Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 50: Follow the Money

This is the second of a series of posts on the upcoming primary elections. Slabbed starts with District 50 covering the northern and eastern parts of Harrison County including part of Biloxi and D’Iberville. This particular race is striking because it too has seen a fair amount of mudslinging. This is former State Senator Tommy Gollott’s old seat. The race features former Representative Scott DeLano  and Biloxi City Councilwoman Dixie Newman.

Ms. Newman, besides being young is reminiscent of Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni in another way as both share a name change before entering public service. Critics of both contend the new nom de guerres originated with political considerations in mind. The name change, which is pretty well known in Biloxi, has not thus far hindered Ms. Newman’s political ascent.

This post required a bit more legwork than others in the series because of a hiccup Ms. Newman had with her May finance report where she initially listed a $50,000 contribution from Jackson Metro area businessman Chris Gouras. She amended the May report to show the money as a loan from herself to her campaign. Slabbed contacted the Newman Campaign about the amendment. The campaign produced the loan documents for Slabbed which showed that Ms. Newman borrowed the money, lending it to her own campaign.

Two things that stood out to me in this race is how evenly matched the two major candidates are in terms of fundraising, including the loan Ms. Newman to her campaign. A distinguishing quality between the reports would be that DeLano uses a third party to type his while Ms. Newman’s are handwritten, with July’s report ostensibly missing page three of the campaign receipts.  Both are currently running TV ads. DeLano’s July report lists a contribution from outgoing State Senator Tommy Gollott but to my knowledge the Senator has not otherwise publicly endorsed DeLano.

Slabbed will keep this post stuck to the front page so supporters of either candidate can make their case. First up is Dixie Newman:

Newman to July 19 by Slabbed on Scribd

Here are Scott DeLano’s reports:

DelanotoJuly19.pdf by Slabbed on Scribd

28 thoughts on “Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 50: Follow the Money”

  1. While in the House Delano was always a dedicated soldier for the speaker yet was rarely ever to push through any of the bills he dropped. He was very interested in The statewide wireless communication system (MSWIN) as well as advancing the use of GIS for real estate purposes, which makes since as his listed profession was a real estate developer.
    Gollott once told me that when his mind started to leave, it was time for him to go home. That may explain his late decision not to run for re-election or he was trying to limit interest in his seat.
    Gollott was once known as the “Godfather” because of his ability to push through gaming for the coast.
    On a negative note, he also created the bureaucracy known as DMR.
    Not too familiar with Newman.
    If DeLano doesn’t win it would show that the once powerful Senator that donated money to his campaign has lost his stroke.

    1. If you look at the list of donators for Delano, you can see it is the same old good old boy Republicans from the same group that is now running this State. It is my opinion that the Gollotts were on board with Dixie Newman….and I still believe that. You know that politics make strange bedfellows and since Gollott has turned his back on the Democrats, he has to fall in line with the Republicans….or at least, look like he is falling in line with the Republicans; therefore, he would have to donate to Delano also. He was backing Dixie Newman and has been pushing her into public service for several years. That is public knowledge. It is possible that there could be trouble in paradise….but knowing who she is running with and her connections, my opinion is that she is still being supported by Gollott and family incognito. Either way, Gollott and his clan will still be running that area because he has doubled down on both candidates.

  2. It’s all a nut hiding game. Now the heir apparent Burton Swoope dropped out Scott Delano like all other corrupt and lying politicians thinks he is entitled to the thrown. Remember Scott Delano led the charge to turn Cat Island into a CCA exclusive recreational fishing zone. This act alone is a betyal of the hard working people of this district, many have family and roots with the commercial fishing community. Remember this criminal Marine Commission working beside the political door are attempting to remove all commercial fisheries from Mississippi. A Texas style CCA recreational fishing sanctuary in the Mississippi Sound. And where you ask are Jesus Davis and Amoeba Spragggins? Well sources say they are at the Nesjoba Fair politicking for Tator Tot Reeves. Many on the coast are asking why a marine resource are politicking? Well could it be they know absolutely nothing about marine resources. Rumor has it that half 5he tower of Babylon is at th fair. Fighting for their jobs.

  3. It’s interesting to note that Newman “accidentally” listed businessman Chris Gouras as the source of her campaign loan. Gouras is actually a lobbyist and works for Bobby Mandel. Maybe that’s why her fundraiser was at Mandel’s house with Gouras and others who stand to profit from development in D’Iberville in attendance and listed as major contributors. Unfortunately, this development is at the expense of the taxpayers as the developers expect “corporate welfare” in the form of incentives and tax breaks. Even D’Iberville’s City Attorney, Dub Hornsby, has ponied up campaign dollars as he stands to make big bucks for every bond issue the City gives developers.

    1. Also Gollott’s Son-in-Law donated to Delano. He was the original heir apparent when Gollot brought him to file paperwork for the race shortly after he chose not to run again. Don’t know what happened there.
      Yes Chris Gouras is about the money. He consults with anyone that either wants money for development or is seeking to pursue annexation or fight against it. He has done work from the Tennessee line to the coast and I believe was hired not to long ago to fight against Canton’s proposed annexation.
      He has a track record of showing how business development projects would benefit the local and state tax base, especially if organizations like the legislature or MDA would provide money for new infrastructure.
      Guess all can see how helping someone get into the legislature would benefit him.
      Delano received donations from healthcare providers including doctors, Garden Park Hospital and the CEO of Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. I guess they are trying to work on him to expand Medicaid or at least increase their reimbursement rates.
      Guess I’m just bored with my Senate race.
      Our choices are Debbie “Do Nothing” Dawkins or one of 2 Republican newcomers. I don’t know of many negative things to say about either of them so I’m just hoping for some fresh blood in the 48th district.
      Please share if anybody has any facts they would like to share with my district race.

      1. I don’t have much on your district CF except allegations that one of the candidates does not actually reside in the district.

        The behind the scenes economic forces driving the development of D’Iberville were touched upon once here on Slabbed. The roadway improvements made to the site made that property more valuable rather than less though the comments indicate a divide in viewpoints on that subject.

        Today Mandal has a BMW dealership on the site. DeLano supporters point out that MS. Newman drives a new BMW. She certainly has excellent tastes in vehicles.

  4. Well it appears to me that you gentlemen know your stuff!!! If all of the Taxpayers are aware of these shennagins, then why, please tell me why they keep voting for these shysters (sp?). I am certainly voting for the underdog in the final election….I don’t care if it is a democrat, progressive, independent, elk, vfw veteran, farmer, hunter, maintenance man, or the like. ANYONE but the two running on the republican ticket. They have debts that will be due!

  5. Was wondering if anyone has been hearing the bird chirping about Flint Creek Water Park and the State Parks in Mississippi? Any problems with folks getting camp sites? Or all they reserved for “Payers and Players”? Got some chirping going on.

    1. There was a story in yesterday’s Enterprise about people making home improvements to their lakeside camping slots including installing bulkheads in parts of the lake shore.

      The people charged with running the park should not need to be reminded they operate for the public’s benefit and the public’s lake shouldn’t be co-opted to the personal benefit of a few folks. As Rod mentioned Hancock County had those exact problems at McLeod Park but time limiting site rentals solved it.

  6. I’m from the Pascagoula Point so I can’t vote for either one. But I am familiar with the good ole boy network. Delano is an insider forming an alliance with Brice the mice Wiggins. Brice has brought new meaning to political insider. He is about as backstabbing as Delano. Both doing everything possible to destroy the commercial fisheries. Seems like a fellow woman with no agenda and no inside connections would be a breath of fresh air. Better than Insaine Maxwell. Another family man from the inside. It’s mob rule along the coast nothing more nothing less. Better a fresh start. Oh and Doung, dear. Please ask your audience what it was that Amoeba Spraggins and Jesus Davis were politicking for at the Nejoba job fair. Perhaps Jesus got a hot lead on those Mardi Gras guns.

    1. I m confused now. Executives at DMR have supported the commercial fishermen devastating the Gulf fisheries. The Gollott’s have also been instrumental in the overfishing of gamefish around the barrier islands. Legislation was even passed by the house this past session to prevent the commercial netting of trout in the marshes of Cat Island but Gollott never brought it out of his committee for a vote in the senate.
      Yes commercial fishermen are important to the local economy but not at the expense of fisheries being gone in the near future.

      This brings me to my point.
      It is a good thing that some of the elected officials of are not being led around by the commercial fishing lobbyists. I am not taking up for Wiggins or DeLano but your support of the commercial fishing clan while questioning the politics of DMR executive leadership is quite confusing.
      DMR and CMR are the ones supporting your beloved commercial fishermen.

  7. Delano won’t file that report until after the primary. The winner of 50 has no Democratic opposition. Delano knows politictic better than anyone. I believe CT is a coast Communist Association CCA member. The group of organized thugs won’t all the seafood for themselves. I invite you to show up at Point Park pier this Saturday and count the number of fisherman that go out commercial fishing and then count the boats that are recreationally fishing. The numbers are mind blowing of recreationally fishing. You are being myopic at best. But then 5hat was the arguement the recs used every time their is a recourse issue always the hardworking commercial mans faulf. I do agree the Richard fish the gulf dry Gollott was the thug that pushed the trout issue through the commission so he could catch finger fry. But now he has to reap his karma as the commission is now a Communist CCA organization he’ll bend on destroying the commercial fisheries. Read the minutes from the last meeting available. Sort read if you’re looking for rec rules long time passing for the working guy. Not many facts available for a political emotional argument.

    1. Firstly, everyone with a job seems to have a boat now days.
      Secondly, 10% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish. So most of these yahoos fishing don’t catch anything.
      Thirdly, there are many people that are hook and line commercial fishermen. You can everyone to your local harbor and ask, many of them legally sell their catch to make a living.
      Fourthly, last summer(before they cancelled the second trout season because the commercial net fishermen lied so much about what they caught) net fishermen were coming in the docks bragging that they caught 5,000 lbs. of specs the night before. They were only allocated 30,000 lbs. for the first season, so you do the math.
      Fifthly, CCA accomplishes nothing but a kids fishing rodeo and an annual awards banquet where they slap each other on the back. If they would actually concentrate on representing the sport fishermen they would be worth a shit. Every CMR meeting has a paid lobbyist representing the commercial fishermen. Their meetings are a joke where they make arbitrary decisions on creating new creel and size limit for fish.
      They don’t even listen to the scientists that make recommendations to them.
      I am done posting about these shitheads as the topic of conversation was supposed to be about the senate race.

  8. Open ye eyes people. Do not y’all remember the corruption at DMR with multiple arrest, prison time, millions stolen and millions more swept under the rug. Scott DeLano turned a blind eye to it all and continues to lie with the same slippery dogs. If you like seeing corrupt state agencies with bloated budgets and payrolls lording over the public with new boats, trucks and lavish vacations then please vote for DeLano. As far as Gollott, he has had the public bamboozled for far too long. Like a true kingpin he has amassed $100’s of millions through his “inside” information for half a century. Rumor has it that there is a video circulating on social media of Gollott saying “DeLano is a piece of shit” among other expletives. If same video was posted on slabbed it might break the internet. Also, someone should take a close look at the bill Scott sponsored last session to hide certain records from the Public Records Act. It’s hard to follow but you have to understand he was chair of technology. The useful idiot has helped cover up the good ole boys cell site simulator program used for eavesdropping on political rivals of the ole republican guard and has done nothing to shore up outdated, highly vulnerable to hacking voting machines. If all this isn’t enough for you, just take a look at his campaign finance reports- Convington engineers: the same ones handling all the BP restoration projects and money, the same thugs tied to disgraced Trudy Fisher who is being investigated by FBI; Victor and Mark Mavar: the import shrimp repacking fraudster selling foreign shrimp as American; David Veal- who is Director of Richard “Fish the Gulf dry” Gollott’s shrimp processor association; and not to mention the corrupt to the core Jackson PACs he has long sold out to. But I must admit DeLano has done one heck of a job hiding is extramarital affairs from his poor wife while chasing skirts in Jackson on the tax payer dime. Just ask his neighbor how low he is willing to go.

    1. Bayview! Pretty damaging on all levels. Print your name or it is BS! Don’t know him but you are destroying a family! If it’s true… no harm no foul!

      1. You’re right Rod. Until I can chat with Bayview I moved the comment to the moderation que. Elections sometimes gets heated and District 50 is on fire.

  9. “The truth shall set you free “CT Switzer and Delano both run a fake news campaign a bunch of lies lies and more lies typical career politicians

    1. Not really. I went to make sure Bayvirw understood the risks here. Funny you mention CT. I received a flier in the mail yesterday paid for by dark money that savaged his opponent. Same group came out with an anti Philip Moran mailing in District 46 from what I am told.

  10. Very close race here. Probably will be contested if it remains as close after all provisional ballots are counted. I believe that Felano will have the funds to fight a loss if it comes down to it.

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