Is the City of Bay St Louis’ plan to buy the Compton Engineering Building Truly a Done Deal?

The last time we heard of Compton and the City mentioned together it involved Bay Taxpayers, Utility Users Stuck Repaying Excessive Post Katrina Engineering Firm Fees. Then again I would term it highly unusual for a City Councilman to negotiate anything on behalf of a strong Mayor charter City but the tape doesn’t lie.

The question I have is under what metric does it make sense to headquarter a police department in the flood zone in a building that was never intended for that purpose? I imagine the flood premiums on the property would be astronomical not to mention the place would be a tear down after it floods again and yes it is a question of when that happens not if it does. This proposed done deal smells like dead fish to me.

The atmosphere right now in the Bay Council is toxic enough there is no telling what will happen next. It has Slabbed’s full attention in fact.

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  1. Don’t you love it? A ” done deal” that hasn’t been on the Agenda yet. This Council has developed a chronic condition of ” agenditist.” The symptoms of which are presenting bogus agendas or just lying straight faced to the public about what’s on their agenda–can you say Historic Preservation Commission- May 8, 2018?! But this is far more serious- 2 of the 7 ” negotiating ” real estate deals for the city. Does MML not teach them that they have no authority unless convened in a body at an official meeting. Josh said that he didn’t think it was a good idea to discuss all of this in public– in front of the public that is going to buy it, insure it, staff it, and maintain it!$$$$ A graduate of the narcissistic school of self absorbed politicians.

    1. Great point, and they need to be on duty especially in a disaster. That was well thought out by the city’s two new real estate agents!!

  2. We did get a notice from the circuit clerk that we would be voting at Compton in November. That’s building was flooded in Hurricane Gustav. Free meals do wonders in politics.

  3. BSL owns more real estate than any town should already.
    What happened to the idea of putting the PD into old City Hall?
    Let old City Hall become just city hall again. The PD can have the entire huge white elephant.
    We should be selling, not buying. Maybe the eight million dollar blank check is for this and the additional marina we desperately need….

    1. That City owned lot on Main Street is prime property. Flood mitigation on the site of the unusable station by City Hall would be minimal.

      1. Doug,
        You are making too much sense. The fact that the northern part of the county better known as ” higher ground” has grown by leaps and bounds since 2005, has gone right over the heads of Larry and Josh.
        Of course, they aren’t risking their own $$$– just the public’ which they are supposed to be protecting.
        What’s REALLY going on with Compton Engineering, and who decided the good taxpayers of the Bay have to bail them out??$$

  4. Is Compton moving to higher ground or out of BSL? They are a building location consultants that project cost and other risks for the county and municipalities before they purchase or build!

    What is their opinion on this?

  5. Someone wake up Buddy Z and let him know about Compton deal in his Ward! County selling property surrounding Compton we hear! Imagine that! Let’s not add this bad dream to Old City Hall, Parking garage, Garden Center?, trash building behind City Hall and Mold Station on corner that needs major repairs. C’mon Ice, do your thing in fixing old before adding new(?) un-needed nightmares sir…..

  6. I congratulate Waveland on reserving the right to not give taxpayer money to the charity of their choice! The public taxpayer money is not philanthropic!

    Each Alderman can contribute as much of their time and money to any charitable organization. Their is no limit what they can do personally!

    Non-Profits get plenty of tax payer support in tax exempt status and discounts on renting public facilities etc.

    The Mayor was wise to request financials as be a non profit does not mean they are benevolent! The Chamber of Commerce immediately comes to mind! They bilked Diamondhead out of $36,000 in 10 months. Their hand is still out for more. All with no financial information, vague billing and no tangible result .

    Good job Mayor Smith!

  7. Whoever brought up the idea of buying the Compton engineering building should be investigated. They have been bribing county officials for years. The most obvious is after board meetings with free lunches. Someone is getting something. It’s a terrible idea.

    1. With all the money Compton has made off of Hancock County, maybe they should just donate the building. This “done deal” according to Councilman Smith begs the question: “who dunnit?!”

      1. Ms. Lana donate what? A future failure? Ms. Lana if done deal, why isn’t it in this years budget? Is Bond buying it? Seems from video statements Lyin Larry and Josh knows who knows. Someone tell Buddy who’s on first!

  8. While the final outcome of the “done deal” purchase of the Compton building is going to be interesting to observe, there’s another building in the City of Bay St. Louis that is going to be more than interesting to observe, and that’s Mike Cure’s hotel on the beachfront (49 rooms, I think). At the Council meeting tonight, it was revealed after questioning by Council during a payroll ordinance vote, that the Bay still has no certified building official. Tommy McConnel is the building official, and has been with the city building department for nearly 20 years. Doug Seal questioned why he has never obtained certification. The Mayor assured Council that he is very experienced. Council Reed asked who will be inspecting the hotel. You could have heard a feather hit the floor. Reed continued that the city doesn’t need another Harbor situation.
    Stay tuned.

  9. Hey Lana,
    I do not believe Waveland has a certified building official?
    Check that out.
    That’s your town.
    Let us know.

    Reed and Seal
    They were both there when the harbor was built.
    They both were there when lying les and the stooge crew ordained Oliver their building official.
    Now 15-20 years later they wake up.

    I remember reed and seal congratulating ea. other on there first certification, just this past summer, both took this long to get a certification for council. And he ask why someone else hasn’t gotten theirs.
    Look at all the cities in the state and region and count how many certified building officials they have?
    We could always bring Carrigee back.

    I am interested in finding out about the Compton building.
    I like the location.
    Right off 603 and 90.
    Insurance a question?
    But there’s a fire department down the road on 603 that cost millions$$$.
    How high is Waveland’s city Hall?
    Waveland’s fire dept. on 90?
    Prices is right?
    May be a good deal.

    Worth listening to.
    Public discussion is the only way to find the true facts out.

    Tim my Man
    Always about bribes and lunches.
    Yours not working?

    Always drama
    Always late
    Always has that excuse
    Always conniving

    You the man that always watches our dollars.
    May not always agree but always appreciate the truth and no dogs in the hunt or no hidden agenda. Don’t stir the pot just to be heard.

    Some just can’t stand PEACEFULNESS

    1. Stone,
      Compton building might be great for a private enterprise to locate and take the risk. These folks are spending the public’s money. As I said in an earlier post, be a great location for a DoNut shop. Lots of them were served there!!!

    2. Stone as businessman and property owner I watch videos and I want our dollars in right place. Do research Stony, in flood zone. County selling. Zimmerman says nothing. Smith and Josh talk, rest look like deer in headlights. No drama, just questions that are asked from Council tape.

  10. Stone,
    It is a police station. They house weapons of their own and perpetrators and confiscated. Drug Paraphernalia, other evidence, vital criminal records and information to prosecute or protect people from charges, video records, electronic records, employee files just to name a few things including possible detainees. If a minor hurricane were to hit what do you do? Move it! Who has time for that in a short notice. It compromises evidence and distracts from their primary duty of public safety. Also, they loose their command center but I’m willing to listen to anything. Just my thinking!

  11. The Chamber just tried to make a profit on the Trade Marked Name Cruising the Coast! They signed have reportedly signed for an invoice to Diamondhead for Tee Shirts that say Diamondhead loves Cruising! Hahaha they high Jack all venues to include taking advantage of public events with no skin in the game except saying GIVE ME MONEY! We have payroll to meet!

    1. Is it true the guy that signed for the tee shirts to be charged to Diamondhead is a retired cop? Shouldn’t he know better? Thank goodness Diamondhead City Manager caught it, and made tee shirt company send him invoice with signature from guy whose wife is a Chamber employee. Don’t know if he’s on payroll too?!$ That call was bad enough when I was having dinner, but while reading Echo when I got off phone, I see on page 5A the Waveland budget for coming fiscal year. My Mayor making more than both Superintendents of Education in the city and county school districts??????????????? He’s now up to $136,448. Geeze Louise! That’s more than the Governor. One of the Superintendents has a PhD and over 30 years experience in every level of education, and makes $125,000 a year–$11,000 less than the Mayor of a town with barely 7,000 residents, and we won’t discuss his credentials. UNBELIEVABLE!!! TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!!!

      1. Ms Lana, that number is my entire budget including insurance, fuel, repair and maintenance, pers, Medicare, training, travel and all of the other items that go with my entire office not just salary. Salary is 77,000 all of the rest is some of the above.

        1. Wow, Mike, we are paying $59,000 over your salary for travel, fuel, repairs, and training? ??!!$$ That’s a lot of gas, repairs, training and travel. Sissy Gonzales, the Bay’s City Clerk breaks down Mike Favre’s benefits on their website with a dollar amount. See if you can get Mickey to do that for us.

          1. I am not defending anyone’s salary but the fringe cost of government employee salary in Mississippi is about 33% above the hourly rate.
            That includes PERS which requires almost a 18% cost to match the employees portion of retirement. Then you must add FICA , health insurance and other amounts to an employee’s average hourly rate.
            The actual annual salary cost is probably around $100,000 then you add in the Fuelman Card, travel and other costs for the mayor.
            It’s not my city so I’m not going to defend the mayor’s salary just trying to spread some context to the conversation.

            1. CF,
              Guess I was just suffering from “sticker shock” at the increase in our Mayor’s compensation. I think it is legitimate to compare to other neighboring cities. The Mayor’s raise of over $6,700 a year is quite a bit in my opinion. I don’t know many taxpayers in Waveland who can boast of that. Bay St. Louis actually decreased the Mayor’s compensation when the new Council took office in 2017. The previous Mayor was being paid $81,000 a year, and benefits brought it up to $105,000. The current Mayor is getting $74,000, with a $25,000 benefits package bringing his up to $99,400.
              Compare the two cities, and the bottom line is “what are we getting for these tax dollars we are investing in our elected officials?!$”

            1. Mike,
              We may be talking about 2 different things here. When I refer to “benefits” over and above salary, I am referring to health insurance, life insurance, dental, vision, retirement. You seem to be referring to costs allocated to run your office or department, as you refer to it, as Mayor in addition to the others I cited. And, regardless of how you, Mickey, and Ron document any and all expenditures related to the position of Mayor, I think we can agree at least to the fact( at least how it has been presented to the public in the Echo) that the cost of the Mayor’s office has increased since you were elected in 2014, from $109, 525 annually in your first 4 year term to $136,448 annually for the next 4 years. That is an increase of $107,692, which is why it would be interesting to see the breakdown as to where the increases are coming from.

              1. Ms. Lana, the biggest changes you will see will include $20,000 added for professional services and the $5,000 salary increase.

                All employees pay our own dental, vision, accident and disability and full amount of insurance for spouse and or children.

                And for clarification; aldermen and councilmen are not considered part time employees as they are elected and spend a considerable amount of time on city issues. They are eligible for health insurance but choose not to take it.

                As I have stated before, the adopted budget will be posted on our website

          1. I did say insurance Ms Lana. Every employee receives health insurance and yes it’s included in the budget. My approved salary increased by 5000. The detailed budget will be posted on the website as soon as I can get it on our website. I have had no issues with transparency

            1. Mike/Lana-As I stated I was just trying to help explain the cost of salary plus fringe.
              Each government and position in the state has different costs associated with a salary and Waveland’s could be higher or lower than the 33% I stated.
              An example would be if health insurance costs a government $800.00/month per employee, that would mean a lower salaried employee’s fringe would be a higher percent than an employee that makes a higher salary.
              Employee “A” makes $25,000/year with insurance cost of $5000/year would count as 20% in addition to there hourly rate.
              Employee “B” makes $50,000/year with the same insurance cost. That would only add 10% in additional cost to the employer.
              Please do not hold me to the percentage that I used as an example as it can vary widely and I am not saying that the fringe costs of Waveland are high or low compared to other government entities.

            2. Every employee receives health insurance? Even part time? Do the part time elected officials, Aldermen, still receive health insurance from the taxpayers?

              1. Actually aldermen are legally able to receive health insurance benefits however none of Waveland’s aldermen take it.

    2. I have to make a retraction. The invoice was from a cruisin rep not the chamber. Further inquiry revealed that it was reported incorrectly!

      1. The important question here is not where this person worked or who they represented, but were they authorized by Diamondhead City Council to represent the city and purchase anything under the City’s name?!$
        City Manager took care of business. Doing his job!

  12. Yes, I agree. Cruising is a an awesome event. I hate that a possible rogue rep messed that up. I believe they will be able to resolve if they talk it out and get appropriate action.

  13. That’s just typical politicians let’s not think about buying the old Champion Chrysler property. They can have a brand new building designed with exactly how it needs to be laid out exactly what size it needs to be. No retrofits no overruns because somebody’s cousins uncle didn’t think it would cost that much. Just saying from a business point of view.

    1. Pool,
      City owns prime highway property now where unused Police Station is. Multi million $$$ Fire Station right behind it on Main St. There is your Public Safety Complex like several cities built after 2005. Also adjacent to City Hall and Council Chambers! Food for thought.

  14. Ok Guess the building was appropriate with the last administration to put in a dumpster and daffodil Farm I’m certain they must have property…. you’re right

    1. The existing location is out of the flood zone and centrally located to the most populated parts of BSL.

      The 100 pound gorilla in the room is Compton Engineering and Pee Wee Dedeaux, whose land by the Supervisor Complex Compton is trying to buy. It has been suggested to me this whole deal with the City buying the existing Compton Building is more about greasing he skids for Dedeaux to sell his land than about housing the Bay PD. It is the only explanation I heard that actually makes sense because housing the police department in a location that will flood makes no sense whatsoever. And for those that do not know Pee Wee is a big supporter of Mike.

      The City needs to rent a track hoe and demolish the old station house. They can have a nice new facility for about $220/sq. foot, which is about what commercial construction costs these days.

      And before Waveland’s PD gets mentioned their new station house is in one of the higher areas of town rather than the lowest. They learned their lesson after Katrina in 2005.

      1. So, is the chain of events that as soon as City cuts check for $600k to Compton, Compton can cut one to PeeWee for the $115k for property behind County Complex?
        Sounds like a plan, or as Larry described it: ” a Done Deal!$”
        PeeWee is s great guy, and yes, big supporter of Mike. Threw a big campaign event for him at his restaurant when Mike announced for Mayor.

        1. PS: McDonald Realty is listing PeeWee’s property as Sale Pending, so something is in the works-someone has put down the earnest money$$$

        2. Lana you really need to get your facts right before you go blasting people. You are so out of line I don’t even know where to begin. First of all my husband does not own the property you mentioned. It is owned by my cousins and myself It is not being purchased by Compton nor the city of Bay St Louis. I do not appreciate your throwing names out there and another thing I know most of the politicians in this area and I don’t need to ask for favors from any of them. We are selling our property through a real estate agent and he has handled all business concerning. Heck it’s been on market for 11 years and if you were so concerned about who purchased the property, you had an opportunity to buy it like anybody else. In closing, I’ve known you for a long time but please don’t put my family, their names or any of my business on any post I don’t post your business out there and I don’t want my either

          1. LaVerna,
            I am sorry if you feel like you are being “blasted” about the sale of your property, but land transactions (public or private) are public record, and all of this will be eventually recorded in the Chancery Clerk’s Office. The facts are that when a search was done on the Hancock County geoportal map for 887 Washington St., your address came up as the mailing address for the property. If that is incorrect, you need to contact the tax office or chancery. I don’t record the information. It’s just out there for anyone to review. No one is criticizing you for the sale of your property regardless of who the buyer is. Personally, I could care less where Compton relocates to. They are a private business, and can go anywhere they want.
            And I am happy for your family that you finally got a sale for the property. McDonald Realty is listing it on their website as Sale Pending. Good for yall.
            What has become a serious concern to four Bay St. Louis Councilmen is that two others, the city attorney, and Mayor met with Compton and have been “negotiating”(the term used by one of them, not me) with them for the city to purchase their building on Longfellow for a Police Station without knowledge of the other four. These other four Councilmen were, in my opinion, justifiably upset because they were not included in the discussion to locate your Police Department in a flood zone. That is serious. I agree with them. This involves public money, and lots of it. Every Councilman has the right to be part of the discussion, not just 2 and the Mayor and attorney, who, by the way refused to share what she discussed at the meeting with Compton but billed the city for being there. This is not rumors. This was last night’s Council meeting.
            When public business is handled like this has been in a secretive, clandestine manner, rumors run rampant, and unfortunately it is the ones who are trying to be transparent and open with public business and how public money is being spent are the ones who are really blasted. Hopefully this plan will fail, and the Bay St. Louis Police Dept. will finally get the working conditions they deserve.

            1. Yes you are correct. My address did come up when you did your search but I bet you didn’t know the name that came up. It was one of my cousins. Just so you know and won’t have to research anymore, my address is on the property since I’m the only one of us that lives in town and my address is on it for tax purposes So therefore to assume that my husband owned the property and to name him, was out of line. That is Not public record as it is not correct. Since I’m rather upset since I don’t get into all this political bs we did not have a big party and if we did that also comes under the heading of my business. I don’t have time to run to every city council meeting and run to courthouse looking up stuff that is other people’s business. The sale of this property should not have concerned you because as I stated it is not being purchased by the city or Compton. I concern myself with my kids and grandkids and that keeps me busy enough. So again, please do not put my family’s name in your posts and especially when it’s not true

        3. Lana
          Called and asked Ice about this big party Mr. peewee threw for him.
          You know what?
          Did you call and ask him if this happened?

          According to Ice
          Never happened.
          No idea what you are talking about.

          Are you lying about this.

          Why do you make up BS and post it?
          Why does others bye into these lies?
          Anyone have proof this big party was thrown?
          Call and get your information.
          Make your own decisions.
          Lying Lana/lying les
          Come on Lana
          Thought you was better than this
          Report truth
          Not your personal agenda.

          And I think ice asked about your
          $600, 000 number?
          Where did you get this from?
          Your council puppets?
          Please tell us where your number comes from.
          You know it all!!
          Please tell me

          Lana and her council puppets
          Please quit your drama

          Things are good and n da bay.

            1. Since we were the ones that suppose to be having this so called big party Douglas yes I’m telling you it never happened and I don’t know anything about any fundraisers. Thank you

              1. You know, Laverna, if I had not witnessed this myself with my own eyes, I would not have brought it up. It was a Sunday afternoon early in the Mayor’s race. I drove by the event. There was a big white banner on your restaurant,” Mike Favre, Canidate for Mayor” . I called a friend when I got home and said that the event was going on, and I was glad to see Mike getting support because the city couldn’t take another 4 years of the incumbent. We both laughed about whomever made the banner didn’t know how to spell “candidate” but that didn’t matter because we thought the voters should give Mike a chance. He had been a good Councilman. I don’t make up stories, don’t lie about people, and don’t respond to cowardly, dirty mouth imbeciles like Stone. But you and I know each other, and I am here to tell you and the rest, this event took place. Maybe that is why people assumed yall were supporters of Mike. I know I did. Why you are distancing yourself from this now, I don’t know. That’s your choice.

            2. Doug, I’m Just stating what I was told.
              Pick up your phone and call the mayor.
              Get it straight from him.
              But before I printed serious accusations I think I would make sure the facts are there first. Not Lana’s conspiracies and bs.

              1. Again Lana get your facts straight. When mike ran for council we did have a meet and greet at our restaurant and that was before we even opened it. It was no fundraiser either. When he ran for mayor we didn’t have anything. We were friends with Les and mike so again please get your facts straight. So whatever you see with your own eyes is wrong. This is fact I mean really. I take it personal when someone calls me a liar. I would appreciate your backing off me and my family

              2. Lana
                Once Again you and your big white banner seems to be BS.
                Quite your lying.
                Enough is Enough.
                Steady getting your lies busted.

            1. Lies Lana
              Which councilman said $600,000
              Knoblock ?
              Faulgout ?

              Bet if it was

              You would have blowed it up.
              Front page
              New article
              New lies from Lana

              you started lying and now must continue to cover your originals lies.

              Grave getting deeper and deeper.

              Just admit you have no facts to support you BS.

  15. This is first that I’ve heard the Mayors name. Dropped in this issue. He can’t vote on it. Don’t know about the other politics either but Compton has been on the lunch give away program for years in Government. Not sure if any or all of it are relative but locating vital city services in a flood prone area makes lil to no sense from that particular veiw point. So what is driving the thought to but it?

    1. Cuz 2 Bay council negotiators eat lunch in Kitchen with many ears listening to dem with former Compton PR Presidenta! It’s a “done deal” says Presidential Guru Larry! But not a word from our rep, the Z’sss man. Property owned on corner Mr. Rod, tear down, Bond up $$$, everybody wins on location plus gov complex looking good. Careful Iceman……

    2. Rod
      I believe ms. Laverna called BS on Lana.
      Lana can twist and lie about her post but the bottom line is she is making
      B💩💩💩💩💩💩 up.
      I called ice and asked him about this big party mr. peewee supposedly put on for him.
      You know what his answer was ?
      It never happened.
      New nothing about Lana’s remarks.
      You always voice your opinions based on facts.
      Lana makes up BS and post lies.
      Than twist her BS in her favor.

      But Ms Laverna called BS on her post.
      Now Lana twists her shit.
      Bottom line Lana puts bs out there and very disappointed Doug thinks lana is the gospel.
      Lana will never be happy.
      Alliance for Good Government?
      This is your leader ?
      Lying Lana?
      Will continue to make up BS and post it so her and her council puppets can laugh about it.
      Hanging all y’all out to dry for her ego?
      Find a new leader.
      Mr. Thorpe
      Mr. wells
      Ms. Libby
      Ms. Rachael
      Someone but lying Lana.
      Unite not divide

  16. And by the way

    Why are we paving the OST?
    2 councilman and engineer lives there?

    Come ride the dirt roads off
    And the rest of wards 5-6


    Our roads were turned down for OST?

    This is f💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    How many times you bitch about the street behind your shop?
    When I called Ice about the potholes on this street he said this was on the paving list.
    Yes or No??
    Was it or Not??
    You voted against it or not??

    Listen to tapes real good.
    Look at video real well.
    Reed Knoblock State’s we will see who gets the most money.
    And watch them looking to each other how they will vote. And the smirk on their face.

    Just like Lana when her council puppets stir shit.

    Still not sure on PD at comptroller building?

    But one thing I’m not for is the lies being put out there.

    You talked to Ice about this earlier.
    Talk to him again.
    Don’t listen to Lana’s lies.

    And yes Lana will twist these statements
    And Doug May take up for Lana
    But don’t lie and stir BS just to have something to report.
    Report truth
    Not cnn

    Doug Lana
    You had a report later about our schools.
    A schools ???
    This is facts you state??
    This is what we need to hear.
    Not BS to turn visitors or potential home owners away

    Keep posting facts

    Wake up on the right side of your bed
    Look at the good
    The glass is half full.
    Don’t be led by others
    finally wakes up?
    Knoblock reed
    Former councilman shouldn’t be your leader. Or Lana
    Do what’s right
    Eagle fly solo
    Buzzards fly in flocks
    You are sinking

    Have fun with cruising.

  17. Doug,
    Suffice it to say, we hit a nerve here!! The citizens of the Bay and their First Responders must prevail here. They deserve no less.

  18. No nerve Lana
    You can’t hit a nerve with lies and BS.
    Sad day for you.

    Could you please move this post to the top so everyone can see what’s being said?

    They deserve to see the response from Ms. Laverna about Lana’s / Knoblock’s made up conspiracy.

    Like always
    She tries to twist her way out of it.

    Maybe one day she will be happy?
    Just don’t know WTF that will be.

    Sad how one can makeup shit and post with no facts and have her puppets do her dirty work for her.

    And again Doug
    Please repost with all the comments.

    Thank You
    and great article on my one time residency Pascagoula.
    He’s not very good.
    Big time ego problem and wants to move up instead of move out.

  19. The banner said “Mike Favre Canidate for Mayor” for whatever it was worth, that is what it said. Like I said I was glad to see it happening. Not calling anyone a liar, just stating what I saw at event.

    1. Like I told you it was when he ran for council. It’s on my Facebook. Go ahead and
      Snoop it our. We never put anything out for mayor because as I have already told you we are friends with both. I didn’t know you was so evil Lana. I always thought that you were a nice person but I don’t think you like anybody and mustn’t have a life. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. So I advise you to back off. Calling me a liar. I don’t have anything to lie about. I haven’t in 65 years and too old to start now. If you want the truth about me or my family just ask me. I have nothing to hide. I’m just telling you though quit telling me what you saw. I’m really not in the mood for all this bs. So back off me

      1. Haven’t called anyone a liar. Won’t repeat myself on the banner. I wasnt the only one who remembers it.
        But let’s not get off track here.
        Doug’s title to this thread is:
        “Is the city’s purchase of the Compton building on Longfellow a ” Done Deal” as your Councilman, Larry Smith, told a Ward 4 resident, Kyle Lewis, in an email that has been read into the record at a city council meeting last month. After seeing the rest of Council’s reaction to that revelation, my guess would be ” no.”
        I hope I am right. The Bay Police Dept. deserves better. Everyone on here can disagree with me, but that is my opinion, Doug, in answer to your post!

        1. I’m not getting off track andblike I told you go check out my fb page and see the sign that was on it. It was for council. Therefore you are calling me a liar cause you keep repeating yourself telling me I’m wrong. Our restaurant was closed and we only had the bar during the time for mayor. So therefore if you would not have started naming my family because if things you were also wrong about these conversations would have never happened. Get your facts right before you post something. I’m not a politician and don’t care about politics. So therefore I have no interest in your little matters as long as I’m not called out by name

              1. Yes it was there, but I’ll agree to end this now. The real issue is the safety and working conditions of the Bay Police and their staff.

        2. Who else remembers the big white elephant sign you state that was hung.?
          Give us a name.
          Like the councilman that stated $600,000 for Compton.
          Never seen a white Ice sign for nothing.
          Give it up lying Lana.
          You be digging deeper and deeper
          Admit BS

              1. No it didn’t. If it did I wouldn’t deny it. I’m not going to lie. Please cut your petty little game out. I don’t know why you continue to insist something that didn’t happen did. And again what’s the big deal. Find something else to worry about. Life is too short to continue this bs.

  20. And Doug
    Disappointed in you insinuating Ice greased the palms of anyone with no facts to back your accusations up.
    Can’t support you on this.
    If you have the facts turn them over to the AG.
    Hang em from the court house steps on the first Friday of the month.
    If not say you don’t and save your soul.

  21. Always funny Lana when you get caught lying.
    You and your council puppets are the real clowns of the cities. 🤡🤡🤡

        1. What does “stay away” mean, Stone? I have just as much right to post on this site as anyone else until Doug takes me off, and I haven’t heard from him, or are you threatening me?

  22. Laverna, I am not lying. Maybe you don’t remember this event. I am not calling you a liar, but it did occur, plain and simple. I saw it with my own eyes, as well as others. We’ll just agree to disagree. No hard feelings.

  23. Every time someone takes umbrage with something Lana says she claims she struck a nerve.
    Maybe some people don’t appreciate being called a liar when you “struck a nerve”.
    By the way, I don’t know anything about the accusations flying around and am not taking sides because I am ignorant to the details.

    1. Umbrage, CF? Is that what you call the way Stone expresses him or herself on here? Can you imagine if I responded in kind, which is never going to happen. I can tell you don’t know the details, and that’s okay. It’s not over with this City Council, I can assure you of that, not by far, from what I am told. Yes, we did strike a nerve. A review of the last Council meeting on video will verify that. I can’t help it if Mrs. Dedeaux doesn’t recall an event that I witnessed with my own eyes. That doesn’t make me or anyone else liars. Doug gives everyone here a lot of “free speech” and I won’t be threatened off unless he contacts me himself. I will respect him as the owner and operator of the site.

    2. The misspelled banner was noticed by more folks than Lana back when it happened.

      Everyone gets their say here. Arguments that do not contain personal attacked tend to resonate more with the readers.

      I personally think Pee Wee makes the best Muffuletta in the Bay and have always enjoyed eating at his restaurants through time.

      1. Look Doug This did not happen. You and Lana need to get your facts straight. I’m sick of this bs. Being called a liar. I know it didn’t happen. I didn’t forget that it happened because it didn’t. You can ask Les or mike both. This event Did Not Happen. We are friends with both of them So like I’ve told y’all before leave my family out of all this bs.

  24. Lana
    You witnessed with your own eyes?
    Owner says it never happened.
    Ice said it never happened.
    Owner says it was held when he was running for councilman at large.
    Before they were even open for business.

    Bad when you start believing your own lies.

    And who are all these folks and misspelled banner.
    Someone must have 1 picture.

    Keep up the good work Doug.

  25. Has anyone considered consolidating police services. Bay PD and Waveland PD are both struggling to hire people and both struggling with leadership. Hell, one is at the helm of a convicted arsonist.

    Why not engage in a cost saving contract with the sheriff’s department like the city of Diamondhead does. You could use the current Waveland PD as a substation for both Bay and Waveland officers. No building needed by BSL.

    Think of all the administrators and administrative personnel that could be saved. Think of all the overhead costs that could be eliminated. Think of the courts combining and the financial savings coming down the pike. Not to mention, when combined, you have more effective and more efficient processes because information is shared, efforts aren’t duplicated, resources aren’t duplicated and everyone is running the same play.

    Hancock County is the perfect platform for metro law enforcement. BSL and Waveland should consider it.

    1. I just checked to see if my comments made it about the schools and read this. Despite it being a great concept, it will never happen because of the egos. That means all the covering up that goes on won’t still happen. Council Members/Alderman may be held responsible for their misconduct or misconduct of their children. Shocker DS, I know.

    2. Couldn’t agree more!! But, you have to understand, Anyone, that you are making way too much sense for the political climate in Handcuff County!!$$

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