Arrest Reports and Mugshots are not State Secrets in Biloxi even if it involves the D’Iberville City Prosecutor

What you folks see on Slabbed is a small fraction of the muck we are leaked on a regular basis such as the following arrest report of Fred “Dub” Hornsby back in 2017 after he was involved in a ruckus with his girlfriend. Slabbed has had this jewel for almost a year:

Hornsby Arrest Report by Slabbed on Scribd

D’Iberville won’t release mugshots or police report on arrest of councilman, wife ~ Margaret Baker

After Councilman Robby Ellis and his wife, Chelse, were arrested Saturday on domestic violence simple assault charges, the Sun Herald filed a records request to obtain the police incident report, arrest records and mugshots, along with the court documents.

However, the city denied access to the booking photos and the arresting officer’s full narrative.

Police Chief Wayne Payne said, “everything goes through the (city) attorney,” before any information is released.

In D’Iberville, W. Fred Hornsby III serves as both city attorney and prosecutor.

Why would Hornsby block the release of public information available everywhere else in the state? Perhaps it was his experience in Biloxi but it is appears more likely to be favorable treatment given the politically connected alleged perpetrators. And without the viewpoint of the police report for the public to see, you end up with an PR blitz from the alleged perpetrators massaging the message:

It was a ‘heated argument’ and not domestic violence, Coast councilman says after arrest ~ Margaret Baker

Though the couple declined to press charges against one another, state law allows law enforcement officials to make an arrest in a domestic violence case if they feel there is evidence.

Chelse Ellis made the call to D’Iberville police to come to their home around 8 p.m.

Ellis said he and his wife had an argument like most couples do, and he took her cellphone.

His wife, he said, got angry and slapped him. He used his arms to keep her back, he said ,which caused “a little redness around her neck.”

He said he had a “little mark on my upper lip.”

There you have it folks, they were just funnin’ and things got a little out of hand.

For the record, Hornsby fought the disorderly charge and beat the rap, kinda like the Ellis’ will, albeit with far less transparency in the system.

Back to the muck. I’ve been getting stuff on D’Iberville for a while now. Something tells me more of it will become topical as this case progresses, kinda like Hornsby’s 2017 arrest in Biloxi.

12 thoughts on “Arrest Reports and Mugshots are not State Secrets in Biloxi even if it involves the D’Iberville City Prosecutor”

  1. After many past dealings with the City of D’Iberville I can honestly say that Dub is a Douche. Anyone that surpassed Richard Rose in being an asshole truly has accomplished something.

    1. I don’t know why you don’t like him. You just need to be his friend as I hear he takes good care of them. He supposedly helped a Councilman’s dad beat a charge, a Supervisor’s child beat a charge and even helped his girlfriend beat a charge. All in the D’Iberville court which he runs.

  2. Well, Hornsby runs the D’Ib Court (and City) like his personal sand box. He’s the City Attorney, Prosecutor, Planning Attorney etc. The City has never done an RFP for legal services; somehow Hornsby just keeps getting appointed the City Attorney. And, yes, he actually writes his own employment contract too.

  3. Well, when he writes his own contract he can make sure there’s no language prohibiting him from taking a cut from every bond issue the City cranks out. State law (MS Code 21-15-25) is pretty clear on this. Therefore, the more he encourages the City to borrow the more he makes… classic! Naturally, the City Manager, Mayor and Council aren’t smart enough to figure this out.

    1. Well that makes sense as D’Iberville has never met a bond issue that it didn’t like. It really does seem like a conflict of interest though as there’s not much incentive for him to encourage the City to borrow less as that just means he’ll make less money. Of course, he also does legal work for developers who are doing business in the City and who expect the City to borrow money for infrastructure. So, Hornsby makes money from both sides. Maybe the State Auditor should look at this arrangement.

      1. You’re right, Hornsby is knee deep co-mingling his various business activities which certainly looks fishy. Even the MS Center for Public Policy took an interest in Hornsby back in September when they wrote a report on him and the land transfers surrounding the failed Galleria project. Check out
        If the City Council doesn’t clean up their house and sweep Hornsby out it’s going to be an interesting election year for those folks. Of course, I’m sure Hornsby has done so many personal favors for them that they can’t afford to cut him loose as he might sing like a canary.

    2. They are either not smart enough to catch him or they are in cahoots with him. It’s probably a little of both. Unfortunately, the general public is not aware of this arrangement and although the Sun Herald pretends to be full of investigative journalists they just don’t have what it takes to start peeling back the layers. One of these days it will all come to light, but by then the damage to the taxpayers will have really be done.

  4. Ignorance is bliss for those guys… even the local paper. Just last year the City spent $60K for a Mobile law firm to conduct an audit of the D’Iberville Court Dept. The City Judge quickly and mysteriously resigned. Of course, Hornsby picked the firm and he’s still standing. And, not one word was mentioned anywhere in the media. Oh, and now Hornsby handpicked the new judges with one who just happens to be an attorney who shares office space with him.

  5. On this Hornsby arrest report it looks like Tisdale was the Judge. Didn’t Tisdale have a law practice with Hornsby Grandmother? And I heard that Hornsby met his new wife while he was defending her for a DUI charge in Biloxi which he got set aside. Tisdale was the Judge then. Funny thing though is that MS law says that DUI charges are not supposed to be set aside. Google “MS Code 63-11-39”. Maybe Hornsby really is a great attorney.

  6. You guys don’t get it. Dub really is the smart one in this scenario. The D’Ib Mayor and Council are too dumb to know any better, the citizens are clueless, the media is too lazy to do any real journalism and the Feds and State Auditor are busy chasing their tails looking for pats on the back. All the while, Dub is cashing in using his good ol’ boy connections and doing favors for a select few to enrich himself. At least has the intestinal fortitude to shed a little light on his scams. Maybe during the next city election we can make this an issue, expose some of these scams and either run the Mayor and Council up the road or Dub.

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