Southern District PSC Candidate / Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell loses control of City Council

Time is short folks but this latest turn of events bears mentioning as Tuesday’s meeting has now made the news both on WLOX and the Sun Herald. The quote WLOX snagged from retiring Police Chief/new City Manager Kenny Johnson sets things up nicely:

“I think the council stepped up and showed confidence in me to lead not only the police department but to lead the entire city,” Johnson said. “I want to make sure that things are done properly, that we’re running like we’re supposed to run, we’re working within the perimeters of our form of government and make sure that happens moving forward before someone else is appointed to take my place.”

Slabbed corresponded with a member of the audience associated with the Speak Up Pascagoula Facebook page who indicated exactly what Margaret Baker wrote for the Sun Herald that Mayor Dane tried his hand at forcing out the Chief along with two other officers and ended up getting the chief promoted to City Manager. In this type of Mississippi home rule charter the Mayor is essentially the chief councilman at large with ceremonial duties and one vote (not to be confused with the Mayor Alderman “Weak Mayor” form of home rule). Without a council majority Maxwell has been neutered as a political force in Pascagoula.

No meeting account would be complete without a show of bad sportsmanship and according to the Citizen that wrote to Slabbed the award for that would go to Mayor Dane’s wife, who evidently did not react well to the vote to install Johnson as City Manager.

Folks there has been a lot lacking in Mayor Dane’s performance as a politician in his hometown. Maybe that is why he is running for Southern District PSC. The people that know him best there in Pascagoula will be the first to tell you he is no bargain as a politician.

Slabbed will be having a bit more on the Southern District PSC race very soon.

26 thoughts on “Southern District PSC Candidate / Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell loses control of City Council”

  1. This election cycle is the most depressing one I have ever lived through. From the governor all the way to the southern district public service commission office there are No good choices.
    Maxwell aka. Crooked as a Snake vs. Hit & Run Moran.
    Conway Twitty vs. Kiss the Ring Reeves (By the way, notice how Hood trimmed his mullet while running for Governor)
    Lynn Fitch (hardly ever took a case to court) vs. Collins who has no record to speak of (Do respect her service to our country)
    Southern Transportation Commissioner Tom King (Can’t remember the last time one of the 3 lower counties elected a local for this office)
    Delbert who decided that after 100 years the state owned the tidelands and all money from leases must go to Jackson then some sent back at his discretion vs. Hughes who doesn’t stand a chance.
    Lord we need help in this state.
    This is a fine mess we got ourselves into.

    1. I hate the idea of not voting, but it will be hard this year. I’ll drive with one hand while I hold my nose in advance of arriving at my precinct😩

    2. Things won’t change because the people here are too wrapped up in the good ole boy network. A candidate could be amazing but most of these rubes (Ocean Springs) will always pull for the hometown boy. It’s incestuous and breeds corruption.

  2. I thought I would take a break from Cruising the Coast at the Slabbed Spot – you picked a fine time to tune into the antics called Pascagoula Politics. CF brings up valid points. I await the next installment with much anticipation. This is getting more interesting by the moment.

  3. I gotta say – that had to be the most interesting meeting in the history of the Dane Maxwell regime. After watching the gas sale debacle it was completely new to see the unity of those 3 councilmen and Colmer. Still disappointing that no one saw the truth in that sale – maybe one day that will come out too. This regime is full of players just waiting to be indicted. We’ve seen em be indicted for less. Is anyone paying attention?

  4. Was that 6 or 7 short blasts of The Vessel Maxwell’s horn? Alrighty then. Should he win the PSC, you know the old proverb, “the higher they climb, the harder they fall”. This ship is one long horn’s blast away from sinking no matter how many moles are put in Jackson on the Vessel “CYA”. Hopefully the “Coast Guard” is watching and listening. Hooyah

  5. I am wondering if the shares on this article are breaking records for Slabbed – 403 total shares is impressive to say the least. And 310 of those shares are on Facebook! Is the Maxwell Machine working overtime to develop a damage control strategy? Or is Dane too busy Cruising the Coast? Douglas Handshoe , the one answer we do have is that people read your posts!

    1. Not even close. The lusty lawyer and cabbie garnered over 10K, as did the Ashley Madison lists, which ran into the mid 5 figures.

      I’m still very pleased with the reception this post has received.

      1. You very well should be, but I thank you for the clarification nonetheless. Politics in Pascagoula does not get much exposure and I thank you for what you are doing on Slabbed to shed light on a very interesting situation.

      2. Do you still have that Ashley Madison List? !!. There were some gems on it from the Wild West over here in Handcuff County😎

    1. What does that mean Rene, electing a bunch of crooks to office that spend money like shit thru a goose before raising your taxes after the bills come due?

    2. Rene – I am not sure how to interpret your response. Do you mean that you will vote for any Republican candidate because that party reflects your values? I guess that means you would vote for Charlie Manson if he had an “R” by his name! Neither candidate is perfect so it comes down to their records. It is as simple as this – which City seems to be thriving added to experience and education. I would have to say that Ocean Springs is doing far better than Pascagoula; that Ms. Moran’s educational background is superior to that of Mr. Maxwell’s which is close to non existent; and Ms. Moran’s record of elected service is longer than Mr. Maxwell’s. I do not even think party politics should come into play for this position. You could explain how you believe it would be important. I would love to hear it. All this is aside from the other information that is beginning to trickle out about Great Dane. If you live close to Pascagoula you should seek information from its citizens. Don’t just take my word for it. Where there is smoke there is fire! Could it be the Mayor’s pants?

    3. So Rene I’m guessing you are one of those majority of (white) Mississippi voters who will vote for Tate Reeves for governor, not only just because he is a Republican but because he is endorsed by Trump, who you all adore. The question is, why would all of you adore Trump as you do? Why do you support him so fervently when he unquestionably violates all seven of the Christian virtues to which all you church going (white) Mississippians claim to avow? Why do you think Trump is a conservative when clearly he is not? As conservative columnist George Will has pointed out, Trump does not believe in free trade, nor meritocracy, nor limited government, nor balanced budgets, nor privacy, nor due process, nor Constitutional supremacy. He disdains expert advice, he ignores the opinion of others and above all else, he completely rejects the traditional norms of civility and reasonable political discourse. Hell, he even confided in Putin but not American Democrats before last weekend’s raid to kill Al-Baghdadi. Do you understand what that means? He prefers a COMMUNIST DICTATOR to American congressional representatives. He is rude, crude and immoral. Even (white) Mississippians should know it, but still you support him. Why?
      New York Times commenter Sirach put it succinctly last week: “Trump doesn’t want to be a president – to preside over the government of a democratic republic. He wants to rule a country. We fought a revolution to divest ourselves of a ruler, but George III didn’t claim for himself the omnipotence that Trump claims Article II of the constitution grants him. The king recognized that his power was limited by that of Parliament, but our would-be ruler admits no limits to his potency. He ruled his businesses that way – with no responsibility to a board of directors or to shareholders – and he sees no reason why he shouldn’t rule over us the same way.”
      The other question is, why do so many (white) Mississippians discount the inherent danger presented by a president who is so obviously suffering from the psychiatric disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)? According to Dr. Nigel Barber in Psychology Today, “individuals with NPD have most (at least five) or all of the symptoms listed below (generally without commensurate qualities or accomplishments).
      1. Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others.
      2. Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
      3. Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions.
      4. Needing constant admiration from others.
      5. Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others.
      6. Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain.
      7. Unwilling to empathize with others’ feelings, wishes, or needs.
      8. Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them.
      9. Pompous and arrogant demeanor.”
      Sound familiar? It should. This definition perfectly defines Donald J. Trump, current occupant of the White House.
      So, what’s the answer to my original question? Why do (white) Mississippians want someone like this to be the President of the United States?
      I think I know the answer, but it is so obvious I shouldn’t have to say it.

      1. Its obvious from the Presidential Election when Trump was elected it was a lot more than just (white) Mississippians wanted Trump as President. Why keep putting (white) in your paragraph numerous times? Mississippi doesn’t have that many electoral votes to swing an election anyways. So maybe go to the other 49 states and ask them. And you now what, if Hillary Clinton was running in the next election, I would vote for him again! Its not that everyone praises him, it was the other choice we had.

        1. Citizen, forget 2016, Benghazi and Hillary’s emails…let’s talk about 2020. How can all you (white) Mississippians who claim to be God-fearing born-again Christians continue to support such a pitiful excuse for a president? To answer your question, I use the qualifier (white) because I doubt there are more than a dozen African-American, Hispanic, Asiatic or other minority Mississippians who would admit to voting for Trump.

          1. Why is it that one of this country’s major goals is not to see color and treat all the same, but Liberals are more prone to split people by race than other groups of Americans?

            1. Who are you calling a liberal? I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Who did you vote for then? Oh, that’s right, you are just a youngster who doesn’t even know what true conservatism is. Like I explained above – Trump is no conservative.

              1. You are correct I am younger than you and the first election I voted in was 1992 and I sure didn’t vote for Perot.
                Which one of the “Conservative” candidates did you want to win the 2016 nomination? Was it Kasich, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Christie or evening that wonderful former governor Jindal?
                I don’t always vote for my favorite candidate but most of the time I vote for the one that smells the least.
                One instance of you voting for a candidate 40 years ago hardly shows a pattern.

  6. Neither Moran or Maxwell should be elected so I guess I will have to hold my nose and vote for one of them. Hit and run Moran is not a good option either. .
    It is the same situation with the Governor’s race.
    I guess I will have to research all third party candidates running for statewide or regional office.
    It is our fault for the candidates that are left for the general election and we all just have to deal with it.

  7. Consider not voting for either candidate. Just skip it and that way you don’t contribute to anyone’s victory if you do not like either of them. I have heard many people are thinking of doing that. It wasn’t something I had ever considered doing.

    1. Seaside, that is my philosophy– skip the races that you don’t feel have a worthy candidate on either side. At least down the road when all the screw ups and scandals start, we can say we didn’t contribute to the mess. Considering the ballot I’ll be handed tomorrow at the polls, I’ll be skipping through it like a 5 year old heading for the Ice Cream Truck!!

  8. Lana, I see you are a comedian on the side! The scandals are already in progress. If you have never checked out Speak Up Pascagoula on Facebook you might want to read it today. Actually, the last few days are something! You might not be that bored but if you are busy yourself looking at that page.

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