For those of you that haven’t figured this out……

Here in Mississippi each community is pretty much on its own:

Reeves chooses ‘economics over public health’ in COVID-19 crisis, former MEMA head says ~ Anita Lee

Elections have consequences. So do years of budget cuts. Last week’s talk of MDH taking the offense against COVID-19 was hot air as the agency is a shell of what it once was. That is the bad news.

Worse is the uneven local response to the pandemic. Here in Wiggins the City closed its open air parks to prevent people from congregating yet allows business to remain open where the customers congregate inside to make their purchases. For the record we walk by Blaylock Park every morning and my anecdotal observation is few people ever used the walking track there before COVID-19 while the Pavilion by the bathrooms was always popular and it remains so as a large group of younger folks was congregated there last Friday morning. We’re lucky to not have a reported case of COVID-19 in Stone County but there are clinics doing testing. I imagine it is a matter of time before we score the first unlucky winner.

Last Thursday I was down in Bay St Louis on business.  The parking lot at Washington Street and the Beach was pretty crowded as was the beach there.  I imagine the comfort station is the attraction there but again clustering folks in such a small area is not a good idea right now.  I did see on Facebook a post that Bay PD was contemplating issuing citations / making arrests from someone whose opinions are informed about such matters.

Finally I’ll quickly add that you can cut the politicians with accompanying lies and spin out of the equation by paying close attention to the case data.  Bottom line is as long as we have more people getting sick than the day before means we’re still on the up-slope of the mythical curve. While nothing would make everyone happier than to see our patented warm weather pummel COVID-19 into submission, data from warmer climate locales such as India suggests that may be wishful thinking. Yesterday the CDC social distancing guidelines were extended until April 30, 2020.  I imagine we’ll see another extension into mid-May best case.

Take care folks and please exercise some common sense in these uncommon times.

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  1. Regarding the warm weather knocking out COVID-19, today it is forecast to be 92 in Bangalore India, yesterday it was 95:

    Karnataka’s Covid-19 count at 83

    The Karnataka government on Sunday confirmed that five employees of a pharmaceutical company in Nanjangud near Mysuru who had come in contact with a Covid-19 patient have tested positive. They are colleagues of the 35-year-old man who worked at the quality assurance division of the pharmaceutical firm and tested positive for the virus on Friday. With it, the total number of positive cases in the state is 83.

    1. Doug,
      These viruses seem to love high density populations–New York City for example where 28,000 people live per square mile. The epicenter of the virus in New York City is Queens, 21,000 per square mile. Thousands of people traveling together every day twice to and from work on mass public transportation. Going home to huge apartment complexes. I could go on. I don’t think we can advise strongly enough social distancing. I pray daily for all who have lost their jobs, AND for all of you who have to go out to work. PLEASE take every precaution!

      1. My CPA firm has been (to use a very old term) virtual since 2005. We all have home offices and we are able to remote in where we need to be to work. While my clients like seeing my face from time to time there are not one of those times. All the tax work is going out by mail and I am only taking taxes that way with some very limited exception.

        I have many friends who are older or who have special conditions that I worry about but as a group those folks are doing the right thing for themselves and their community by sheltering in place. I hope this passes soon.

        1. Thankful to hear you are ahead of the game. If there is anything to be thankful for in a situation like this, I guess we can say it has hit in the era of the internet where so much can be done without being right in people’s faces. Continuous prayers for our medical professionals at every level. A lot of them don’t have that luxury.

  2. Early on in this pandemic, someone said that we should look 15 days ahead and act and plan accordingly. The Coast is about 15 days behind New Orleans. Our “leadership” in Jackson is clueless. We are indeed pretty much on our own. Pray as if your life depends on it: it does!

  3. Our local elected officials are doing nothing. The supervisors should shut down all visitors or have madnitoy quarantine for two weeks with consequences. Put cops at all the exists off 10 and on 90. Stop the weekend rentals and the weekenders from coming back and forth. Do you have to hit them in the head with a tire tool for them to get it? You can’t fix stupid.

  4. The Louisiana weekenders will be back this weekend and our elected officials will have open arms and direct them to curbside service.

    1. Well MF is going fishing-saw picture posted
      and on FB looking for his stolen gun-
      can wait for next election-Stupid is as stupid does-
      while favorite watering hole is lot more than ten people-

      1. on and on
        Please share that picture So we can all see it.

        I hear he’s been down at his fishing camp since last weekend.

  5. Our elected officials work very hard to keep us dead last at everything. Where’s our curfew????? They just sit back and enjoy the perks. The five supervisors couldn’t run a snowball stand if you gave it to them debt free without subsidizing it with tax money. And our city leaders are just as bad. They would want to purchase stock in the snowball stand with a city bond.

  6. Forgive me if I failed Civics class, or am old …. The preamble gives us the right of free travel, however this is a national emergency so things maybe different.
    On Friday our county should be locked down from the people coming from New Orleans. They have a order from their Governor saying shelter in place…not run back and forth to your camp as you please. Get here and stay or stay home.
    I’m certain “The Chamber Maid “ is in there ear saying don’t do that it will hurt us!!!!!
    Stand tall politicians do your job.

    1. Your slandering of my sister should end. Your a fucking piece of shit to spread lies about her over this corona. And that Sir is a fact.

      1. Also. People who literally fuck around on x wives have no creditability in stopping the spread of viral disasters? Do you are agree?

      2. Lies??? Hey Steveee blah blah blah.
        I know some much about your family it would make you chock!!!! And nobody ever got prosecuted go figure. Put on your big boy pants if you want to play in my sandbox.

        1. Where did you live when you moved down here ? Chapel Hill? Care to explain how you ensured the community didn’t get diseases spread in your trailer?

          1. You are one stupid ignorant boy. There were no viruses being carried from one community to another you dumb ass.

            1. I just asked what measures you took to prevent disease spread. We had flesh eating bacteria risk.
              You might educate us on how you managed the risk of spreading disease after Katrina. You are the guy who had his trailer parked in Chapel Hill?

  7. The best time to take action is when there is still time to do so!

    The Chamber Director is working diligently to get between the money and who it will go to. Pay close attention to the Hancock County Community Development Foundation that she runs as a pass through.

    1. Did you meet with a very attractive woman at Gabbie’s once to interview her for a rental? Time to come clean air.

            1. Rod. I know a Lott about this situation. 😉. You are NOT an expert on cutting down people engaging in dangerous viral risky behavior. I will gladly expose you sir.

              1. If has come to my attention some people may have taken my discourse with Rod seriously. That would be a mistake. Despite Rods differences with my sister. Rod has remained friendly with me. Don’t rely on what two guys being guys with each other say. It is not a serious discourse in the least. The fact anyone would think so makes me wonder about them. We was just talking like guys do when they know each other well. And can make humorous banter. Hope that is clear.

  8. If you politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about our health and safety, at least be concerned about keeping us alive to over tax us and keep our money coming in to squander it.

  9. Most of you replying to this post are old friends of mine (not) who are big, big Trump supporters, so this is a pretty big pill to swallow: your pink-cheeked, bubble-brained Trump supporter governor is just following his mentor and master in doing as little as he can to actively manage this national crisis. Hope you enjoy it.

  10. Quit picking on the chamber, it’s a big help for white business owners. They will let you host parties for them, they will eat and drink all you can throw them and when you need them, they won’t respond. Its all about them and what they can get out of it. Its a racket and I wouldn’t be surprised if its exposed soon. Numerous nonprofits, high salaries, credit card abuse, traveling abuse ect… Chamber directors and non profit executives are prosecuted regularly.

  11. Children
    Now is not the time for airing dirty laundry.

    on and on
    Still waiting on the picture you said you saw of MF fishing.

  12. Why was the Port Director asked to step down as a Deacon at the church?

    Look at the expense docket and travel expenses! Also his travel companion.

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