Comment bump: Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts Dead

Hey Doug, Chris Roberts has passed……from an apparent suicide . Please say prayer his children and other family members. ~ Tom Heaney

Like everyone else I saw this piece of news first thing this morning. Like former Harrison County Sup William Martin, Roberts took his own life rather than answer to Federal criminal charges.

Its the season for Heartbreak ~ Nowdy 10/20/19

2 thoughts on “Comment bump: Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts Dead”

  1. Also, I’m 69% sure he was taking prescription antidepressants which CREATE SUICIDAL TENDANCIES.
    Hello? Is this thing ON?
    Legally sanctioned mass murder via Corporate Whores U.S. Government & Big Pharma.
    This virus is backfiring on those who actively poison the planet, use humans as commodities, hoard money & proclaim an unnatural, undeserved authoritative power. They’re mutants & the TRUE powers dat be are healing our ecosystem.
    Take DAT.

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