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  1. Love the kinks especially the song that reminds me of Mardi Gras, ‘Alcohol’. 🎶old demon alcohol, sad memories I can’t recall…🎶

    1. And they are getting back together according to Ray Davies. Maybe they’ll tour close sometime soon.

  2. Just in Faimon has released news that Roberts is accusing McClintock of violating his 4th amendment rights and his attorney client privilege’s by taking his personal computers out of both Roberts offices . This has legs Doug, McClintock could be destroying public record and communication evidence as he did in my case out of self preservation or he has turned on his friendship with Roberts . My offer to pay for his and Smiths polygraph still stands and I passed mine .

    1. Why would the inspector general destroy evidence in a case involving an ongoing federal prosecution Tom?

      1. Hi Doug they were bro-buds last election a person you know that ran for parish president with 9 years of knowledge of what goes on behind the scene of the parish council filled me in on the after hour parties at each others homes . If you go back and read Mr. Nemzoff’s public statement and how McClintock supported Roberts arguments never a word from him on the cooked books etc.. you can clearly see the manipulation. Secondly once he absconded Roberts personal computers he knew that the information can’t be used in state court were he has no criminal authority and I’m sure the LEDA is not happy about the client attorney privilege’s violation. Certainly this can be used by Roberts attorneys in several ways including change of venue to get away from the Honorable Wendy Vitter .

  3. Hi Doug…
    It’s almost election time!! Was hoping that you might remind people what our wonderful public servants have done for us and to vote the trash out! These Representatives and Senators need to be tossed out if they are not doing their jobs. Give the new guy a chance and get rid of these trough feeders.
    Maybe you or your readers could enlighten us on some of the candidates running in Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock counties….along with Statewide elections even! Thanks Doug….

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