared emails with WiKiLeaks before he was assassinated…..

    1. For reference purposes for all the liberal deniers seems like USSA News shows that on May 10,2020 an attorney named Ty Clevenger wrote a letter to the new NSI official Grenell asking for all emails between Seth Rich and WiKiLeaks which were obtained off of Rich’s computer despite lies told to Congress by past Obama appointed officials that the FBI never scanned Seth’s computer for emails to and fro from WiKiLeaks……… gotta go pop some Jiffy pop and a cold Pepsi cuz dis’ be gonna a good matinee….

  3. Yo Tight

    Watched Tucker Carlson and Hannity last night so I have some clue as to what you’re talking about.

    Grennell is “acting” in his position. He’s sort of a Lindsey Graham type but without the brains or charm.
    Hannity was upset that the Judge in the Flynn case has not acted on Barr’s motion to retroactively dismiss the prosecution/conviction of Flynn. The Judge, Emmitt Sullivan, is of the African American persuasion, and he has announced that he will call for briefs and argument on Barr’s motion. So, as of right now Flynn remains a convicted felon.

    Of course Trump could pardon Flynn but I’m sure he wants to save a few for Jared, Manaford, the Cohens
    and himself.

    The real game is in CT where Barr has put a guy named Durham in charge of all of your real and fantasized “Gates.”

    Suggest you watch Hannity tonight to see him wax apopletic on Judge Sullivan “holding up” Flynn’s retroactive non prosecution/conviction. The Judge may call for oral argument on the motion…that will fill the house.

    1. Lockie loves Fox News fueled conspiracy theories. He railed about Uranium One for months. He shouldn’t outsource his brain to Tee Vee news out of New York.

  4. You dumb and blind liberal guys only want to see past Republican scandals like Nixon, Bush Sr, Bush Jr. and Cheney except Obama was the worse, most corrupt President in the history of the U.S. and he knew damn well Trump was going to reverse all the BS crap he caused – all to the detriment of what is good for America and Europe ( millions of refugees poured into Europe due to Lybia, Syria and Egypt revolutions).

    You guys might as well start screaming now cause you will see Trump for four more years as America has had it with China ( not Russia as all liberals wrongly think due to the hypocritical, fake news Russian dossier paid for by Killery and the DNC).

    Obama, Biden & Son sold America out to China, Iran and others for their own $$$$$ enrichments.

    I get nauseated just thinking about his and his administration’s un -American activities. And you’ll and Mc Cabbe want to talk about Flynn’s possible Logan Act violations; well how about Heinz’s Ketchup Kerry who for the last 3 years has gone over seas many times trying to tell Iran’s dic’s to just wait a bit for Trump’s hardline sanctions to be lifted after the Deep State removes him.

    If you guys still watch all the DNC media’s fake and misrepresented news clips you’ll need to grow more neurons. And to Joe – please help Biden get speech therapy and on some good dementia prescriptions. He’s an embarrassment !!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t view outsourcing ones brain to the Tee Vee news outta New York as having anything to do with being liberal or conservative Lockie. I’d also be careful calling anyone else dumb, after all you were the one on here braying about the Fox News fantasy known as Uranium One.

      As for Flynn he admitted to a Judge he lied to the FBI so I don’t get what your problem is besides more braying from the unhinged lunnies at Fox News. Frankly they should lock ’em up tight and throw away the key for he is a criminal. Once upon a time you understood those basic concepts friend.

    2. Tight…

      You’ve worked yourself up into quite a lather. I’m guessing your love for the new “acting” Intelligence guy will abate if you have a chance to meet him. I think he lasted four days on a prior Republican campaign…he liked to tweet about people’s hair…

      The Trump administration is full of “acting” this and that. People who can get confirmed won’t work for
      Trump, so we’re stuck with what we’re stuck with incompetent unconfirmables.

      Back to our friend Barack Hussein Obama, I remain an admirer of his and one of the great sadnesses of my life is that I have not been able to bring you up to higher ground, with me, and tip your hat to a gentleman who has achieved beloved status. Looking back, we were on notice of Obama’s promise.
      After all, he is the only President since Eisenhower who has received over 51% of the popular vote twice.

      I don’t believe the Government charged Flynn with a Logan Act violation. They did charge him lying to the FBI, to which he pled guilty and admitted in open court that he pled guilty because he was guilty.
      The effort to retroactively get out of the plea is proving to be easier said than done.

  5. Comey had two FBI agents just walk into the WH and set Flynn up saying it was no big deal, he didn’t need an attorney — just a few questions about his conversation with the Russia ambassador ( which the agents already had a transcript of from unmasking Flynn’s conversation). The newly revealed written notes state something about the Logan Act , which Act no one has ever been charged with violation of, as being one thing they could use to charge Flynn or just get him to lie about his conversation.

    The two interviewing agents originally thought that there was no mistruths told by Flynn….. but here’s the basis of the corrupt FBI conspiracy…… they can’t find the original 302 ……… a corrected 302 they can find and they know who corrected the original 302…… if that is not a coverup then Nixon should never have resigned 50+ years ago. When the Flynn case was on the verge of closure for no prosecution FBI Page’s lover said ‘Hold it open’……. and now 3 years later after hiding a lot of critical information like the original 302, ‘…so sorry we can’t find it’. After spending 6 mil and losing his house and being threatened that his son might be arrested he pleaded guilty under stress which I would have done also.

    You guys need to watch the Prime Video series “Bosch” to become believers in conspiracy truths. The truth will come out and if you guys don’t stick your heads in the sand you will be forced to admit that Obama and his administration tried to illegally remove a duly elected President with politicized departments of intel, FBI and DOJ. Just like Obama did earlier through the IRS against all the Tea Party 504 tax groups. Obama started his illegal politicizing activity of the executive departments then and got more and more bolder with passing time. Now it’s time for him to ‘ do the time’.

  6. Lock

    In all due respect you have a situation where the Blues and the Greens are fighting each other under the all wise eyesight of the Emperor. Some of those in the ranks get a little largesse whilst the Uniparty operatives continue their exercise of power for the sake of power.
    Eric Blair was truly a prescient man:
    ‘Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictator-ship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?’

    But always—do not forget this, Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.’

    1. Consider the power of really big money.

      A gentleman by the name of Singer is now the largest shareholder of AT&T which owns CNN. Singer
      supports Trump’s policies on Israel. How long will Singer allow CNN to cause difficulties for Trump?

  7. The globalists are the real money players like the Soros’s, the Bill Gates and his foundation, the Clintons and their once billion-plus foundation( which mysteriously collapsed after Killery lost the election … contributors knew they were no longer going to get any return for their contributions… ha,ha), and the Bezos who will soon be the world’s first trillionaire……..

    They and all the ‘resistance media’ aka the DNC all want to blame the pandemic on Trump and not China cause China is the new influencer with money to buy scientists including the non- physician who is CEO of WHO…….

    The next stock purchase I make will be the company formed by an inventor of an app which will disclose everything made in China sold by Amazon, Walmart, Sams and all big box stores cause true Americans will boycott China big time till their country collapses in popular revolt….. its WWIII economic style.

    But all voters know which Presidential candidate and his son is in bed with China don’t we ?

    1. How could you possibly talk about money in politics without mentioning the BIG ENCHILADA of the subject, Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon is WITHOUT A DOUBT the most powerful private citizen in the
      United States AND Israel.

      Nobody serves in a national security/foreign policy position in the Tump administration who is offensive to Adelson. He was displeased with General McMaster, Flynn’s successor, in a short period of time he was toast.

      Sheldon does not like publicity. FOX, MSNBC and CNN never mention his name. Chris Matthews disobeyed the unwritten rule and he was gone. The cover story said he used offensive language with
      women…no allegation beyond that.

      Every name you mentioned is small potatoes compared to Adelson.

      He opens the biggest newspaper in Nevada, the Review Journal, and the most widely read paper in Israel,
      Israel Hayom. He lead the effort to defeat Netanyahu’s predecessor and install Netanyahu as Prime Minister. When he bought the paper in Nevada, he used intermediaries and didn’t admit to owning it
      for six months. I’m convinced, but can’t prove, he owns a major piece of a huge media outlet in the US.

      Sheldon’s favorites: Senators Cotton, Cruz, Rubio, Rep. Nunes, Pompeo, Bolton.

      He gave more to Trump in the last 10 days of the 2016 Campaign than Soros gave to Obama in the entire
      2008 Campaign. Sheldon then gave five times as much to the Trump Inaugural Committee as the next
      largest giver.

  8. Tom Terrific,

    Why do you change the subjects of Joe and China?

    You introduce another political name and that he gave millions to Trump. So what? Is the name of this contributor running for President? No…….. so what are you trying to prove?

    How about the huge illegal money an Asian China national illegally gave to the Clintons in the 90’s and had to take back the money contribution?

    So lets get back to China for a minute. Its been revealed that your’ Hero Obama’ fired Lt. General Flynn because of Flynn ‘s opinion and policy toward China… a nation Obama and Joe thought we should not be concerned about. Instead, Obama mistakenly and Joe too were over worried about Russia and not China. Wonder why they were not concerned? Well I ‘ll tell you plain and simple because Joe wanted China to give his son 1.5 billion dollars for Joe’s son’s hedge fund …….that’s why. But Obama has in error bragged there was not one scandal in his two terms. Really Barrack Hussein…? …..in truth there was not one but many scandals and hopefully they will start to drive piling in Chicago for his library construction but will have to drive many more to hold the paper which will describe his multitude of scandals carried out by Obama politicalizing and weaponizing the IRS, FBI, DOJ and higher intel agencies and officials.

    And it is fact and has been revealed many times Obama gave Trump two, totally wrong things to fear about in the future, namely mentioning General Flynn and Russia. Well three and a half years later we have Trump heavily sanctioning Russia, hurting Russia’s important oil industry by opening the big north/south U.S. .pipeline Obama refused to open and by encouraging full oil and shale oil output. But Trump by choosing Flynn as his foreign policy person caused Flynn four days into the Trump term to be illegally targeted and prosecuted by Comey and the “scum”on the Seventh Floor of the FBI and Obama ex-administrators including Susan Rice, who appeared on four MSM TV sites and lied her ass off to cover the scandal of Bengazi. Meanwhile we have little China, no-worry to little Obama and Joe, recently totally controlling the CEO of WHO to the outrageous extent of getting said CEO lying to the world that the Wahun virus was not contagious from human to human.

    Oh, and who has been in the news lately in recent unclassified documents but Susan Rice again who also on the day of Trump’s swearing in covered her and Obama’s asses again by issuing in a memo that Obama wanted us to do the prosecution of Flynn ‘ by the book’ not once but a total of three times. Susan must be Catholic by faith with her mei cupa B.S.narrative three times.

    Tom you should be thankful that Obama and Joe will be spared DOJ prosecution for their dirty tricks that makes Watergate look like child’s play but Obama’s tricksters and administrators will be prosecuted shortly.

    So in conclusion, it not about a jewish political contributor or Israel as they neither pose a threat to U.S. security. Instead its all about China and how Joe will deal with China after China gave his son 1.5 billion. Joe doesn’t know if he’s running for a Senate seat or President from day to day much less how to deal with a rich , rogue nation who steals US company secrets, releases deadly viruses by error or maybe intentionally to sink America and the world’s economy ; and most importantly, monetarily buys world scientists, the CEO of the WHO and hundreds of big shot political people in every nation on Earth just like they bought Joe and America during the Obama administration.

    1. “…change the subjects…”

      Tight, I was responding to your comment where you said “The globalists are the real money players like Soros………” I understood that was an invitation by you to discuss money in politics. You chose to follow the rules of the Main Stream Media (FOX, CNN, MSNBC) and pretend that the single most important player, Sheldon Adelson, does not exist.

      Tulsi Gabbard was run out of politics by your form of political correctness. Never admit that people like Adelson, Netanyahu, the Saudis, chickenhawks not only exist but are capable of error.

      To their credit, Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson departed from the conventional wisdom and gave
      Tulsi some airtime. Chris went so far as to mention Adelson by name. Tulsi called out Netanyahu, the Saudis and the chicken hawks pushing us into mideast wars. That made her radioactive to 98% of the
      Main Stream Media which, of course, includes FOX.

      Always a pleasure. Manfried the Wonder Dog sends his best.

      1. Appears that Tulsi has been paid off and is to make her way back fully under the democrap wing of des EinPartei – she drew down on her defamation suit against Frau Clinton. Can’t even continue a token protest by anyone against the continuation of the health of the state (war).

        1. You’re more up on Tulsi’s recent activities than I am.

          What I do know is that people who are very pro Israel were strongly against her. I became exasperated with her because she didn’t defend herself with vigor when she was attacked.
          Calm can be cool but when she became so calm that it appeared more like comatose I decided to exit from her fan club.

          1. Just saw the reference, yet another chickenshit ruler, and yes, I would like to see less Progressive policing of the World, etc. but it appears that the Welfare/Warfare State Einpartei has other thoughts.
            Still, interesting that the various components of Einpartei are struggling against each other.
            If us proles don’t know what the Poles faced in 1939, you aren’t paying attention.


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