Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Impeach? Sure. Remove? Longshot.

Posted on October 24, 2019

Let’s cut to the chase.

First, The Trump-Ukraine Marx Brothers Upside/Down Heist-Bungle is an Impeachable Offense. Don’t even worry about it. It’s not even a close call. The House will vote to Impeach on that, at least, and there will be a trial in the Senate. Bet on it. Mitch McConnell has said as much.

Second, Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria is well within presidential prerogatives and not, by any stretch of the imagination, an Impeachable offense.

Third, Trump’s move out of Syria while totally legal and, in my opinion, wise and proper, made a successful vote to Impeach a sure thing. Why is that? The Israel Support Community would like as many American soldiers as possible stationed between any part of Iran and any part of Israel. Any reduction in that number will get their attention and Congress will get an earful and do as they’re told. Just like in Animal Farm, all citizens are equal but some are more equal than others.

Trump’s move of our troops out of Syria left the Kurds, a people without a country, in a position where our soldiers would not be there to protect them, with their bodies, from threats real and imagined. Israel and its supporters love the Kurds because the Kurds are a consistent irritant and threat to Iran and Turkey. The Kurds want a country of their own. They want it on land that is now part of Turkey and Iran. It’s not surprising that those countries are unwilling to volunteer to give the Kurds sufficient land for their country. Does anybody know any state that would? Does Israel want to Donate the Golan Heights to help the Kurds, their new best friends, get started on their new State?

Israel, of course, knows what’s what. It views its interests are being served if Turkey and Iran have to deal with border skirmishes and bad publicity from the American press for not being nice enough to the Kurds. (Israel Firster Richard Engel on MSNBC has gone into full blown hysteria about the Kurds that I’m expecting his next step is self immolation in their honor… RIP Richard Engel, What A Kurd?). Strange he never seemed very interested in the children in Gaza when Israel last engaged in “mowing the grass” in Gaza in 2014. Maybe he didn’t know the term meant killing kids. Oh well, you can’t know everything. Continue Reading……

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  1. I tie a lot of the new found urgency of Democrats to move Impeachment along to
    an energized Israel Support Community.

    They’ve suffered a couple of shocks and are not impressed with Trump’s response. The US Drone knocked down; the strike on the Saudi oil refinery (believe me, if the US or anybody else could prove Iran did it we’d have seen the imagery by now); the most recent moving of some troops US troops out of
    Syria at the request of Turkey.

    The Israel Support Community is active and effective…which is the understatement of the year.

    1. Sure, lets impeach Trump, send Dow to hell and elect one of the green, anti Israel radicals so there won’t be any private jets for all the Demo hypocrites to fly around in……

      But without jets and fossil fuel for boats how are you going to visit your girl friend in France?

      1. As you know, the Impeach end of the process is easy. Majority of the House can do it.

        Convict and Remove, is a horse of a different color. If all Senators are present and voting it takes 67
        votes to Convict and Remove. If Trump can keep his Job Approval rating above 35% (he’s hit that level twice) there is no way there will be 67 votes to convict.

        HOWEVER, if the evidence shows a significant number of Ukrainians died because Trump didn’t release the aid in a timely fashion OR if Trump called his buddy Putin to tell him “I’m holding back the aid to Ukraine, good time for you to go kick some ass…” Then, even his base would turn on him.

        OR, one more thing, if his taxes either leak out or come out through the legal process, and they show
        he’s been paying nothing or almost nothing that could hurt him…it hurt Nixon big time.

        Let not your heart be troubled, I’ll always find a way to get to Paris. Soon, if plans hold.

        Peace be with You.

        PS: I was watching some FOX for awhile. Tucker Carlson and I both like Tulsi Gabbard. Tucker and I worked together once before…to confirm Kavanaugh. My daughter was Baptized at the Church where
        Kavanaugh’s wife works or volunteers.

    1. Take a look at the polling Trixie. Making GOP congressmen and senators cast votes on the record in support of Trump trying to involve a foreign nation in our elections will prove to be a loser next November. It’s why so many GOP reps have already announced their retirements.

    1. He’s certainly a favorite against any body else right now. You can bet on American politics in Europe.
      I believe one place had Trump at you had to wager $125 to win $100.

      I’ll make this bet. He won’t be able to amend the Constitution to run for and win a third term.

      1. Tom I’m not sure what European bookie’s odds you’re using but here in the US in places like the Iowa Electronic markets the money is backing the Dems to recapture the White House.

        Trump’s biggest problem will be finding states to replace PA, WI and MI, three states that he’ll have a hard time carrying in 2020 based on the fact that the GOP has since gotten its ass kicked in all three.


        I seriously doubt the next Dem nominee will take Wisconsin for granted like Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

        1. Hey Doug…

          Trump has a mind meld with the guy at the end of the bar staring at the News muttering “they’re all a bunch of crooks.” He’s a Trump guy for sure. He loves Trump when he speaks the truth. And loves him more when he lies.

          There was a guy who worked for Nixon who coined the expression “the secret to politics is understanding who hates who.” He was in charge of Nixon’s southern strategy in 1968. Nixon
          won the South.

          Never underestimate “likability.” Reagan had it, Obama, Bill Clinton. Hillary? No. I think the two
          most “likable” Dems are Biden and Sanders. Joe’s problem is he can barely finish a sentence. And
          Bernie’s a socialist.

          You mention Wisconsin, I’d go even further. If you looked at Hillary’s Campaign in its entirety you could not help but be suspicious that she had a big bet on Trump!

          1. Wisconsin is the inconvenient fact Hillary supporters would have everyone ignore in favor of blaming the Russians. The teens from Macedonia that spread some of the worst fake news were far more effective than the Russians IMHO but those boys were making $$$$ from the Facebook clickbait they posted.

            1. The first line of defense against one side cheating should be the other side. In 2008,
              everybody was sure Indiana was solid Red for McCain. Obama’s polling showed he had a chance. Obama campaigned in Indiana on Election Day and won the state. Four years earlier, John Kerry spent Election Day in Boston at the Union Oyster House because that was his “tradition.” If he had spent the day in Ohio he might have beaten Bush.

              There’s nothing like a Candidate who really wants it and will go all out “till the last dog
              dies” as Bill Clinton used to say.

  2. This day has flown by, been a busy one, but don’t want to let it pass without say a big “Thank You” to all of our Veterans, and currently active service members. May God be ever at your side as you protect us in this troubled world. To all the Veterans and service personnel who post on slabbed–this is for you too!!!

  3. News now is Senate may just ignore and not vote at all . Curiously the recent letter to the Inspector General regarding the go-fund me accounts by and/or for the whistle blower has a Louisiana connection if you read the complaint .

    Now its name that person as well the whistle blower . Take heed Barr has said his investigation has turned into a “CRIMINAL” investigation but those words seem being ignored by Schiff and others .

    Closer to home Doug I am looking for a web builder / IT professional to help kick start Citizens For Good Government back in Jefferson Parish . I was seriously ill and now doing better and have time and ability to work it and want to make it in memory of Margie Seemann and Margaret Baird .

    The goal is not as much editorial as it will be to expose and end the Pay to Play mostly derived from the JP council meetings by high lighting theirs and the administrations own words and deeds shining a light on the lies and deceptions of corruption .

    May even bring cameras into the hidden so called public committee meetings starting with the SOQ no bid give away on the 9th floor of the Yenni building . Any one wants to volunteer and join please call me I am easy to find and I promise we can make a difference even if you can’t go to the meetings there is much more you can do !

    1. Tom there are several such quality firms in metro NOLA including Jefferson Parish. Try google. I personally skip past advertised results.

  4. This process, if that’s what you call it, is more about Shiff than credible legal confirmation. Vengeance will get you in a bind. P

        1. Koolaid drinkers are everywhere Rod. You may forget the Republicans Impeached Clinton for getting a blowjob. They didn’t do too bad after. Here it appears Trump was in bed with Russian criminals. I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

          I personally find it hilarious to watch folks twist themselves into pretzels defending a sociopath.

  5. I’m not doing any of that but I’m watching a similar thing as Clinton. That was ridiculous as well. I guess if ya can’t win at the ballot box try to win the peanut gallery.

    1. Who is Y’all Rod? A major symptom of Koolaid intoxication is to assume that people that see things different must be Democrats. Personally I wasn’t for impeachment until this latest bunch of criminality. Then again it appears Mr. Trump will go down as the worst criminal to ever occupy the oval office. Perhaps you missed this earlier in the week:

      In private speech, Bolton suggests some of Trump’s foreign policy decisions are guided by personal interest.

  6. That was a ya or you as in anyone. Not you are me just in general. Yes, I’m conservative and I like results. All this fits the pattern of history with its cross roads. We have been here before. Everyone making their case. I just prefer the ballot box to the soap box. Yes, Trump has enflamed many people with his direct approach to dealing with his underlings and they get to revenge their personal feelings against him as well. He is not a politician.

    But we, you and I, should be able to agree to disagree on this as in many other things.

    1. Maybe Trump should stop trying to get foreign governments to meddle in our elections so it can be settled with an election.

    2. Rod, I’ve explained this to you before but you must not have paid attention. Just because Trump is currently registered as a Republican does not make him a conservative. The sooner you get this, the sooner the veil will be lifted from your eyes and perhaps then you will understand the folly of supporting him. He is a selfish, ignorant, semi-literate, unstable, non-genius who wants to run this country as if he were a monarch and we are all his minions. His tweet today degrading Ambassador Yovanovitch after her stellar 33-year career as a public servant was disgusting and despicable.

      1. Very well said. When I was in law school, I worked one summer at the State Dept. I was in awe of the
        place and the way people went about their business.

        I think the Ambassador that testified today did a great job. Trump’s act is getting tiresome. It’s sameo sameo.

        I was never a Reagan guy nor was I a Reagan hater. I read a significant part of his Autobiography. And
        I admired the way he pushed back against the Israelis when necessary. If Reagan were living he would not understand Trump at all.

  7. Fred,
    To each his own. That is your opinion certainly not mine nor is of at least half the country. You need to pay attention a little your self this isn’t a personality contest. I will rest with that in all due respect.

  8. When I wrote this piece I viewed the prospect of the Senate Convicting and Removing Trump was such a long shot that it wasn’t with talking about.

    Times are changing. His Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has become a huge liability in terms of public
    opinion. I’ll be surprised if Pompeo lasts until Christmas.

    The only Poll I watch is the Gallup job approval which is updated weekly. I like Gallup because you can compare with other presidents all the way back to Nixon.

    There are two numbers that are very important for Trump. First is 39%. Next is 35%. Usually when he hits 39, he gets a little bump to 41%. If he slips below 39%, the next stop is 35% which is the lowest number he’s had so far. He’s had it twice.




    1. Still, at the end of the day, the result is to have nothing more than the democrap wing of Einpartei in control and the repuke wing of Einpartei looking on, and the people in a situation similar to that the Poles faced in 1939.

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