Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Its Getting Weird Out There

Posted on July 8, 2019

Twenty Democrats debate four hours and nobody blurts out “I love Israel more than life itself.” Love Ya, Dems!

FOX TV Host, Tucker Carlson, calls National Security Advisor John Bolton a “bureaucratic tapeworm.” Love Ya, Tucker!

FOX TV Host, Tucker Carlson, saves Western Civilization by telling Donald Trump that a war with Iran is “not a good idea.” Trump agrees. You Da Man, Trumpster! Love Ya, Tucker!

Democrat Presidential Candidate, Three Term Congresswoman, Iraq War Veteran and Semi Hot Surfing Hindu Peacenik, Tulsi Gabbard, cements reputation as The Most Interesting Person In the Democratic Party when she records most Google Searches After the Democrat Debate. Love Ya, Tulsi. Continue Reading…….

One thought on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Its Getting Weird Out There”

  1. Yo Doug…

    Thanks for showing me some love.

    Your people can’t say I’m a knee jerk lib when Tucker Carlson is my new best friend forever…or at least for the purpose of keeping us out of war with Iran.

    T. C.

    PS: Next time you see Haley Barbour ask him what happened to Bob Beckel. Bob was with FOX but got fired twice. I know Barbour knew him. Beckel introduced me to the Impeach Nixon gig. Lot of fun.

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