He may have been Mayor of Pascagoula since mid 2017 but he claimed Homestead Exemption in Harrison County until 2019

That’s right folks Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell was telling a whopper or two about where he lived when he was elected Mayor or he has swindled the Harrison County tax collector. Let’s take a trip back to early 2017 when the topic of Dane Maxwell’s residency first surfaced:

Questions arose on social media last week about Pascagoula mayoral candidate Dane Maxwell and his residency.

The Mississippi Press received a tip about the residency issue, accompanied with screenshots showing Maxwell’s Biloxi address and his being registered to vote in Harrison County. The Mississippi Press spoke with Maxwell, who addressed the questions on Thursday.

“You want to know if I am a Pascagoula resident. Yes, I am a resident of Pascagoula,” said Maxwell, a Republican. “I lay my head every night at the Scranton condos in Pascagoula on the corner of Martin and Ingalls Avenue. I have a lease there and signed it late last year. I own 10 and a half acres of land on 11th Street, and we just completed a small shed and big shop there. I currently have the house plans with me, now that we have finished.”

So in late 2016 Maxwell signed a lease on a condo with the full intent of becoming a resident of the City of Pascagoula in order to run for Mayor. What was Maxwell’s obligation with regard to his existing homestead exemption? Here is what the state tax regulations say:

Before the exemption can be allowed, the applicant must make a written application between January 1 and April 1 of the year in which the exemption is sought. The applicant alone is responsible for making the application. He is required to furnish all information required by the application. It must be complete, true, and correct. It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete the information required within the application. It is entirely his document. It is his sole responsibility. The applicant’s responsibility does not end until the entire application (the original, duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate copies) has been delivered to the Tax Assessor on or before April 1. The quadruplicate copy is to be signed and dated by the Tax Assessor or his deputy, marked “filed” and returned to the applicant. If a change in the homestead or the applicant’s status occurred since January 1 of the previous year, a new application must be filed between January 1 and April 1.

How do we know that Maxwell claimed Homestead exemption in Harrison County? Simple folks the tax records are online right here:

Here is a screen capture of the link:

Source: Harrison County Tax Collector
Source: Harrison County Tax Collector

The thinking is Mayor Dane got religion on his Homestead Exemption when the Southern District PSC seat came open and perhaps he made everything right with the Harrison County tax collector then and such does not show up on the online tax records. Even that has disturbing implications because he was confronted with questions about his residency before the last Pascagoula municipal elections and he still double dipped. Perhaps financially Maxwell is a slob that can’t handle money because PACER shows a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in his name early this decade. A cynical person would simply refer to former Pascagoula Mayor Robbie Maxwell and all of his side consulting gigs with Scott Walker, say the last name along with “’nuff said” and people would get a sharp picture of the ethically challenged. The man evidently can’t handle his own personal affairs so he certainly can’t handle the job responsibilities that come with a seat on the PSC. As the Kemper plant debacle (and attempted fleecing of the Mississippi public) illustrates, the job requires someone more than a financial slob.

As for running for Mayor of Pascagoula this is the form Maxwell should have filled out where he swore he was a qualified elector in Pascagoula.

I am told complaints have been filed with Harrison County along with the State Attorney General about this matter.

I still have something else on tap for you folks in Pascagoula. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “He may have been Mayor of Pascagoula since mid 2017 but he claimed Homestead Exemption in Harrison County until 2019”

  1. I still have something else on tap for you folks in Pascagoula. Stay tuned


    Looking forward to seeing a certain Qualified Statement of Intent posted for those interested to easily view and share 😉

  2. Perry Parker must be chuckling to himself since Mayor Dane got him sidelined from the PSC election for residency questions/violations. And no Stumblebum, I am not surprised. November 5th is coming quickly so bring on whatever is on tap even quicker.

  3. Just go knock on his supposedly neighbors house doors in the condos he says he lives in now ? Bet his ass has never slept there a single night !

  4. I think this homestead exemption facade is the least of the infractions committed by Mayor Dane, but it is a good place to start. Calling any and all reporters with grit & determination! Your award winning story may well be in the sleepy little town called Pascagoula. Very little digging required.

  5. While we wait for your next installment more damage is being done by Hurricane Dane……..even FEMA won’t be able to help Pascagoula once HD gets done blowing and going.

  6. Doug, I would like to chat a little about Tuesday’s general election in our state.
    As a lifelong Republican I find myself in a situation where I cannot vote for Reeves this year. In my former career I was forced to witness firsthand the bullshit he spewed and the underhandedness of his actions as he presided over the Senate since 2012. We could discuss many issues but I am going to take one that has been in the public eye for decades, teacher pay. I tend to look at the situation a little different than most and am not taking up for the teachers but rather discussing the actions of the Lt. Governor.
    Teaching is the only career I can think of in which graduates understand what there salary will be upon graduation but are unhappy with the pay before they get their first job. They know that they will be undervalued and underpaid before they start college but instead of pursuing another career they march forward, start their career and then demand a pay raise immediately. I am quite thankful for what they do but it is a given that they will not make enough money to live comfortably.
    Now I am going to get into the Reeves bullshit. He had every opportunity to push through a meaningful pay tase for teachers but was more interested with agenda items like pushing through an access rode for his community and sneaking in additional funding for private school scholarship funding. The latter of which was added to an unrelated bill which was for the funding of the Department of Finance & Administration annual budget. For those interested please look up the spending bill for DFA FY 2020. In fairness he finally did allow a very modest teacher pay raise of $1,500/year.
    Now. Anyone that has a television has seen his commercials with him stating that he will push for a teacher pay raise if elected governor. As governor, he has no power to push such a bill through the legislature. All he can do is request or veto a bill he doesn’t like. He had many years to do this but now he is setting up the next Lt. Governor, presumably Delbert Hosemann. There is no love lost between these two as Reeves pissed Hosemann off like he did almost everyone else he had to work with.
    Hopefully you can see the big picture (at least on this issue).
    If elected Reeves will ask the Lt. Governor to support a teacher pay raise and if he doesn’t, Reeves will state that he tried but could not get anywhere with heads of the legislature.
    Tate=Good Guy
    Heads of Legislature=Bad Guys for not helping the teachers
    I’m sure more examples like this will happen if he’s elected governor.
    The fact that Reeves could not even win his home nor surrounding counties should speak volumes as to what the people that really know him think about him.
    Maybe I’ll vote for guy with the marijuana suit this year.

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