Nothing better than using the local Fire station for some recreational sex

Margaret Baker over at the Sun Herald broke the news of the latest lawsuit filed against Moss Point Mayor Mario King yesterday. From the sound of it King must be hell on wheels. He’s evidently been that way for quite some time as this blast from the past shows:

Besides those I am told King has an arrest record in another City on the coast but I have not had a chance to chase that one down.

And then two weeks ago Tyler Carter at the Mississippi Press had King spitting and fighting in Biloxi:

Tension has bubbled over in Moss Point after a confrontation between Mayor Mario King and Ward 4 alderman Ennit Morris, The Mississippi Press has learned.

Calls were placed to a Mississippi Press reporter on Wednesday detailing an incident between King and Morris at the Half Shell restaurant in Biloxi.

According to callers, King was allegedly belligerent and drunk and repeatedly attempted to provoke Morris into a physical altercation.

King also allegedly spit at Morris, callers say.

He categorically denied being drunk, belligerent and said he never spit on or at Morris.

The Mississippi Press spoke with two individuals who were in attendance at the restaurant who said the claim that King was “belligerent” and drunk is false and that he did not spit at or on Morris.

This was the part of Margaret’s story that resonated with me where he is accused of:

Misusing grant money and resources that resulted in the suspension or revocation of certain grant funding.

Recently I heard some whispers about King and the DMR which are interesting. This much is true based on the sheer number of plaintiffs, King has certainly pissed off a bunch of folks. Now we need an old war story for additional context for the point I’d like to make.

Way back in the day Slabbed disclosed certain of the contents of a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena involving NOLA area media personality Garland Robinette. A Federal Grand Jury subpoena is not the type of document the US attorney leaks out so it would be reasonable to conclude the recipient leaked it and in that case the subpoena went to a real estate office that had at least 50 people that worked there. Word leaked out quickly.

I mention this because something similar happened very recently here at Slabbed except it wasn’t a federal grand jury subpoena but rather FBI agents poking around interviewing people about Mayor King that has come to my attention. It could be nothing or that nothing will come of it. That happens frequently in law enforcement. But with King lashing out and a lawsuit filled with allegations of salacious, out of control behavior it could be that the Mario King show is fixing to be canceled. Time will tell there.

Finally that lawsuit Margaret wrote about, it is embedded below for everyone to read for themselves:

Davis Et Al v Moss Point and King Doc 1 by Slabbed on Scribd

3 thoughts on “Nothing better than using the local Fire station for some recreational sex”

  1. The only place worse than Pascagoula is Moss Point. The River City had an opportunity to elect Billy Knight. While older, Billy Knight had a good track record with a good reputation. It was a no brainer. Instead, the great citizens of Moss Point decided to elect this nefarious character even tho they were privy to his many mugshots.

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