Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 46: Follow the Money

This is the first of a series of posts on the upcoming primary elections. Slabbed starts with District 46 covering Hancock and Western Harrison Counties. This particular race is striking because it has been muck filled with all manner of candidate inhumanity to candidate. Worth noting is incumbent Phillip Moran through July has a major money advantage over his GOP challenger Blaine Lafontaine.

Slabbed will keep this post stuck to the front page so supporters of either candidate can make their case. First up is Phillip Moran:

Moran to July 19 by Slabbed on Scribd

Here are Blaine Lafontaine’s reports:

Lafontaine to July 19 by Slabbed on Scribd

37 thoughts on “Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 46: Follow the Money”

  1. Thanks Doug, Moran has $72,000 to Lafontaine’s $15,000
    Do you have a who donated list to put out there for everyone to see who donated to each of them?
    That would be interesting to see.

  2. Once again Doug, you are right….follow the $$. Didn’t Moran just have a problem over in Hancock county meeting his obligations on a City or County contract? Folks it is time for him to go home. Give someone else a chance. The problem is that his family will not vote against him. And as we all know, the Morans are everywhere! So, I say again….people, check your consciences. Is this fellow doing his job? Is he working for us, or is he making a kingdom for himself. Term limits people, term limits.

    1. Charlene,
      The contract compliance controversary with Moran was resolved and Supervisors apparently saw no reason to terminate since they have continued to pay him. I was at the last meeting and spoke with County Administrator after the meeting.
      I will tell all of you one thing–
      I would not want to be in charge of taking down all of these signs!!!!!!!

      1. The board was a 50/50 split consensus with 2 supers leaning one way and 2 supers leaning the other, the president being the swing vote is recused with his affiliation in the senate race. My personal opinion is, against the county attorneys wishes, the 2 ‘nay’ votes are in fear of political backlash due to Mr. Moran’s chance is winning the election and interfering with their jobs.

          1. Lana,

            With all your concern about following the money, why are you not concerned with the Isman lawsuit against MF.. and all other pay outs of back wages for wrongfully firing police officers..
            All the taxpayers money paying for MF illegal doings…

            1. Just Wondering,
              What evidence have you to assume that I don’t care. You have to understand, though, when “following the money,” the evidence has to be followed and verified as well. Maybe you could be more specific, or take up the issue yourself. Your post seems to indicate that you know more than I do.

            2. Just wondering
              If you want to follow the money trail you need go no further than the previous bsl administration which has cost the bsl taxpayers over $150,000 in settlements this year because lying les and fat raf both got fat and let raf collect fees instead of turning them over to the insurance co.
              Yes the taxpayers paid out over $ $150,000 in 2 settlements.
              Read my lips.
              The bsl citizens covered that cost.
              $150,000 Cash.
              Straight out of the budget.
              Plus they settled the fireman’s lawsuit.
              Numerous other lawsuits as well.
              Sounds a lot like that Oliver woman.
              That’s what needs to be investigated.
              Why was this not turned over to the insurance co.

              1. The Filingame / Raff Regime was an atrocity. If the new State Auditor was in place at the time he would be behind bars with restitution to pay for malfeasance
                and down right intentional fund comingling and financial abuse.

  3. Rod,
    Your city officials in the Bay have a new problem now—they have a surplus of money–at least $800,000–maybe more.
    You people need to be at the next Budget Workshop next week (Tues. I believe) to see what their priorities are.
    It got quite testy last night when the Mayor proposed a new Administrative position to the tune of $100k a year. I have to agree with Ward I Councilman, Doug Seal. With less employees to manage, there is no need for this new position, which he described as “just another layer of politics to exist on the second floor of City Hall.”
    City Clerk/Comptroller, Sissy Gonzales is missing some crucial financial meetings. I think every city in the County has a City Clerk (Diamondhead’s is certified, not Waveland’s or the Bay.)The Bay needs to look into hiring a Certified City Clerk to be available to Council for these meetings. No one to represent the Finance Dept. at budget preparation time is not good. And, one person performing the duties as Comptroller and City Clerk is problematic since that one person checks their own work.
    Next Tuesday, Rod, be there and bring your neighbors.

  4. Ms Lana, not sure why you state that bsl’s Clerk is not certified?

    From the little that I could hear on the new position it seems clerk / administration position is one in the same.
    Again it seems to be a position name not the actual position?
    Never heard any heated or testy moments during this discussion.
    Everyone has their own opinion.
    Not sure where the clerk was last night but seemed like the mayor had an answer for any questions.

    You say surplus like it’s a disease.
    And you may be right, when was the last time bsl saw this.
    Two years in a row.
    Even you should tip your hat to our administration for this historic achievement.

    Now Reed is questioning God and money and this administration.
    Quoting scriptures and others.
    And sat there for 8, yes 8, years and let lying les do what he did to our city.
    He should be embarrassed when he opens his mouth about the budget.
    Now he’s the wiz kid budget guru?
    He’s balancing our budget.

    And Doug sat there for 8 years and allowed lying les to create and hire unqualified personnel strictly for personal political gain.
    Now he’s a numbers man all of a sudden and sees no use for a position.

    This administration has done good in watching our pennies and hope the same continues.

    1. Stone,
      We have seen great financial improvement. Especially from a transparency/management stand point. You are correct in what you said about Seal and Reed. But, they did learn an awful lot from the Filingame shenanigans! Never too late to improve! But, I have to add that taxes and fees along with unprecedented construction growth have been a huge part of this. Now we do not need to spend it like drunken sailors! We need to not give away money just because we have it. As far as hiring someone I am not in the loop of need. That is their job to vet it and let it lay where it does.

      The economy and nature have been working with us but we need to be prepared for and downward trends!

      It is looking good for our future home demands with all the new port activity as well.

    2. Stone,
      Why did I state the BSL’s City Clerk is not certified is because she’s not. When Councilman Knoblock stated last night that he would like to see the City look into hiring a certified Clerk, the Mayor didn’t jump in and say, “we have one. Ms. Gonzales is certified.” She’s not just not certified. She’s absent at a crucial time of the year. She should have sent someone else in the Finance Dept. to field questions from Council.
      Surplus $$$ is not a disease, but it is not good in and of itself if not used to benefit the citizens. And, I can tell you sticking another warm body upstairs in City Hall is going to benefit that body and no one else. I agree with Doug Seal on this one. Less personnel to manage equals less administrative salaries needed.
      I was actually at the meeting last night sitting on the back row. Where were you sitting? I could hear well from my place.

  5. Rod, I say the same, if position is needed they should approve it. They will all have a vote.
    We definitely do not need to give or spend like drunken sailors.
    Future is bright but this algae thing has me worried.
    The mayor mentioned concerns in budget discussions last night.
    The impact it could have on sales tax and tourist coming to town. VRBO was stated to be down by a public speaker who is in that business.
    But yes let it lay as it unfolds.

  6. Nature is ever present! It will come n go! The earth heals itself. It is powerful!

    George Carlin said it best: the earth will be just fine it is humans who may have trouble!

  7. Lana, so you say the clerk is not certified.
    So we should hire one.
    Is that not what Ice asked for?

    Another warm body?
    Have you seen any warm bodies hired by this administration?
    Do you really have any idea what goes on inside of bsl city hall?
    Our city is on the right track and you still have a bitch?
    Come on Lana , be happy just once.

    Wish you have pushed for the truth with the mosquito man.

    Less personnel and still improved our city?
    Just think what one more may bring?
    Of course some would have to take blinders off and at least give it a chance.
    I think they have earned that opportunity and they clearly show they do not waste.
    He has made cuts to the budget expenses and personnel that no would have done and supported by the council.

    Ice ain’t perfect but I will tell you one thing, I have way more faith with the administration and their budget than reed’s two cents in the budget.

    As Rod said
    Let it lay as it unfolds.

    And I am many miles away listening when there system is working and they speak loud enough.
    But will be back shortly.

    1. Being certified is not the end all be all.
      There are people across this state that have many years of experience that I would rather have than someone with little experience and a certification.

      1. If the state didn’t value it and see it as a plus for municipalities, they wouldn’t offer it. To oversee the work of your fellow employees, you should have more qualifications than they do, and checking your own work is to be avoided at all cost$
        Just my opinion.

  8. The state offers many classes and certifications (most required by the legislature) that are completely useless.
    One example is all supervisors that are employed by the state are required to attend a 5 day class and retake the class a few years or so.
    Complete waste of time.
    Another is a procurement certification class. It is useless as people that want to cheat will cheat no matter what initials behind their name.
    Those are just 2 state required certifications that do nothing but add to the overall costs of doing business.
    Remember time is money.
    Maybe some just need to look at the state personnel board website and see how much crap is offered justvso the legislature can feel better about themselves.

    1. Or, maybe, CF, the Bay just needs to look at it this way: Rather than add a new $100,000 a year position to the administrative level in the city, they should move for a change of government like Diamondhead—Mayor–Council–City Manager. They would still have a Mayor making under $10k a year, ( a figurehead to kiss the babies, cut the ribbons, have pictures made with the self appointed “important” folks in town) and a City Manager with real credentials ( unless you want to claim a degree in accounting or business administration is useless too) who would earn the $100k. I think I agree with Rod. The taxpayers want a little bang for their buck, not just frivolous spending. You can’t have it both ways on the public dole.

      1. Regarding the form of municipal government the Bay has, I don’t have a dog in that fight and neither do You!
        But I guess the Bay could change their form of government and hire a retread like Richard Rose or Clove s Reed like Diamondhead did. Ask Diamondhead and Rankin County how it worked out for them.
        Oh wait I can tell you.
        At each location they were a laughing stock. I know as I happened to live in both places and haven’t met a person with anything positive to say about them.
        Maybe you should go to Waveland’s next meeting and ask that they change. At least it would affect you and not a place that you don’t live in or pay personal property taxes in.
        Don’t you have enough problems in your backyard?

        1. Awfully testy about a mere suggestion. Diamondhead’s current City Manager seems to be working well. You can get the wrong person in any position. Doesn’t mean the system is faulty.

          1. No not awful testy. Just explaining that I don’t want outsiders telling people in my city telling us what’s best for us.
            So Diamondhead is finally in the right track according to you. Even if they are how many years did it take?
            Also, if things were going so good how come all we hear about is infighting between the council and mayors and lawsuits with the POA.
            Every time you try and tell someone else how they should handle their business and are called on it you call them “testy”.

            1. CF
              You are correct
              All systems suck if the wrong people are in place.

              Look at our school board.
              Now we want to change how the school board is made up.
              Because of political appointments by previous administration for votes and 2 screwed up elected positions from waveland.
              Let the mayor appoint them also.
              So now we want to change because diversity is not there.
              Hell diversity is what got us where we are.
              Give it a chance.

              This is BS just like changing the current bsl city gov.
              You don’t like who’s there so let’s change.
              Again BS

              All these left wing snowflakes need to get the hell out if they don’t like it in the Bay.
              You moved her for a reason.
              Don’t move in and try to change our city.
              No way in hell.

              Go to Diamondhead or Waveland
              Da bay has been in business for a long time with and without you.

              If you don’t live in da bay than stay in your own city and bitch.

  9. They have MLS trainings it is just a place where elected officials get free shit from lobbyist n business connections. They sign the attendance sheet n leave for the freebies n connections! Fact not Fiction.

  10. Life is good in da bay!!
    Glad to be back!!
    Some are never happy no matter what!!
    Always a handful!!
    Experience over certification any day!!
    You can work on certificates while on the job!!
    Honesty is the key!!

    1. Hi Mr. Cold. I hope all is well with you. Please remember the bay is a strong art community, and always has been. I can see that you know a lot, but I would encourage you to keep your mind open to learning new things. And please remember that we are all on the same side here, and when it comes down to it we all want the same things in life and we have all have common ground. So I wish you the best sir.

      1. MM you are correct about the Bay. It certainly has changed a lot since Katrina including the celebration of a communist.
        When I lived in the Bay the biggest question I always had was how more successful the city could be if all of the shops located downtown actually paid their fair share of sale taxes.
        I remember a very small but vocal downtown business owners that wanted the world but weren’t willing to pay for it.
        Maybe that has changed for the good as well.
        It’s not my city anymore and I now choose to spend my money elsewhere, mainly places that align more with my values.

        1. That’s good CF. Peaceful protest is the best way. America is wonderful in that way. We are all allowed to hold our own beliefs. What I love about the bay today is that I feel like it is a place where I can hold my beliefs without being judged and treated like… less than an American. I know for sure that today the bay is a place that reflects American values, and it is a shining beacon for people who feel they need to stand together to protect the rights to their own beliefs. I am so proud of Bay St. Louis, and I know that it is a unique and beautiful place because of its diversity acceptance and free thinking. It is fertile ground for the arts to thrive and new ideas to be had, and that is why I live here, and choose to spend my money here.

  11. Very few in attendance last night at Bay St. Louis final Budget Workshop before adoption of budget at first regular meeting in Sept. only 3 Alliance members.
    Still no mention of Police Station–Chief did sit through entire meeting. Still pondering what to do with Garden Center 4 months after running off the only bid received (which they accepted) in answer to their lease advertisement in April. Concerned with playgrounds and splash pads. People in Ward 6 still trying to find out how much in taxes they have paid since their annexation 13 years ago in an effort to obtain services. Funny the other wards don’t feel the need to have to do that research for their services.
    Gene Hoffman gets the award for the best zinger we’ve heard so far. When a Ward 6 citizen asked if they had a splash pad planned for them, he said, ” with all this rain, just go out and run up and down your streets out there!” Got a good laugh from everyone. Sad but true.
    On and on and on…..

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