I thought by now the perpetrator behind the Supervisor Bo Ladner Assault would be identified

Hancock County Supervisor Darrin "Bo' Ladner via the County website
Hancock County Supervisor Darrin “Bo’ Ladner via the County website
Slabbed was promised via back channels that an arrest would be made in the matter of Supervisor Bo Ladner getting clocked by a tire iron to the head but nothing has happened except for crickets chirping. Its been well over a month since Ladner landed in the hospital.

12 thoughts on “I thought by now the perpetrator behind the Supervisor Bo Ladner Assault would be identified”

  1. It’s all in whom you are in Hack Cock county… don’t say WHOOPASS…. definitely don’t drive a van painted up like the partridge family at 18 mph down Hwy 90!!!!! But beat a supervisor with a tire iron that’s acceptable. Nothing says y’all welcome here better!!!!

  2. I’m wondering who’s insurance company paid all the medical bills? Bet it’s us the taxpayers !!!! Does the property owner it happened on have liability??? Oh that’s the taxpayer as well!!! Ok NUF SAY ED hold my beer and watch this!!!!

  3. Pool,
    We might as well concede defeat on this one. The best we, who want good government, can do is pray the District 5 incumbent’s opponent prevails.

  4. Bo has proven to be a thug and a for sale supervisor. Any reputable county supervisor, abiding by the law, would want justice and the taxpayer to know what happened. It wasn’t at his house, It happened on county property that the board manages. Shame on Blaine for helping him cover it up.

  5. The new Bo story is: he is going to press charges the day after the election. He has been too busy hauling dirt catching up from his downtime and having to politic, calling folks, putting signs out and going to functions. “I don’t have time now to f… with the sheriff department and courts till this election is over.” I heard Jay Cuevas did that. He said he didn’t steal in grand isle and postponed the trial until after his election, then he pleaded guilty. It worked for Jay he was reelected but couldn’t stop stealing. Now we have a thug in a suit that can’t tell the truth, can’t stop drinking and fighting. My street is voting for change, Bo is a embarrassment. Don’t take my word for it, watch the supervisors meeting.

  6. Bo just had a big money fund raiser at the casino. I wonder if it was for the election signs that are already out or the medical bills? Any word on the guest list?

  7. Beth, he needs fundraising to fund his problems. Was told he was in another fight at the watering hole in the kiln last weekend. He’s a problem drunk or a bullie.

  8. County Inmates working at The Our Lady of the Gulf church taking care of routine property maintenance this morning!

    Does this serve the taxpayers of Hancock County who House, Feed and provide Medical Care to them? Or, does it serve the personal interest of the officials who are in office? Churches and other non Profits do not pay taxes citizens do!

    Taxpayers vote! This partial politics needs to stop.

    The Sheriff nor the Board of Supervisors have the right to pander support from special groups with taxpayer resources or money! I thought this was well looked over the last time it occurred a few months ago.

    This is desperation politics for votes it serves to purpose to the taxpayers at large!

  9. Bo, Blane and Rickey are for sale. Give them a free meal or trip and you get anything. Thats why Blaine wants the Senate seat, perks can be bigger and farther away from local sight. I don’t see them cleaning up at the black church’s, morman churches, who decides? Scottie Adams couldn’t find the time to speak at the cattahoula church form last week. Was it not white enough? Typical racist…

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