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    1. Given how badly Trump and his band of idiots have botched this I understand the anger in that largely factual Facebook post but it is counterproductive right now. After bodies start staking up on the altar of Trump Administration incompetence there will be plenty of anger to go around. I do have faith that America takes out the trash in November.

    1. It goes both ways with the funding package. Explain why language about museums, unions, green house gases, etc. should be included as well.
      Don’t give me any bullshit excuses that if one side of the aisle wants to add unnecessary/unrelated crap so should the other.
      Total asshat politics from both sides.
      The House could have worked through the recess as well allowing details to be worked out earlier.

      1. It goes both ways with the funding package?

        Explain why language about oversight for a $500 billion dollar slush fund should be included as well. Trump, whose hotel business is losing millions, says ‘I’ll be the oversight’ of $500 billion coronavirus ‘slush fund’ https://theweek.com/speedreads/904323/trump-whose-hotel-business-losing-millions-says-ill-oversight-500-billion-coronavirus-slush-fund

        If you watched the press conference you saw the president say this out loud:

        When asked about those concerns during a press conference Monday evening, Trump said: “I’ll be the oversight, I’ll be the oversight. We’re gonna make good deals.”

        That unsupervised slush fund should be a non starter for any half smart individual. What type of republican senator knowingly includes and supports that in a bill? Even if the $500 billion is our money they are burning rather than their money. Are they stupid? Compromised? Or just greedy for their slice?

        Some things shouldn’t go both ways. This isn’t a blanket endorsement of one side over the other. This unsupervised slush fund simply shouldn’t be done because it is exactly the kind of a thing that banana republics do. One party seems to be completely supportive of the concept.

        1. What kind of Senator supports such a slush fund? Maybe the kind that tells people the whole Covid 19 deal is a media conspiracy with the Democrats while he is busy behind the scenes dumping his stock.

          Even now hard core GOPers do not see how badly they have been sold out by their own kind. Instead they prefer to believe it is all China’s fault.

          “Stone cold dumb” doesn’t begin to describe that mindset.

          1. It certainly appears to be a blanket endorsement.
            When yelling louder about the shit being slung by one side without even acknowledging the disgusting behavior by both it can’t be taken any other way.

            1. I think the Dems should take a page out of the GOP handbook circa 2008 and 2009 and just vote no on everything, that way not a dime will be stolen by those vipers. This whole Pandemic is a Trump mess, let him deal with it best he can, we can’t afford the price tag for cleaning up his mess.

            2. Which democratic politician has suggested they need a $500 billion dollar slush fund for their cronies to be administer and oversee to combat this pandemic? With or without the claim “I’ll be the oversight, I’ll be the oversight. We’re gonna make good deals.” ?

              Graft and influence peddling is a bipartisan affair, but doing it at this time of great crisis for the nation resembles the procurement troubles the Union faced during the Civil War.

              To those scandals are credited the origin of the word “shoddy”.\

              Those scandals also led to the passage of the “False Claims Act” (aka the “Lincoln Law”) in March of 1863.

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