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Posted on January 22, 2020

After a Day of Impeachment Hearings, Trump looks like he’s winning. Plus, the Conventional Wisdom about you is that you’re a gaffe machine and a “consolation prize” nominee.

Do yourself and the Democratic Party a favor and go on FOX in the next few days and subject yourself to everything they’ve got. Suggest you go on with Chris Wallace who is tough and fair. Answer everything they want to throw at you about Ukraine and anything else. While you’re on, let the Country know that if you are the Nominee of the Democratic Party you will serve one term only. You should also consider bringing your son, Hunter, on with you. Screw the “conventional wisdom.” Answer every question they have.

Do it well and it will significantly help your chances of being the Democratic Nominee. Secondly it will virtually force the Republicans to call John Bolton as a witnesses and throw the slick McConnell Plan of no witnesses in the Impeachment Proceeding into disarray.

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6 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Hey Joe”

  1. Peggy Noonan, former Reagan Speechwriter and currently columnist for WSJ, will call for Biden and three others to be called as witnesses before the Senate Impeachment Trial. It will be in her Saturday
    Column in the WSJ. Her position is, it will be hard for Republican Senators to go back to their voters
    and explain why they voted to “not hear” Biden, Bolton, Mulvaney and other relevant witnesses.

  2. White House lawyers say “cross examination is the greatest engine for the discovery of truth.”

    You can’t have cross-examination without examination and you can’t have examination if you don’t
    allow witnesses. White House lawyers continually make the case for the Democrats. Witnesses are necessary.

  3. “Slow Joe” Biden is missing an opportunity to take command of the Impeachment Proceedings AND
    the Democratic Nomination Race.

    All he has to do is go on FOX (Mike Wallace Preferred) in the next couple of days and answer every question they have about him and his son (bring him with you, Joe) and Ukraine and state for the world to hear that he looks forward to testifying before the Senate to answer any question they have about anything.

    Make the Republicans go on record voting “NO” to hearing from Biden, Bolton, Mulvaney and anybody else. Then watch as the story continues to drip out for ten months…staying in the news right up to Election Day.

    The Republicans are repeating the same mistake Hillary made. She turned her e-mails into a one year story when it should have been a three day story. By shutting down witnesses Trump/McConnell are
    making the Ukraine story bigger rather than smaller.

    Every news person looking to make a reputation will be on the case.

  4. Hey Tom:

    Your idea seems to be a smart one on first observation …..’ for Joe to go on Fox and take every punch he can throw at you’…….. get everything out before you!

    However, remember Cassius Clay and his rope- a-dope strategy left him years later as a mentally impaired, speechless dope and Sleepy Joe doesn’t have enough existing neurons to sustain such initial trauma.

    Also, Bernie is hot and mad and will stay mad because of the Dims’ second attempt to do away with him and besides I want Trump to have a Communist to run against ( Bernie honeymooned in Russia?).

    1. The Biden situation is….I really don’t know the right word. It’s hard to watch.

      My “go on FOX in the middle of the Impeachment hearings” gambit would have been high risk. But,
      if he out performed expectations, he could have become a contender. Now, he’s less than that.

      Speaking of Bernie, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. Go Bernie!

  5. Joe isn’t even sticking around to tell his workers “thank you” (Vermont) much less getting out of the way.

    Joe has been told by the Deep State to obstruct the election road and take as many delegates from Bernie that he can yet poor Joe doesn’t realize he is not only embarrassing himself but is on the road to testifying before Congress which will be his and his son’s final downfall.

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