Mosquito Control: Its on!!

In a few hours at today’s Board of Supervisor meeting Mosquito Control is back on the agenda (beginning at pdf page 235). Rank has its privileges including being able to have a state agency back date your license:

Pages From 2019-07-15 Board of Supervisors – Full Agenda-1123 by Slabbed on Scribd

The meeting live stream can be found here.

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  1. This cauldron is just starting to bubble, Doug. According to the current budget the Supervisors are operating under Mosquito Control is Federally funded. It will be interesting to see how all from state level on down to locals explain this to them!$

    1. I feel obligated to report that it has come to my attention that Senator Philip Moran, owner of Philip’s Pest Control, did in fact renew his licensed in January as required. He did this while in attendance at the required Miss. Pest Control Association Meeting on Jan. 8 and 9 in Jackson. This has been verified by Angie Forrester, Executive Secretary of the Association, and through the Sign In Sheet at the meeting. Additionally, this has been confirmed by Russell Kohler, Branch Director–Regulation of Professional Services–Licensing and Certification–Miss. Department of Agriculture and Commerce.
      According to Ms. Forrester in her letter dated July 1, ” I am attaching a copy of the Sign In Sheet from the meeting and as you can see, Mr. Moran’s signature is on the sheet. Mr. Moran filled out the required recertification form, and it was submitted to the Bureau of Plant Industry for renewal of his license after the meeting ended. ”
      The information that he used his influence as a state official to have his license back dated was premature according to documents received yesterday.
      Angie Forrester can be reached at: P.O. Box 407, Starkville, Ms. 39760-662-418-2991
      Russell Kohler can be reached at: [email protected]

      1. I received a phone call to tell me about Lana’s latest comments here on this subject. I have never written on this site before now, as I don’t buy into all the gossip and hate mongering. As bad as I hate to, I find it necessary to respond to this erroneous announcement regarding Senator Philip Moran’s license. I am afraid you are not getting the entire truth. So, consider this:
        1. The letter Lana refers to dated July 1 supposedly written by Angie Forrester has no signature.
        2. The aforesaid letter does advise that Senator Moran attended the Association’s 2019 annual meeting, and that he filled out the required re-certification form “and it was submitted to the Bureau of Plant Industry for renewal…” Please note that it doesn’t advise how or who submitted these forms. It just says that the educational requirement was met.
        3. The information submitted in this correspondence in no way provides any information suggesting that Senator Moran provided any of the other documents or met any of the other requirements needed to obtain a license renewal.
        4. Russell Kohler, Branch Director–Regulation of Professional Services–Licensing and Certification–Miss. Department of Agriculture and Commerce advised Hancock County in writing via email that Senator Moran’s license was not issued until May 10, 2019, and that he was advised to backdate the document to January 2019. Please do contact Mr. Kohler and ask him!
        5. Lana said “The information that he used his influence as a state official to have his license back dated was premature according to documents received yesterday.” is a completely false statement. There is, however, documented written proof from MDAC that this is exactly what happened.
        6. Further proof to back up the fact that Senator Moran perpetrated this action are the copies of the bond and insurance documents themselves, required in order to obtain the license, which are dated May 10, 2019. So, unless Senator Moran has a time machine, I believe it is physically impossible to have a license issued in January with documents he didn’t obtain or submit until May.
        I find this entire scenario so ironic. Lana, it surprises me that you are attempting to manipulate this issue. There is documented irrefutable proof backing up the accusations that have been made. Do you really think that the Board attorney would send a letter to Senator Moran’s counsel without having the documents to rely upon? I understand that you are friends with Philip, as I witnessed. However, you proclaim to be in search of the truth. You are freaking out over a few hundred dollars for a website in one breath and defending this continued breach of a $180,000 contract in the other.
        Anybody who is capable of denying what Senator Moran did in light of all of the documented proof, and dare I say, a prima facie case, has no right to ever complain about the “good ole boy” system every again! The truth doesn’t care who you are. It is irrelevant if you are a relative, a friend, or even a Senator.
        Lana, if you are truly in search of good government, you need to accept the truth, no matter who it is. You can’t pick and choose. You are either for the truth, or you aren’t.
        Anyone who wants to know the truth the whole truth, go look at the documents yourself! They are free and online. Just go to the agenda attachments for the May, June and July Board of Supervisor meetings on the county website. Here is the link for the July 15th agenda documents, where you can see everything Russell Kohler had to say about Senator Moran’s license.

        1. Thanks, Rhonda. I have looked at all of the documents you have and have spoken to the agencies involved. I’ll just stick with their story. By the way, it was not I who was freaking out over the cost of a website. as I stated yesterday, the Solid Waste Board had some concerns about the cost of creating a site of their own. I am appreciative the Board of Supervisors has agreed to have them forward their minutes and financials to their IT person for inclusion on the Supervisors site.
          And, while I am on site here, to whomever mailed the anonymous letter to me over the weekend using the Department of Agriculture and Commerce address, I have been in conversation with them, and, as per their request, I have sent it to them as well as all officials who were mentioned in the enclosed letter. Why folks can’t just identify themselves if they have something to communicate, I don’t understand.

        2. And yet you’re ok with the way your comments read and sound. Cause this is what I’m getting. Moron
          didn’t sign anything (in case it winds up in a public forum like this he can always deny as you are). Moron can “honestly” say he knew nothing about no application if it goes south. And finally if it is like Lana accurately describes he can always blame it on someone else. The optics are Republicans comfort. Truely laughafable and remember this is the man that seeks comfort from the DMR whores of Babylon.

  2. We seem to be in a quagmire with the Senate race. Philip Moran appears to have done a phenomenal job as a senator but a lousy job as a contractor. Blaine LaFantian has done a lousy job as a supervisor allowing contractors to defraud the taxpayers. Philip may be spending too much time in Jackson working or chasing skirts to manage his business and Blaine has received too many perks to hold contractor’s accountable. We are in a fix. Philip came to my house four years ago and asked me to vote for Blaine, he said he was building Blaine’s election signs in his barn. I’m disappointed in both. But Blaine is failing to do his job by first allowing this to go on 32 months. How many other contractors are stealing from the taxpayer? And second for not requesting help from the auditors office and attorney general. Fire Philip and recoup our loss. I’m voting for Philip as my senator because of his record and accomplishments. Blaine will be out where he belongs for putting perks ahead of taxpayers. I wish we had a third choice but I going with the one who did what he sworn in to do. The pest control company was not under oth and should be fired and help accountable, if quilting.

    1. Chasing “Skirts” that’s an awe inspiring funny way of describing how these politicians seek comfort with the DMR whores of Babylon. The DMR provides these as offering to these corrupt politicians that have the mentality of “what happens in Jackson stays in Jackson”. Abandoning all ethics, morals, and faith to these whores. What if there were evidence.? Best let the wives and children believe in these “upright” citizens. Maybe they should go back to where they came from. Babylon.

  3. It is simple. He either performed the services with the prescribed pesticide or not. Was he certified or not? Did he influence his certification or not? It is not a local issue at this point it is a state auditor issue on all accounts.

    We can’t have local juristriction because it can be biased. Obviously.
    The bigger picture is that mosquitoes aren’t only a nuisance but the most deadly creature on earth. There is a health reason is why we pay to eradicate them unlike gnats. This is the type things that separate us from 3rd World Countries. Any contractor that takes advantage of our health needs to be addressed.

  4. Possibly so Lana but the far reaching problems suggest that we take it from local hands and let the State Auditor verify all information for all the issues. Let’s take local politics out. This is a performance issue as well as a compliance issue. The State needs to declare what happened. That is ther job in circumstances like this. If it were me I would want a bigger clearing house than my peers!

    1. I would think at this point it is too late to take local politics out. It would be like extracting wisdom teeth without novocaine. And should we? This does involve a local district. Mr. Moran isn’t a statewide official. He represents a local district. And, his opponent in this year’s Senate race is the President of the Board of Supervisors who voted to investigate Moran on a letter from the city of Waveland, which was signed only by the Mayor. Not one Alderman signed with him to request an investigation of Philip’s Pest Control. The Board President’s mother works for the Waveland Mayor at City Hall, and the new City Clerk in Waveland was defeated by Moran in 2011.
      Surely if someone wanted to file on Moran at the State Auditor, that would be their privilege. But the State Agencies that actually govern his industry have verified his credentials–Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Plant Industry.
      Speaking to the performance issue, the Mosquito Control Services are paid for with a Federal Grant, so if he has not performed to the terms of the grant, then the County Grant Administrator has some answering to do to the Federal Gov. It is her responsibility to see that grants are being complied with per the terms agreed to by both parties–local and Feds. She, by the way, is married to the Waveland Director of Public Works who is a candidate for State House of Representatives. Damn, Waveland just keeps popping up here with the exception of the Aldermen. Give me another shot of novocaine, please!!!
      And, if you read the latest emails, the Supers are finally involving her. Have they found themselves a scapegoat?! Why wasn’t she called on in the genesis of this issue?
      Pandora’s Box has certainly been turned over on its side for sure. I could be wrong, but I think some are beginning to scratch their heads wondering if it was worth it rather than just a good positive campaign. August 6 will tell the tale politically. However, I would venture to guess that every derogatory remark that was allowed to be made about Moran at the Supers meeting yesterday in open forum had better be air tight in the event he would decide to defend his name. If it comes to that, I am guessing something much stronger than novocaine will have to be administered.

      1. Lana,
        It may very well be a conspiracy, as you indicate, but lets get it to an outside source which is the State Auditor. There has to be smoke for a conspiracy to have feet. I personally do not know but would like a quick outside look and move on or forward.

        1. Rod,
          I am not accusing anyone of a conspiracy. Just some interesting coincidences. The Supervisors struck from their advertised agenda the scathing letter from their attorney on their behalf accusing Moran of being unlicensed. It was on the published agenda that came out last weekend. They also motioned to remove from the agenda Moran’s attorney’s response. These are items no. 14 and 15 as advertised Sunday, July 14. They no longer appear on the Supervisors website. They were stricken by motion at the meeting on Mon. July 15. Interestingly enough, the motion to accept the recommendation from County Adm. at Mon. meeting to accept and spread on the minutes the monthly report from Moran was passed unanimously by the Supervisors. I have no problem with the State Auditor coming in on this or the Feds. who are providing the funds for the contract. None. I know you would like a “quick” outside look. Don’t count on the quick part. The Supervisors and their Grant Administrator have let this drag on for 21 months, so don’t have any illusions about a “quick” resolution by any branch of government. But it is an election year, so you never know!!!

      2. Not sure what was said in the meeting but knowing Moran for many years and the bullshit that has spewed from his mouth, if he ever decides to defend his name it will be a full time job last for a very long time.

  5. That is why we have a state Auditor. There is no rule about local. It was demanded for Filingame when the council couldn’t get resolution. Don’t know who is who I. This but let the state sort it out not us.

  6. Lana
    Moron went to a meeting
    This takes the place of what was needed to renew his license
    One state agency says he didn’t renew till May.
    Now whom ever Ms. Angie is says all is ok.
    This is BS
    The facts are facts
    Not after they have been altered by the senator and friends.

    Alliance for good government
    You blast and call ethics for penny anie BS but you are now supporting Moran screwing the tax payers and entire county.
    Go add the miles and the chemicals up and see if it adds up to morons numbers.
    That’s the fact jack.
    You now think it’s ok to put the Woody to the taxpayers
    Very disappointed in the alliance.
    Do you really despise the board and Farve so much that you have gone to the dark side with Moran?
    Screw the people is now your motto.
    It’s ok

    Moran has done nothing to help the cities or county while sitting in Jackson.
    Funds received from BP, he had nothing to do with except maybe PRC funds.
    But again no city in this county has got a dime of BP funds.
    Not sure of the county itself.
    He’s an arrogant pompous ass that is useless in Jackson.

    Yes , this needs to be turned over to the state auditor and AG
    Also your questions are answered in black and white
    Tell the supervisors to release the report and the attorney’s response and you will have you answers and Lana can get back to reality and off Moran’s high horse.

    Had more faith in this board and thought they would do right.
    In the future
    If you want to screw the county wait till election time cause they will allow it.
    And Lana will give you her blessings.
    Moran Lying Les Fat Rafferty
    All the same.

    So demand the supervisors to turn the information that is being hidden from us over and make it public.

    Where is the echo
    Oh he takes adds out.
    They are absent as always when it comes to one of their buddies.

    Remember call your supervisors and demand the report and attorney’a response be made public and quit paying this 💩💩💩💩

    1. Yes, Stone, it is a requirement that all pest control contractors attend this meeting every 36 months to renew their license–Miss. Code 69-19-1. This doesn’t “take the place” of what is needed for renewal.” It is what is needed for renewal. Miss Angie is the Executive Secretary of the Miss. Pest Control Association. These are the facts, the licensing agency for this type of contractor. I am sorry the facts don’t suit you. We all have to make adjustments in life. Nothing has been altered, certainly not by me.
      Here’s a legitimate question you can ask instead of the insanity you spout–
      Ask the County Attorney and County Administrator, both decent men, well versed in law, why they keep presenting Moran for payment by the tax payers to the Supervisors if he is operating an illegal operation in the County. You can continue to hide under your screen name and call people all sorts of names, but you can’t make up your own facts no matter how big and bad it makes you feel.

      1. Lana I have always appreciated your comments but I have to disagree on these two “honest” men. If this were true we would not be in the bind we are. Having the last word doesn’t make it right, fair, or honest.

    2. Stone amen. Shameful that facts or so easily disguarded. That truth is swept away with the tide. And honesty is thrown away like cheat beads on a Mardi Gras float.

  7. Lana
    If I’m not mistaking, Timmy Keller makes the docket.
    The one in the same Moran wanted to do the investigation. Remember when they asked for Timmy to do the investigation and not Farve.
    His good buddy Timmy.

    So he has his license.
    That is one part.
    The big part is that his mileage and chemicals ate not even close to what he states he has done.
    This my dear is Fraud!

    Again ask for the attorney’s response and the audit done by Farve to be released for the public to see.

    You always want transparency.
    Why not now?

    And you really believe a license pops up 6 months later.
    Ask for all the emails that went back and forth on this situation as well.
    That may answer many questions about the license.

    That’s transparency.

    Then let the taxpayers make their minds up.

    You stated attorney and Administrator are well versed in the law than demand their reports.
    Don’t let them be buried by the supervisors and Kellar.

    Again Rod Agree
    Turn this over to the AG and State Auditor.
    Fraud Reports?
    Tampering with license?
    Local kickbacks?

    Lana Rod
    This is really simple
    Turn the
    Emails over
    The attorney’s response over
    And the fat mans audit over.

    Funny how the echo printed Moran’s response but nothing on the county’s findings and response.

    1. Lana
      What information may that be?

      This is the information we need.
      Attorney’s Response
      Fat Man’s Fact Findings
      E mails about license and no license

      If you have this information please give to Doug and post it.

      Transparency is the key!

      If I’m not correct on something please correct me. Just my understanding.

  8. Lana
    You of all people really believe 6 moths later a license appears.
    Again ask for emails during this fact finding, BS situation relating to this event.
    Cover up.
    Supervisors and Kellar.

    Dig deep.
    Don’t settle for cover up.

    Again Transparency
    This is what you say you stand for.

  9. Philip Moran’s political enemy’s originated with the Dr. York deel, and they are still influencing what’s going on. Got the whole scoop on it yesterday, 100k cash in a bag, was on the table for all yes votes. Philip stood up and stopped the illegal deal. It happened on Longfellow at the old civic center in front of 100 people. Philip is honest and Blaine is for sale.

  10. Holy Smoke!
    Reviewing the Port and Harbor Docket presented to the Board of Supervisors last Monday:
    $8,000 to Chamber of Commerce for the annual “AWARDS GALA” at Hollywood Casino.
    Not itemized. How much are those tickets now???!!!$$$

  11. Wow $8K. Do other services come with this? It is amazing that public money goes to a private club.

    Case in point….A private business can be nominated for an award at this GALA but will be quickly rejected from participation if they are not dues paying members but it is their tax money that is paying for the Gala! I do not see how government can donate to them or put them on a county, city or State Website as quasi branch of government when they only represent their donors.

  12. The board members should be careful charging so much for mileage. Hope it documented and accurate. Cell phone GPS and your vehicle GPS can be accessed when one is being looked at. Not to mention the odometer.

    1. Timmy
      Are you referring to the Port and Harbor Docket? I noticed the same thing. They are reimbursed for travel for meetings but it doesn’t say where the meeting was– some over $300.00. The school district dockets are more specific.

  13. Are the Gala and other perks reported on a 1099 tax form for the board members to include the library and any other non profit that buys table for their board n friends?

    1. Not sure, Concerned, but the latest 990 on the Chamber (2017) reports the Director’s salary at $123,028, which is more than the Governor in 2017, which was $122,160!
      And the Chamber Board will have someone at each governing body prior to Sept. 15 asking for financial support from the taxpayers of Hancock County and the municipalities herein. OBSCENE!!

      1. Chamber Dues paid in 2015–$118,215—Director’s Salary–$118,717
        Chamber Dues paid in 2016–$121,780–Director’s Salary–$120,320
        Chamber Dues paid in 2017–$129,004–Director’s Salary–$$123,028
        From IRS 990’s
        Remember this at” Beggin”, I mean Budget time!!$$ Save the date SEPTEMBER 15!!!

        1. We generate more state money per capita than any city our size. We generate more property tax per property than any municipality per sq foot of property. Do we really need the chamber directors influence to be be represented? I believe not. We left them long ago. They are the fat! BSL has grown to have the most expensive commercial and residential property values since we left them off the city coffers! Smoke n mirrors don’t change reality! They need to do what chambers do. It isn’t business retention or acquisition. The port has chamber supporters but can’t really tell you what they bring to the table other than it looks good. They do not represent Hancock County or any Municipality or business. They represent financial contributions to their coffers! I take challenge to those statements! Read the financials and tell me what it says! Hancock county residents are paying them 3 to 4 times as a city resident, county resident Times 2+, and a state taxpayer amongst many different departments! All to promote the director and other employees salaries all while we pay county and city workers poverty pay!

          1. The Port Director admitted it is a challenge to get the employees of the companies he attracts to Hancock County to live here. They commute from as far as Slidell and Jackson County.
            Based on a survey conducted by Port and Harbor, the 3 main reasons they don’t settle here are:
            1. inadequate educational opportunities for their children
            2. inadequate health services
            3. companies are hesitant to move here due to the lack of a work ready work force.
            In the 2018 Report from The Port & Harbor Director and Commission.

  14. They have built a sustaining chamber now give back to the tax payer by not taking from the taxpayer. Become the philanthropist that the director portrays they are! $2,000,000 plus budget with salaries exceeding our elected officials they need to get off the dole.

  15. The Port is a very well run operation that is an asset to Hancock County.

    I do not see how floating the Chamber improves any of the identified problems.

    The Chamber is not raising money for the hospital or the schools. They use those platforms to raise money for themselves. I hope the Tax Financials and Chamber Budget get published to verify this.

  16. Political carpools in full force in Hancock County… he said, she said! Show records, show mileage, show license, show Tish’s throne! Ain’t that hard. Ice, pay attention please. Why is King Waste info magnets being distributed from upstairs City Hall? Bay doing well, please stop this.

  17. Rhonda, thank you for the information you shared about MORAN and mosquito control.
    Hope the public reads this and the supervisors put this on record.
    Lana, Stop twisting, picking and choosing what the alliance stands for.
    By the way, did you find out who does the docket?
    Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong

    Lana, It is my understanding that Keller approves the payment, gives it to Farve and he presents it to the supervisors for final approval.
    Same as the city. Mayor Comptroller Council.

    Lana, Now a little push back on the mosquito control, you shift focus to the chamber.
    For the most part I tend to agree with you and Rod on this one.

    RHONDA, thanks again and
    Rod thanks for putting everything in perspective.
    And Lana come back to the justice side.

    1. Stone,
      By law, Chancery Clerk, Tim Kellar, prepares the docket. What does that mean? His staff arranges the bills in alphabetical order and types them for the meeting. He has no statutory authority to approve it. Eddie Favre, County Administrator, does not present the Docket to the Board of Supervisors for approval. That is done by the Comptroller. She asks for a motion to approve so she can begin paying bills.
      This is the parliamentary procedure that Blaine, as Board President, uses every meeting. Is it correct? I would hope so. He has been acting as President of the Board for nearly 4 years. I would think by now he knows what he is doing. And if he doesn’t, we are paying an attorney to keep things legal. You can view this format on the Board of Supervisors page on the County website, or attend meetings and see how this do this twice a month.
      I am shifting gears from Mosquito Control to Chamber? Really? All of our public bodies are currently in budget preparation mode. The tax exempt non profits have already begun appearing before them for their contributions. That would include the Chamber. Just because some people are fixated on mosquito control in an election year when we have heard nothing about it until now, doesn’t mean other business has to be pushed aside.
      Every public official has to acknowledge that for every dollar he awards a tax exempt non profit, the tax “payers” are being asked to do without something that money could have provided. Just my opinion. I admire the work of many of them, and as a member of a non profit know we all wish we had more to work with, but have no right to expect it at the expense of others. Just do the best you can with what you have to work with, and operate on realistic priorities.

      1. I don’t tweet Doug so I posted this here.
        I agree with your tweet regarding the A. G. ‘S race.
        Baker is a complete nutball and I hope that he and Tate enjoy a long quiet life outside of politics.

        1. Thank you CF. Andy has distinguished himself as a lawyer and a stand up guy. It is a rare combination in politics these days.

  18. When reading all of these comments all I can think of is the two faces of Hancock County. 1)The citizens who actually work and pay their taxes and 2)All officials who receive their salary from the working people. We have a Chamber Director making $60.00 per hour yet our teachers, policeman and fireman don’t make half that amount. Our Senator has a contract within the county that he could care less about the quality of work being done. The Board of Supervisors was ok with this until the President decided to seek the Senate seat. We have the Waveland Mayor involved who employs the Board Presidents mother. Let’s not forget EMA Director and the Sheriff using county assests and inmates to promote one candidate. I can’t imagine what else is going on behind the scenes. We are in trouble!! Thank God for the working class.

    1. Good post, BB. Remember that working class in Handcock County is about 25% now according to both School Districts who report at least 75% of students on free lunch. Waveland, with a population of barely 7,000 has 6 subsidized housing projects!

      1. All post Katrina subsidized housing – using “tax credits” – required approval of our local elected officials. Anything built in Waveland was signed off by the Board of Aldermen and Mayor. Same thing for Bay St. Louis. City council and mayor had to sign off on the development in order for funding to be secured. The only elected official to go on record and speak out against the plethora of the developments being proposed at the time was Jimmie Ladner. The other elected officials all nodded, smiled and thanked Jimmie for stopping by and sharing his thoughts before “rubber stamping” their approval of each and every one of these tax payer (local and federal) subsidized developments. Good news… the property tax subsidies will run out in the next few years. Then the county and cities will be able to collect full property taxes from these developments.

        1. Jimmy gave the Yacht Club property tax free status without verifying what they but taking their word for it! Guess that says something about his thought process!

  19. Lord Clifford and Lana, thanks for the information on the subsidized housing.
    This is a big problem we have in our cities and county.
    They pay nothing and not only strains but receives all our city resources.
    But the main thing is the strain they put on our school system, none of them pay school taxes and how many kids come out of the 1000-1500 apartments we have.
    We have way to many and 2x-3x what we had before Katrina.
    We get other cities and states problem because we have so many.
    Crime and school scores?
    And you wonder why our school are on free meals. Look no further than all the free apartments complexes we have.
    Leeches on our committee.
    Brings nothing but receives everything.
    And yes there is some very good people and many that needs the help from subsidized housing.
    But again we over built and get other cities problems.

    And remember last years numbers that the new school superintendent put out,
    10% of the kids in our schools couldn’t prove they lived in the school district.
    Anyone knows how that ended up?

    Anne, da Farve’s
    What did they do now?
    Fat man did the investigation on Moron that the board ordered him to do.
    His report shows Moron screwing the citizens.
    Black and White, Numbers don’t lie.
    But evidently you and others still think
    it’s political.
    Thanks to the ones that brought this to light.
    This is fraud!

  20. Lana , Doug, Please tell me it ain’t so!
    Reed and Knoblock are pushing for an additional $100,000 to the budget for the library?
    Please tell me this was a bad dream.
    This library system has 5 branches.
    2-3 to many.
    I still live on a dirt road and these idiots want to give the library more money
    Ice and most of the council had the
    🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱 to make this cut last year and now these idiots want to give $100,000 back.
    Do the bond for roads that Ice , Josh and some councilman are wanting.
    $500,000 homes on dirt roads.

    Reed wants wants and wants if it is for his ward.
    He’s been dead weight for the entire 8 years under lying les’s administration, that drained this city of everything and now wakes up and wants to get involved but has no idea what the hell is going on.

    And maybe one day someone can tell us how he ended up with the housing authority land across from MLK park?
    While being a councilman?
    Or how habitat and McDonald’s teamed up with councilwoman and habitat director Wendy McDonald while being on the council and director?

    Knoblock , have more hope for you.
    Don’t do this. Don’t go backwards.
    The city has overcome 8 years of poor management.
    The library does not need this.
    The city has made cuts.
    Make them live in their budget. Don’t give my money away when so many of us still live on dirt roads and the city has no reserve.
    Support Ice and Josh and rest of council and get the bond and pave our roads and do some drainage.
    There is paved roads throughout the city that need to be redone as well as dirt roads.
    Don’t cave in to the few.
    15-20 people show up at meetings?
    You represent 11,000 people!

    Listen to the meetings and workshops and you can see this library fiasco unfolding.

    Council, You can come out your own pockets and give as much as you want.
    Remember you represent 11,000 people not just your ward.

    Mo, Tell me it ain’t so!

  21. It is so! They must realize their is no limit to what they can give personally!

    The total money going to the chamber is about to come out! The directors salary has increased 2K a year, dues have stayed the same and taxes have gone up an so have county, state and port contributions. Can someone explain that math formula. I can…..taxpayers keep their dues down to pay their employees salaries and overhead! Only in Hancuff County! No Audits or Questions just pay for votes!

  22. Yea Stoney and Ruckus Rod. Spot on. No giving back, make um stand on there own. How can Supers give our moola to Tish’s Table when her income exceeds 50% of expenses. Enough Supers… Council drain it pave it fix it not give it away.

    1. They give nothing that does not return a profit. If government did that they would on the dues payers only. Our job is not to keep their private club affiliation and social agenda going! Large Corporations do it by default. Their employees get more out of than they do! Period! Politicians get support because if you talk with them they say yes but……you are better with the than without! Hahaha that means votes not good stewardship! They do nothing but take n party with our $$$$! It is obvious and no one will disput it it! They need to get back to networking local businesses and stop the pandering for cash. Name one business that has met with the director to get a contact without strings attached! Operating a business nonprofit in competition to marketing businesses. They will all tell you can’t say anything she will destroy you! Ask infinity! Ask Tourism all she has is a banker a tax collector and few others that want tourism money streams to build her empire! I challenge anyone again to question it!

      1. I double down on that! It is terrible where we have gone! Non Profits run Hancock county! I emailed the library to get the names of people on their foundation board. Mrs Perkins ran interference without disclosure. I just want to make sure Council and supervisors are not in conflict of interest! That ain’t in the program because one councilman’s wife was on the board don’t know the other. Secrecy breeds suspicion! It is everywhere!we give to one non profit and they give to another for social benefits! GALA ring a bell to anyone paying attention elected officials and other taxpayer nonprofits sharing our money with nothing to do with the why we funded them to start with! It is a no brained! Chamber us their mother ship!

        1. From GuideStar:

          Library Foundation of Hancock County Board of Directors as of 1/19/2018

          BOARD CO-CHAIR
          Ms. Jeannie Deen – Retired
          Term: 2017 – 2019

          BOARD CO-CHAIR
          Mrs. Cindy Knoblock – Lightning Quick Signs
          Term: 2017 – 2019

          Ames Kergosien
          Dolly Lundberg
          Suzi R. Lee
          Stephanie McConnell
          Susie Seal
          David Mayley – Mayley Pest Control
          Basil Kennedy – Retired
          Jana Kane – John McDonald Realty
          Nikki Moon – Bay Town Inn
          Sandra Ladner – Retired
          Joe Pettigrew – Pettigrew Forestry Consultants
          Stephanie McConnell – Retired
          John Weibmer – Retired
          Janell Nolan – Coast Electric Power
          Tami Munsch – Attorney-At-Law
          Suzi Lee – Homemaker

          Should probably verify this is the most current information on the board of directors.

          From the Secretary of State’s website:

          Financial Information
          Fiscal Year: 12/31/2018

          Total Revenue: $ 344,812.00
          Total Expenses: $ 147,557.00
          Program Services Expenses: $ 137,468.00 – 93%
          Fund Raising Expenses: $ 0.00 – 0%
          Administrative Expenses: $ 10,089.00 – 7%
          Other Expenses: $ 0.00

          1. I’m been informed Mr Knoblock is a proponent of more BSL funding to something that he and his family are fond of.

            I have expressed my opinion to him prior to election and since. I guess we disagree on his public donation to this.

            Again, it is a financial decision for the best for BSL Taxpayers not their personal preference. Tell a person on a dirt road how it works.

            There is no limit on what any of them can contribute personally!

  23. No better show to watch than politicians formulating budgets in an election year.
    The “Grabbenheimers” know they have the politicos where they want them for at least one fiscal year.
    I stayed for the afternoon Hearing on Non Profit Allegations at the last Supervisors meeting. The performance by the Library officials was painful. If I had no better working knowledge of the finances of the entity I managed on a daily basis, I would have cancelled my appearance.
    With regard to the Chamber, after reviewing four of their latest IRS 990’s, I am comfortable saying in my estimation, they don’t need the taxpayers. They are well off. Director’s salary as of 2017, $123,078. For the 2 previous years, 2015, 2016, when there was a reduction in dues, salaries were also reduced, with the exception of the Director, who receives an average $2,000 pay raise a year. They easily use 80 to 90% of the dues collected for the top salary, and want the taxpayers to bankroll the rest of their operation. Their mission statement to the IRS could use some cleaning up too. They claim to promote business in Hancock County, but need to specify they promote only businesses who are dues paying members.
    The Yacht Club has the best of all worlds–If the place catches fire, they can call the Fire Dept. If they get robbed, they can call the PD, if a pipe breaks, they can call Bay public works, and all for free. Total exemption (not reduction as in Homestead, or temporary as in abatement with ending date–TOTALLY EXEMPT. Jimmie shared with me that as soon as he got elected, the “powers that be” at YC, came after him for this deal. What does that tell us? Apparently they couldn’t get it from previous Tax Collector, Eddie Murtagh. Got it now$$$$$$
    “Just stick it to the folks” is working well for some.

  24. Mike Favre, Mayor
    Eddie Favre, Admimistor
    Cassie Favre, HC NP Jail
    Ricky Adam, Sheriff
    Hottie Adam, EMA Director
    Scottie Adam, Supervisor
    Favre and Adam are cousins
    Supported by Chamber of Commerce which equals all businesses supported by the chamber and their life long friends. The normal working citizen doesn’t have a say!

    1. If seems as a lot of the people constantly complain about the Favre and Adam families.
      If you don’t like it, vote them out!
      Bitchin and accusations supported by nothing (most of the time) do nobody any good.
      I wouldn’t take one of their jobs if it was given to me.
      Hell, how many Ladner family members do you think we have elected in Harrison County?

      1. I never said that anyone deserves special treatment because of who they are or that the families that have served the county are perfect.
        If somebody screws up(like the use of the county tent) call them in it and remember such at voting time but don’t constantly complain about nothing or worse some unsubstantiated rumor.
        Actually Hancock County has one of the most representative governments around with very diverse backgrounds of elected officials.
        All governments are supposed to reflect the people that they represent.

  25. The Farves in my opinion have done well! They ain’t perfect but they do try to represent us! They listen and are accessible. That is a bunch in my opinion. Mike voted to take the chamber off the city dole amongst other nonprofits at a time when give away politics was popular! Eddie led us through the worst natural disaster in US History! The rest I guess is subject to opinion.

    1. No one should get special treatment simply because of the name they inherited, nor should they be deprived of opportunities because of it. If they are qualified, and are doing a good job, that is enough for me. I would like to remind them all, no matter who your Mana picked to be your Daddy, when you accept public office, you have a new name—Public Servant. Do it well and honestly, and I am satisfied.

  26. BB,
    FAVRE / Adam – Ladner / Moran – Moran / Favre – Adam / Ladner –
    Farve / Ladner – Adam / Moran
    All related.
    And related to 75% of the county.
    They have been here for generations.

    Show me where they are supported by the chamber.

    That’s the problem, all they do is make accusations, some out of jealousy, some just pissed at the world, some far lefties,
    Some didn’t get what they wanted, so all they do is dog them and make BS up. Have not seen any of these elected officials have charges brought against them.

    You are 110% correct when you stated subject to opinions. S/A

    You are correct, no one deserves or should get special treatment but they shouldn’t be penalized by having an historical name in our parts of the state.
    My belief is they have and are doing a honestly and well job.
    Whether we always agree with them or not.
    They are all pretty straight chooting SOB.
    And don’t mind telling you like it is, whether we like it or not.
    They pull no punches and sometimes are too brutally honest for their own good.
    But that’s why I support them.

    The Grabbenheimers
    Look no further than the library.
    Reed & Knoblock wanting to give the library another $100,000.
    This is no better than giving $100,000 to the chamber.
    Both leaches on the taxpayers.

    Pave our roads
    Help our drainage
    Don’t give our money away
    Put you own money up if you want to give

    I have seen,
    Ice raise money for many causes and sponsor many teams and organizations.
    Josh donate jumpers for many, many events.
    Gary gives as sponsors through his business.
    Other council member support what they choose to be involved in.
    And that’s all great.
    But don’t give my money away for things I don’t believe in.
    I give what and to whom I choose to give to.
    Don’t give more money to the library!

    Hope Gene and Doug wakes up on this one and doesn’t take us backwards.

  27. Give my money to Police Dept payroll, Fire Dept payroll & Public Works payroll & put some back into the General Fund & not one red cent outside the City. I agree stone, I’ll donate to who I want to with what’s left over after paying taxes. If I’m not mistaken, the library has a Foundation that buys an entire table at the Chamber’s Gala every year; they don’t appear to be in dire need of $$$.

  28. Trix,
    You are spot on! Taxpayers give to Nonprofits and they in turn give it to other nonprofits for social events Like the GALA. Like I said, I emailed a question to Mrs. Perkins at the Library and she has not responded to me on who is on the Library Foundation Board. I want to verify no conflict of interest while they are pandering the cities and counties for money.

    There is no limit to what elected officials can donate personally. Tax Payers are not philanthropist to support elected officials special interest.

    The Library needs to charge for all the out of county users. There are many people in Pass Christian that use our services they should start managing where they are losing it instead of where they are getting it.

    Like all the Non Profits they want all the public funding with no financial accountability to the public. How about produce annual 990 Tax Forms for all to see. The library has gobbled up a lot of prime land that they squat on depriving the tax payer of tax revenue. That should be enough BSL Contribution.

    1. Jimmie should be able to tell us how much real estate they own. There was a recent conversation at a Supers meeting about that very thing. How much taxes are we losing to exemptions.

      1. Hancock County Library owns Parcel 149-0-29-032.000 312 Hwy 90, Parcel 149E-0-29-031.000 312 Hwy 90, & Parcel 069D-0-030-070.000 16603 Hwy 603
        The Library Foundation of Hancock County owns 149E-29-033.000 312 Hwy 90
        Per the Co’s geoportal, once I got the names EXACTLY correct & spelled out

          1. That is all that’s listed on the tax rolls under those 2 names in Hancock Co. I also ckd a lot of variations of the names & that’s all that’s listed.
            I listed a ppty on Hwy 603.

  29. That is all that’s listed on the tax rolls under those 2 names in Hancock Co. I also ckd a lot of variations of the names & that’s all that’s listed.
    I listed a ppty on Hwy 603. Parcel 069D-0-030-070.000 16603 Hwy 603

  30. Don’t ask for help by the library. Mrs Perkins will not respond back. They are only taxpayer funded no reason to cooperate with the taxpayers! She must take that approach from the Chamber Play Book! Nothing to gain from disclosure.

  31. Rod, I think Ms. Perkins has retired.
    But them and the chamber are one in the same. Look at their boards and big supporters over the years.
    Thanks for all the information you share with us.

  32. Found another county contractor doing a sloppy job. The pool juy was bogged down at the county dump site while we were in the check in line. It was a mess. We had to unload in a dumpster, trucks were getting stuck. Who monitors this contract? Do they have the right insurance to protect the county? Is the site safe? Moran is it just your company that gets scrutinized? People are dumping on the road because of the conditions. Don’t believe me, go look at that mess. Is gravel too much to ask or require before someone gets hurt sliding around. Moran bring your camera.

  33. This has happened to me several times last year or so. You can’t get a heavy road truck in. I almost dumped my load on the road like many other people! I just paid someone to do it not sure where they went but they were upset that they could get it for less in st Tammany and st tamely hauls it here?

  34. I u Dre’s tans that Dan B’s just acquired the DOT land next to them. Good for them, now they can start treating it like they own it and clean it up. They turned it into a dirt pit by squatting on it for the last year.

    It says, on a home made sign it is private parking. That’s fair enough, now they need to comply with City Code and Pave & Stripe it, put drainage on it and light it!

    That is the minimal requirement for a parking lot by city code. Let’s see if the politico’s enforce it at one of their watering holes.

    I’m sure the new hotel developer would agree! He won’t want dust n shit blowing into his front door and porch like all the other businesses have been dealing with last few years!

    I’m sure they will say they are going to develop it. Great, submit plans and get a permit in place like everyone else will have to do. I’m sure again the hotel developer will be required to perform the parking improvements for his required parking!

    1. At least repair the public sidewalk they destroyed while violating no parking signage. They also need a stop sign and an entrance./exit sign. They go into and out of it all kinds of ways creating a traffic hazard at the 3 way stop as well as damaging more sidewalk than should be. Basic community diligence isn’t much to ask.

        1. Robert, correct you have to get permits to create a driveway you don’t just tear the shit up like ya own it! They don’t just respect public property and do things the right way not like a bunch of vandals

  35. Moran is digging a deep hole in the eyes of the tax payer! He signed a contract that stipulated what was required monthly! But he can’t produce his monthly obligation with facts. Just because they audit periodically didn’t give him the right to not keep records except when they asked for them! We are victims of no media oversight! He needs to rewind his records to the beginning to reflect where he treated, samples he took, and chemicals he purchased to perform the task he performed. Trying to say I didn’t think you were going to check is the 3 P’s of failure! Piss Poor planning makes for Piss Poor Performance!

    Mosquito control is a world wide problem not local! It is the deadliest animal on earth and affects the most vulnerable! Not doing the job to the contract specs to make more profit is what it is. You fill in the blanks. Don’t care about timing and elections it came out!

    1. Disgusted,
      The Supervisors also had some obligations to the taxpayers in the Mosquito contract. They were supposed to notify Moran on a monthly basis by the 20th of the month as to whether or not his report was satisfactory. So, they wait 31 months into the contract to go after him right at election time. Talk about bad timing! Contracts are between 2 parties to assure they are administered properly.
      Blaine and Phillip signed the contract and Eddie witnessed it.
      Bethany gets it.

  36. Disgusted your correct, but we are paying a Farve well over the advertised pay to audit only his adversaries. Im for auditing every contract before recommending payment. Whatever is required should be submitted monthly with the invoice. Not just to help Blaine win. He thought he could drag Blaine across the finish line. You can lead them around like goat’s on a rope at the courthouse but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

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