Arrest Reports and Mugshots are not State Secrets in Biloxi even if it involves the D’Iberville City Prosecutor

What you folks see on Slabbed is a small fraction of the muck we are leaked on a regular basis such as the following arrest report of Fred “Dub” Hornsby back in 2017 after he was involved in a ruckus with his girlfriend. Slabbed has had this jewel for almost a year:

Hornsby Arrest Report by Slabbed on Scribd

D’Iberville won’t release mugshots or police report on arrest of councilman, wife ~ Margaret Baker

After Councilman Robby Ellis and his wife, Chelse, were arrested Saturday on domestic violence simple assault charges, the Sun Herald filed a records request to obtain the police incident report, arrest records and mugshots, along with the court documents.

However, the city denied access to the booking photos and the arresting officer’s full narrative.

Police Chief Wayne Payne said, “everything goes through the (city) attorney,” before any information is released.

In D’Iberville, W. Fred Hornsby III serves as both city attorney and prosecutor.

Why would Hornsby block the release of public information available everywhere else in the state? Perhaps it was his experience in Biloxi but it is appears more likely to be favorable treatment given the politically connected alleged perpetrators. And without the viewpoint of the police report for the public to see, you end up with an PR blitz from the alleged perpetrators massaging the message:

It was a ‘heated argument’ and not domestic violence, Coast councilman says after arrest ~ Margaret Baker

Though the couple declined to press charges against one another, state law allows law enforcement officials to make an arrest in a domestic violence case if they feel there is evidence.

Chelse Ellis made the call to D’Iberville police to come to their home around 8 p.m.

Ellis said he and his wife had an argument like most couples do, and he took her cellphone.

His wife, he said, got angry and slapped him. He used his arms to keep her back, he said ,which caused “a little redness around her neck.”

He said he had a “little mark on my upper lip.”

There you have it folks, they were just funnin’ and things got a little out of hand.

For the record, Hornsby fought the disorderly charge and beat the rap, kinda like the Ellis’ will, albeit with far less transparency in the system.

Back to the muck. I’ve been getting stuff on D’Iberville for a while now. Something tells me more of it will become topical as this case progresses, kinda like Hornsby’s 2017 arrest in Biloxi.

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  1. After many past dealings with the City of D’Iberville I can honestly say that Dub is a Douche. Anyone that surpassed Richard Rose in being an asshole truly has accomplished something.

    1. I don’t know why you don’t like him. You just need to be his friend as I hear he takes good care of them. He supposedly helped a Councilman’s dad beat a charge, a Supervisor’s child beat a charge and even helped his girlfriend beat a charge. All in the D’Iberville court which he runs.

  2. Well, Hornsby runs the D’Ib Court (and City) like his personal sand box. He’s the City Attorney, Prosecutor, Planning Attorney etc. The City has never done an RFP for legal services; somehow Hornsby just keeps getting appointed the City Attorney. And, yes, he actually writes his own employment contract too.

  3. Well, when he writes his own contract he can make sure there’s no language prohibiting him from taking a cut from every bond issue the City cranks out. State law (MS Code 21-15-25) is pretty clear on this. Therefore, the more he encourages the City to borrow the more he makes… classic! Naturally, the City Manager, Mayor and Council aren’t smart enough to figure this out.

    1. Well that makes sense as D’Iberville has never met a bond issue that it didn’t like. It really does seem like a conflict of interest though as there’s not much incentive for him to encourage the City to borrow less as that just means he’ll make less money. Of course, he also does legal work for developers who are doing business in the City and who expect the City to borrow money for infrastructure. So, Hornsby makes money from both sides. Maybe the State Auditor should look at this arrangement.

      1. You’re right, Hornsby is knee deep co-mingling his various business activities which certainly looks fishy. Even the MS Center for Public Policy took an interest in Hornsby back in September when they wrote a report on him and the land transfers surrounding the failed Galleria project. Check out
        If the City Council doesn’t clean up their house and sweep Hornsby out it’s going to be an interesting election year for those folks. Of course, I’m sure Hornsby has done so many personal favors for them that they can’t afford to cut him loose as he might sing like a canary.

    2. They are either not smart enough to catch him or they are in cahoots with him. It’s probably a little of both. Unfortunately, the general public is not aware of this arrangement and although the Sun Herald pretends to be full of investigative journalists they just don’t have what it takes to start peeling back the layers. One of these days it will all come to light, but by then the damage to the taxpayers will have really be done.

  4. Ignorance is bliss for those guys… even the local paper. Just last year the City spent $60K for a Mobile law firm to conduct an audit of the D’Iberville Court Dept. The City Judge quickly and mysteriously resigned. Of course, Hornsby picked the firm and he’s still standing. And, not one word was mentioned anywhere in the media. Oh, and now Hornsby handpicked the new judges with one who just happens to be an attorney who shares office space with him.

  5. On this Hornsby arrest report it looks like Tisdale was the Judge. Didn’t Tisdale have a law practice with Hornsby Grandmother? And I heard that Hornsby met his new wife while he was defending her for a DUI charge in Biloxi which he got set aside. Tisdale was the Judge then. Funny thing though is that MS law says that DUI charges are not supposed to be set aside. Google “MS Code 63-11-39”. Maybe Hornsby really is a great attorney.

  6. You guys don’t get it. Dub really is the smart one in this scenario. The D’Ib Mayor and Council are too dumb to know any better, the citizens are clueless, the media is too lazy to do any real journalism and the Feds and State Auditor are busy chasing their tails looking for pats on the back. All the while, Dub is cashing in using his good ol’ boy connections and doing favors for a select few to enrich himself. At least has the intestinal fortitude to shed a little light on his scams. Maybe during the next city election we can make this an issue, expose some of these scams and either run the Mayor and Council up the road or Dub.

    1. Why is it that the City of D’Iberville doesn’t provide attachments such as contracts and itemized docket of claims on their online Council Agenda link? Other cities on the Coast do this and it allows us to see how the money is being spent and the language within important documents that the Council is voting on. There needs to be more transparency! It’s apparent that Hornsby runs the City and is the driving force behind this stealth system of government, but it’s time for someone to step up! To get info from the City you have to turn in a freedom of info request. Guess what… it goes straight to Hornsby for approval as the City Manager is lost and just trying to get his years in for retirement.

  7. The Hancock County Community Development Foundation and the Chamber Director are trying to get the skinny on Stimulus Funding for Small Businesses. They just want to get between the recipient and the donor to dole out The money for Hire! Trump is smarter than that! He wants to directly distribute the relief so every penny goes to the problem. They never stop trying.

  8. Dub Hornsby has gotten away with more criminal activity than any one on the coast. Walks around and tries to fight and intimidate people like he’s still in Junior High. He has been under FBI investigation and nothing seems to stick. Times are changing and he will be exposed for the corrupt POS that he is.

  9. I have some information on this guy to share that will definitely spark more questions about this deeply disturbed individual and the people in his inner circle and hopefully will lead to some answers. You must read the ending to see all the case numbers of criminal activity he has been involved in. W “Dub” Fred Hornsby is a bully and ticking time bomb. Hornsby Watts is a complete joke of a law firm. Mark Watts knows exactly what kind of person his partner is behind the scenes but he has become so shady himself and only fuels Hornsby and his corruption because of the money he makes off of it. They are crooked and put up a fake good ole Biloxi boys facade. Their firm is known for incompetent lawyers over billing clients and especially for over billing the city of D’Iberville but went to flat rate in recent years to escape accountability once the FBI started knocking on their door. David Neumann with Piltz, Williams, LaRosa is Hornsby’s personal CPA and the CPA for Hornsby Watts. They are all in shady and fraudulent business dealings together. It is a disgrace that the city of D’Iberville is so corrupt, inept and weak that city officials would allow someone as unstable, unethical, and incompetent as Hornsby to take care of legal matters for their city and allow him to repeatedly use his position to further his own self-serving agenda at the expense of the city and citizens. Hornsby is a complete liability to D’Iberville yet they trust him to protect them from liabilities. It is the biggest irony. He probably gets them into trouble and then they have to pay him to get him out of trouble. He is a con artist and really bad lawyer. If you’ve ever looked over Hornsby’s legal work, it is like nothing you have ever seen. He does not know the law, does not know the meaning of most of the words he uses, lies incessantly and can barely spell a word. It is entertaining to read his work but astonishing that he made it through law school and passed the bar. I heard his grandmother must have called in a lot of special favors to get him through. If you witness him in a courtroom, it is even worse and a painfully embarrassing experience. He tries to make up for his lack of competence by being obnoxiously loud, overbearing, and boisterous throwing mud and just hoping something sticks. If you hire him, you’ll lose. I know from experience. He calls himself a bulldog attorney but he is more like an inbred dog chasing his tail and suffering from so many disorders that he needs full time supervision and lots of medication. His legs shake so much, they look like they may take flight. He is hopped up on something and it is scary to watch someone so unhinged. The vein that bulges from his forehead appears to have a heartbeat and his hair falls out right in front of you. I don’t know if the giant bald spots are from him pulling his hair out or if it all just falls out. It is shocking to see. Nothing is as shocking and disturbing as what comes out of his mouth though. He is inhuman. He gives a bad name to the legal profession and to the state of MS. City officials in D’Iberville are well aware of his behavior but it appears he owns them and is considered to be above the law. His connections in Biloxi are just as strong especially with one judge in particular named William Tisdale who was law partners with his grandmother for decades at Sekul Hornsby Tisdale. Let’s get to the interesting stuff that dives deeper into this story posted on slabbed. Before Dub was arrested with his then girlfriend and now wife, who has gone by numerous last names so try to keep up, Courtney Ann Albrecht (maiden name) DeFrances (1st husband’s last name) Hornsby (2nd husband’s last name which is Dub) in a domestic dispute with her on 10/14/17 at a country music concert at the coliseum in Biloxi, MS, (Case #: 17-025711 with Judge William Tisdale presiding resulting in his arrest) Dub began an adulterous affair with Courtney Ann Albrecht DeFrances after she was his DUI client in June/July of 2016 and they were both married to other people. (I am 100% sure he should be disbarred for this but this ethics rule must not apply to Hornsby.) Her name at the time of her arrest was Courtney Ann DeFrances and her DUI violation was on 6/18/16 in Biloxi, MS, Case #: 16-015379 and I bet you can guess the presiding judge assigned to the case in Biloxi Municipal Court. You guessed it! Judge William Tisdale was there to save the day again and dismissed Courtney’s DUI with Dub Hornsby as her attorney of record. W. Dub Fred and Courtney Ann Albrecht DeFrances Hornsby do not feel an obligation to follow the law because luckily for them, Judge William Tisdale must feel an obligation to dismiss any charges brought against them. Their criminal activity is not exclusive to Biloxi. After the domestic dispute in Biloxi on 10/14/17, they were involved in criminal activity in D’Iberville, MS just a month later. On 11/30/17, Courtney Ann Albrecht (name on record at this time now that she divorced her 1st husband DeFrances and dropped his last name) was approached late in the evening by two officers with the D’Iberville police department after a witness called the police on Courtney who appeared to be under the influence and completely intoxicated but this time outside Target in D’Iberville with Hornsby’s child who is a minor. This should have resulted in a 2nd DUI for Courtney this time with a minor in her care but it did not. The night should have gone very differently and if Courtney had been an average person without Hornsby’s protection and connections, they would have been buried under the jail for what she did to the child. Lucky for Courtney and unlucky for the child, the City Prosecutor and City attorney Hornsby was called to the scene and Courtney and the child were released to Hornsby by the cops who knew him without as much of a breathalyzer or blood test or even a police report. Courtney abused the child and charges for neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor were later filed against Courtney Ann Albrecht but that case seems to have disappeared. Call in to request records and you will be told there is no case showing up under the assigned case # 17-08556. D’Iberville transferred the case to the Justice Court of Harrison County, Case # 17-08556. Judge Melvin Ray signed the charges on January 3, 2018 and Herman Cox was assigned as the prosecutor. How long does it take for a case like this to go to trial and how does the victim receive justice when this happens? I guess if they keep pushing it off and transferring it, Hornsby will find a judge to get it dismissed as well. If it goes to Biloxi Justice Court, Judge Fountain will likely get it dismissed for him. Hornsby would sell out his own child rather than have Courtney or himself held accountable. Days after this instance in D’Iberville, Hornsby left the United States for months and came back to a girlfriend and his former DUI client who had been pregnant with his child for 5-6 months. Shortly before the birth of this poor baby, the two were married by Judge Fountain in D’Iberville who was also a big help in past criminal dealings they were involved in. The two of them now likely carry out many of their domestic disputes in or outside their home built on the water in Biloxi, MS from loads of money made off of the city of D’Iberville. Neighbors now get to witness their obscene language and behavior in this once peaceful neighborhood. Hornsby thinks he is untouchable because he has been for the most part and will continue to be until someone or a group of people who really care have the integrity, strength and decency to say no more. The city of D’Iberville should be ashamed and held accountable for their negligence. What is it going to take D’Iberville? What is it going to take Biloxi? What is it going to take Mississippi Bar Association? What is it going to take MS National Guard? What is it going to take? Does Hornsby have unlimited passes because he has that much power and control over these small town officials? Hornsby turned his hat around backwards ready to fight his arresting officer and yelling for the cops to wait to see what would happen to them and repeatedly yelling “you don’t know who the f*ck I am” while they were arresting him. He is a bully and tries to fight cops. If he were black, would his outcome have been the same? I have to wonder. If Courtney Ann Albrecht DeFrances Hornsby were a black man in that condition being highly inappropriate with Hornsby’s minor child, would her outcome have been different? This isn’t a race issue but I have to wonder how very different the outcome would have been. What is it about these people that gives them the privilege to be considered above the law? Does it take an army of people to speak out and make complaints? If so, where do we begin? If you have had unprofessional, unethical or unpleasant dealings with Hornsby, you can leave feedback on your negative experience on his law firm’s Hornsby Watts Google My Business page so others will be warned and know what they are getting themselves into.,1,,,

    1. Ace has definitely done his homework. Good job as the more we can expose this terrible individual and those who enable him the better. I just wish the media would pick up on this and do a little “investigative” journalism. It wouldn’t require much as most of his crooked and shady actions are right out in the open. Heck, he just got a new BMW and where do you think that came from… Mandal’s dealership. Hornsby even brags about not paying for homeowner’s insurance on his new house which on it’s face wouldn’t be a bad thing if you could afford to self-insure. However, it makes you wonder if the bank who loaned him the money to build his house knows this. Or, if he paid cash; how could he afford a half million dollar home with cash.

    2. Why doesn’t WLOX or the Sun Herald do a little investigating about this D’Iberville child welfare case involving Hornsby? This is what the public hates- crooked cops and prosecutors. The case is 2 1/2 years old and it has never been heard? It definitely looks like someone is trying to sweep it under the table. I’m around the courthouse and know Herman Cox. He’s a good guy so it really strikes me as odd that he hasn’t moved forward. It’s very disappointing. I’ve seen a copy of a summons (I emailed it to Slabbed for verification) for Albrecht dated Jan 18, 2018 and am wondering if it ever got served. The cop involved who filed the report no longer works in D’Iberville so that’s odd also. I guess Hornsby pushed him out as supposedly he wasn’t supposed to file a report until an interested party requested a copy via FOI with the City. Then, the cover up began.

  10. It’s good to see the spotlight getting refocused again on Hornsby. Here’s something hot off the press- Hornsby just put in a pier at his new house. Funny thing though as the DMR apparently doesn’t have any record of issuing a permit for his address. Disturbing tidal lands is a violation of State Law and Federal Law as the DMR is tasked with issuing permits for piers through an agreement with the Army Corps.

  11. I just checked with the City and he also didn’t file for a building permit for his new pier which is a misdemeanor. Let’s see if anyone works to correct this “honest” oversight. Based on the pictures I’ve seen it’s apparent the construction wasn’t a minor endeavor, but I’m sure he just forgot to file the proper paperwork.

    1. I also checked with the City about whether he filed for a building permit. Apparently, their response was that the landowner before him had gotten one and so, he didn’t need one. So, I guess if anyone buys a house in Biloxi as long as a previous owner got a building permit for anything you won’t need to refile. Good to know. Of course, the City Code of Ordinances clearly states…”Subsection 105.1- Where an original permit has been issued and a person commences any additional work on a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system before obtaining the necessary permits for such additional work on said building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, that person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to the penalties as provided in section 1-1-8 hereof.” If I didn’t know better I’d think Dub has a relative working at City Hall.

  12. A friend whom I am associated with had a run in with Hornsby not too long ago. He had to serve a subpoena from the Chancery Court to Hornsby’s new wife. Undoubtedly, Dub cut him off at the doorway, chased him across the yard and then ran down the road after the car screaming obscenities. You would think an attorney would have more respect for someone who is engaged in court-authorized actions. Perhaps the folks at Slabbed can dig up a little more on this incident as I’m sure someone had to have filed a report on this bizarre behavior.

  13. “The court finds that Fred’s filing of his contempt claim is vexatious, without substantial justification, and filed for the purpose of harassment. He has also occasioned delay of the trial by his failure to comply with discovery rules.” W. Fred Dub Hornsby III was sanctioned on August 10, 2020, in legal proceedings he initiated. I read the judge’s 38 page opinion and ruling. Hornsby owes $9,196.64 to the other party and received a major spanking from the special appointed judge in the case. Hornsby represented himself. D’Iberville’s city attorney / city prosecutor is abusing the legal system and using it for purposes of harassment. Shame on the city of D’Iberville for employing such an individual. Hornsby Watts Harassing Attorneys at Law should not represent our city. This ethical violation should not be ignored.

  14. So, Hornsby was sanctioned by the Judge in a case where we represented himself. Unbelievable. Hornsby being the City Attorney for D’Iberville will definitely become a major campaign issue next election cycle. I routinely have breakfast with a bunch of good ol’ boys and his name comes up often in the context of why does the Mayor and Council allow him to stick around. The quick answer is that they too are crooked and he’s done so many favors for them that they are all attached at the hip. Hornsby took care of a DUI for one councilman’s dad, did private legal work (for free) for several, gives them all campaign cash, paid to fly an old councilmember to treatment in FL, helped the Mayor triple his salary and the list goes on and on. And, his shady business practices are not limited to the City as illustrated by all of the above commentary. It’s a damn shame that we don’t have a newspaper that would take the time to do just a little investigative journalism. At least, we’ve got the folks at Slabbed who allows us to vent our frustration and cast a little light on these actions.

  15. Of all these accusations the most troubling is the 2 1/2 year old child endangerment case which has somehow gotten lost in the system. It’s shocking to think that somehow Herman Cox is complicit in a cover-up. The case, according to Ace above, is 17-08556 in Harrison County Justice Court. Maybe, with a little exposure, we can get the right people to take a look at the status of this case. If there has been any monkey business then it needs to come out!

    1. Dub sure has lots of irons in the fire from the sound of it. I received some nice information that I still need to go through but a post on this topic is coming. A City Attorney that controls a local justice system is a dangerous thing for a lot of reasons.

  16. I’m learning a lot about this guy but none of it surprises me. My son was on a team years back when Hornsby tried to pretend to be a good guy by naming himself as one of the assistant coaches on this youth baseball team in a league in Biloxi. There were countless complaints. The following season, most parents on the team told the head coach that we wouldn’t allow our sons to play on the team if Hornsby were having any involvement with our kids. Dub Hornsby shouldn’t even be allowed around children. He bullies and makes fun of little kids and thinks this makes him a tough guy. We had a lot of problems with him. At try outs, he would yell “BRIDGE!” and write it down by kids’ names. He said it was to remind him that he would jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if he had to coach them. Little did he know, almost every parent complained about him and said there would be no kids for him to coach if the league gave him a team. He was pushed right out that season. I’ll never forget him showing up to practice and we had extra adults on the field and on every base to let him know he wasn’t needed. One of the mothers let him know too many parents complained and that he couldn’t talk to kids the way he does once he started in on a kid that day. Unbelievable! He has been unhinged ever since I’ve known him. He is a bully and most people I know just do whatever they can to stay away from him. I think he may have tried to portray himself as a good guy for a while but the truth always comes out. I don’t know anyone that has anything nice to say about the guy. He is a problem everywhere he goes. At least parents can speak out about not having him as a coach for their kids. How has the city of D’Iberville kept this guy in a position of power when they have to know what kind of problem he is and the kind of problems he causes the city? There has to be more to the story or the other people in power are just like him. I guess he does enough favors like mentioned in the comments above. There aren’t enough favors you could do for me to have this guy have any influence over my child or my city. He is the opposite of what I want my child to be like. I’m glad he doesn’t have the same hold over Biloxi that he has over D’Iberville even if it just pertains to youth sports. This guy is bad news.

  17. You are more than right. A city attorney that controls a local justice system is a dangerous thing for a lot of reasons. Corruption should be exposed and those involved should be held accountable. I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming post and will be following this topic closely. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. From what I hear on that child neglect case that went missing (case #17-08556) Hornsby was furious at the police department because they weren’t supposed to file a report. Hornsby’s ex-wife continuously harassed the PD asking for a copy of the report and body cam video as it was their daughter who was endangered. The police finally produced a report (against Hornsby’s orders), yet the body cam video disappeared. If you recall, a while back, the same PD got in trouble with the Feds because they thought there was some hanky panky when Constable Swetman was involved in an accident. Seems like Chief Payne and his boys don’t know who to take orders from. Now, Hornsby got the case moved out of D’Iberville and is twisting arms in the HARCO court system. It’s obvious he will go to any length to keep his dirty laundry out of the news and it’s sad that others are helping.

    2. From an earlier comment on this blog someone stated that the City conducted a study of their court system in 2019. How come we don’t know the results of this study as I’m sure they used city tax dollars to do it? I did a little research and it appears the law firm that did the work was Jones Walker out of Mobile and the attorney who did the research was a Michel Nicrosi. I’m sure there’s some interesting stuff in this document, but since Dub was involved he probably had his dealings all whitewashed. He did apparently kick his buddy, Judge Fountain, to the curb as right around the time that this study was finished Fountain quickly retired. Maybe Fountain would be willing to talk now.

  18. After Dub Hornsby was arrested at the coliseum, he accused Officer Friend (the arresting officer) of stealing $400 from him and threatened to sue. When Hornsby is in the wrong, he likes to deflect and point the finger at others. Dub’s accusations and threats are downright entertaining. Nothing came of Hornsby’s false accusation against Officer Friend but it just speaks to Dub’s character or lack thereof. I feel bad for the officer. Dub Hornsby will smear anyone’s name to try to keep his clean. I wonder who all he will point the finger at with false accusations when his judgment day comes. I hope they don’t keep him around out of fear of what he will say or do to them. No one can believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Dub Hornsby is not to be trusted.

  19. While under oath, Hornsby claimed his arrest at the coliseum was the result of a personal vendetta Windy Swetman supposedly had against him because Hornsby’s cousin FoFo Gilich beat Swetman in the election for mayor of Biloxi. Hornsby claimed the officer was with Swetman Security. He doesn’t seem to think his heated domestic dispute with his girlfriend at the time was cause for any concern. The obscenities that he was screaming and disturbing everyone with should have just been ignored and excused according to him. Hornsby is a legend in his own mind and thinks people are out to get him for reasons he fantasizes about. He doesn’t realize that the same laws that apply to everyone else are supposed to apply to him even if he is related to the mayor and the grandson of the judge’s law partner. He obviously pulls the city attorney and city prosecutor card a lot to get out of trouble. He really does believe he is above the law. I’m glad to see some people are getting fed up. Why can’t this child endangerment case be found? There has to be record of it. If not, the corruption is out of control.

  20. You are all correct about Dub.
    One day he even did the impossible by making Richard Rose look good in comparison to him.
    Quite a pair of assholes that used to work side by side.

  21. These are all great posts and the more we can get the word out the better. Please pass along the link to everyone/anyone as only through a collective voice can we get the media, elected leaders and law enforcement to start investigating. Especially on the missing case file which screams collusion between Herman Cox and Dub Hornsby. How does a child endangerment case just get lost in the system!

  22. Dub Hornsby’s compulsive and habitual lying is nothing short of extraordinary and he seems completely unconcerned whether others find those lies out or not. I’ve witnessed him try to destroy really good people and their reputations with complete lies and distortions of the truth just to try to cast doubt upon them. They know the real Dub and could expose him so he does whatever he can to attack their credibility. In reality, he might as well walk around with a sign on his forehead that says, “I KNOCKED UP MY DUI CLIENT!” What a joke of a man and a joke of a lawyer with zero credibility! D’Iberville and Biloxi are the only places he could get away with any of his cons. I would hire a 3rd grader to represent my legal interests before giving Hornsby Watts a dime to do any legal work for me. The level of incompetence is remarkable.

    1. From the courthouse rumor mill the missing case was lost on the Biloxi side of Debuys Road. Herman Cox is frantically trying to find the paperwork as the Sun Herald is now making inquiries. Oh, but don’t worry about Dub as he’s got an excuse to get the case thrown out if it ever does resurface. He found a quack of a doctor to write a report stating that Dub’s girlfriend at the time (now his wife) was suffering from slurred speech due to low blood sugar and an unknown pregnancy. Now he’s dragged a doctor into the mix so it will be interesting to see if this guy is willing to put his medical license on the line.

      1. Come on now how can a case totally disappear! I know Doug and the good folks at Slabbed and heck, even the Sun Herald, should have a copy of the original Criminal Summons to Appear. (Hint- it was signed by Judge Melvin Ray on Jan 3, 2018 at 2:47pm.) Maybe one of these two groups should post the document online to help the system clean up it’s act! Let’s start here and then follow the breadcrumbs.

        1. I guess don’t expect much from the Sun Herald as they are down to only 3 reporters who all now work from home. The big “For Sale” sign outside the Sun Herald building on Debuys Road realistically spells the end of true journalism. This is unfortunate as people such as Dub will take this as a license to continue to beat the system and line their pockets.

    2. You’re right about Dub’s willingness to hurt others to benefit himself and to intimidate people. He convinced Judge Fountain to issue a restraining order against his girlfriend’s (now his wife’s) ex-husband. Then, they went a step further and threw the poor kid in jail for violating the bogus order. Oh, his girlfriend and him even moved into the same apartment complex as the guy just to harass him. He’s a terrible person who has to be reigned in!

    3. You are so right! Dub is a terrible lawyer, but he does favors for the Mayor and Council so they owe him a job. He handled a divorce for the ex-wife of a friend of mine and he did such a bad job that the Judge actually asked his client if she wanted to change lawyers. Just look at the recent ruling by the Judge is his own divorce proceeding. These are direct quotes from the Opinion and Final Ruling which was 38 pages- “His request (Dub’s) for such relief is either fueled by his misunderstanding of existing law (meaning Dub is ignorant) or his drive to intimidate and harass **** (his ex-wife)”. Then there’s the classic line by the Judge- “Fred (Dub) failed to meet his required evidentiary burden of proof to establish any civil contempt offense against **** (his ex-wife) at trial as noted above. Morever, Fred’s relief request for attorney fees for representing himself is misplaced, without merit, and without any basis under Mississippi law”. The bottomline is that Dub can’t even help himself in terms of the law. Yet, D’Iberville still keeps him around. So sad!

      1. Well, I guess Hornsby didn’t take the Judge’s ruling too serious as I just heard that he’s appealing it. I guess he doesn’t think the Judge is smart enough or better yet, that he’s smarter than the Judge. What an ego!

  23. Pinocchio’s nose grows when he tells a lie. I think the same is true for Dub Hornsby. He may want to try the truth to reverse the damage.

    I have to agree with you RCS. Dub built quite a reputation for himself as being a liar. It’s disappointing to hear that Pinocchio has others low enough to help perpetuate his lies.

    I’m interested to see where these lies lead and who all is tied in to his web of deception.

  24. Word on the street is that the State Auditor has been talking to some City employees about Dub’s ability to get paid above/beyond what is owed when the City issues bonds. Again, he writes his own employment contract and the Mayor and Council just rubber stamp it. Plus, there’s some scrutiny now about his invoices to the City. Word is that there were some requests by certain individuals to get itemized expense reports from the City detailing Dub’s law firm billings. Naturally, the cover up has begun, but sooner or latter someone will squeal and then the rats will begin jumping off the ship.

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