It appears to be coming to a showdown

Word is bubbling up that the Compton Engineering Building purchase is coming to a head there in Bay St Louis. I count 3 votes for housing the Bay police in the floodplain and 3 against with Ward 2 Councilman Hoffman leaning against (based on the last council meeting) but otherwise undeclared. We’ll be keeping an eye out for next Tuesday’s meeting agenda.

13 thoughts on “It appears to be coming to a showdown”

    1. Trixie,
      The Mayor announced at last Council meeting that the State officials would be approving the demolition ” next week” which would have been this week!! He also said that there is nothing set in stone to purchase Compton building.
      Hope Council votes in favor of what is right for the taxpayers into the future and for the men and women who keep them safe every day.
      Time will tell👮🏻‍♀️!

      1. Lana
        Never heard the mayor state they would be approving the demolition this week but did hear they were coming to look at it and decide if it could be torn down.
        Big difference.
        Also heard the mayor talk about a new building.
        Also heard Seal say he wants to spend a $M or Two and cram everyone in the city hall building.
        Should have bought this shit hole.
        Also hear Knoblock is still trying to get the gtex building.
        Why is he continuously pushing this!
        Whose palms is he greasing?
        I would still like to know what the Compton building would cost?
        What’s right for the tax payers you ask may just depend on price.
        Voting for what’s right?
        Old court building
        Other buildings
        City hall
        New PD
        Patch the ole shit hole PD
        Someone tell me what’s right?
        And 13 ft. Or the flood zone ain’t reason to not consider a building cause the whole fricking city was under water except where they were located for Katrina so seal should move them back to the old PD!!!!!
        Kick boys and girls club out,
        Get rid of a $$$ burden on the city and
        Put them back in that building.
        $$$$ justifies everything.
        One dollar or a M$ Or 2-4M$
        Anything can be justified if eyes are opened and not being puppets for others.
        This ain’t me or you or egos but a place to house our PD
        They need their own place.
        And again ,
        Who knows if it could work but them?
        Anyone ever ask the Chief or Dept. ?
        I’ll answer this for everyone.
        &3,000,000 fire department was built on 603 in a fricking flood zone!!!
        Did anyone bitch about this
        But a PD for maybe 10 cents on a dollar and no one wants to listen?
        Shame on you and Knoblock and seal and reed for not being open minded enough to at least listen to all possibilities.
        Glad you or them don’t represent my ward.
        Knoblock does but not sure of his problem with us in wards 5&6.
        Seems him and reed are joined at the hips.
        And who controls them?
        Former councilman?
        You make that call!
        Oh helll
        Have to go.

  1. The City should do what is considered a long term plan for the PD. Cost is always a concern but long term results are paramount. Fire Stations are placed strategically for insurance ratings.

    Every time a municipality buys another property it is taken off the tax rolls and adds to offsite maintenance costs. Bundling buildings on a common campus seem to be the most effective way to deal with those 2 particular concerns that affect the bottom dollar.

    I have not heard an opinion yet from the decision makers. There may be a good argument to get off campus building I just don’t know what it is at this time.

    1. Rod,
      I think the opinions from the “decision makers” (that would be Council since this involves spending money. Administration can recommend, but Council will decide.) will become manifest as the workshops continue to arrive at prioritizing the spending of the new bond. I am hearing that the city has been approved for $5 million, rather than $8. Time will tell.

      1. Trixie,
        Your comment brings this to mind.

        Have you noticed the Wendy McDonald signs go up last few days? It must be a Halloween Spook to scare all the Tax Payers.

        1. Rod,
          If you want to scare the taxpayers, encourage them to read all of these proposed budgets for the coming fiscal year. These figures are all over the map!!
          Maybe that is why all of this is published at this time of year!
          Halloween and VooDoo economics☠️🎃$$$!!!

  2. Anyone know why council went into executive session tonight
    Seems like every meeting lately.
    Just thought someone might have heard the reason.

  3. Well tonight city council meeting was very interesting! First off why would our city council argue against a bond that they all voted 7-0 to approve it? Still shaking my head on that one. Second, hats off to Ron Thorpe ! Let’s just say, he brought out the true colors of Mr. Reed! Third, the lawsuits came up and it so happens that Knoblock just happens to have a “ COPY” on hand! That is not coincidental folks! Knoblock and Reed are showing their true colors!

  4. The 2% Sales tax proposal as written, in my opinion, is just a general fund item to go along with the other 4 Mils that we have incurred on our real property and car tags etc. In what am reading it will be a Ward by Ward feeding frenzy on how to justify its use as the usage stipulated can translate to almost anything except salaries.

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