Almost 6 months ago to the day…..

We started a journey to better health and fitness. Such would also be the reason for the decrease in activity here as there are just so many hours in the day. We’re now doing 6 miles of walking before most of you leave home for work. And that does not count the weightlifting four days a week.

The good news is I haven’t felt better in years losing weight and gaining muscle mass in the process.

My thanks to all who have inquired about the lack of activity here. Slabbed is not going anywhere, even if I do not post as much. Sometime in the next year I expect to meet the goals I set for myself back in May and gain more time back for this place.

5 thoughts on “Almost 6 months ago to the day…..”

  1. Nothing should take precedence over your good health! The positive you are gaining far outweighs the negative things you are compelled to report on, even though it is a public service to the rest of us. Your health should always come first.

  2. Good Luck Doug
    Miss your posts but y’alls health is way more important.
    Thanks for everything and will be waiting on your return to slabbed.

  3. Thanks folks. We’ve still managed to hit a few licks despite the decrease in new content.

    Sally you gave me an idea because Slabbed isn’t generally the place for folks to get soft news but I have a a story where we can all make a difference and do something good for someone.

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