Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Real and Present Danger

Posted on October 1, 2019

The present mess, also known as the Trump Administration, cries out for resolution. Immediately. The Country cannot continue without a functioning Executive Branch. Right now, we do not have a functioning Executive Branch.

We are running the risk of war, by miscalculation, or a crash in World Financial Markets followed by Depression. It’s that serious. I am not an alarmist by nature. I have not felt the sense of real and present danger at any other time.

There is a deal available. It looks like this:

ONE. Vice President Pence Resigns Immediately.

TWO. President Trump Resigns Immediately Following Pence’s Resignation and agrees to accept no pension or Past President’s office or staff.

THREE. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, under the Constitution, succeeds immediately to the Presidency and, as her first acts as President, receives the Resignations of Pence and Trump and immediately issues Presidential Pardons to Pence and Trump for any and all violations of Federal Law that occurred during their respective service as Vice President and President.

FOUR. President Pelosi announces she will not be a candidate for President in 2020.

FIVE. All of the above actions (resignations and pardons) could be accomplished virtually simultaneously at the same time and place. Deal done. Pardons issued. Trump and Pence gone. Continue Reading…….

7 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Real and Present Danger”

  1. All of a sudden, the Turks, who fought and died with us in Afghanistan after 9-11,
    are being trashed by the media and the Kurds who want to carve a state out of Turkey
    are the world’s greatest people…according to the same media.

    The fact of the matter is Israel loves the Kurds because they are an irritant and possibly a threat to Turkey and Iran.

    Trump is getting rolled by the Israel Lobby. He should have stood his ground on US troops out of Syria
    and told the Israel Lobby to “BACK OFF.” He’s done too much for them already.

  2. We cant fix biblical problems. In my opinion we do what is in our and our militaries best interest just as they have done. I do not believe for one second any of those countries will come to our aid if we are in a time of need. Well, possibly for money.

    1. Suggest you check out coalition casualties war in Afghanistan after we were hit 9-11.
      I believe 30 countries left dead bodies there fighting with and for us…no charge.

  3. These areas of the world have been at war for centuries even before recorded history. I personally do not believe it is our best interest to be in it with them till the end of times but I will admit I do not have the answer but I want someone to value our young men’s lives in the equation of a decision. What ever we do we need to take care of our interest and move on. Just an opinion but I cant criticize without a solution.

  4. Callahan, all nice and fine, but which of the current crop of fascists becomes the next El Jefe? Truly the crop floating around now makes Eric A. Blair look extremely prescient when he write his dystopian novel.

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