A Con Artist is Running for Southern District PSC: We know her as Sugar Stallings

Sugar Stallings via  WLOX File Photo
Sugar Stallings via
WLOX File Photo
What started as a tip that a local radio personality/political candidate was pretending to be a lawyer has morphed into something more and that started when Slabbed obtained Southern District PSC candidate Demetria M “Sugar” Stallings resume from the Biloxi City Council minutes when former Biloxi Mayor AJ Holloway appointed Stallings to the Historical Preservation Commission:

Sugar Stallings CV by on Scribd

It was with that detailed information that Slabbed started doing some sleuthing with the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland but the initial searches turned up dry. Summer Selby-Drew stopped in with a tip which we were already wise, namely that Stallings may not be her original last name and Sugar is a nickname. Having already run a public records search we knew that Stallings was known in Maryland as Demetria M. Brown. The Baltimore Sun circa 2006 made that bit of sleuthing easy:

A 2000 graduate of Anne Arundel Community College Demetria Brown-Sugar Stallings still keeps in touch with many of her classmates.

Now she’s about to find more of them.

The Severn resident recently signed on to lead a team in an unusual scavenger hunt — a hunt for alumni. Lured by a $500 first price, at least five teams have accepted the challenge to find the biggest number. The winner will be announced Dec. 1.

Stallings apparently has a history, habit and practice of embellishing her educational credentials:

Stallings believes she has a good chance of winning because she is in touch with many alumni. “I was really active when I was at AACC,” she said. “I had a lot of people’s e-mails, so I sent a mass e-mail.”

Stallings, who earned two degrees in business management, also graduated from a four-year college with degrees in criminal justice and political science, and now has a job helping children with special needs. She said she’s happy to do her part to spread the word about AACC.

What she didn’t say in that story was that she was attending law school, mainly because she wasn’t. Heck, she didn’t even have one bachelors degree let alone two from the University of Baltimore, which confirmed for Slabbed that Stallings attended from September 2, 2003 to May 17, 2005 without receiving any degree, let alone one in criminal justice. To the extent one needs a bachelors degree to be admitted to law school also explains why the University of Maryland had no record of Stallings attending law school there from 2005-2008, at which time Stallings later claimed to have graduated. Rather it appears Stallings was in politician finishing school in a City renowned for its systemic corruption. It is that “education” which Stallings has used on the coast rather than the fictitious one she peddles for the public.

As I have mentioned now several times in the previous post on the topic of Stallings education credentials, Slabbed has attempted to contact Stallings multiple times to get her side of things and she has declined the opportunity to speak with me. What’s more interesting is the dynamics in two organizations, The Mississippi Democrats and the local NAACP, where several sources have indicated to Slabbed that Stallings’ fictitious resume is an open secret. Neither organization has taken action with respect to Stallings. It’s an interesting conundrum for the Democrats in particular because being an aspiring lying, sack of shit politician alone does not disqualify one from participating in the party primary, despite whispers Stallings may be in the race to benefit Republican candidate Dane Maxwell. Like I said, the skulduggery potential here is off the charts.

There is one other thing here that bears mentioning. When I was researching the issue of Ms. Stallings holding herself out as a lawyer to the public, I ran across her name in the Mississippi Secretary of State database associated with a nonprofit corporation called “A Call to Action”. Guidestar does not show any tax filings with the IRS and of course the IRS Registered Charity Database has never heard of them either:

Screen Capture of search results for A Call to Action
Screen Capture of search results for A Call to Action

This much is certain. With all the skeletons Stallings has laying about, Dane Maxwell would absolutely have no problem crushing her in the general election which some folks contend is the plan. Neither the NAACP or the Democrats are helping themselves enabling a serial liar. To the extent the tips flowing to Slabbed aren’t coming from the Maxwell campaign should tell everyone there are folks in both organizations that have had enough of the Sugar Stallings show.

4 thoughts on “A Con Artist is Running for Southern District PSC: We know her as Sugar Stallings”

  1. Does she not realize she lives in the 21st century, age of the internet where these things can be unraveled so quickly? Happened right here in Handcuff County in July of 2017. Maybe it’s the month!!!

  2. I have had enough of the Dane Maxwell show – too bad he and Sugar can’t hook up for real and ride off into the crooked sunset with each other. Heck, by this time Mrs. Maxwell may be tired of him too.

  3. Looks to me like there are at least 2 con artists running for PSC of the Southern District. A “whispered” connection would not be a surprise among these birds of a feather.

  4. Not unlike Tnathan Lokius Fairley, convicted frauster, who rubs elbows in the same groups. They both belong in jail. Certainly, her qualifying to run should be reversed.

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